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Software Development Manager Resume

New York, NY


  • Organized, self - motivated, and success driven manager with 15+ years in the field and 11+ years managing people and projects in multiple development environments.
  • Often designated as the key associate on highly visible projects by Senior Management and peers for technical and business knowledge of the system.
  • Collaborates with others for input and is a decisive leader.
  • Effectively communicates within all levels of the organization.
  • Solid Management and Development experience with both large and small organizations.
  • Managed Mission Critical Development Projects and Application Support
  • Designed Application/Database using HOW (UML) that increased external users from 170 to over 300
  • Designed Order Processing Application/Database that reduced time and increased efficiency by 75%
  • Builds relationships with internal and external users and develops applications that meet their requirements
  • Managed Projects/Teams of 20+ associates across disciplines and internationally
  • Created Confidential Project Plan for Client-Server and Internet development
  • Review/Creation of SOW and Functional/Technical Specifications with/for developers and users
  • Consolidated and relocated application development and infrastructure saving company 20% in costs
  • Responsible for Group/Application Budgets, application support, assigning/tracking tasks, reviews, and
  • Designed Web Application/Database with over 1200 user worldwide
  • Rescued Failing Projects


Project Management, People Management, Program Management, Multi-Discipline Team Building, Relationship Building, Systems Analysis & Design, Functional / Technical Design and Specification Creation, Database Design & Management, Confidential, Budgets, SDLC, Management of Onshore/Offshore Developers, User Interaction, Application Consolidation, Software Upgrading / Installation / Distribution, Mainframe / Client Server / Internet Development, Providing World Class Service


Application Environments: Client-Server, Internet, IBM Mainframe, Windows NT/2000, Novell, Tandem, RS6000, UNIX

Languages/Tools: Visual Basic, SQL, Java, HTML, COBOL, CICS, ASP, .NET, JavaScript, HOW (UML), Erwin, PowerDesigner, PowerBuilder, MS Project/Office, APTSQR, Assembler, C, TAL, DBArtisan, Visio, Lotus Notes, Perl

Databases/Files: Sybase, SQLAnywhere, Oracle, SQLServer, Gupta, Access, VSAM

Development Methodologies: RAD/JAD, RUP (Rational Unified Process), Confidential, Agile


Confidential, New York, NY

Software Development Manager


  • Introduced and implemented a Development Process of doing application design and design review prior to coding of applications. Using flowcharts and word documents to describe the visual and non-visual design flow.
  • Worked with business support team in building a Project Calendar to schedule work, prioritize projects, and track effort development effort . Review of Open Issues / Project Calendar on daily basis with Operations Management to set daily/weekly priorities for development team
  • Implemented Turnover documentation and rules for production implementation of changes
  • Working with DBA Designed/Reviewed all Database Changes to insure tables were created with Primary/Foreign Keys, fields were added to end of tables, creation of tables to reduce application hard coding, and efficient use of triggers procedures.
  • Used weekly team meetings to disseminate information and ideas among team members to foster teamwork, improve development skills, and spread of knowledge within development team. Worked with junior team members in SQL and database skills, as well as had senior developers review work before QA testing.


Confidential, New York


  • Creation/Management of Project Plans , Functional Specifications, QA testing, Turnover/Release Documents, and creation of SQL reports to support needs of the business. Worked with implementation team to insure that all application, process, database changes were properly prepared and documented.
  • Performed System Study/Gap Analysis for an office product supplier reviewing existing processes/systems.
  • Created Functional Specifications for new Billing, Shipping, Invoice, Accounting and Inventory Management Systems.
  • Other projects reviewing on-line ecommerce sites, Point of Sale Systems, customer tracking systems for various companies

Confidential, Melville, New York

Director of New Projects


  • Hired by the Business Operations to teach them how to create Functional Specifications and to help/design an application for Institutional Investors to submit electronic claims for processing of settledsecurity class action lawsuits.
  • Prior to my joining the Business had no controls over the Technology group for application design and changes.
  • Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Process Analysis
  • Designed new web based application for Institutional Money Managers for the Securities Department Operations group.
  • Performed Business/Systems Analysis and Design while creating Functional Specifications using Use Cases and Business Rules f Business users on how to create a Functional Specification Document for an Application/System change request using JAD principles
  • Setup Rules and Procedures for turnover of Functional Specification by Business Area, creation of Technical Specifications and management of Project Plans by the Technology Group. Introduced the RUP Methodology and Confidential standards to allow the Business to manage the Technology group for application development projects.

Confidential, New York

Consultant/Senior Project Manager


  • Management/Organization of project team members from Inception to Implementation.
  • Creation and maintaining of Project Plans for all phases of the SDLC. Project Status reviews with management and project sponsors.
  • Command Center management during implementation of database and application changes
  • Lead Creation of New SLA documents for Operations Support Group
  • Managed the creation of Application/Systems Action Plans to create a “Lockdown” UAT environment for testing
  • Performed pre-installation testing of changes with systems group to insure that changes were packaged correctly

Confidential, Edgewood, New York

Director Application Development


  • Hands on director for the development and maintenance of applications for the electronic voting of corporate action proxies by large money managers and Institutional Investors
  • Worked hands on in the creation of all new stored procedures and triggers. Managed meetings for User Review/Acceptance of documentation and screen prototypes. Project had a budget of $1,000,000 and when completed helped increase the number of external users from 170 to over 300.
  • Designed and managed the creation of for new website (Java/Oracle/Websphere) to be used by Money Managers to electronically vote proxies for the accounts they manage.
  • Managed programming group in India for this project.
  • These managers can interactively view the status of their vote from the time it was cast through its confirmation of having been processed.
  • Over 1200 users worldwide of this application.
  • Directed the move of the Global Proxy Application Programming and Hardware
  • . Created Use Case/Business Rules documentation of existing System to understand and analyze existing processes for turnover, and future application change.
  • Integrated Telekurs information in Global Proxy into ProxyEdge application for use of voting Global Proxies at one source.
  • Reduced costs 20% by replacing consultants with fulltime associates.
  • Managed Client Relationships by providing Second Level support of Clients, by managing Internal Help Desk and working with Client Service Representatives and External Clients to resolve technical and data issues.
  • Consolidated scanning and hosting for CRM (.NET/SQLServer) of ReOrg ( Corporate Reorganization’s) documents to be an in-house function, enabling the company to save $10,000 dollars/month in scanning and hosting costs.
  • Managed Vendor Interface for conversion of scanned documents into searchable documents.


Confidential, New York


  • Created a system that using Visual Basic would allow for the tracking of Suppliers, Customers, Items, Truckers, Invoices, A/R, and A/P.
  • This system allows the user to process and track an Order from Purchase Order to Supplier, Confirmation to Customer, Trucking Documentation, Final Invoice/Billing, and Payment Received for final Closure of the order. Reducing time of new associates and increasing efficiency by over 75%.
  • Created an application using Visual Basic for a manufacturing company that was then distributed to 100’s of small businesses.
  • This application allowed the small business to create an order for equipment to be faxed to the manufacturer with no in using the system.

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