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Project Officer/administrator Resume


  • Business Analysis, Strategy Planning, Program and Project Management
  • Good Understanding of Business and Technology Processes
  • Involvement in Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Internal Process Review and Restructuring
  • Administration of Policies and Procedures - Review, Formulation and Documentation
  • Management of Departmental Budget Plan and Tracking
  • Ability to Communicate and Collaborate Effectively at all Organizational Levels and with all Interest Groups, Technical and Non-Technical
  • Supervision of Human Resources and Training Functions
  • Practical Approach Incorporating Cross-Functional and Cross-Disciplinary Areas
  • Strong Team Player, Adaptable, Results-Oriented, Multicultural and International Experience
  • Conducted and Facilitated Business Process Requirements Gathering for Functional and Non-Functional Requirements, through joint discussions, meetings with relevant Stakeholders, Customers, Technical Personnel, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Users, to achieve clear understanding of goals and objectives. Collaborated in both business and technical areas to ensure mutual understanding and to produce desired results.
  • Determined Gap Analysis - As-Is (Present State) and To-Be (Future State).
  • Formulated with team members Use Case and Activity Diagrams, Flow Charts using MS Office and MS Visio.
  • Familiarity with software development methodologies (Rational Unified Process (RUP), Waterfall and Agile).
  • Demonstrated appreciation for security and risk analysis issues, budget and project cost factors.
  • Conducted end user training, user acceptance testing (UAT), and documented essential user instruction.
  • Maintained timely status reporting on program or project progress using MS Office tools (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint), and custom reporting templates for varied or ad hoc project status reports.
  • Coordinated team resources to ensure non-interruption of 24/7 plant operations while conducting user training. Personally trained over 100 shift employees, along with human resources staff within project timeframe to meet project plan implementation schedule for initial use of new technology system and palm scanning devices.
  • Conducted analysis and review: Effectively restructured and implemented formal administrative systems detailing required policies and procedural documentation, along with comparison reporting format.
  • Compiled initial draft of organizational company handbook including user relevant policies and procedures.
  • Managed, maintained and developed major corporate business portfolio
  • Restructured and developed business processes and strategy requirements for intensive placement program.
  • Maintained 95-100% success rate in placement program administration.


Business Tools: MS Office Suite (2010,2007), MS Project, MS Outlook, Google Docs

Business Modeling Tools: MS Visio, MS Office, Smart Draw

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000/98/97

Databases: MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle

Methodologies: RUP, Water Fall, UML, and Agile

Languages: Java, HTML

Other Programs include: Publisher, Print Shop, HRplus, PowerPay, Time Center and linked Palm Scanning clocks, College Blackboard, Banner, Compliance Assistant, iClicker (student evaluation), WIMBA virtual classroom technology, TaskStream ePortfolio system.


Project Officer/Administrator



  • Collaborated with Project Manager, Site Supervisor and project team to ensure appropriate documentation, verification, and timely planning of all stakeholder requirements.
  • Contract and documentation review.
  • Involved in scheduling activities, identification of potential conflicts and issue scheduling resolution.
  • Participated in budgeting, cost mapping, and expenditure tracking.
  • Tracked project progress details, communication included meetings, conference calls, and travel to work sites.
  • Completed regular project status reports - Generated daily and weekly reports and initiated ad hoc reporting to monitor progress and identify critical points so as to reallocate resources and assess current status.
  • Utilized MS Office templates, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint for preparation of presentations and reports.
  • Completed routine project coordination tasks: took meeting notes, maintained, updated, filed project documents.

Environment: Windows Vista/7, MS Office Suite (2010, 2007), Email.

Graduate Assistant, Project

Confidential, New York


  • Project team member in evaluation/review of new Compliance Assistant Technology program.
  • Reviewed program with team for system functionality, accuracy and compliance.
  • Collaborated with technology/technical personnel on needs/requirements specific to department.
  • Monitored/tracked, resolved user issues.
  • Conducted technology training and technology assistance to faculty members.
  • Trained departmental student workers on Timecard system.
  • Resolved student worker payroll/timecard issues with payroll personnel.
  • Completed contract documentation. Prepared varied departmental database reports using MS Office.
  • Reviewed online learning system based on requirements, process improvements, budget considerations.
  • Researched and prepared summary comparison of features/cost benefits of technology systems utilized by Confidential .

Environment: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, MS Office Suite (2010, 2007), SQL Server, Oracle, Java, HTML, College Blackboard and Banner systems, TaskStream, iClicker, Wimba, Compliance Assistant Program, Email programs - MS Outlook, G-Mail, and use of Google Docs.


