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Senior Data Warehouse / Business Objects Developer Resume


Senior Data warehouse / Business Objects Developer

Summary of experience:

  • Over 12 years of total experience in Information Technology Industry with over 8 plus years of expertise in developing Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse applications.
  • Strong Knowledge in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as developing, testing, Migrating, Administrating, security management and production supporting on various platforms like UNIX, Windows NT/2000/XP/98.
  • Experience in entire Software Development Life cycle involving Analysis, Design, Development and Testing. Hands on Experience in handling SOX Complaint Projects.
  • Design, development and coding with ORACLE 10g/9.2/8.x/7.x, SQL Server 2000/2005
  • Working Knowledge in Unix Shell Programming.
  • Extensively worked on sourcing the Data from Oracle Apps ERP R11i, People Soft, IBM Mainframes (DB2).
  • Extensive functional and technical exposure in Banking and Manufacturing Domain.
  • Extensive knowledge in migration experience with strictly adhering to security and Business requirements.
  • Expertise in Universe designing, developing and generating complex, Adhoc, dashboard Reports, Business views, List of values along with User Acceptance Test and data accuracy Test.
  • Extensively worked on publishing reports to intranet through Web Intelligence.
  • Worked with Crystal Report XIR2 / 3 for creating complicated reports including sub-reports, parameter based reports, graphical reports, formula based, well-formatted reports, drilling reports, analysis reports, data reports along with LOV.
  • Lead and coordinated the migration of BO XI R2 to R3.
  • An enthusiastic and project-oriented team player with solid communication and leadership skills and the ability to develop creative solutions for challenging client needs.

Technical Skills:
OLAP Tools : Business Objects XIR3/XIR2/6.X/5.X, Designer, Supervisor, Desktop Intelligence, Web-Intelligence, Info View, Broadcast Agent, CMC Performance Management, Report Conversion tool and Import Wizard , Datastage 7.5 , Ab Initio , Reveleus ETL.
RDBMS : Oracle8i/9i/10g, SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005, MS Access 2000, SQL*Loader.
Versioning Tools : PVCS .
Languages : SQL, PL/SQL,GUI Tools Crystal Reports 7.0/8.0, Oracle Toad.
Multimedia & Web Designing HTML/DHTML, MS Office, Operating Systems Windows NT/XP/2000/98 ,MS DOS and UNIX

Professional Experience:

Confidential, Jan 2010 - Till Date

BASELII Non CMB RWA Processor (B2NCR) Jan 2011 - Till Date

  • Involved in the BASEL Data Processing from different CITI Sectors.
  • Extensive documentation at each level of system development life cycle and coordinated the effort of implementation of change requests from requirement gathering stage , testing and implementation.
  • Developed Reveleus ETL jobs to extract data from source files and tables.
  • Uploaded Data Model in Reveleus for every change request implementation.
  • Involved in the implementation of the BASEL II data warehouse Reporting system.
  • Good experience in BASELII systems like pre-processing, data enrichment of exposures, calculating PD, LGD, M, EAD, RWA, UL , EL and capital requirement of transaction and exposures
  • Worked on key management reports like data quality metrics, data validation metrics, trend analysis for a range of period, AFS and comparison reports using business objects XI R2
  • Rich ETL and OLAP experience using Oracle 10 g, SQL Loader, Reveleus and Business Objects
  • Implemented security architecture of reports catering different sectors/regions/country and portfolio users
  • Expert in Business Objects XI universe, WEBI and administration.
  • Scheduled the reports using UNIX script by segregating report scheduling based on different sectors.
  • Good communication skills and ability to get work done on time beyond expectation.
  • Lead and prepared detailed steps to be taken into account and testing scenarios to be considered at the infra-structure level, user level and developer level during the migration of BO XI R2 to R3 and coordinated the migration exercise with different teams
  • Extensively involved in Production support and coordinated with Operations, DBA and System Admin team for resolution of the issues.
  • Extensively interacted with cross-functional teams to identify / resolve the issues related to infrastructure.
  • Extensively involved in the migration of code from different environments and coordinated the migration process with deployment teams.
  • Provided extensive tactical solutions for production secure data using UNIX script.

