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Edi/sap Sr. Consultant Resume

Mahwah, NJ


  • Over 6 years of IT experience in software analysis, design and development of client/server, object - oriented technologies, implementation of Web application & Middle tier components and Enterprise Application Integration Tools.
  • Over 5.8 years of experience in Designing, developing and implementing of Enterprise application integration using Gentran Server 6.0, Gentran Integration Suite 4.1/4.2(GIS) and Sterling Integrator 5.0 (SI), SAP XI/PI 7.0.
  • Good understanding of different File formats like SAP IDOC and other Client Proprietary formats.
  • Experienced in developing business processes using both GIS’s Business Process Modeler (BPML)
  • Experience in EDI / EDIFACT / XML transaction sets.
  • Worked on Services like compression, decompression, translation, BP Metadata etc....
  • Worked on Adapters like FTP, SMTP, File system adapter, HTTP Adapter etc...
  • Having good knowledge in Mailbox collection and extraction.
  • Extensive Object Oriented Programming experience using Java/J2EE.
  • Delivering all the interfaces with high quality and performance without any bugs/rework.
  • Good understanding of EDI transaction sets like 810, 820,850, 855, 856 and 830 etc.
  • Excellent understanding about ANSI X12 EDI and UN/EDIFACT standards and HIPAA compliance mandates for ANSI X12 EDI.
  • Familiar with Unix and its commands, familiar with Unix scripting.
  • Strong understanding of Model View Controller, principles of good design, applicable/adaptable to any technology.
  • Proficient in debugging, identifying bugs before release to production, documenting them, and maintaining fixes across releases.
  • Strong debugging and problem solving skills with excellent understanding of system development methodologies, techniques and tools
  • Quickly grasped business processes of various customers, and imparted the same through KT sessions, discussions and by scanning through heavy documentation.
  • Excellent in verbal/oral, and telephone etiquette and communication. Known for providing correct and complete information
  • Maintain strict adherence to schedules, on time in delivering deliverables and gives more importance quality in over quantity.
  • Excellent in interacting with customers, provide support, coordinate follow up and updates, ensures and exceeds customer satisfaction. Have always been the most trusted and approachable member in every team.
  • Ability to learn new Technologies and tools very quickly.


Languages: C, C++, JavaScript, Java, VB,C#.

Standards/Specifications: ANSI X12 EDI, UN/EDIFACT, SAP IODC, XML, CSV, Flat File.

Operating Systems: MSWindows 95/NT/2000/XP/2007, Vista, Unix, Linux, MS-DOS.

Databases: MS-SQL, Oracle, Sql Server. MS Access, IBM DB2 UDB.

Web Technologies: IBM®WebSphereRationalApplication Developer 6.0/7.0, Net Beans, Eclipse. Struts, Spring, JSF, AJAX, Servlets, JSP, XML, HTML. IBM® WebSphere™ApplicationServer5.x/6.0.

EDI Tools: Sterling Commerce Gentran Server 6.0, Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) 4.1/4.2, IBM B2B Sterling Integrator (SI) 5.2, IBM Mercator (WTX)

Project Support Tools: HP Quality Center (HPQC), AtTask, Confidential Support Center, WinSCP, Putty, SSH, LexiCom, GoAnyWhere, VL Trader, Beyond Compare 3, Notepad++, Ultra Edit.

SAP Tools: SAP XI/PI (Process integration), ECC (E-Commerce), and SCM (Supply Chain Management).

ETL and Reporting Tools: Informatica 7.1, Business Objects (BO).

IBM Web Sphere Tools: Message Queuing (WMQ), Message Broker (WMB).


EDI/SAP Sr. Consultant

Confidential, Mahwah, NJ


  • Project Lead for complete offshore EDI development and support team.
  • Leading weekly calls with client on project IN and OUTS.
  • Customer communication calls for new EDI partner Onboarding.
  • Updating Team’s project and tasks status to client on weekly basis.
  • Communications with business team regarding every new partner Onboarding.
  • Transportation of objects between DEV, QA and PRD with appropriate approvals.
  • Creating and reviewing implementation guidelines (IG) based on customer specific documents.
  • Creating and reviewing simple/conditional maps from scratch for new requirements.
  • Review UT, IT cases after development.
  • Involve in User Acceptance Test (UAT).
  • Creating Envelopes and trading partner profiles for new Onboarding partners.
  • New trading partner setup using WE20 in SAP.
  • Reprocesses the failed IDOCS using BD87 in SAP.
  • Reviewing the SAP IDOCS using WE19.
  • Use SAP transaction codes like Su01d and XD01 for user and customer details.
  • Review sales orders (SO) in SAP using VA03.
  • Create delivery using SE38 and check delivery status using SM37
  • Generate and trigger invoices using VL02n and VF01.
  • Create codelists as per the requirement.
  • Create AS2 profiles and install digital s in Lexicom and GoAnywhere.
  • Working with migration plan from Sterling Commerce Gentran to IBM B2B Sterling Integrator.
  • Review and assign the enhancement/support tickets to myself and team.
  • Work on P1 level or critical tickets on priority basis.
  • Involve in monthly system maintenance.
  • Review the SAP workflow errors and take appropriate actions on failed IDOCS.
  • Daily monitoring the IN? for inbound errors and OUT? for outbound errors.
  • Creating mailboxes and directories for new transaction implementation or new partner Onboarding.
  • Working with EDI documents for IN Drawer and Out Drawer.
  • Reviewing and handling mapping Enhancements as per the customer or business requirement.
  • Communication with customers regarding EDI data compliance errors.
  • Creating partnership for new onboarding customers.
  • Adding new transaction for existing EDI customers.
  • Adding table Entries for existing customers as per the business requirements.

