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Integration And Interoperability Architect (consultant) Resume

New, YorK


Multifaceted healthcare data integration and interoperability solutions architect. Excellent experience in Healthcare IT Projects, Health Information Exchange (HIE), Strategy Planning, People management and Business Analysis. Engineering and software applications development experience in developing complex, sophisticated products/solutions within ambitious time schedules. Quickly learns new technologies and applies them to business solutions. Excellent project management, communication, analytical and interpersonal skills. Provides technical expertise in developing solutions to complex software engineering problems, which require frequent use of ingenuity and creativity


  • Over thirteen years of experience in Architecture, Analysis, Design, Development, Installation and Maintenance of IT automation to enable/enhance productivity
  • Experienced in Healthcare Confidential /Misys EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and Order Management system. Certified in NextGen EHR (Electronic Health Record) and EPM (Enterprise Practice Management)
  • About five years of experience in hands - on interfaces and web services development using Orion Health Rhapsody engine (version 1.x to 5.x). Excellent experience using Orion Health Rhapsody engine (version 1.x to 5.x) Tools like EDI Explores, EDI Designer and Symphonia Mapper, Database lookup, Database insert, Base64 conversion filters
  • Highly trained on NextGen and Misys/ Confidential EHR/EPM systems.
  • Leading Misys/ Confidential (existing system) conversion to NextGen EHR and EPM systems in real-time
  • Excellent experience in web application development using C# .NET framework.
  • Development experience in XML data parsing, DOM, writing SQL queries and data population for RDBMS like DB2, Informix, MS SQL Server 2005/2008 R2
  • Experienced in distributed computing environment using DOA (C++ and Python based Distributed Object Architecture CORBA like middleware) and RMI to perform RPC
  • Experienced in CM (Software Configuration Management) system using controlled environment like CVS, PVCS, Makefile, and SourceSafe.
  • Build and deployment of software packages through in house developed library system consisting Version Control, Revision Control, BOM (Bill of Material), Authenticator and Package Repository
  • Experienced in design, development, testing (black box, white box, code coverage, regression) and maintenance of event driven/realtime/mission critical automation software that communicates with automation equipment, performs data acquisition and control
  • Proven track record in coaching, mentoring and performing in the areas of QA and User Acceptance Test (UAT), database, system integration, load, stress and informatics testing
  • Researching, documenting, and presenting proposals on hardware, software, tools, policies, processes, and materials to management and user community
  • Experienced in clinical terminology such as LO INC, ICD9, SNOMED/CT


Software Languages: Python (13 years), C, C++, ASP C# .NET (MS Visual studio 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010), Java, Pascal, UML, XML, SQL scripting, PL/SQL, DOM, ASP, HTML, SML(Secs Markup Language), Java Script, Unix and Linux shell scripting

Healthcare Systems: Confidential /Misys Optimum EMR, Orders Management, Scheduler, NextGen EHR (Electronic Health Record) and EPM (Enterprise Practice Management), Orion Health’s Rhapsody Healthcare Integration Engine 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x and 5.x, EDI Designer, EDI Explorer, Symphonia Mapper, Web Services, NextGen Rosetta Interface engine, Siemens Openlink Integration Engine, Instersystems Ensemble Interface engine, Intersystems Healthshare (HIE)

Healthcare Interface Scripting / Interoperability: HL7 version 2.x/3.x Interface Specification (ADT, Orders & Results, Billing, Scheduling, Transcription, Imaging, Immunization, Charges etc.), CCD/CCDA (Continuation of Care Document) parsing using CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) C - 32, Cancer, Communicable disease and Immunization registry integration

Assembly Languages: 8085, 8751, 8086 Micro Controllers, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

Other Software Packages, languages and standards: AutoCAD R.14, Automap 3.0, ROC Link Flow Boss Computer (Fisher-Rosemount), SCADA SCAN 3000 (R-620) Process Control Applications, SQL, RS232, MODBUS, Configuration Management (CM), LABView