Environment: ERWIN , Oracle 10 g, Oracle PL/SQL , Unix , Business Objects R2/3, Web Intelligence,Reveleus ETL, IBM-AIX, TOAD, PVCS, MERQURY Quality Center .

Confidential, Data Warehouse for Confidential, Jan 2010 - Dec 2010

PB BASEL DW receives the feed from Regional Risk and Finance systems, validates the data, enrich the data by applying defaults, compare the GAAP amount with FRS base data and send feed to B2NCR to calculate the RWA

  • Involved in the Architecture and the design of the Private Bank Reporting mart /Star Schema design /ETL Process.
  • Prepared detailed sizing document based on the data available for each month from source system.
  • Prepare detailed Source and Target Mapping document and ETL loading logic document.
  • Developed system prototype to bridge any difference of understanding of the requirements and encourage business user input of the reports requirement.
  • Involved in the creation of Ab Initio graphs and components for ETL loading.
  • Written Unix Shell script for archiving the feeds, executing the batch using Autosys.
    Performance tuning of data-mart, BO universe and Reports.
  • Implemented row level security based on Business unit, Organization unit and Regions and Country.
  • Created universe to cater Facility, Transaction and Exposure level contexts and also adhoc universe to enable users to generate adhoc reports according business needs.
  • Created different categories based on the business requirement and published the reports.
  • Migrated universe and reports to different environments using Business Objects Import Wizard.
  • Coordinated with database and Ab Initio teams for the deployment of Ab initio graphs and database objects for every release and verified the completeness of the deployments.
  • Prepared detailed requirement to enable Stress Testing team to undertake performance of each report.

Environment: ERWIN, Oracle 10 g, Ab Initio, Business Objects R3, Web Intelligence, Autosys, IBM-AIX, TOAD, PVCS, MERQURY Quality Center.

Confidential, NJ June 2008 to Dec 2009 Partner Financial Planning and Budgeting

Description: Confidential, is a Finance Planning and Budgeting Tool and also helps in determining the performance efficiency of the organization. The system helps individual Department to create their own budget and measure their performance efficiency and also helps the High-level management to take critical decisions.

  • Participated in project planning sessions with project managers, business analysts and team members to analyze business requirements and outline the proposed solution.
  • Build the new universes as per the user requirements by identifying the required tables from Data mart and by defining the universe connections.
  • Used Derived tables to create the universe for best performance, and use context and alias tables to solve the loops in Universe.
  • Created different reports containing charts showing revenue and operating income by
  • Involved in concerting existing PL/SQL ETL processes to Datastage 7.5.
  • Provided the security access management by creating users/groups and folders.
  • Implemented the ETL process and business logic by using PL/SQL.
  • Prepared detailed migration document for migration from DEV to UAT and PROD.
  • Developed universe user documentation guide for the end users reference.
  • Provided training for end users for generating their own report including complicated report.

Environment: Business Objects 6.5.1/ XI R2 /R3, Crystal Reports XIR2, Designer, Desktop Intelligence, Web Intelligence, CMS, Oracle 10g,DataStage 7.5, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows XP , Unix.

Confidential, PA Mar 2005 to June '08

Integrated Financial Data Warehouse (IFDW)

Description: The main goal of this project is to synchronize and integrate all the financial activities of De Lage Landen into a single intuitive and summarized data warehouse and provide Business Reports. Data is extracted from SAP ERP Applications, ATS AS/400 Trans Systems, FCS/FIS and STARGATE applications for consolidating the transactional and balance summaries. The system helps in Financial planning and budgeting as well as determining the performance efficiency of the organization.