EDI IBM B2B SI/SAP XI Consultant

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA


  • Offshore Implementation lead, involved in implementing EDI setup for new Trading Partners.
  • Developed various Mapping translations for new trading partners in implementation.
  • Created AS2 configuration and whole setup for Integrating, automating the data flow.
  • Unit tested and did final analysis of maps from offshore before doing Integration testing.
  • Created integration environment and tested with customers in development server.
  • For all new business requirements, created new Business Process.
  • Resolved FTP Session Long time issue for Maxim through creating new BP’s.
  • Envelope Creation for all new customers Onboading.
  • Creating Codelists where ever requires for respective customers.
  • Daily monitoring activities for Sterling Integrator System.
  • For any root cause analysis needs Restore Manager or restoring Archived business process.
  • Involved in Onboarding new TP to production by getting all approvals and also by providing export files for production, analyzing the Functional Inputs. i.e., interacting with functional team to resolve the issues in the given objects.
  • Involve in Unit Test (UT), Integration Test (IT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for testing and getting required approvals for production transport.
  • Implemented new interfaces for trading partners like Foxconn, Nokia, Samsung, LG,Flex, Jabil, Sanmina, Siemens and etc..
  • Preparing documents such as “PI Technical Designs, Component test, Review documents, checklist and etc.”
  • Involved extensively in the configuration of XI with SAP and non-sap systems and extracted the data from different legacy non-SAP and SAP systems.
  • Extensively Involved design & development of integration business scenario.
  • Good Experience in Monitoring Techniques using Message monitoring and component monitoring and SXMB MONI.
  • Documentation includes Preparing the TS for the Objects developed.
  • Design, Configuration and Unit testing.
  • Object development and review of the development requests assigned.
  • Regularly monitoring the system and helping team in resolving production issues and identifying the cause of the issue.
  • Handling the issues and worked in different types of situations, and mainly looked over the quality and also not escaping the delivery time.
  • Supporting in resolving and closing the Incident tickets in HPQC following the SLA.
  • Identifies root cause for many regularly occurring issues and provided new enhancements for them.
  • Experience in Monitoring Techniques using Message monitoring and component monitoring and SXMB MONI
  • Involved in weekly maintenance for ECP and SCM. In part of this disable jobs which prevent occurring failures.
  • Updating s at the time of expiring and also removing expired s.

Environment: SI 5.0, Gentran Server, SAP Modules and versions: SAP PI 7.1., Linux, windows XP, Linux, XI, HPQC.

Gentran / GIS Developer

Confidential, NC


  • Migrated maps running on legacy systems (AS400, Mainframes) to SAP system using GIS/Sterling Integrator Map Editor 4.2.
  • Developed maps in Gentran Integration Suite Map Eidtor as part of ASIS Migration and GBO, ASBO Migration for SAP system.
  • Worked on ANSI X12 transaction sets like 810, 812,820, 830,850, 852,855, 856,860 and 880 ...
  • Developed maps for generating 812 and 820 reports using transaction data as per the business requirements of Confidential .
  • Involved in developing specification documents by analyzing existing mapping reports from legacy systems.
  • Create the Trading partner Document Envelopes for all inbound and outbound maps.
  • Developed ICN maps for keeping track of the transaction data.
  • Created source/target side structures (DDF files) for different Business Units according to client specifications.
  • To create business processes for all inbound (850) and outbound (856,810) transactions in Gentran Integ ration Suite to process data through FTP.
  • Developed Business Processes in GIS for various Inbound, Outbound transactions.
  • Generated the Functional Acknowledgement for all Orders and Invoices
  • Writing the logics in Rule Manager using Rule Editor.
  • Used Xpath functions like DocToDOM, Concate, starts-with, count and etc..
  • Having good knowledge on various Protocols like FTP, SMTP and HTTP.
  • Created and modified codelists on server side as well as in GIS Map Editor.
  • Analyzed the source and destination reports generated from the Gentran Server 6.1 UNIX Work Station.
  • Involved in creation of transformation maps for X12 messages like 810,824,856,880,875, and 830 for various versions like 004010, 003030 on GIS 4.1.
  • Understand the logic defined in the MRS (Mapping Requirement Specification) for various transactions like 810, 856,850,820 and 855.
  • Created MRS (Mapping Requirement Specification) for all the inbound and outbound maps.
  • To create business processes in Gentran Integration Suite and execute the maps.
  • Developed test data files for the transactions involved based on test case scenarios that customer provided.
  • Creation of Document envelops to the corresponding maps in GIS.
  • Manually tested the maps and created test cases.

Environment: Windows XP, Gentran Integration Suite 4.1,JDK1.4. Java..

Gentran Developer

Confidential, NJ


  • Developed new maps for 850,855, 810, 820 and 997.
  • Modifying the Input documents according to expected requirement.
  • Created MRS (Mapping Requirement Specification) for all the inbound and outbound maps.
  • Created DDF (Data Definition Files) for both source and target layouts depends upon the Inbound/Outbound mapping.
  • Worked on transaction sets like 860,820 and 856.
  • Manually tested the maps and created test cases.

Environment: Gentran Integration Suite 4.1, Windows 2003 Server, SAP, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, JDK1.4. Java.

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