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Business Intelligence Resume

San Mateo, CA


  • Business Intelligence consultant with nine years of experience in planning, analysis, design, configuration, development, system testing, cutover and production support.
  • Extensive experience in extracting data from ERP systems to provide BI solutions for various business units such as finance, accounting, sales and human resources.
  • Design and development of analytics from transactional data with BI functionality using BI Toolsets such as Qlikview, Oracle BI Discoverer, BI publisher.
  • Expert in implementing, administering and supporting Oracle BI Discoverer. Developed Reports using Oracle Discoverer to allow end users to analyze and query business data.
  • Developed user interfaces, built data models and Qlikview documents to design Qlikview business intelligence solution using dashboards, alerts, queries and reports.
  • Design, develop, configure, and tests changes to ETL processes in the Informatica environment and business reports in the reporting environment according to standard methods and procedures.
  • Extensive experience in performing systems/data analysis to implement Informatica transformation objects, mappings , workflows, sessions, session tasks, worklet, workflows, workflow configurations and sessions (reusable and non-reusable).
  • Extensive experience developing and delivering BI solutions from data warehouse, data marts and transactional data environments.
  • Working knowledge of relational databases, dimensional data modeling, star schema and data warehousing concepts.
  • Extensive experience of creating functional, technical specifications and user training documents.
  • Excellent communication skills, team player, quick learner and self-motivated.

BI TOOLS: Qlikview 9/10, Oracle BI Discoverer 4i/9i/10g, Oracle BI publisher
TOOLS: Oracle Reports 6i/10g, SQL*PLUS, SQL Navigator, Toad, Autosys
ETL TOOLS: Informatica PowerCenter 8.6/7.1.2/7.1.1/7.0/6.2, Informatica Powermart 6.1/5.1.1/5.x/4.7, Informatica PowerConnect, Informatica PowerAnalyzer
ERP APPLICATIONS: Oracle Applications 11.5.7/11.5.9/11.5.10/R12
ERP MODULES: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Fixed Assets, Purchasing, Order Management, Inventory, Property Management, Oracle Projects, Oracle Human Resources, Oracle Alerts, Install Base, and Service Contracts.

RDBMS: Oracle 7/8i/9i/10g, MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008

LANGUAGES: SQL, PL/SQL, Unix, C, C++, Visual Basic



  • Master of Science, Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering

Professional Experience

Confidential,San Mateo, CA Jan 2010 - Till Date
Business Intelligence Consultant

  • Worked as a lead reporting consultant for implementing reporting requirements by understanding and documenting user requirements, designing and implementation using the appropriate reporting tool.
  • Responsible for supporting, improving, and expanding ERP reporting and business intelligence solutions.
  • Work with business users to gather business requirements and translate them into informative reporting.
  • Developed number of Informatica Mappings, Mapplets and Reusable Transformations for Loading of Data.
  • Extracting data from various source systems which comes from Oracle 10g, Flat file, Excel file sources, performed complex joiner, aggregate, lookup, router, Update Strategy, sorter, rank and filter transformations to extract transform and load data to Oracle Database.
  • Used Workflow manager for Workflow and Session Management, database connection management and scheduling of jobs to be run in the batch process.
  • Improved the performance of the Mapping by creating views on database which involves complex joins and aggregation at database level , then used that views as lookup which restricts the millions of rows to thousands which eventually improved the performance by many times.
  • Work with reporting tools like Oracle Discoverer, Oracle BI publisher, Qlikview to create adhoc and business intelligence reports.
  • Created several Custom Business areas for different business groups as per the business requirements using Oracle BI Discoverer Administrator tool.
  • Created several folders, joins, calculated items, conditions, item classes and hierarchies in Oracle BI Discoverer Administrator tool for various Discoverer 10g reports.
  • Setup the appropriate security and privileges for users and responsibilities using Oracle BI Discoverer Administrator tool for discoverer report access.
  • Created conditions, calculations, totals, sort and parameters for several discoverer workbooks created using Oracle BI Discoverer plus.
  • Involved in migration of discoverer reports from development, testing and production release using Oracle BI Discoverer Administrator tool.
  • Involved in configuration and installation of EUL status workbooks to monitor report usage and monitor Discoverer objects.
  • Develop scripts to build data models within Qlikview from relational data sources.
  • Develop KPIs and design effective user interfaces that address key performance indicators in Qlikview.
  • Build various dashboards for consumer summary, enterprise revenue bookings, sales forecast and trial balance using Qlikview BI solution.
  • Perform testing for the developed ERP reports and BI reports and work with business users on UAT.
  • Provide on-call production support regarding production system incidents and work with IT Managers, QA team and DBA’s to ensure the product integrity, high availability and security.

