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It Business Consultant Resume

Milwaukee, WI


Highly accomplished and results - driven Information Technology Professional with significant years of experience in the architecture, development, configuration, and maintenance of business critical systems. Proven expertise in Windows/SQL Server platforms and in /Exchange/Active Directory (MCSE and MCTS). Extensive background in providing architecture for LAN and WAN infrastructures on back and front end usually middle tier and providing support for multiple software platforms. Identifies and eliminates inefficiencies based on business needs, generating immediate results for operational excellence, service/system optimization, and high productivity. Superb technical, analytical, communication, interpersonal and leaderships skills; able to excel in challenging and deadline-driven environments


Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

IT Business Consultant


  • Independent information technology contractor working short term support projects for a variety of businesses and applications.
  • Services included Network/Systems Administration, MS SQL DBA


Confidential, Tucson, AZ


  • Managed technical support, cloning for City of Tucson machines.
  • Cloned and rebuild OSs on 80 machines.


Confidential, Green Bay, WI


  • Manage projects including disaster recovery plan, RPO, and RTO. Optimized prevention and recovery strategies and data flow on a network of SQL servers which contained 95% simple recovery model.
  • Consistently monitor all parameters on SQL for 9 instances via Spotlight (Sessions, processes, esp. evaluating blocked/locked/deadlocked threads), memory, and storage.
  • Constructed SSIS packages, tested and implemented to import-export OLEDB sources.
  • Coordinate SSRS, SSIS packages, maintenance plans, stored procedures, transactional/merge replication and latency
  • Evaluate and monitor execution plans, query plans, key lookup operators for all troubled code; Evaluate transaction isolation levels.
  • Analyze clustered/non-clustered index allocation and included columns, and optimization of query plans.

SQL DBA Upgrade Consultant

Confidential, Brookfield, WI


  • Managed SQL in-place upgrades from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008 for 268 machines in 9 states;
  • Edited and deployed scripts for installation, configuration, stored procedures and cutover, managing SQL 2000 T-SQL full and differential backups, and 2008 t-sql full and differential backups with zero transaction loss.
  • Performed architecting of extraction to store machines and scripted instance-based silent installs for SQL 2008 Standard.
  • Coordinated instance static port allocation and TCPIP sockets for upgraded installs.
  • Directly responsible for editing and cutting over newly configured Confidential services on store machines ensuring proper work flow.

Confidential, Tucson, AZ

Technical Support Specialist


  • Answered technical support calls and resolved all technical issues in timely manner.
  • Managed etl exports for clients from SQL Server.
  • Worked with network administrator to ensure uptime on load balanced application servers.
  • Managed SQL tape backups.

Systems/Database Administrator



  • Planned and executed SQL Server upgrade while maintaining current relational database engine architecture including; capacity planning for tempdb, RAID level, isolation levels and locks, architecting high availability solutions, architecting secure principals, for database hosting three-tier .NET business logic solutions.
  • Architected firewall for SQL SERVER production server; Architected db mirroring endpoints over firewall.
  • Efficiently constructed ETL packages in BI Development Studio for OLEDB data sources.
  • Implemented mirroring with High Safety in a production environment and in multiple test environments
  • Wrote & executed t-sql, system stored procedures; t-sql scripting.
  • Established performance baselines, optimizing, monitoring and tuning tables, indexes, indexed views, heaps, stats and transaction log physical architecture for three-tier operation; successfully resolved problems w/ isolation and analysis, including in-depth analyses with DMVs, Profiler, and tracing.
  • Effectively resolved problems with monitoring SPIDs through Activity monitor, monitoring SQL Server error logs, performance monitoring, execution plans, Windows app and sys logs.
  • Reviewed, analyzed and managed solutions to many issues relating to information content, data integrity, and database performance for over 9 years with IT staff, e.g. buffer management, dynamic management views (optimizing query plans, viewing fragmentation, missing indexes), clustered/non-clustered indexes, page splits/fill factor optimization, rebuilding indexes.
  • Developed and implemented all DB maintenance plans and ensured redundancy.
  • Troubleshoot w/ SSMS, DMVs to optimize database/log size and growth rates.
  • Managed architecture, implementation, configuration and problem-solving for hardware and software for x32 MS-OS desktops, MACs and racked or tower servers, 32- & 64-bit Dell Windows servers and Fiber/SCSI/SAS/SATA Controllers. Architected and implemented SAN with fiber, SATA disk subsystems.
  • Performed administration, planning and architecting TCP/IP topology, from within T1 to DS3 bandwidth environments. Implemented and supported TCP/IP v4 protocol on all OSI layers on WAN, DMZ, LAN.
  • Directly responsible for architecting and implementing backup plans, tapes, autoloaders, Backup Exec configuration, and offsite redundancy.
  • Achieved architecture, configuration, tuning, troubleshooting and monitoring of mission-critical middle-tier application servers, ASP runtime engine, and IIS.
  • Gained extensive experience managing network load balancing and monitoring of web application traffic between multiple application servers and clients.
  • Established, implemented and maintained all aspects of Cisco routers, Active Directory 2000, 2003, Exchange Server 2003, VMWARE, WSUS, and Confidential VPN.
  • Managed implementation, configuring and problem-solving of multiple Sonic Wall firewalls and security features, SSL, NAT, screened subnets on front and back end tiers, FTP, FTPS and Email security appliances.
  • Architected and tuned Event Sentry, Alchemy, WhatsUp, and other network monitoring systems.
  • Configured Cisco routers 7 years (management console).

Technical Support Representative

Confidential, Tucson, AZ


  • Provided technical support for Windows NT Workstation, Windows 9x, Windows 2000 and FrontPage.
  • Coordinated work projects, such as converting to new hardware or software
  • Reviewed completed projects or computer programs to ensure goals are met and programs are compatible with other programs already in use
  • Assisted user to resolve computer-related problems, such as inoperative hardware or software

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