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Obiee Developer Resume


  • I am an energetic and self - motivated team player who thrives in both independent and collaborative work environments. I am a quick learner with an ability to integrate project requirements employing new ideas and methodologies. I have excellent communication, analytical, and trouble shooting skills.
  • 9 years of experience in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 10g ( - 12c ( gathering Business Requirements, Analysis, Design, Data Modeling and business systems applications.
  • Expertise in complete life cycle of Design, Development, Maintenance and Documentation of various functionalities in OBIEE and Data Marts.
  • Expertise in interacting with Business users conducting interviews to gather, analyze and document user needs, business processes, identifying reports/KPIs and other requirements then rolling out deliverables. - AIM methodology - used customized BP- 30(determine gathering requirements), RD-50 (gather business requirements), BR -10 (gaps), BR-30 (map business requirements).
  • Expertise in Data Analysis, Performing Gap Analysis, Identification of dimensions, Facts & aggregate tables, Measures and Hierarchies.
  • Experience in creating, modifying, and Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards with drill down capabilities using global and local filters in BI Presentation, using Oracle BI Answers, creating iBots using BI Delivers.
  • Review requirements documented as stories in Agile Project Management software (e.g. VersionOneJIRA Agile) to ensure stories are ready for the next step in the development process.
  • Participate in various analysis and design meetings.
  • Work with project managers regarding the scheduling of feature groups into releases and corresponding user stories into sprints.
  • Assist project managers in managing project issues tracked in Agile Project Management software (e.g.
  • VersionOne, JIRA Agile).
  • Extensive experience in dimensional modeling design, building business modelsconfiguring metadata, creating reports / Dashboards, cache monitor, building
  • OBIEE Repository consisting of three layers (Physical Layer, Business Model Presentation Layer), time series objects, configuring OBIEE security (groupsaccess / query privileges) using OBIEE administration tool.
  • Expertise in Cache management, Usage tracking, Dimensional hierarchyAggregate navigation, Performance Tuning and Security.
  • Building star and snowflake schemas in the repository as well as using the
  • Foreign key link in the physical layer and the New complex joint key in the
  • Business Model and Mapping layer.
  • Experience in a Multi User Development Environment (MUDE), pulling R.P.D from versioning tool to common directory and making changes to meet business requirements.
  • Involved in all aspects of ETL- requirement gathering, coming up with standard interfaces to be used by operational sources, data cleaning, data load strategies, designing various mappings, developing mappings, unit testing, integration testing, regression testing in development and UAT
  • Hands on working with SQL Developer, business intelligence experience in building ETL processesanalyzing OLAP data. Worked with different data sources, Extracted, Transformed and Loaded data in to target tables. Worked in various BO environments linking data from multiple sources, applying several functionalities, and using various Data Providers. Trained users in producing documents and running queries. Tested reports for validating and verifying data.


Oracle BI Administration tool: Oracle BI Presentation, Oracle BI DashboardsOracle BI Scheduler, BI Delivers, Oracle BI Publisher, Catalog Manager

Working knowledge of: Informatica 8.6.x (Power Center & Power Mart)

OBIEE: Hierarchies, Dimensions and aggregates

Data Warehousing: Data mart, OLAP, OLTP

Dimensional Modeling of Star and Snowflake Schemas: Multi User Development (MUD) environment, Business Intelligence Oracle 11g Version, Oracle 10g Version , Oracle 12c Version, Business Intelligence Oracle 11g Version, Oracle 10g Version , Oracle 12c Version

OBIEE Tools: Oracle BI Administration Tools, Answers, DashboardsPresentation Services, BI Delivers

Databases: Oracle DB, Oracle BI Server 11g, SQL Developer (10g/11g), MS SQL Server 2000/2014

Knowledge of: Photoshop design tool

ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center 8.x/7.x

Platforms: Windows 2003/2007 Server, Window XP/NT/2000/98/Vista/7/8, Mac

Applications Tools: MS Office - Advanced, MS Excel - PivotTables, Vlookups, Macros

Graphics: experience, HTML, CSS and Javascript language implementation

Accounting Tools: PeopleSoft Financial, NetSuite, SAP, Avantis, Agris, PTS, InfliniumMonarch, IBS Business development Negotiation Business artifacts documentation Conflict resolution

Business process mapping: Project planning and development Logistics management Agile, Scrum



