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B2b Consultant Resume

Minnetonka, MN


  • Providing Information Technology Consulting Services to clients for more than 11 years, in a broad range of industries.
  • Significant experience as Architect and design of Confidential WebSphere Transformation Extender( Confidential /ITX), WebSphere Message Broker (IIB), Confidential Financial Transaction Manager ( FTM), Shell Scripting, Unix, Windows, and Mainframe specialties.
  • Practicing full life cycle development and application implementations of projects on enterprise level
  • My role as Confidential Sr Consultant / Analyst is to help my clients achieve their business objectives by having a significant impact on their efforts to improve the state of the software development process within their organizations.
  • I fulfill this role by offering my advice, leveraging my diversified experience, and helping others come to grips with the difficulties of software development as it applies to their business.
  • As a consultant, my job is not done unless I impart some of my knowledge onto the staff of the client before I leave.
  • Over 12 years of IT experience in the areas of Software development, EDI and implementing Integration solutions using EAI tools like Confidential 8.1/ Confidential /WTX8.3/ Confidential 8.4/ Data Stage TX 7.x/Mercator 6.x,ITX, SWIFT, and EDI, Message broker / IIB 9.x As an EDI Analyst, or EDI Coordinators, ensure that an electronic data interchange system operates properly and adequately meets users' needs. Skills shown on sample resumes of EDI Analysts include translating business requirements into technical specifications, creating test cases, performing data
  • Performance testing, and supporting the day - to-day operations of EDI, including identifying any technical problems with sending/receiving transactions. Proficient in Mercator/ Confidential 8.x components like Design Studio, Map Designer, Integration Broker. Database Interface Designer, Mercator 6.7 / Confidential 8.x using technology Adapters like File, Confidential
  • WebSphere MQ, and Databases, FTP, Email adaptor, MQ, and Databases, SAP Adapter, SIEBEL adapters
  • EDI ANSI X12 and HIPAA transaction (4010 and 5010 versions) sets such as 837, 834, 835,276/277 / SWIFT Messages MT2xx,MT3xx,MT4xx,MT5xx etc Extensively worked on different formats Cobol Copy books, XSD/DTD formats, SAP Idocs, Proprietary formats Pipe delimited, CSV, fixed length Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange
  • Code (EBCDIC) experience In using SOAPUI, RFHUTIL, HTTP, ESQL Programming


Technologies: Middle ware Mercator 6X, Data stage TX 7X, 8.0 /WebSphere Transformation extender 8.1/8.2/8.3/8.4 , ITXA, Sterling B2B, SFG, IIB 9.x / Message Broker, Confidential Financial Transaction Manager3.x, Confidential FTM3.x, Confidential MQ 6 / Confidential MQ 7 / Confidential MQ 8, salesforce, APEX data Loader

Database: DB2, Oracle, SQL

EDI Standards: ANSI X12, HIPAA, SWIFT, EDI validation tools like ClarEDI, ACH Payment Processing

Version Control Tools: PVCS, Subversion, GIT, Confidential RTC

Test management tools: QC, ALM

Protocols: FTP, TCP/IP, HTTP

Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile


Confidential, Minnetonka, MN

B2B consultant


  • Include Design, develop, perform unit, system, integration and regression testing and implement cross platform solutions into production.
  • Perform development tasks which will involve extraction and transfer of data, performing all associated transformations, validations, cleansing, and preparation of data for load into the applicable system(s). testing, documentation and maintenance of program components and systems within the IT architecture using Confidential products SI/SFG and SPE/ITXA/ Confidential
  • Identify and estimate tasks to complete assigned work.
  • Promote a risk - aware culture, ensure efficient and effective risk and compliance management practices by adhering to required standards and practices
  • Act as a mentor to assist with the cross-training of existing staff with the best industry practices for developing SAP-EDI processes for consumption.
  • Promote a risk-aware culture; ensure efficient and effective risk and compliance management practices by adhering to required standards and processes.
  • Analyze EDI requirements with on-boarding new accounts, requirements for new documents and implementing appropriate EDI documents Analyze enhancements to current process and implement required EDI changes Trading Partner Setups using SI/SFG, Community manager, Creating Business Processes in SI, ITXA Mapping Solving integration and infrastructure issues




  • Develop, enhance and maintain message broker tools and components for providing stable communication environment
  • Provide technical support / direction to developer's team working to create stable, conventional and effective message broker components
  • Closely worked with quality control, change management, and quality assurance department
  • Provide assistance in solving integration and infrastructure issues
  • Responsible for going into new customer situations and doing the initial evaluation of a project.
  • Assisted in developing the necessary platforms to connect two systems together.
  • Assisted in editing and reviewing XML code for each project.
  • Coordinate end to end implementation and testing of new business processes and scheduling with IRS Partners.
  • Support of existing IRS business processes by monitoring system activities and initiating appropriate corrective action when needed.
  • Define and document IRS business process requirements. various testing tools such as SOAP UI, RFH UTIL / experience in performance optimization working with Message Sets/WSDLs/ SOAP nodes

Tools: MQ 8.0, IIB 9.0, XML Proprietary formats, Subversion, Oracle 11g, SAOPUI, RFHUTIL,TOAD,IIB toolkit 9.0, Linux

Technical Lead / Integration Lead

Confidential, New York, NY

Environment: Provide technical support/direction to developer's team working to create stableConventional and effective Confidential Maps/message broker components Closely worked with quality control, change management, and quality assurance department Provide assistance in solving integration and infrastructure issues Provides Build deployment support