Databases: MS Access, RDBMS DB2, MS SQL Server 2005, 2008 R2, Informix, Cache (object scripts)

Web Server: IIS, Apache Web Server

Operating Systems: AIX, OS/2, Linux, Unix, Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows server 2003/2008 R2, Virtual Environment MS VM Wear

Semiconductors Standards: SECS-I, SECS-II, GEM, HSMS (200, 300 mm Semiconductors Manufacturing)

ISO: 9000, 9001 standards

Regulations and Policy: NCQA


Confidential, New York

Integration and Interoperability Architect (consultant)


  • Define and implement an interface implementation methodology using Orion Health’s Rhapsody integration engine. This would include requirement gathering; design; development; testing and deployment/activation
  • Develop interface documentation that is central and available to all applicable resources. Documentation should include all existing interfaces in a standard template as well as template should collect information related to new interfaces
  • Actively participate in new interface design and planning. As healthcare market continues to evolve there is a need to stay compliant with regulatory and market demands. Integration efforts are essential to reduce operational expense - creating a sustainable strategy will be essential to our success
  • Responsible for data conversion efforts: this would include data requirements; data layouts, data extractions; mapping data points from legacy to new values (as necessary); quality assurance and data validation
  • Participate in the strategy and tactical design and implementation of patient information from third party organizations (Hospital and Physician Practices)
  • Participate in the strategy and tactical design and implementation of Enterprise Patient Index - ensuring a standard approach to identifying and creating a matching algorithm to relate patient records from one EMR to another
  • Mentor resources and develop skill and related to general interface knowledge; Rhapsody and Rosetta integration engines

Confidential, New York

Expert System Integration Architect


  • Supported design and architecture of integration and interoperability across multiple EMR, clinical and financial system implementations of standard HL7 based messages (HIE, SOA)
  • Lead collective groups, indentify requirements, analyze and document solution options and ultimately gain consensus on technology solution and roadmap to be implemented integration solution delivery, specification and design effort for all complex clinical application integration projects
  • Develop and deliver technical specifications, requirements documents and other technical documentation
  • Collaborate with the designated key resources, clinical applications team to provide the required technical solutions
  • Translate business requirements and use cases to technical requirements and solution designs
  • Develop and deliver the integration requirements for the projects
  • Document the conceptual logical design required to meet deliverables
  • Ensure that the physical design and configuration of the delivered solutions meet the logical design
  • Participate in design and code reviews
  • Perform data modeling and integration design. Understand and document the integration between the multiple front-end and back-end systems
  • Conduct proof-of-concept and
  • Coordinate the testing and implementation of the solutions through the various phases of the integration life cycle
  • Expert level knowledge of HL7, message pub-sub integration, web services, xml, CCD/CCDA, CDR

Confidential, Network, New York

Rhapsody Interface Development Consultant


  • Translate existing HL7 interfaces written using IDX engine and migrate to Orion Health Rhapsody engine version 5.2
  • Created business logic mapping/translation documentation for every HL7 interface written using IDX integration engine
  • Designed, Developed, Tested and Deployed around 145 interfaces/IHE Profiles (including demographics, orders, solicited and unsolicited results, scheduling, immunization, charges etc.) using Rhapsody Integration engine
  • Successfully migrated from IDX interfaces/IHE Profiles to Rhapsody environment and decommissioned old IDX integration engine

Confidential, Network, New York

Rhapsody Interface Development Consultant


  • Design, Develop, Test and Deploy HL7 Interfaces/IHE Profiles using
  • Successfully developed new HL7 interfaces (including demographics, orders, solicited and unsolicited results, scheduling, immunization, charges etc.) as per requirement and added into existing architecture

