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Cognos Bi Resume

St Louis, MO


  • Over 7 Years of IT Experience in Design and development of relational database applications, Data Warehouse/BI Applications. Business Intelligence Reporting, design development, Performance Tuning, Application Development and product support on various platforms.
  • Extensive experience on Cognos8.x, Cognos Report net (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio) and COGNOS Series 7 Impromptu, Power Play Transformer , IWR, Power Play web reports, Access Manager, Visualizer , Business objects(Designer,supervisor,Reporter), Informatica Power Mart 5.x/4.7, Power Center 1.6/1.7/5.1,DataStage 6.0/5.2.
  • Worked with Business Users to analyze the business process and made necessary changes to schema objects to cater their reporting needs.
  • Extensive experience on Data warehouse/Data mart Design, Development, OLAP Analysis, Data modeling and well Versed with designing Star schemas to build the Warehouses.
  • 5 Years of experience in Analysis, design and development of Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Reporting and Project Management applications using Cognos.
  • 3 Years of Experience on Report Net 1.2/1.1 with Framework Manager, Cognos Connection, Report Studio and Query Studio.
  • 5 year of extensive experience on Cognos 8 with Framework Manager, Analysis Studio, Cognos Connection, Report Studio, Query Studio
  • Strong experience in the development of various reports using SQL, PL/SQL, Cognos Impromptu, Cognos Power Play, Cognos Visualizer, Impromptu Web Reports (IWR), ReportNet (Report Studio, Query Studio) using databases such as Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server, DB2 and MS Access.
  • Solid understanding of data warehousing, OLTP and OLAP concepts. Performed data extracts.
  • Worked with Erwin, Designer to develop logical model, physical model diagrams and in forward, reverse engineering tasks
  • Working knowledge of designing multidimensional architecture for Extract, Transform, Load Environment with Informatica and Cognos tools.
  • Experience in developing applications using Oracle 10g/9.x/8.x/7.x, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2000/7.0/6.5, DB2, Teradata and MS Access.
  • Experience in QA Methodology and Software Development Life cycle.
  • Experienced in full life cycle trouble reports (tickets) and change request (CR) management using Rational Clear Quest and ClearDDTS
  • Strong team player, commitment towards learning, possess excellent communication and Interpersonal skills.
  • Experienced in Developing Data Marts, ROLAP, MOLAP, Star Schema, Snowflake Schema, Extract, Transform, and Loading of Data, Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Documenting and Implementation of Business Applications.
  • Solid analytical and dynamic troubleshooting skills. Possessing excellent communication skills and is able to work individually and as a team member.
  • Extensive usage in writing, testing, implementation of the Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Packages at Database level and Form level using PL/SQL.

Technical Skills:

Cognos Tools : Cognos 8 BI, Report Net 1.1, Cognos Connection,
Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio,
Analysis Studio, COGNOS Series 7.x/6.0 (Impromptu
Administrator, PowerPlay, Transformer, Power Play
EnterpriseServer,AccessManager,Upfront,WebIntelligence, Erwin3.5/3.5.2,Informatica7.1/6.2,Crystal reportsXI/10/9.0/8.0/8.5/5.0), MSOffice, TOAD
ETL Tools : Informatics Power Center 7.1.2, Designer, Repository
Manager and Workflow Manager.
Databases : Oracle 10g/9i/8i, SQL Server6.5/7/ 2000, DB2/UDB
And MS Access.
Operating Systems : MS DOS 6.22 Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP, Sun Solaris, HP-UX,
Languages : C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts, T-SQL, HTML, XML, Java
Visual Basic 6, HTML, DHTML,
Claim processing system: HIPPA,EDI.S
Microsoft Tools : MS Excel, MS Word, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint and MS Access.
Others : Toad, Erwin, Visual Source Safe 6.0, Cognos Migration
Utility, Websphere MQ series ,Mainframe(cobol,jcl,Db2,Vsam,cics)


Bachelors Degree

Professional Experience:

Confidential,St Louis, MO Feb 09 - Current
Cognos 8 BI/Report Net Developer

Confidential,is one of the top nonprofit health care organizations based in St.louis, MO. It provides services including inpatient, outpatient care, primary care, home health and wellness, community health, rehabilitation, long-term care. With around 13 hospitals, BJC provides health care to rural and urban communities in Missouri and Southern Illinois. Its enterprise reporting application gets data from a data warehouse which in turn extracts data from databases of various applications including inpatient, outpatient, diagnostics, claims, revenue and finance.

