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Socal Data Engineer Resume



SoCal Data Engineer


  • Analyze traffic network data to monitor network capacity.
  • Add/Modify/Delete cell site data.
  • Automate IPv4/IPv6 assignment for eNodeB Telecom/OA&M Gateway for LTE eNB
  • Automate IPv4 for EVDO/CDMA
  • Check conventional naming and eNB ID duplication.
  • Flexible ALU 7705 router port assignment for SAR8v1/v2 and SAR18 model.
  • Generate Epipe ID/VPLS ID/VLAN.
  • Add / Re - name / Removed eNodeBs.
  • Enhance Vendors (ALU/Ericsson/Nokia) rules for eNodeB.
  • Update IPC (IP Control company nationwide IP database).
  • Assign / Add / Remove Host/Tandem (Hub/Spoke) cell sites.
  • Search Function by IPv4/IPv6/Site Name/BTS/MTSO/eNB ID.
  • Generate cell site routers configuration ALU 7750/7705 scripts.
  • Generate additional/removal ALU 7705 scripts.
  • Avoid duplicated IPs.
  • Reclaim IPs when a site is decommissioned.
  • PHP/HTML/Java Scripts are used to build the Front end webpage.
  • Interacted with back end MySQL database.
  • Red Hat Linux server enterprise.
  • A lot of cron jobs are scheduled to run 24/7 to validate the data and create reports.

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