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Director Of It Resume

New York, NY


Extensive experience in software test planning, test automation, trouble shooting and customer services, specific to verifying the correct interactions of machine interfaces. Extensive experience in trouble shooting and testing various system components (web sites, client/server, web services, VPN, main frame) and developing solutions for verifying their functionality. Experienced in analyzing business flows, modeling and translating them into testable requirements. Thorough understanding of all phases of SDLC. Excellent interpersonal, writing and presentation skills.


PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES & TOOLS: UNIX shell, awk, Perl, JCL, PL1, SQL, C, C++, Ruby, Watir and Selenium frameworks, SAHI, Silk Test, TCL, Crystal Reports. Developed Silk Test and Ruby/Watir scripts to verify and automate web sites. Developed TCL, SQL and shell scripts to verify data stored in Oracle database.

ENVIRONMENT: UNIX/Linux, MVS, TSO/ISPF, client/server, Windows, Business Objects, VPN, IMS, DB2, Oracle


Director of IT

Confidential, New York, NY


  • developed requirements to facilitate move to Sugar CRM from an existing case management software system.
  • Promoted from contractor to Director of IT. Managed 3 technical employees. Managed several projects including establishing additional work site, upgrading and enhancing headquarters network, and upgrading financial servers.
  • Developed requirements and design for various IT projects and coordinated with vendors to manage costs saving approximately $120k per year from prior budget. Presented designs to upper management for approval.
  • Developed custom software using Ruby to automate several business processes saving approximately 100 man - hours of manual data entry per month.
  • Developed several custom business reports using Crystal Reports software.
  • Administered ETO, a case management software system and LabTech a helpdesk management system.

Senior Automation Engineer

Confidential, Piscataway, NJ


  • Worked as consultant in both Site Support and test area. Site Support responsibilities included trouble shooting any problems that originate from Help Desk, working with developers to verify problems, and acting as liaison between Help Desk and development.
  • Led effort to automate testing of MGI interface to SMS/800 using Silk Test automation tool.
  • This effort saved project approximately 1200 man-hours of manual testing per release ((2 releases per year).
  • Verified client implementation of SCP interface to SMS/800.
  • Verified client implementation of MGI interface to SMS/800.

Senior Software QA Tester

Confidential, Piscataway, NJ


  • Led testing group of approximately fifteen product testers. Coordinated assignments, tracked progress and reported testing progress to management. Responsible for testing customer developed software systems that interfaced with SMS/800. Responsible for trouble shooting system problems reported to Help Desk. Involved in all aspects of SDLC.
  • Instrumental in the development of automated testing strategy and introduction of testing tools. Test group decreased in size from ten to five and finally two due to project down sizing. Test automation maintained system quality in the face of decreasing personnel. The automation effort covered three user interfaces (3270, Web based and SQL) and two machine based interfaces for the SMS/800 System.
  • Led team of ten testers using Silk Test to develop regression and load testing scripts for testing the web based user interface. Integrated scripts from an in-house testing tool based on TCL, Silk Test scripts and shell scripts, which was used for regression testing other user and machine interfaces. Maintained approximately 1200 Silk Test scripts and 1500 TCL scripts.
  • Contributed scripts to attempt overload of network for developing Service Assurance procedures. Baseline system values were obtained, bottlenecks were identified and changes were made.
  • Coordinated and tested several interfaces with clients. Companies such as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon as well as smaller companies developed their own systems that could interface with SMS/800. Each system had to be tested with SMS/800 to verify that there were no inconsistencies in the exchange of data. The systems were connected using VPN. Developed and executed individual test plans for each company. Tests were conducted to verify the loads on the network. Testing verified that the incoming data would not damage the SMS/800 system. Increased revenues were earned for the services provided.
  • Led testing of web based user interface. Addition of new user interface tripled the number of test cases that were developed, automated and executed.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained lab-to-lab testing environment at the Piscataway location.
  • This environment served as the certifying test environment before client developed systems were allowed to connect to the production system.
  • All testing of client software was completed in this environment.

Software Developer and Product Tester



  • Progressed from tester to lead tester while part of group of twenty-five testers.
  • Created design documents for system modules based on requirements.
  • Coded and tested individual modules in unit test, tested integration of modules in multi-unit test.

Confidential, NJ

Science Teacher


  • Nine years of teaching experience.
  • Taught biology and algebra to high school and middle school students.

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