  • Interacted with the Business users for requirement gathering.
  • Associated with full life cycle of reporting application design, development and implementation
  • Worked in both SDLC and Agile (Iteration) software development models.
  • Prepared Technical Design documents and involved in application development using JAD sessions.
  • Developed ETL scripts to extract and cleanse data from SQL databases for loading into Cognos.
  • Used Framework Manager to build models, packages and publish packages to the Report Net Server.
  • Built models containing query subjects, query items, and namespaces from imported metadata.
  • Created Ad-hoc reports using Query Studio.
  • Created complex reports using Report Studio.
  • Developed Standard Reports, List Reports, Cross-tab Reports, Charts, Drill through Reports and Master Detail Reports Using Report Studio.
  • Created prompts, Calculations, Conditions, Filters, Multilingual Reports Using Report Studio.
  • Created Query Prompts, Developed Prompt pages and Conditional Variables.
  • Scheduling and Distributing Reports through Schedule Management in Cognos Connection.
  • Integration with presentation layer which involves J2EE environment using ReportNet SDK.
  • Worked with master-detail reports, drill-through, prompts, complex calculations, formatting, conditional formatting, Bursting reports, Cross tab, multi-query reports, and charts.
  • Scheduled Reports on weekly basis.
  • Created the Cubes based on the requirements and created the drill through reports for the cubes.
  • Designed and developed OLAP cubes using Cognos Power play for opportunity analysis.
  • Created Dimensional Maps, Transformer Models, Power-Cubes and Drill through Developed Combine Filter, User-Defined Filters, and Custom ranking using Analysis Studio.
  • Extensively used PowerPlay Transformer to convert the data into power cubes. Designed Cognos Transformer cube models and Analysis Studio reports using reports modeled according to user needs. Modified Power Cubes by adding new Dimensions, Levels, Categories and Measures
  • Created data Source connection to SQL Server database using Cognos connection tools
  • MS Service installed and enabled running on SQL Server to pull data from Cognos Cubes
  • Wrote SQL Server procedures to pull data for various Claims processing system.
  • Integrating Ms SQL Server using Cognos server connection credentials
  • Used SQL Server procedures to pull data from Claims error logs
  • Developed Dash Board Reports.
  • Created Drill down / Drill Up reports using Analysis Studio.
  • Created Models based on the dimensions, levels and measures required for the analysis-using Transformer
  • Good working knowledge in IBM Mainframe technology Cobol JCL, DB2, VSAM, CICS.
  • Tuning the performance of the Cognos Cubes and publishing Cubes on to the Powerplay Enterprise Server.
  • Involved in improving report performance through design and data extraction including query optimization.
  • Performed design reviews, code reviews and test plan reviews.
  • Performed unit and integration testing.
  • Prepared documentation and trained end users.

Environment: Cognos 8,Cognos 8.4, Report Net 1.1, Cognos Connection, ReportStudio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Informatica Power Center 7.1.2, Impromptu 7.3, Transformer 7.3, Power Play 7.3, Power Play Enterprise Server 7.3, Websphere MQ,Cobol,jcl,Db2,VSam,SQL Server Access Manager, DB2/UDB, Oracle 9i, Quest Central 4.8, MS-Excel, XML, Shell Scripts, Windows XP and Unix HP-UX,SSIS.

Confidential,Dallas, TX Jun 08-Jan 09
Sr. Cognos Consultant

Centralized product management of Cognos tools suite allowing centralized certification and migration. The group supported a central product management of Cognos Tools suite allowing centralized certification, migration, maintenance and scalability of Cognos software. The main scope of the project is to create power play Cubes and Reports using Power Play transformer and Report studio and also extended to administration

  • Developing Framework Manager Model, defining joins, creating view of star schema as developed in Staging Database.
  • Created and developed star schema groupings, created hierarchies, utilized determinants and conformed dimensions. Created model query subjects, calculations and filters. Resolved different relationship issues.
  • Worked with Erwin tool in Data Modeling (both Physical and Logical Design).
  • Used different Data Warehouse techniques like Star-Schema. Analyzed and Created Facts and Dimension Tables. Identified and tracked the slowly changing dimensions, heterogeneous Sources and determined the hierarchies in dimensions.
  • Developed Cross tab, List and Charts. Used Combination Chart, defined rolling quarters for extracting Amounts over quarters over various categories.
  • Provided Drill through linking among various reports to show lowest level of details for the stated metric
  • Built an Aggregated view which ran through Prompt Wizard
  • Moved packages across various environments using only Import Export.
  • Did setup profile for default viewing of Portal tabs. Applied security setting on Dashboard so it is visible only to desired end user.
  • Customization to include Company Logo, edited System. xml to improvise view of report.
  • Exported safe viewer to run report efficiently using portal tab. Developed metadata layer in Framework Manager in conjunction with the logical and physical data models.
  • Planned and created Standard reports in Report studio and ad-hoc reports in Analysis studio.
  • Involved in design and development of joins, filters, calculations and conditional variables in Packages within Framework Manager.
  • Implemented stand alone filters in frame work manager
  • Developed SQL scripts used for running simple batch processes, developing test scenarios and automating the testing of application components.
  • Created many OLTP reports in Cognos impromptu by Developing Catalogs, OLAP Cubes in Cognos Transformer and analyzed the data using Cognos PowerPlay.
  • Created list reports, cross tab reports, drill through reports, and form reports.
  • Designed & generated scorecards and dashboards using Cognos Metric Studio.
  • Loaded data in to Metric Studio from relational data source using flat files
  • Created object and metrics extract from a Framework Model Manager
  • Published extracts and load data into Metric studio.
  • Created many OLTP reports in Cognos impromptu by Developing Catalogs, OLAP Cubes in Cognos Transformer and analyzed the data using Cognos PowerPlay.

