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Hadoop Developer/tableau Admin & Developer Resume

Houston, TexaS


  • 2+ years of experience in Data warehousing and Business Intelligence technologies along with strong experience of data visualization using Tableau.
  • Hands on experience on Tableau Desktop 9.0,10,10.2, Tableau Server 8,9,10,10.2.1
  • Qualified Hadoop developer with experience in Hadoop, database management system architecture, Java core and J2EE Technology’s, Testing and Implementing Big Data.
  • Expertise in performing development activities from gathering requirements and designing solutions, through developing code/ reports to testing, release/deployment.
  • Ability to analyze and dissect user requirements and build front - end BI applications according to specifications.
  • Worked extensively on joining tables, multiple data connections using blending, worked on Data Extracts and managing queries.
  • Mastered in using Filters, sorts, groups and Sets, reference lines, Bands and Boxes in different kinds of charts.
  • In depth knowledge in Tableau advance analysis features like Actions, Calculations, forecasting, Parameters and Trend lines.
  • Built interactive dashboard using techniques like guided analytics and visual best practices provided by Tableau.
  • Worked on Tableau administration tasks such as publishing workbooks, setting permissions, managing ownerships, working with Sites, providing access to the users and adding them to the specific groups and Projects, S cheduling Refreshes and Subscriptions in Tableau Server.
  • Handled importing the data from various data sources and performed transformation using Java, Hive, Pig, Yarn, HBase, Sqoop, Oozie, Flume, Zookeeper.
  • Good Knowledge in Amazon AWS concepts like EC2 web services which provides fast and efficient processing of Big Data.
  • Exporting data between HDFS and Relational databases using Sqoop, Flume. Importing Data into Hive from HBase
  • Experience in NoSQL Column-Oriented Databases like HBase, MongoDB and its Integration with Hadoop cluster
  • Practical understanding of the Data modeling (Dimensional & Relational) concepts like Star-Schema Modeling, Snowflake Schema Modeling, Fact and Dimension tables.
  • Involved in reviewing business requirements and analyzing data sources from excel, SQL server, Hadoop Cluster Hive/Impala for design, development, testing, and rollover of reporting and analysis projects with Tableau Desktop.
  • Converted XML and Json Files using UDFs, adding jars to library of Hive and imported data to Hive-Serde tables
  • Experienced in requirement gathering/analysis, design, development, testing, and production support of reporting and analysis projects.
  • Proficient in Oracle Database and UNIX Shell Scripting.


Big Data Ecosystems: Sqoop, Flume, Hive, Pig, Oozie, Kafka, Map-Reduce, HBase, Spark, AWS.

Big Data Platform: Cloudera CDH, Hortonworks Sandbox

Languages: Java (Core), J2EE, JSON, Java Script, R, Ruby on Rails

Testing Tools: Eclipse, NetBeans, Sublime Text

Web Languages: HTML, CSS

Databases: Oracle 9/10/11g, MySQL, DB2, SQL Server 2012,2014

NoSQL Databases: HBase, MongoDB

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows

Version Control: GitHub, SVN

BI Tool: Tableau Desktop v10.X, Tableau Server v10.X, Tableau Public, SSIS, SSRS

Methodologies: OOPS/OOAD, UML, RUP, Design Patterns, Scrum

Proficient languages: Hive, SQL, Pig, Sqoop.

Web Services: Restful, SOAP, WSDL.


