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Decision, ScientisT


Networking and Telecommunication Standards: Ethernet, Wi Fi, RFID, LoRaWAN and Sigfox LPWAN, TCP/IP, IoT

Languages: MATLAB, C, Assembly Language Programming, SQL, R, Python, SAS, Verilog HDL, Embedded C, HTML, PHP

Software: Quartus - II and Prime software, Altera, NIOS 2, Code Composer Studio, Eclipse, Cadence, LT-Spice, Keil, Multisim, Eagle, Xilinx, Proteus, SSIS



Decision Scientist


  • Implementing the network system functioning on TCP over IP using the Triple Speed Ethernet IP Core on the Confidential DE2i-150 development board.
  • The system hardware is designed using Qsys and Quartus Prime with Verilog HDL. A NIOS 2 processor is created on the Confidential and it is programmed using the NIOS 2 SBT for Eclipse.
  • Designing an end to end system along with a Web application to locate an empty position in the Confidential using the low power LoRa module communicating with a local base station and a portal. Sensors are used to collect data and microcontroller board TI CC2650 for processing.
  • Designed a MQAM transmitter to transmit signal over a communication channel and display the constellation diagram for each QAM signal using Verilog HDL with Confidential II software on a DE2i-150 FPGA board. Further implemented a MIMO System for 8-QAM using Alamouti coding scheme.
  • Designed Confidential ’s Simulator to generate communication channels and implementing differential MIMO system using MATLAB
  • Using MATLAB implemented an algorithm which separates the vocal from the background music in a song using the repeating pattern in the music.
  • Implemented PAM and QAM communication systems using MATLAB and also calculated their BER and SER
  • Implemented VHO (Vertical Handoff) algorithm which allows the mobile users to switch between different Radio Access Technologies like LTE, WiMAX, UMTS, CDMA, etc. to satisfy their communication needs using MATLAB and its GUI
  • Designed a vehicle tracking system to monitor the traffic intersections in real-time to track the passing vehicles using RFID module
  • Created multiple modules on SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) and Teradata resulting in different scorecards which delivered significant insights to the client. Assisted in enhancing the supply chain of a leading multinational computer technology (Fortune 500) company for four different regions
  • Worked with R programming to analyze data regarding sales for a pharmaceutical client and deliver essential solutions

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