Cognos 8 (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Query Studio, Metric Studio), Cognos Controller, Report Net1.0/1.2, Cognos BI Series 7, Cognos Power Play, Cognos configuration, Teradata, Access Manager, PL/SQL scripting, Power Play Transformer, Oracle 10g/ 9i, SQL Server 2005, MS Excel, Windows server/UNIX, TOAD, Erwin, Data Manager,SSIS.

Confidential,NY Nov 07–May 08
Cognos Developer

Confidential, is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world. Through an international network linked by advanced technology, including a rapidly growing e-commerce capability, HSBC provides a comprehensive range of financial services: personal financial services; commercial banking; corporate, investment banking and markets; private banking; and other activities. Worked as a part of the P14 group, which is a mini project of the P2G (Personal Internet Banking 2nd Generation) to help support Business User’s better understand HSBC customers and make their visit to HSBC.com or any other domain under HSBC.com easier and interactive. The main purpose of this project is to track users as they move across different entities and see which features of HSBC.com users use the most. This project is for fraud management and monitoring which tracks the number of users who have reset their password, failed logins, whether the password was reset online or offline, types of audit reports etc.

  • Involved in gathering Business Intelligence requirements, analyze source systems data, create and implement required metadata, define and implement UI requirements, and define and implement business intelligence delivery mechanisms.
  • Provided production support to the existing business intelligence infrastructure, including bug resolution and enhancements of existing solutions and ensuring that servers/services are functioning properly.
  • Created Models by using various data sources in Power Play Transformer.
  • Analyze and study the existing Cognos ReportNet reports and Series 7 Impromptu reports
  • Setup and verify the environment for migration and migrated Impromptu cataloges and Reports to Cognos 8. Migrated cognos series 7 reports and cubes to Cognos 8. Performed User Acceptance Testing after migration
  • Study, Analyze and Identify the Data sources, Impromptu catalogs, Impromptu reports, Powerplay cubes and power play reports in the Cognos series 7 environment.
  • Created the Stored Procedures and Views.
  • Designed and developed snow flaked /star schemas for better understanding of models using ERWIN.
  • Developed logical & physical modeling as per business requirements using ERWIN 3.5
  • Developed Standard Reports, Charts, Drill Through Reports, Master Detail Reports and Bursting Reports using Report Studio and Query Studio
  • Involved in Query Optimization and UAT Test Plans on all the user reports
  • Data analyze and extract the data from existing database and involved in query optimization.
  • Built models using Framework Manager and developed Standard Templates
  • Involved in Testing and Exploring Report Studio and Query Studio.
  • Created Pointer files using Power Play Connect and published the Hyperion Essbase cubes into the Cognos Connection
  • Worked on Cognos Security Administration to restrict the users.
  • Creating Query Prompts, calculations, Conditions & Filters and creating New Jobs using Cognos Connection.
  • Scheduling and Distributing Reports through Schedule Management in Cognos Connection
  • Testing and improving Report Performance.
  • Created User Classes and Users in Access manager and provided the user credentials
  • Created extremely big OLAP cubes.
  • Used Power Play Enterprise Server to publish the cubes and Impromptu reports to the Upfront.

Environment: Cognos 8.x, Report Studio, Query Studio, Cognos Connection, Impromptu Administrator 7.2, Transformer 7.2, Power Play 7.2, Power Play Enterprise Server 7.2, Sun One Directory Server, Access Manager, Oracle 9i, Teradata,TOAD, MS-Excel, Shell Scripts, Erwin 3.5,Windows XP and Unix HP-UX,SSIS.

Confidential,Stratham, NH Jan 07-Oct 07
Cognos 8 Developer

Confidential,best known for making men\'s, women\'s, and kids\' footwear. Its footwear includes yellow hiking boots, boat shoes, dress and outdoor casual footwear, and sandals. The firm sells its products through about 215 company-owned stores and through department and athletic shops in Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the US. I worked there as Cognos 8.4 Developer and involved in various in-house Business Intelligence projects such as Daily Sales Model and Sell Through Reporting Project and Cognos 7 to 8 upgrade project.