Confidential, New York

Interfaces and Quality Reporting Supervisor / Team Leader / Project Manager


  • Management of Business and Interface Analysts team and healthcare vendors
  • Ensure accurate and timely transmission of data between systems
  • Implement and Support Interfaces utilizing Rhapsody Interface Engine
  • Administration and upgrade of Integration Engine
  • Design, Code, Test and Install Interface Solutions and Applications
  • Manage Projects (Establish Plans & Milestones)
  • Support multiple Systems / Integration Engine Interfaces
  • Determine and document user requirements/systems specifications
  • Quality Assurance
  • Assist with System upgrades
  • Project Planning
  • Executing/Coordinate Test plans
  • Issue management with Vendors or business partners
  • Work with other Business Analysts to ensure coordination of data between systems (EMR / Orders Management / Scheduling / Billing)
  • Executive Level Reporting Projects and Project Management
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 Data Analysis / Management Skills (SSIS, SSRS development) and Crystal Reports
  • Integrated Confidential Radiology system Scheduler with Misys EMR scheduler using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using SOAP, XML, and XSLT standards. Wrote a C# .NET web service client which is called by Document based web service component of Rhapsody Integration engine (version 3.4 and 5.4), to move Radiology appointment/schedule to Misys Healthcare EMR in Real Time. Later rewrote the service in order to populate RIS appointments into NextGen EHR
  • Worked on Humedica MinedShareTM Ambulatory (Diabetes, blood pressure) and Anceta’s Collaborative Data Warehouse project
  • Upgraded Orion Health Rhapsody Integration Engine version from 2.4 to 3.4 in Test and Production environment. Later upgraded Rhapsody engine version from 3.4 to 5.4 in Test and Production environment
  • Installed, Configured and Converted Orion Health Rhapsody interfaces for versions 1.x to 5.x in Windows 2008 R2 cluster environment
  • Converted (re-engineered) ORM, ORU, ADT, SIU Rhapsody interfaces to integrate with NextGen EPM and EHR which were originally designed for Misys/ Confidential EHR and EPM
  • Performed Misys/ Confidential EHR and EPM data (by extracting about 12 years data stored in Informix database) conversion and extraction consisting of demographics, appointments, vitals, Confidential, lab and radiology orders/results, immunization, allergies, medications, tasks modules and ported to NextGen EHR
  • Investigate root cause of the problems by reviewing the session logs, workflow logs, bad files, debug logs and reviewing the data on the application software for successful and rejected data in the tables
  • Created customized solution to extract Confidential binary data from Misys Informix database
  • Took initiative and proposed solutions to senior management to resolve the issues during the crunch time to meet the project schedules