Environment: Informatica PowerCenter 8.6, PowerConnect, PowerAnalyzer, Power exchange , ERwin 4.2/4.0, Qlikview 9/10, Oracle Discoverer 10g, Oracle BI Publisher, Oracle Reports 10g, Oracle Applications R12, Salesforce, MS SQL Server 2008, Oracle10g, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows NT

Confidential,Houston, TX Feb 2007 - Dec 2009
Business Intelligence Consultant

  • Worked as business intelligence consultant to analyze end user requirements and developed analytics using the appropriate BI/reporting tools like Oracle BI Discoverer and Oracle BI publisher.
  • Design, develop, test and maintain data transformations and data loading from various sources to target using Informatica.
  • Development of various mappings and transformations in Informatica that process data across multiple platforms with large volumes of data.
  • Work with data architect to support data model changes.
  • Converted database stored procedures to efficient power center mappings to improve the performance of the process.
  • Write database procedures, functions and views to optimize ETL processes.
  • Created sessions, workflows and monitored them in the Workflow Monitor.
  • Improved the mapping performance using SQL overrides.
  • Maintained the history of data by implementing slowly changing dimensions type 2.
  • Used Debugger to monitor and ensure correct flow of data through mappings.
  • Work with change management processes for either application defect resolution or to develop enhancements.
  • Performed unit testing and end to end Integration testing of mapping in development environment, then moving the maps to QA environment and test the maps with Integration testing and also responsible for moving the code to production environment.
  • Converted Oracle 6i Reports to create custom Discoverer and XML publisher reports.
  • Key business specific reports Account Analysis, Trial Balance, Customer Invoice, Statement Generator, Supplier Balance, 1099, Ticket master show, Employee Roster, Sales order acknowledgment, Service contract summary/Detail, Contract Renewal were published/developed using BI publisher.
  • Involved in testing efforts of various reports in various instances to promote production release.
  • Worked to resolve users’ issues and worked with Oracle Support, DBA to raise/resolve SR, patching when needed.
  • Trained business users on reporting solutions Discoverer 10g, BI publisher.

Environment: Informatica Power center 8.1, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle Discoverer 10g, Oracle BI Publisher, Oracle Reports 10g, Oracle Applications 11.5.10, Oracle9i/10g, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows NT.

Confidential,Plymouth MN Nov 2006 - Jan 2007
Business Intelligence Consultant

  • Design/Develop detailed ETL specifications based on business requirements.
  • Maintain and modify data transformations and data loading using Informatica.
  • Understand existing code and write complex Oracle SQL statements.
  • Involved in gathering the requirements from the business users for developing XML Publisher and Discoverer 10g reports.
  • Worked on MD 70 Documents to document report development.
  • Created Business areas, Folders, LOV’s, Item classes, Hierarchy in Discoverer Admin for Discoverer 10g reports.
  • Created various reports in GL, AP, AR, PO, OM, INV, PA using Discoverer 10g and XML Publisher.
  • Core business reports Balance inquiry, Detail Transaction, PO Requisition, Top Offenders-Requisition approval history, Invoice on Hold, Cash position vs. billing, Project reconciliation were developed as per business requirements.
  • Enhanced existing Reports for improvement and performance.
  • Involved in unit testing and migration of reports.

Environment: Informatica Power center 8.0,Oracle Applications 11.5.10, MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle9i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Toad, Reports 6i, XML Publisher, Discoverer 10g, Windows NT.

Confidential,Loveland, CO Aug 2006 - Oct 2006
Business Intelligence Consultant

  • Design and develop ETL and data Integration solutions for business requirements using Informatica.
  • Development and maintenance of Informatica mappings, tranformations and workflows.
  • Provided production support of Informatica processes.
  • Involved in gathering the requirements from the business users for developing various reports in Reports 6i, XML Publisher and Discoverer 10g.
  • Worked on the Technical documentation (MD 70) for reports.
  • Created Business areas, Folders, Item classes in Discoverer Admin for Discoverer 10g reports.
  • Controlled access to information for users in Discoverer Admin using security and task privileges.
  • Involved in setting up Workbook sharing and scheduling using Discoverer Admin.
  • Involved in maintenance of Discoverer using Discoverer Admin by creating/modifying new folders, joins, item classes, conditions, calculations.
  • Created various reports in GL, AP, OM, PO, INV, SC, IB and AR using Discoverer 10g.
  • Created and customized financial reports using Reports 6i and XML Publisher.
  • XML Publisher was used to publish custom business specific reports like Sales contract & agreements, Item Coverage, Expired instances report.
  • Involved in tuning of reports for better performance.
  • Involved in unit testing and migration of reports.