Confidential, Houston, Texas

Hadoop Developer/Tableau Admin & Developer


  • Worked on developing applications in Hadoop Big Data Technologies-Pig, Hive, Map-Reduce, Oozie, Flume, and Kafka.
  • Analyzed the health data of the machine transferred to our Data Center unit.
  • Installed Hive, Pig, Flume, Sqoop and Oozie on the Hadoop cluster.
  • Interacted with business users and performed Gap Analysis of Client requirements.
  • Involved in reviewing business requirements and analyzing data sources form Excel/Oracle SQL Server for design, development, testing, and production rollover of reporting and analysis projects within Tableau Desktop.
  • Created views/reports in Tableau Desktop that were published to internal team for review and further data analysis and customization using filters and actions.
  • Created Heat Map showing current service subscribers by color that were broken into regions allowing business user to understand where we have most users vs. least users.
  • Worked closely with business power users to create reports/dashboards using tableau desktop.
  • Designed and Developed various analytical reports from multiple data sources by blending data on a single worksheet in Tableau Desktop
  • Utilized advance features of Tableau software like to link data from different connections together on one dashboard and to filter data in multiple views at once.
  • Created customized Calculations, Conditions and Filter (Local, Global) for various analytical reports and dashboards.
  • Create and modify Interactive Dashboards and Creating guided navigation links within Interactive Dashboards.
  • Converted charts into Crosstabs for further underlying data analysis in MS Excel.
  • Created Bullet graphs to determine profit generation by using measures and dimensions data from Oracle SQL Server and MS Excel.
  • Blended data from multiple databases into one report by selecting primary keys from each database for data validation.
  • Combined views and reports into interactive dashboards in Tableau Desktop that were presented to Business Users, Program Managers, and End Users.
  • Reviewed basic SQL queries and edited inner, left, and right joins in Tableau Desktop by connecting live/dynamic and static datasets.
  • Developed story telling dashboards in Tableau Desktop and published them on to Tableau Server which allowed end users to understand the data on the fly with the usage of quick filters for on demand needed information.
  • Scheduled data refresh on Tableau Server for weekly and monthly increments based on business change to ensure that the views and dashboards were displaying the changed data accurately.
  • Involved in report tuning, caching, specifying query governing thresholds, and report optimizations
  • Actively participated in clarification meeting with the Clients.
  • Tested dashboards to ensure data was matching as per the business requirements and if there were any changes in underlying data.
  • Involved in testing the SQL Scripts for report development, Tableau reports, Dashboards, Scorecards and handled the performance issues effectively.
  • Involved in writing JAVA Scripts for building the web application. Developed WSDL for implementing web services. Used SVN for version control of the code and configuration files
  • Utilize Amazon Web Services AWS cloud storage tools to process web analytics data using Hadoop tool set.

Environment: Tableau Desktop & Server 10.x, SQL Server 2014,2012, MS Office, AWS, Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Hive Bucketing & partitioning, excel, Linux, Sqoop, Java/J2EE, XML, CSS, XSLT, Rational Rose, Spring Framework, Web Services, DB2, SVN.


Tableau admin and Developer


  • Designed, developed, tested, and maintained Tableau functional reports based on user requirements.
  • Mastered the ability to design and deploy rich Graphic visualizations using Tableau.
  • Converted existing BO 5x reports into tableau dashboards
  • Developed Tableau data visualization using Pareto’s, Combo charts, Heat maps, Box and Whisker charts, Scatter Plots, Geographic Map, Cross tabs, Histograms etc.
  • Developed donut charts for analyzing sales planning data.
  • Created different KPI’s using Table calculations and calculated key figures (Manipulating strings, arithmetic calculations, aggregation options and Logical functions)
  • Worked extensively with Advance analytics like Reference Lines and Bands, Trend Lines.
  • Expertise in working with data building Groups, Hierarchies and sets.
  • Mastered in different Formatting techniques, using Annotations and Mark labels.
  • Developed effective and interactive Dashboards using Parameters and Actions
  • Strong Dashboard design experience and passionate practitioner of effective data visualization. Familiarity with best practices around visualization and design.
  • Provided Production support to Tableau users and Wrote Custom SQL to support business requirements.
  • Published and shared views on Tableau server.
  • Scheduled extract refresh and subscriptions.
  • Also, involved in administration tasks such as creating and managing Sites, setting permissions, managing ownerships and providing access to the users using user filters and adding them to the specific group.
  • Assisting users with questions and issues using Tableau.
  • Working with various infrastructure teams and Tableau support team to help improve dashboard response time.
  • Advocate the use of Tableau solution and help educate business users to facilitate early adoption of the tool.
  • Worked closely with Business users. Interacted with ETL developers, Project Managers, and members of the QA teams.
  • Ability to work effectively in team environment and interact with all levels of management

Environment: Tableau Desktop 9.0, 8.3, 8.2 Business Object 5x, Amazon Redshift, Sage VIP, SWOP .

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