Replicating mockups for better requirement understanding of a drill down dashboard. Defined groups and roles to setup security for the project. Set up roles and permissions for each member within each designed groups - UAT, Production and Developers. Built a stage environment (test box) for Cognos 8.4 and was linked to fetch data from the copy of production environment. Unregistered dispatchers causing conflict because staging was the copy of production environment. Set up a Cognos 8.4 Box and did upgrade from Cognos 8.3 to Cognos 8.4. Moved complete content store from Cognos 8.3 to Cognos 8.4 and did validation using Upgrade Manager. Build ODS and staging tables to feed into BI Datamart using Teradata. Developing Framework Manager Model, defining joins, creating view of star schema as developed in Staging Database. Developed Cross tab, List and Charts. Used Combination Chart, defined rolling quarters for extracting Amounts over quarters over various categories. Provided Drill through linking among various reports to show lowest level of details for the stated metric. Moved packages across various environments using only Import Export. Did setup profile for default viewing of Portal tabs. Applied security setting on Dashboard so it is visible only to desired end user. Customization to include Company Logo, edited System.XML to improvise view of report. Optimized performance by taking care of report queries and underlying model. Did HTML scripting for Select and Search Prompt to make it cascade and to set other reporting requirements. Prepared exhaustive report specification and document for security setup. Environment: Cognos8.4 (ReportStudio,Framework Manager, Analysis Studio)Power play Transformer, XML, HTML, SDK, Teradata 6.2, Windows Server.MS Sql server 2005

Confidential,Boston MA Mar 05– Dec 06
Division of Health Care Finance and Policy (DHCFP)
Cognos 8 Developer

Confidential, is a Division within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts whose mission is to improve the delivery and financing of health care by providing information, developing policies, and promoting efficiencies that benefit the people of Massachusetts. “Hospital Benchmarking” Utility was built in order to facilitate the availability of relevant Health care delivery system data to meet the needs of health care purchasers, providers, consumers and policy makers. Also to advise and inform decision makers (Medicare, Medicaid) in the development of health care policies and pricing.

  • Study the existing CRN environment and draft the Design Document for the expansion project.
  • Worked on Cognos Security Administration to restrict the Users.
  • Involved in Testing and Exploring the Report Studio and Query Studio (Report Net).
  • Developed standard Templates
  • Created the Stored Procedures to extract the data from .DBF files
  • Developed Standard Reports, Charts, Drill Through Reports, Master Detail Reports, Bursting Reports and Multilingual Reports Using Report Studio and Query Studio and Query Optimization.
  • Creating Query Prompts, calculations, Conditions & Filters.
  • Scheduling and Distributing Reports through Schedule Management in Congas Connection
  • Testing and improving Report Performance.
  • Created Models by using Impromptu Query Definition (IQD) in Power Play Transformer.
  • Created User Classes and Users in Access manager.
  • Built Power Play Cubes for Sales, Sales and Inventory, Inventory, Stock Ledger.
  • Written macro\'s to schedule the Power Cubes.
  • Data analyze and extract from existing database.
  • Created Dashboard using Visualizer.
  • Involved in Query Optimization and User accept testing on all the user reports

Environment: Report Net 1.0, Report Studio, Query Studio Cognos Connection, Impromptu 7.1, Transformer 7.1, Power Play 7.1, Power Play Enterprise Server 7.1, Access Manager, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports 9, MS-Excel and Windows 2003.

Confidential,India Apr 03 – Jan 05
SQL developer


  • The system has centralized database to maintain all relevant information regarding Credit Information. The transaction data will be ported to this centralized database from the branches either through data import or through manual entry. The system allows the user to generate various kinds of reports and queries. The following are the modules.


  • Responsible for system study & information gathering.
  • Participated in-group meetings
  • Primary responsibilities include preparing Data Flow Diagram, Process Model, Data Model & working prototype along with other members of team.
  • Implemented a new database design using Designer/2000 in an Oracle 7.3 environment.
  • Implemented PL/SQL scripts in accordance with the necessary Business rules and procedures.
  • Responsible for performing various database administration duties using advanced querying protocols and PL/SQL scripting techniques.
  • Installing and configuring Oracle 7.3
  • Performed full Data base administration, Schema design tasks, including development of design specification standards, Procedures for system development
  • Analyzing and designing of the Physical and Logical Database
  • Provided guidelines for naming conventions, screen design using Forms 4.5
  • Analyzed and designed the various Stored Procedures, Triggers to be created at the backend database to cater for the entire for the application.

Environment: Oracle 7.3, Designer/2000, Forms 4.5 and Reports 2.5, Windows 98/NT, UNIX.

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