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Tableau Analyst Resume


  • 11 years of Confidential E9.1, E8.12, XE, B73.3.2) technically skilled in using One world toolset Enterprise Report Writer (ERW), Form Design Aid, Table Conversion, Event Rule Debugger. Also worked on setting the setups for AP, GL, AR, and Sales Modules.
  • 4 years of AS/400 experience in Creation and Modification of Rpg/400, Cl/400, Ile/400, S/38, Cobol/400, SQL/400, db2/400, Bpcs (Financial and Manufacturing), JD Edwards World Software (A 7.3) and Mapics. 3 years of Crystal reports on release 11 and 12 while parallel working with JDE
  • Creating BI Reports in JD Edwards Confidential . Tableau dash board reports on oracle database.
  • One year of Manual testing, test case writing for requirement and defect notification for java developers.
  • Experienced in Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing, and H/R modules both technically and functionally. Debugging the day to day issues.
  • Experienced in prioritizing Issues to ensure goals laid out for the project were considered and completed.
  • Fully involved in project requirements, integration, and process review meetings .
  • Ability to lead team discussions, Excellent Communication skills, Self - driven individual who works with Honesty, Respect, Positive Attitude, Efficiency and Teamwork. Desire to learn and grow.


Operating Systems: Windows NT/98/2000, XP OS/400 and UNIX.

ERP: JD Edwards - One World (ERP9.1, 8.12,Xe and B7.3)

One World Tools: OMW,TDA, FDA, RDA, DSTR, BSFN, BSVW, BI Publisher

Databases: Oracle 9I, DB2/400,SQL Server 2000

Languages: Rpg/400, Cl/400, Ile/400,S/36,C++,Html, Jsp, Servlets, Xml

AS/400 ERP: Bpcs, Mapics, and JD Edwards’s world.

Microsoft office: MS Project, Excel, Power point, word doc

Knowledge: BSSV, One view reports, Tableau, DSI mobile.



Tableau Analyst


  • Gathering the report requirements by meeting with users and make analysis based on report outputs of AS/400,Writing Technical specification design. created new 13 weeks’ sales pounds report on OTC Module and unit test.
  • Email E1 submitted jobs to user’s email address.
  • Written a UBE to find users who logged into system more than 90 days (Running in proof /final mode to disable users)
  • Mass Price updating program to update Price changes. Looking at RPG Code specs in jd Edwards world and creating custom processes in JDE and debugging the errors..
  • Changing Costed bill inquiry adding unit price and quantities with grand totals in Manufacturing application.
  • A/P Supplier by Remarks and notification for A/P Process to reduce manual work every week. Running against production for verifying data.
  • Training new employees on JDE reports.
  • Sales orders revision errors finding issue and fix them.
  • AR weekly report to reduce manual work of generating report on excel by Payment terms of customer- with Discount Due, Net due and extractions with Remarks and Net Amounts.
  • Creating Financial report -Airport Shop Dash board.
  • Creating BI Publisher reports also modifying existing one for change requests.
  • Used SQL Commands extensively to fix the data issues.
  • Worked on Table conversion for data mapping into JDE, fixing EDI data issues in JDE tables.
  • Daily Inventory Register on daily basis for all payment Terms, showing unprocessed orders in Sales.
  • Enter the missing receipts to JDE AR system and check if any errors of receiving from pay system.
  • Printing finished goods inventory on hand and Lot master information.
  • OTC Module develop the Current and Prior Year Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Sales comparisons report.

Environment: JD Edwards Confidential (E9.1), Oracle 11, Windows 7.


Technical Lead


  • Used SQL Commands extensively to fix the data issues.
  • Sales order Module Printing the Current year and Prior Year Weekly, Monthly Quarterly Sales comparisons report.
  • Collaboratively define and document functional and technical specifications, business processes, workflows, and reporting outputs for E1 reports
  • Critically evaluate information gathered from multiple sources and distinguish user report requests from the underlying true needs.
  • Doing Functional unit testing of the processes developed.
  • Code review for coding standards of developed applications.
  • Identify gaps in business requirements and document those issues
  • Participate in business-led change management processes
  • Conducting meeting with user to gather requirements and create JDE Reports based on outputs of Mainframe and documenting the reports.
  • Creating user ids for new users, Resetting passwords for disabled users.
  • Watch order flows into JDE, Fixing data integrities so no publishing errors to store.
  • Sending monthly reports about DPO and Eddie downloads to my manager.
  • Created Apps to upload data into custom tables and use this data for reporting purpose.
  • Worked on trouble shooting Un processed orders from MSC Web store to JDE, because of errors in orders and breakdown of store or JDE System with unexpected interruption on servers.
  • Enter the missing receipts to JDE AR system and check if any errors of receiving from pay system.
  • Printing finished goods inventory on hand and Lot master information.
  • Worked on Bill of Material for county to community relationship.
  • Worked on MSC Re-architecture for data mapping of JDE to new store by running SQL Queries on different JDE tables and bring the data out to load into the new system.
  • Run health checks on the websites and inform to designated people to fix the errors on different websites maintained by risk map cds group.

