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Sr. Delphi Architect Resume

Birmingham, AL


  • Highly effective Leader/Architect with over 15 years of Delphi product development, system development life cycle and meeting customer expectations.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, results oriented, motivated leader with engineering and business strategy experience.
  • Proven ability to multi - task in high-stress 911 environments while driving growth and providing excellent customer service.
  • Full Stack Engineer with complex platform experience
  • 15 plus years Experience with Delphi and RAD Studio
  • Engineering Product motivator, coach and manager
  • Building Scrum Agile environments
  • Successful Enterprise Architect
  • Successful Entrepreneur with understanding of all business components.
  • Wireless Mobile Data Expert
  • New Product Development Leader
  • Communications software pioneer
  • GPS, Mapping, tracking and integration
  • 911 communications solutions specialist
  • Delphi, SQL,TCP, Web, Cloud and Android
  • Strong Physics, Math and Science background
  • Compliance Security FBI, HIPPA Data
  • Amazon Web Services, SaaS


  • .Net
  • Devexpress
  • Intraweb
  • HTML
  • RealThinClient
  • VB
  • VBA
  • VBScript
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Crystal Reports
  • Fast reports
  • Web services
  • Access
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Firemonkey
  • Android Development
  • IOS
  • ASP
  • Sockets
  • Serial and USB programming
  • Internet of Things development
  • PLC programming
  • Wordpress
  • Paradox
  • AbsoluteDB
  • Devart
  • ADO
  • Database integration
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Software as a Service (SaaS
  • National Crime Database
  • XML
  • ActiveX development
  • Scanners
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Powerbuilder
  • AWS
  • SaaS


Confidential, Birmingham, AL

Sr. Delphi Architect


  • Sr. Delphi Architect responsible for the development and management of the Confidential enterprise platform. VPS develops and supports life saving communications software and hardware systems for law enforcement and emergency 911 call centers across the country.
  • Architect / lead developer of the Velocity Imaging System a SaaS Medical HIPPA compliant electronic data to document conversion system.
  • Engineered enterprise mobile software platform with often disconnected smart synchronization.
  • Developed the Velocity Web Records Management Portal a Enterprise law enforcement data platform.
  • Implemented agile principles and administered goal oriented cross-functional development and sales teams.
  • Negotiated, managed and strengthened new business, existing customer and private label reseller relationships.
  • Tailored in-depth program guidelines and procedures for all products and departments including software architecture, sales, marketing and support.
  • Product evangelist performing technology seminars, customer sales presentations, and field installations.
  • Compiled and evaluated competitive market data for strategic partnerships and business steering.
  • Corporate responsibilities: Product Roadmap, department P&L, forecasting, engineering sales, system design, employee management, regulation compliance, interfaces, security clearances and reseller relations.

Confidential, Brentwood, TN

Sr. Software Architect


  • Sr. Software Architect responsible for the development and management of the ATP violation photo enterprise processing platform. The system included a multinational speed photo field software platform with hardware integration, Android, Cloud and Client Server components.
  • Created ATP platform technology roadmap and provided presentations to angel investor groups resulting in over 1M in capital funding.
  • Launched cluster Server BaaS to provide credit card and check payments, vehicle registration lookup and administration reporting.
  • Developed Law Enforcement Body Warn Camera back office video management service with event telemetry and GPS tracking.
  • Developed second generation field software applications operating on Android and IOT devices to reduce equipment footprint.
  • Managed remote development teams, technical services and technology integration projects.

Confidential, Oak Brook, IL

 Product Development


  • Director responsible for new products pipeline, development and incubation. Key successes include building integrated software communications modules into a traditional hardware silo components. As director of new business my duties where to provide technology presentations to administration and key customer groups, filter, track and advise on innovation, categorize, report and recommend new offerings
  • I also functioned as the lead engineer and Architect for FSRiverchasevehicle platform consisting of Velocity Video System, Predator Mobile Data System, PIPS automated license plate reader, FS siren control system, Riverchase CAD 911, Riverchase Records Management and Codespear event notification system.
  • Additional duties include director of the software advisory board leadership counsel where I managed multiple software platforms and support teams including budgets over several business groups.
  • Direct report to FS President and CTO responsible for the FSRiverchase P&L, new product forecast, budget, sales pipeline, and support issues.
  • Implemented agile team product development tactics and infused business analytics, customer relations all while streamlining redundant development efforts and cost.
  • Worked with marketing and sales teams nationwide as lead technical products advisor across multiple business platforms.

Confidential, Birmingham, AL



  • Founded Confidential software development group specializing in wireless communications and 911 call center applications for public safety.
  • Grew sales from startup to 2M annually all while illustrating double digit growth over 10 years.
  • Generated partnerships with 5 national companies to resell our platform as private label product line.
  • Managed development, sales and support teams servicing over 200 law enforcement agencies.
  • Invented the Predator Mobile Data Platform to allow first responders instant access to the Federal Crime Database (NCIC), Computer Aided 911 calls for service, and Records management access.
  • Architect communications interface to FBI encrypted information systems for Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, New Mexico, Virginia, Ohio, Arkansas, South Carolina, Kansas.
  • Developed wireless communications platform to bridge TCP,UDP,DMP,RDLAP into a single confirmed data delivery system.
  • Designed comprehensive computer aided dispatching system (CAD) for public safety including resource tracking, automated move ups, powerful map interfaces and drill down automated name and vehicle checks via multiple databases.
  • Developed Records Management System to track Incidents, Accidents, Arrest, Evidence, Inventory, Field Interviews, Jail management, inmate tracking, inmate incidents, video and audio recordings.
  • Developed Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) to auto suggests closest available resources. Integrated barcode readers, fingerprint scanner systems, license readers and many other peripheral devices into the platform.
  • Negotiated the sale of Confidential for 6.8M to Confidential (NYSE: FSS)
  • Managed transition of Riverchase employees and products. Trained FSS management, sales and support on product and operations.

Confidential, Newnan, GA

R&D Engineer


  • Research and Development Engineer specializing in software and hardware equipment improvement projects over 4 diaper and feminine product facilities.
  • Implemented 13M dollar project to upgrade machine bagging systems to computer controlled.
  • Lead 12 man engineering team to develop and implement a machine vision system operating at 600ppm designed to check over 35 key elements for product defects and quality.
  • Developed and implemented corporate wide Man Machine Interface system to track operator efficiency, material usage and product quality. Utilized custom software development skills to drive machine driven PLC data to corporate MSSQL database. Automated corporate CRM and ERP inputs allowing reduction in 2 data entry positions.
  • Promoted to Engineering Manager responsible for all paper product business unit projects; appointed engineering representative on the product management council, appointed to corporate IT management team.

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