  • Directly coordinating with user to gather the new requirements and working with existing issues.
  • Designed & Implemented security architecture for Financial Group.
  • Involved in Data Modeling and SQL server Database
  • Designed Universes for Financial Billing system and Order processing
  • Created Objects and prepared Reports like financial reports, HR reports, standard and adhoc reports, and universes.
  • Involved in joining the tables by creating aliases to resolve the loop
  • Created Reports based on sub total of Currency and General Ledger category
  • Prepared many other reports by using master details, cross-tabs, slice and dice and drill mode as per the requirement of the end-user
  • Converted Desktop Intelligence Reports to Web Intelligence using Report Conversion Tool
  • Implemented Security Features of Business Objects like row level, object level and report level to make the data secure.
  • Performed unit testing, system testing and user acceptances test (UAT) for universe, reports and security management.
  • Developed universe user documentation guide for the end users reference

Environment: Business Objects 6.5.1/ XI R2 / 3, Crystal Reports XIR2, Designer, Desktop Intelligence, Web Intelligence, CMS, Oracle 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows XP Oracle Apps 11i, STARGATE, FCS/FIS.

Confidential, CA Mar 2004 to Feb 2005

Corporate Information Factory (CIF)

Description: The main goal of this project is to synchronize and integrate all the IT Business Application Datamarts to enable the customer to query both business and manufacturing status of their orders in one go. This system pulls data from manufacturing systems (PROMIS System) and Business System (Oracle Apps ERP R11, Peoplesoft, Lotus Notes and DB2) and feed consolidated Operational Data Store. This system enables the customer to see their data through static reports; dynamic reports and self serviced reports through Business Objects Info View.


  • Prepare the Project Scope
  • Articulate and document: ETL Strategy, OLAP Strategy, Database Sizing, ODS Loading Strategy, Security implementation, Test Strategy and deployment strategy.
  • Identify the Data points required from Promis System , Oracle ERP System and People soft
  • Develop data quality improvement strategies and creating, manipulating, and evaluating metadata
  • Created Universes for various functional groups for high level reports group.
  • Created Joins, Contexts, and Aliases for resolving Loops and Universe Tuning and checked the Integrity of the Universes.
  • Created reports using Crystal Reports with Standard, Summary, Cross Tabs, SQL, Command Objects, Selection Criteria, grouping, sub reports etc.
  • Preparation of SIT Test & UAT Test Case and Plan
  • Deployment and User Training

Environment: Oracle 8i/9i, Erwin designer, datastage 7.1, Business Objects 5.1.6, Web Intelligence 2.7.3, Broadcast Agent, PL/SQL, XML, VISIO, Sun Solaris Unix, Oracle Apps 11i, Peoplesoft, CRM and DB2.

Confidential, CA Mar 2003 to Feb 2004.

Description: ICARE is an integrated Incident, MRB, CAR/8D system of various Fabs. This projects aims at providing an integrated closed loops corrective action and MRB system, to provide a timely analysis .


  • Involved in gathering, analyzing, and documenting business requirements, functional requirements and data specifications about the financial system for Business Objects Universes and Reports.
  • Defined Hierarchies in Universe to provide the users with Drill down option in reports and Predefined Conditions to use in Business Objects.
  • Prepare SIT & UAT Test Strategy for the entire application
  • Writing Alert Scripts to Page/email the Support Personal in case of intermittent failure

Environment: Oracle 8i/9i, Erwin designer, Datastage 7.1, Business Objects 5.1.6, Web Intelligence 2.7.3, Broadcast Agent, PL/SQL, XML, VISIO, Sun Solaris Unix.

Confidential, CA Aug 2002 to Feb 2003

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard

Description: The KPI Dashboard is built on top of the Business Opportunity DataMart and its objective is to give visibility to the Key Performance Indicators of the business to the Senior Management. Business Critical KPIs are identified with its associated dimensions and their business rules are defined.