Business Strategy, Analysis and Development Officer


  • Facilitated meetings, conference calls to determine client needs and requirements. Also met with trainers and clients to establish and clarify specific requirements. Actively involved in gap analysis and business refinement process. Feedback and review system for analysis.
  • Coordinated training presentations, meetings and workshops for clients, stakeholders and users.
  • Requirements sign-off, project planning, scheduling, resource preparation and forecasting.
  • Researched and prepared training proposals/costing documentation for corporate clients.
  • Worked with clients to meet budgetary constraints and collaborated on issues and concerns.
  • Managed scheduling requirements for clients and trainers for effective coordination.
  • Coordinated implementation of training tools/plans, (i.e. PLAR - Prior Learning, Assessment and Recognition).
  • Weekly and monthly status reporting. Performed project coordination tasks including documentation of notes, issues, resolutions, taking meeting minutes, maintaining and updating project documents.

Environment: Windows XP, MS Office Suite (2003), Email.

Program Management Officer



  • Program involved the completion of various smaller projects to meet goals and requirements.
  • Established requirements through detailed meetings, interviews, questionnaires, surveys.
  • Facilitated discussions and meetings with company executives, management, several industry stakeholders, experts, leaders, supervisors, technical personnel, instructors, end-users.
  • Involved intensive networking, business development processes, and constant communication among multiple industry sectors: energy, industrial, manufacturing and distribution, financial/banking, telecommunications, computer and information systems.
  • Conducted strategic planning, departmental administrative process review, restructured internal procedures, organized frequent meetings with external corporate stakeholders, industry and management to ensure strategic and operational objectives were met.
  • Actively involved in gap analysis and business refinement process.
  • Formulated guidelines, supervised process.
  • Conducted PowerPoint presentations for industry personnel, facilitated workshops, training seminars.
  • Managed scope, requirements, planning, estimation, resource forecasting. Project execution, monitoring/control.
  • Compiled daily, weekly and monthly status reports. Performed project coordination tasks such as taking meeting minutes, maintaining status update documentation, facilitating meetings and conference calls.

Environment: Windows XP, MS Office Suite (2003) - MS Access, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.


Team Member in Business Process


  • Facilitated management and departmental meetings to gather business requirements.
  • Utilized joint activity sessions, interviews (group and one-on-one), and surveys.
  • Project team met with various groups; business owner, subject matter experts (SMEs), managers, supervisors, payroll staff, security personnel, and end-users to gather a clear understanding of business case, business rules and requirements.
  • Reviewed business case, functional requirements and user requirement specifications.
  • Collaborated with project manager and team on project management plan, essential business processes, developed traceability matrix.
  • Collaborated with team on scenario outlines, use cases, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams and business flow documents.
  • Utilized MS Word, MS Visio, and MS PowerPoint to conduct management presentations for clearer process understanding and implementation.
  • Addressed budget and cost issues with project team members and stakeholders.
  • Coordinated weekly/daily team meetings.
  • Collaborated with project manager and team in planning, organizing project activities and work breakdown structure.
  • Communicated regular updates to stakeholders and managers.
  • Closely interacted with vendors, designers and software developers to ensure mutual understanding of application functionality and to update vendors about business specific requirements. Reviewed vendor presentations with project team.
  • Collaborated with team in planning, managing, adjusting time schedules given dynamic working environment.
  • Performed issue tracking and follow-through resolution and monitoring. Collaborated with project manager and team to estimate best/worst case scenarios, and track progress with weekly estimates of remaining work to do, conducting ad hoc informal meetings as needed.
  • Involved in preparation and execution of Test Plans, and in identifying main user scenarios to develop Test cases. Performed User Interface Testing. Involved in tracking test issues with developers to resolution.
  • Actively involved in implementation process and training. Coordinated efforts with team in training shift workers.
  • Documented user policies and procedures.
  • Instrumental in system assessment, integrity of information, issue resolution, implementation of further modules/continuous improvement as part of the project management team.
  • Involved organizational/administrative process review and clarification. Managed scheduling, constraints, cost/budget concerns. Involved user testing/feedback on presentation, clarity, layout, formatting, design.
  • Departmental business process flow review of quality and production issues. Investigation and issue resolution.
  • Conduct of internal/disciplinary inquiries. Identified/coordinated employee training needs with managers.
  • Reviewed and prepared workmen compensation claims and advised on HR related legislative updates.

Environment: Windows XP, MS Office Suite (2000), MS Visio, HRplus, PowerPay, Time Center (and Palm Scanning clocks linked to Time Center).

Branch Manager / Administrator, Business Analysis and Strategy Planning



  • Conducted business analysis and strategy planning for marketing and development.
  • Tracked claims issues and resolution process with head office claims settlement.
  • Communicated regularly with client base (agents, brokers, direct clients) to assess needs and requirements.
  • Facilitated meetings, discussions, telephone calls, and collaborated with senior management and stakeholders in reviewing the business processes.
  • Developed strategy for tracking, regaining and maintaining prior lost business.
  • Produced and maintained weekly and monthly status reporting documentation, and data compilation records for comparative reporting periods using MS Office. Also compiled presentations using MS Office.
  • Reviewed business process requirements for staff system users.

Environment: Windows 98, MS Office, (MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)

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