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Business Objects Administrator Resume

Portland, OregoN


  • Over twenty years professional experience in Information Technology
  • Over eight years active experience in SAP Business Objects
  • In charge of over three major SAP Business Objects migration projects
  • Highly proficient with Oracle and SQL Server databases
  • Complete lifecycle experience in SAP Business Objects
  • Comfortable working independently or as part of a team within a larger project



Portland, Oregon

Business Objects Administrator

  • Supervised corporate SAP Business Objects environment for a large - sized user base (100+ direct, 1000+ indirect)
  • Handled administration, security structure, disaster recovery strategy, periodic upgrades, and general maintenance of SAP Business Objects system
  • Designed and maintained multiple semantic database layers (universes) and all associated components (e.g., connections, middleware)
  • Implemented major system migrations and minor product upgrades from BusinessObjects 6.2 to SAP Business Objects BI 4.1
  • Implemented user group structure, folder structure, and conventions for job schedules that run each day, each week, each month, or according to dates specified in custom calendars.
  • Set up distinct system environments from scratch (pre-production and test environments)
  • Performed report generation, testing, and enhancement for business users
  • Assisted in conversion of Deski reports to Webi reports during migration from BO 3.1 to 4.1
  • Assisted in setting up multi-tier infrastructure and installing developer tools when required
  • Monitored system usage, performance and high-availability using a cluster architecture, dedicated repository database, and SAN-based file repositories
  • Facilitated business continuity by incorporating a virtual server into the system cluster
  • Created and tested disaster recovery strategies with Systems Engineering team
  • Designed and developed methods to deliver personalized data and reports via Sharepoint, email, and SFTP
  • Configured enterprise scheduler system to and optimize performance of nightly ETL jobs
  • Established templates and processes to handle common user requests, e.g., account creation, software installation, report delivery and distribution, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Facilitated Business Objects training, delivered one-on-one training for many business users
  • Attended training and continuing education to maintain Business Objects skill set (universe design, report creation, server architecture, security administration, and performance tuning)


Data Warehouse Developer

  • Developed complex ETL jobs in SAP Data Services 4
  • Maintained and improved efficiency of high-throughput ETL jobs
  • Delivered and executed service requests for enhancements, improvements, and bug fixes
  • Assisted in major data mart migrations as the source system database migrated from Visual FoxPro to SQL Server
  • Assisted in major system migrations as the data warehouse database upgraded from Oracle 10 to Oracle 11
  • Prepared documentation for new and existing ETL jobs to facilitate support and troubleshooting

Confidential, Wilsonville, Oregon

Database Developer

  • Confidential - automated bulk conversion, designed XPRS table structures
  • Confidential - added RF tracking program, database tables, and custom procedures
  • Confidential - constructed and designed table structures and code for product replenishment

Confidential, Portland, Oregon


  • CRM - migrated worldwide data from legacy database to destination database
  • Implemented data quality processes for audited data conversion and clean-up
  • Developed procedures for handling BLOBs and CLOBs during migration

Technologies used: Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, MS SQL Server, MS Data Migration

Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia

Software Developer

  • Modernized and delivered an operational system in 10 months
  • Implemented secure interface with Equifax credit reporting system

Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia

Application Developer

  • Developed Fixed Asset, Office Equipment, and Leave Tracking modules
  • System Enhancements: automatic messaging, enhanced security
  • Overhauled system’s backup and restore strategies

Technologies used: Oracle Developer, Oracle 8.0.5/8.1.5, PL/SQL


Database Designer

  • Developed data warehouse for web-based telephone directory
  • Developed utilities and maintenance applications for the system

Technologies used: Oracle Forms, Oracle 8.0.5

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