  • Involved in creation design of Business / mapping documents
  • Installation of Db2, Confidential RSA, Confidential RTC ( Jazz version control), Confidential IIB, Confidential, and Confidential FTM 3.x, Confidential FTM UI using Confidential installation manager on windows 7.
  • Understanding of Sequence diagrams created using Confidential rational Software Architecture, understanding of Use cases provided by BA
  • Understanding of Configuration and Operational data Modeling defined in FSMs (Finite state machines) implemented using Confidential RSA
  • Verifying table data like service participant Table, service Table, Channel Table, Format table, mapper Table etc by comparing the same values in IIB flows
  • Understanding and importing FSM s at Transmission, Batch and Transaction level parameters
  • Developed and involved in multiple level interfaces like payment engine and payment processing engine using Physical Transmission flow, PT wrapper flowHeartbeat flow, Event Processing Wrapper flow etc
  • Understanding and Orchestrating the financial business process Flow using FTM framework
  • Tuning and manipulating of master mappers using ESQL compute nodes to get desired internal standard formats (ISFs) using ESQL compute nodes, Traversing and creating of ISFs using ESQL
  • Creation/ Deployment of BAR flies and involved in pre Deployment and post deployment activities
  • Unit testing using FTM interface, Code fixing in SysTest, UAT by fixing code in IIB to meet functional and cosmetic requirements in FTM UI
  • Installation and configuration of IIB 9.x and WebSphere MQ v8.0 in windows 7.
  • Message flow development using ESQL, Using ESQL Traversing of XML Tree Structure, code changes as business required through to support system, UAT testing using ALM3.Worked on MQinput, MQoutput, DB Input, DB retrieve, Mapping node, Compute Node with ESQL File input, File output, Flow Order node, Compute node, Label node, Collector node4. Design message modeling / message sets using DFDL, XML, WSDL (SOAP XML) Cobol, MRM Custom format ( MB 7.0) CSV Imports as per client requirement using IIB/MB tool kit.
  • Message set creation to validate input and output messages.
  • Creating and packaging BAR file includes Confidential maps and Deployment activities on Sun Solaris OS

Integration Lead



  • Problem determining using local error logs in development server.
  • When engaged for a specific opportunity or project, responsible for the technical accuracy of the proposed solution.
  • Design Mapping specs, to develop maps for various transformations like XML, flat, EBCDIC. SWIFT MT 101, MT103
  • Transformation from Proprietary formats to XML/Proprietary/Fla 4 Tracking and logging of tickets by Analyzing the business flow providing/creating test data to Testing team
  • When engaged for a specific opportunity or project, responsible for the technical accuracy of the proposed solution
  • Code reviews / close monitoring of testing activities / development activities
  • Created streamline processing on mainframe reducing CPU usage by 30% across all regions.

EDI Specialist

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA


  • modify, and maintain EDI/B2B business processes.
  • Design, develop, and maintain EDI/B2B maps. Deploy solutions from the EDI/B2B test environments to the production
  • Definign, maintaining Trading partners within Confidential systems using Confidential trading partner management tool using EDI Transactions 850, 855, 810, 997 ( Using Docman - Docman is Confidential document management repository), ude manual version cotrol, Confidential Systems will have their internal framework like Axway Gateways, DMG layers

Environment: s: dev, QA/UAT, Staging, Production.


Integration Lead


  • Planned and assisted development of engineering projects in facility.
  • Provide technical direction and business process enhancements at a client sights
  • Determined technical solutions to problems encountered and developed solutions using modern techniques and theories.
  • Scheduled timeline for project and tested each phase of project development and ensured project delivery on time.
  • Coordinated with implementation team and ensured effective work on project.
  • Developed all policies and procedures to be followed by management.
  • Assisted contract design team and participated in all weekly and daily meetings with management.
  • Project Planning and cross training of personnel on techniques and protocols proprietary to Confidential Event Servers and WebSphere Transformation Extender tool sets
  • Deliver pre-defined hands-on sessions, called PoT (Proof of Technology), deliver Proofs of Concept

Tools: and Technologies: IIB 9.0 tool kit, IIB 9.0, Confidential RSA, Confidential WAS, Confidential RTC ( Version control ), Confidential 8.4, Confidential FTM 3.x, Confidential Db2 10.x, Confidential Swift bundle, ACH Bundle, WINSCP, TOAD, Confidential MQ 8.0, Confidential FTM fix packs, Broker 9.0.4


SME/ Data Analyst


  • Lead development team with software development lifecycle ideology through agile management practices
  • Code reviews, Code development, Code migration, release management activities, XML, EBCDIC, Flat, fixed length format transformations for vendor Cingular
  • Preparation of technical documents, Quality control Monitoring, Monitoring / coordinating Testing team /Business Analyst, crosswalk code reviews

Tech Lead



  • Design mapping specs, to develop maps for various transformations like SWIFT - ISF vice versa
  • Transformation from Proprietary formats to ISF / SWIFT
  • Coordination with Testing team /Business Analyst
  • Tracking and logging of tickets by analyzing the business flow with in Quality Control
  • Creation of Test data
  • Code reviews / closes monitoring of testing activities / development activities
  • Version Control Tools: PVCS, Subversion, DB2, Confidential 8.2, Confidential 8.3, MQ 6

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