Environment: JD Edwards Confidential (E9.1), Oracle 11, Windows 7, MSC Web store.


Integration and Upgrade analyst


  • Worked on Transportation interface for uploading Routes of CROWN data from F4950,F49501,F4970,F4971,F4972,F4973 tables.
  • Modifying Invoice report not to print header summary tax info of different tax groups, also changed descriptions of summary taxes and calculation of Unit price of cases and bottles.
  • Worked on Work orders in manufacturing module.
  • Created users batch upload program to load 2000 users into F0092, F00921, F00925 tables, Also their Roles into F95921.
  • Modified Rpg programs using tools SEU, SDA display file formats in AS/400 Systems.
  • Used STRDBG to test the RPG Programs. Modified Queries in AS/400.
  • Worked on RPG2 and RPG3 Programs.
  • Develop and execute functional test plans with business subject matter experts
  • Ensure test results are identified, documented, tracked, reported on, and resolved in a timely manner
  • Communicate technical and process changes to development team
  • Consistently deliver high-quality services
  • Review and update training, reference guides, and product support materials as needed
  • Worked on EDI 852 Outbound process to create data into Edi tables.
  • Used MD Debug to watch the values of NER Business functions.
  • Troubleshooting problems and set up issues. Provided training to Users of using Finance application in AP and GL Modules. Worked on Excel to create formulas and pivot tables to summarize data.
  • Worked on 3 way match reports for PTM Department.
  • Creating the state reports which are submitted by Confidential every month to the states about the sales of liquor in the states.
  • Worked on Advance pricing Loading of Order groups, Item groups and Customer groups.

Environment: JD Edwards Confidential (E9.0, E 8.10, XE and World), Oracle, DB2/400, Windows 7.


Techno functional & Support Analyst


  • Customizing print automatic payments program for check writing.
  • Written sun update batch process to update F0911Z1 and F0911 tables.
  • Fixing the issues of missing new hires for HR system.
  • Uploaded salary increments for employees.
  • Created Applications to load data into Cross-reference tables of Business units and Address no to validate the conversions process.
  • Creating Custom menus for finance from standard menus.
  • Written SQL’S to dump data from Environment 8.9 to 8.12 into Middle ware tables of Inventory Master, Branch plant, Item Location and Supplier item relationship, AP Ledger.
  • Creating new crystal financial reports (Business objects) based upon the JDE World reports and faster reports.
  • Trial balance reports, Grants reports, Balance sheets, Yearend reports, month end reports with crystal reports.
  • Worked with Oracle for Application recovery program for System failures and sign outs of not losing user entered data.
  • Fixing Login issues to E1, Stopping and restarting Web servers when in need. Creating packages and deploy them to PY Environment. Also worked with Server manager.
  • Setting up the Scheduler jobs and tracking the jobs ran on daily basis for auditing purposes.

Environment: JD Edwards Confidential (E9.0), Crystal reports (11), DB2/400, Windows XP.


Technical Team lead


  • Developed Job cost Reports Month to date, Year to date using smart fields. Also worked through job cost process to set some test data to test the reports. Confidential uses job costing module for contracting of roads, pavements and supplying building materials.
  • Trouble shooting the errors in Payroll, HR, AR, AP, GL, Sales order and Purchase Order, Help tickets entered by Users. Fixing up setup issues, data issues changes on UDC’s and category codes.
  • Worked on fixing Functional issues of AR Month end closing for UN posted Batches, Companies out of balance and integrity issues of AR and GL System.
  • Leads and communicates plans and issues to management and staff on regular basis as related to critical areas.
  • Establish and maintain project status reports and communicate to senior management. menus, users/roles and developing and performing all user training
  • Gather requirements from users, create specifications, and develop code.
  • Mapped the tax information to print properly on 1099 forms for Account payables.
  • Worked on AS/400 World writer reports, Ability to use SQL for advanced database queries and updates.
  • Customizing the NER Business functions up on changes in applications.
  • Generating pay rise reports from payroll table and also worked New hires and rehires reports. Created AP Check reconciliation process to store the transactions received from banks into JDE System.
  • Created a financial report for budget vs. actual.
  • Worked with Oracle BI Publisher to create templates and definitions to load data from XML into designed tables. Worked with Power forms to design multiple apps run on a single page.
  • Worked on Modification of stand Employees enrollment Screens on HR.
  • Used Power forms to validate the input field entered by Users.

Environment: (8.12) JD Edwards Confidential, Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000.

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