Environment: Informatica Power center 8.0, Oracle Applications 11.5.9, MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle9i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Toad, Reports 6i, XML Publisher, Discoverer 10g, Windows NT.

Confidential,Plymouth, MN Feb 2006 - Jul 2006
Business Intelligence Consultant

  • Create, expand, maintain and optimize ETL processes based on ETL specifications driven business requirements using Informatica.
  • Coordinate, planning and implementing data integration processes for multiple source systems from source data feeds to Data Warehouse.
  • Developed number of Informatica Mappings, Mapplets and Reusable Transformations for loading of data.
  • Create various mappings using varied transformation logics like Unconnected and Connected lookups, Router, Aggregator, Joiner, Update Strategy and re-usable transformations.
  • Created sessions, workflows and monitored them in the Workflow Monitor.
  • Worked in the Reports team to develop reports using Reports 6i, XML Publisher and Discoverer 10g.
  • Created Technical documents (MD 70) for reports.
  • Worked closely with functional team to discuss about requirements, data issues, development re-work, and change request with regards to reports development.
  • Interacted with offshore team to discuss design and development of reports.
  • Involved in Discoverer administration to create new Business areas, Folders, Item classes, Conditions, Calculations, and Hierarchies in Discoverer Admin.
  • Implemented custom security as per Carlson requirements using Discoverer Admin.
  • Developed reports in GL, AP, AR, PN, PO, OM, PA, SC, IB using Reports 6i, XML Publisher and Discoverer 10g.
  • Business specific reports like Project P&L, Net income, Receipt register, Vendor Payment, Project Balance sheet, Property Performance metrics, Property legal lease contracts, Sales Quote Billing were developed..
  • Tuned queries in reports for better performance.
  • Involved in unit testing and migration of reports.

Environment: Informatica Power center 7.1.2, Oracle Applications 11.5.9, Oracle9i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Toad, Reports 6i, XML Publisher, Discoverer 10g, Windows NT.

Confidential,Irving, TX Aug 2005 - Jan 2006
Business Intelligence Consultant

  • Develop complex ETL Informatica mappings which involve complex business rules.
  • Develop re-usable transformations, mappings and mapplets conforming to the business rules using Informatica.
  • Develop and maintain batch scripts for ETL.
  • Design and develop complex Informatica ETL processes that integrate data from Oracle.
  • Work with a job scheduler application to design and schedule Informatica workflows.
  • Used Teradata utility BTEQ to summarize data for various criteria and upload to end tables.
  • Responsible for understanding the business requirements and develop reports in reports team.
  • Created Business areas, folders, workbooks, item classes in Discoverer admin.
  • Set control of User access using Discoverer Admin.
  • Set Privileges, Query Retrieval, Workbook scheduling limits for user using Discoverer Admin.
  • Created reports in GL, FA and PO using Discoverer 10g.
  • Worked on Reports 6i to develop and customize financial reports in AR, AP.
  • Worked on service requests from Business Users to fix various priority level issues in reports.
  • Worked on enhancement request to enhance existing reports.

Environment: Informatica Powercenter 7.1, Oracle Applications 11.5.9, Teradata V2R5, Oracle9i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Toad, Reports 6i, Discoverer 10g, Windows NT.

Confidential, Sep 2002 - May 2005
Oracle Developer

  • Involved in analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation of the project.
  • Creation of database objects like tables, views, constraints, procedures, packages using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Implemented the business logic by Oracle Stored Procedures/Functions in the backend.
  • Responsible for requirements analysis, creating E-R diagrams, table design, database creation, preparation of program specifications, GUI design.
  • Used various triggers and procedures to validate data at each level.
  • Developed forms using Forms 6i and reports were developed using Reports 6i as per requirement definition.
  • Used SQL*Loader to populate data in Oracle Tables from Flat files.
  • Redesign the database to tune its performance to handle the user traffic and load during peak times.
  • Involved in upgrading from Oracle 8 to Oracle 9i.
  • Involved in technical and user documentation.

Environment: MS SQL server 2000, Oracle 8/9i, SQL, PL/SQL, Forms 6i, Reports 6i, Windows XP.

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