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Business Support Analyst Resume

Richardson, TX


Strong research and solution design skills in a technology environment. Learns new systems quickly; demonstrates good communication skills; works well with teams; excels at problem solving. Worked as an individual contributor with minimal supervision required.




ONLINE FORM DESIGNERS: VIEW, Oracle Forms, Ideal, MS Access

D/B MANAGERS: IMAGE, Oracle, and DataComDB

SOFTWARE: Easyflow, Winrunner, Excelergy - Revenue Manager, SAP, Clarify, Clear Quest, MS Excel, MS Project, MS Word, MS Visio, Toad, DDEMEZ, GPPR-Global Part Price Repository, GPPC-Global product and pricing catalog.


Confidential, Richardson, TX

Business Support Analyst


  • Worked with team members to identify, to measure and resolve technical issues impacting client business performance.
  • Respond to and resolve client and system user requests. Perform impact and root cause analysis of reported system trouble.
  • Engage and coordinate necessary internal and external resources for technical and administrative work.
  • Kept client business and company leadership informed and updated on issues impacts and case work progress.
  • Create and execute Job Aids to help define processes.

Confidential, Coppell, TX

Data Administration / Sr. Process Engineer


  • Enhanced and simplified customer ordering and accuracy of data content on the customer - facing eBusiness toolset.
  • Create ad hoc reports using SQL for cost and pricing analysis.
  • Worked with commercial operations and product manager leaders globally to resolve order issues for the order management team.
  • Created the monthly web-based downloadable catalog, the monthly advance notices for catalog changes and the emergency data notifications.
  • Maintained customer information in SAP.
  • List of eBuniess toolsets effected: GPPR-Global Part Price Repository, GPPC-Global product and pricing catalog, EC-Enterprise Configuration, SBA-Special Bid Approval Administration Application, SAP FT.

Confidential, Richardson, TX

Sr. Process Engineer


  • Identical responsibilities as listed above for Confidential .
  • Formulized the Emergency Delta process to inform distributors on a formatted report of changes to pricing and products not done on the monthly schedule.
  • This increased customer satisfaction with notification of changes and reduced ordering issues.
  • Assigned to head a Tiger Team to resolve customer issues with Parts and Pricing Catalog. Defined the issues, determined the root cause and schedules for resolution. .

Sr. System Analyst



  • Automated Pricing Actions system using Perl and HTML until system support outsourced and converted to the GPPR- Global Part Price Repository.
  • Project Leader for the Part Price System using Oracle Forms, and Pro*C.
  • Project Leader on the Distributor Axis System Ideal and datacomdb environment on the IBM.
  • Project Leader on the maintenance and development required for the Contract ledger System, Auto Quote and Customer Master Systems.
  • Created an audit report that checked the totals on all the separate reports to verify they tied to the general ledger postings.
  • Audit report became the monthly revenue report for the system.
  • Debugged and enhanced the Contract Ledger System, so the cost and revenue calculations for the installation projects tied to the general ledger cost and revenue transactions.
  • The Part price catalogs extract programs that were written in ProC* (C with embedded SQL) that would normally take overnight to complete.
  • Restructured the database keys and queries and the reports which resulted in completion in less than an hour.

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