Confidential, East Fishkill, New York

Senior Software Engineer and Team Leader


  • Architect, design, develop, debug, install and maintain tool automation program applications to enable/enhance factory automation capabilities for manufacturing and engineering productivity and quality improvement
  • Enhancement of factory automation architecture (business objects) developed in Python and C++ OOP language to support dynamic requirements of factory floor and to fix existing OS/2 and Linux architecture issues
  • Factory automation development using Python (on Linux, OS/2, Windows OS), new tool automation applications and enhancement of existing tool automation program
  • Enhancement of Shop Floor Control (supporting factory logistics, SPC - Statistical Process Control, skiplot and recipe management modules) system and Photo Lithographic servers to meet business needs and also to improve product cycle time and yield
  • Create and maintain project documentation using UML Class hierarchy diagrams, Object Interaction diagrams, State and Sequence diagrams for the Enterprise Object model and HTML web pages
  • This position requires an in depth knowledge of the manufacturing equipment hardware and software operations
  • Enhance overall manufacturing logistic systems to solve complex problems as well as develop Tool Automation Programs that are used to control our manufacturing processing tools
  • Development of the business logic required to assure the flawless execution on the manufacturing floor
  • Interact with all manufacturing areas within site as well as maintain strategic relationship with other Confidential manufacturing sites to help formulate strategies that utilize state of the art technologies
  • Uncover the root cause of manufacturing losses and enhance existing systems to prevent future losses, recommend solutions to the executive management team and prioritize based on ROI to the business
  • Project management and lead a team of four Software Engineers responsible for Semiconductors Factory Automation. Provide a first level support 24x7 365 days a year to the manufacturing line
  • Developed multi user engineering controlled web applications having software level role based security to allow engineers to change measurement skiplot sampling schemes in real time
  • Continually writing support classes and methods in a flexible style to be reusable in other applications to build a common code library
  • Eliminated the need for OS/2 based local process FLOW display application by developing a web based interface to Factory Shop Floor Control system (using .NET XML parser, DOM techniques)
  • Developed winning real time system (including C# .NET based web application) to control RIE Process based on user defined and engineering controlled inputs
  • User defined process alarm management C# .NET web application allowing user to define required alarms, disable-enable defined alarms, track notifications in real time and take proactive actions to prevent manufacturing losses
  • Developed a Electronic Phone Card web application for a small business using C# .NET environment, consisting of Customer, Salesman, Purchase order, Inventory, Invoice and Payment modules
  • Designed and developed C# .NET based factory wide Recipe Management application to (user initiated or automatic) upload and download tool recipe (binary stored formatted process program) including sophisticated version control system
  • In all above web applications, data is validated and stored in a DB2 database. Used data encryption techniques for secure communication using .NET IPrinciples and Windows DPAPI
  • Round robin style load distribution or load balancing module and SAP ERP system integration
  • Developed factory wide skiplot plug-in modules to improve product cycle time by enabling engineers to modify routing decisions dynamically. This application saves 10.2 million USD every year without compromising the wafer quality
  • Recipe management plug-in, an integrated module developed in C# and Python to provide better recipe management to manufacturing line
  • Integrated Photo Sector (IPS) stepper load balancing or load distribution
  • SPC tool interlock/inhibit and ERP Project - Speed interfacing to factory floor
  • Confidential to feed XML data to web based interface to Shop Floor Control, heavily employs XML data parsing of DOM (Document Object Model) created using a C# Web Request
  • Photo Stepper Dedication project that simplified and significantly improved floor logistics
  • Created Recipe Server which comprises automatic upload and download of recipes feature along with sophisticated recipe version control system for Quaestor (overlay) Metrology Tools
  • Dose Calculator fix
  • Dose Calculation running average algorithm
  • Running average algorithm for SPC (linewidth and overlay) recommendations
  • Fixed overlay and linewidth parameters recommendation issues
  • Designed, developed, tested and maintained automation software that communicates with semiconductor equipment, performs data acquisition, and controls the semiconductor process using SECS/GEM standard and MLI (Message Level Interface) protocol for over 60 tool types to meet changing needs of factory
  • Extension to Shop Floor Control System (xFCMS) development project allowed shop floor control functionality to grow in a flexible framework xFCMS system saves about $10.2 million every year
  • As per the Capacity Planning team, this tool - “xFCMS system is the most effective tool in the factory”

Confidential, Poughkeepsie, NY

Network Administrator Assistant


  • Image creation, Software and IBM Hardware Maintenance of all Computer Laboratories
  • Installation of programs or applications new computers, system configuration
  • Taught Word Processing (MS Word and Power Point) and Introduction to Computers to Under Graduate Students


Senior Executive Engineer


  • System design and selection of appropriate remote monitoring and process control system for Hazira Ankleshwar Pipeline(HAPi) designed for natural gas transmission
  • Procurement, installation, erection, commissioning, integration and factory site acceptance of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, developed by Confidential remote monitoring and process control system with satellite communication network
  • Programmable Logic Controller (AB PLC) - ladder logic programming of Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)
  • Perform all monitoring and error correction of Natural gas flow metering, process control instrumentation and process alarms. HMI programming of SCAN 3000 SCADA system
  • Maintenance of end-to-end SCADA and satellite communication system
  • Perform monthly spot check of all Confidential SCAN 3000 SCADA, gas flow metering and Satellite communication system
  • Periodic calibration of gas flow metering system, gas flow process monitoring and process control instrumentation
  • ISO 9001 SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Documentation and user interface development

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