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Data Analyst Resume

New York, NY


A practical, results - oriented person with strong computer skills, I am seeking employment in Information Services in Boston or its immediate environs.


Confidential, New York, NY

Data Analyst


  • Strong Excel skills, including advanced formula generation, graph generation, and data referencing.
  • Strong Access skills, including the ability to link tables by means of a common key, the generation of calculated fields, and the generation of customized queries and reports.
  • The ability to port data between Access and Excel applications, as well as to acquire data from non-standard formats.
  • Familiarity with accounting vocabulary and the structure of financial statements.
  • Familiarity with basic statistical concepts and the ability to implement them using Excel and/or Access.
  • Ability to quickly design and execute wide variety of ad hoc reports.
  • Experience with a range of other software products and tools, including VBA, Crystal Reports, the C programming language, Linux/Unix, SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Created Confidential -style maps to illustrate the geographic distribution of nonprofits, with icons keyed to agency traits (e.g. programmatic focus, budget size) of the mapped agencies.
  • Using VBA programming language, created program to conveniently select records from Access database.

Confidential, Belmont, MA

Cost Analyst


  • Estimation of the costs related to the European purchase, importation and domestic processing of the company’s full product line as well as customized quotations for the company’s institutional customers.
  • Inventory Control including the maintenance of accurate records of inventory levels and unit (FIFO) valuation
  • Information Services including: the generation of ad hoc reports on a daily basis using Crystal Reports the conception and execution of operational efficiencies, e.g.: a computer program drawing order data from our accounting system and porting it to what became our production program a “Reorder Advice Report”, which pulled together, for the first time, information on sales and inventory levels of the entire line of furniture models
  • A computer programming to aid in the reconciliation of the results of physical counts of inventory items with the computerized counts of those items, including dollarization of the variances

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