OBIEE Developer


  • Build the Siebel Analytics repository (RPD) /metadata and define/create the subject areas where reporting and analysis are centered around Construct data visibility and security rules and implement them within Siebel Analytics to provide record - levelteam-based and group-based security into the Data warehouse
  • Design, configure, and document logical and Physical Data Models, Presentation Layer including administrator functionality
  • Create dimension hierarchies to achieve the drill down functionality
  • Imported Physical Tables and Defined Relations in Physical Layer in Siebel Analytics
  • Utilized Siebel Delivers for sending real-time, personalized alerts via intelligence agents (iBots) to intelligence dashboards for subscribed users
  • Defined Hierarchies, Aggregate Navigations in the RPD
  • Created User Groups in RPD
  • Worked on repository Physical Data Layer, Business Model and Mapping Layer and
  • Presentation Layer, Created session & repository variables using OBI / Siebel Administration Tool
  • Created Dimensional Hierarchy with drill-down capabilities using global and local filters, Logical tables & columns, Aggregate columns, Time-Series and Level based
  • Measures & Aggregate navigation and customized Star and Snowflake schemas by linking Fact and Dimension tables in the BMM layer
  • Configured Analytics Metadata objects (Subject Area, Table, and Column) and Web
  • Catalog Objects (Dashboard, Pages, Folders, and Reports)
  • Developed many Dashboards / Reports with different Analytics Views (Pivot TableChart, Tabular and View Selector)

Environment: Siebel Analytics 7.7, DAC, BI Publisher, Oracle 9i, SQL Developer

Confidential, Irving, TX

OBIEE Developer


  • Identified the granularity level of the data required to be available for analysis.
  • Interacted with business representatives and end users for requirements analysis and to define business and functional specifications
  • Developed Metadata repository (.rpd), Physical layer & Business Model and
  • Mapping, Web Catalog Objects as per the data requirements using OBIEE Admin and Web tool.
  • Worked on BI Answers to build Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities.
  • Designed the business model conforming to functional mapping, defined logical and complex joins for the dimension tables.
  • Configured the territorial hierarchy and worked with time series objects.
  • Configured Sales and Distribution Facts using key metrics and generated reports according to the business requirement.
  • Implemented comprehensive security functionality by creating users & web groups, external table security using session variables, test and validate the model using OBIEE Admin tool and associating catalog objects and Web modules with the created users and groups
  • Used Filters and provided Customized dashboard prompts appropriately to avoid excessive data showing up Reports
  • Identified the aggregate levels for each source and created dimension sources for each level of aggregates
  • Assisted in creation of pivot table request allowing manager to analyze the business from different perspectives, provided optimized analytics request using column selector
  • Generated queries and placed filters in Oracle BI Answers and created numerous executive level reports.

Confidential, Irving, TX

Siebel Analytics


  • Gathered Business requirements, interacted with the business users, defined subject areas for analytical data requirements.
  • Performed gap analysis and feasibility study for the given business requirements.
  • Customized the OBIEE Repository (physical, BMM, and presentation layers).
  • Created connection pools, imported physical tables and defined joins in the physical layer of the repository.
  • Created logical tables, dimension hierarchies, aggregates, and keys for dimensional modeling design, defined drill- down time series & other dimension hierarchies, and whole diagram using complex joints
  • Used Rename Wizard to remove underscore character, change all column names so that first letter of each word is uppercase and rest is lowercase.
  • Used the security manager in OBIEE Admin tool to setup Users and Groups
  • Created administrative session variables and repository variables in the repository.
  • Assigned filters to objects and granted access privileges to users or groups
  • Deployed OBIEE .rpd into BI Presentation Services ready for building reports/ dashboards from the repository using OBIEE
  • Developed various Dynamic and Interactive Dashboards/Reports with intuitive drilldowns, drill-across and drillable charts using Oracle Answers using globallocal filters and page/dashboard prompts, pivot tables, charts and view selector.
  • Used Prompts to Filter Data
  • Formatted requests using sorts, filters and prompts
  • Formatted column output and modifying column data using formulas
  • Deployed report results via BI Delivers - Timely delivery of critical information via email, mobile phones, dashboards and workflow
  • Saved reports in Answers Web Catalog folders for selection by users
  • Imbedded Oracle Answers reports created into Oracle Interactive Dashboards

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