  • Gather KPI measures and its associated dimensional data points
  • Prepare KPI definitions and business rules and formulas
  • Develop SQL Loader Program to Load the external data into Data Mart.
  • Map the KPIs and the dimensional data points with the Business Opportunities Data Mart.
  • Develop PL/SQL Scripts to Create the Summary Views and summary tables and detail Views
  • Create ETL Scripts using Datastage
  • Create Business Area, Folders, Formula, Hierarchy using Discoverer Administrator
  • Prepare the SIT and UAT Test plans
  • Move to Production (MTP)
  • UAT Bug Fixing and Production Support
  • Responsible for Training the users.

Environment: Oracle 8i, SQL Server, PL/SQL, Datastage 7..1, Discoverer Administrator 4.1.42, Discoverer User Edition 4.1.42, Business Objects 5.1.6, Web Intelligence 2.7.3, VISIO, Sun Solaris Unix and Windows NT

Confidential,Jan 2002 to June 2002

Description: Chartered On-Line Access System (COLAS) is the one-stop, web-based information system that provides Chartered Customers, Suppliers, Turnkey Sub-contractors and Design IP Partners, 24-hour online access to Chartered\'s extensive library of Datawarehouse data and information. COLAS delivers business information through a fast, reliable and secure online portal that enables authorized users to obtain Design, Engineering and Logistics information within a highly personalized environment


  • Discover the Data Points required by the business group in the Data Warehouse
  • Define the Data Points: Its definition, Business Rules and its data sources
  • Create the Source Target Mapping Document with data point name, Source System name, Source table name/column name, ETL rules and Cleansing Rules
  • Design the Data Model using Dimensional Modeling Star Scheme technique
  • Develop ETL strategy to handle Slowly Changing Dimension cases, History Maintenance and Exception handing
  • Develop BO Universe and Operational Reports with Drill Up/Down, Slice and Dice capability
  • Prepare the SIT and UAT Test plans
  • UAT Bug Fixing

Environment: Oracle 8i, Oracle ERP R11, Data Stage, Business Objects 5.1.6, InfoView, Discoverer Administrator 3.1.36 & Discoverer User Edition 3.1.36, Plumtree , Weblogic, Web Methods, Documentum, I-Planet(TIM/TAM)

Confidential, Singapore Jan 2001 to Dec 2001

Management Dashboard
Description: A strategic measurement and top management system that translates an organizational strategy into comprehensive set of KPI\'s. Enables management to perform information analysis and speeds up decision making. Information available online anytime, any place


  • Develop Scripts to create the data warehouse Schema (Tables, Constraints, Indexes)
  • Create PL/SQL Scripts to pull the information form Promis, Oracle Apps and Promis System
  • Develop PL/SQL Scripts to Create the Summary Views and summary tables and detail Views
  • Develop PL/SQL Stored Procedures using multiple Insert Stament, Dynamic Cursors, Merge Statement, with exception handling provisions
  • Create End User Layer (EUL) using Oracle Discoverer 4.1.42
  • Export/Import EUL

Environment: Oracle 8i, 9ias Application Suite, PL/SQL , Business Objects, Plumtree, Windows NT, Sun Solaris Unix

Confidential, Singapore Jul 1998 to Dec 2000

Migration Project

Description: This project involves the migration and customization of oracle ERP systems from version 10.7CUI to 11i GUI. The implementation involves all financial modules, Inventory, Forecasting, and Costing, Order Entry and web customers and suppliers.

  • Involved in taking daily status of development of reports from the developers.
  • Took the requirements from the users and provided the high-level design document to the developer to develop/modify reports.
  • Developed forms by adhering to coding standards
  • Heavily involved in the development of FSG Reports.
  • Defining Concurrent Programs and executables
  • Creation of Value Sets
  • System Support and UAT

Environment: Sun Solaris, Oracle 8i, RACLE Human Resource, Developer 2000,Oracle 8I


Bachelor of Science

Diploma in Scientific Applications

Reference: Would be available upon request.

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