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Solutions Consultant/functional Lead Resume

Richfield, MN


  • Over 8 years of IT experience in Confidential Technologies as Functional Consultant, Business Analyst, Technical Lead with emphasis on gathering business requirements and analysis, design, development, testing and data management in various projects.
  • Expertise domain knowledge in Retail Distribution Management Systems - TMS, WMS, and Logistics.
  • In-depth Knowledge and hands-on Experience in AS400 system- RPG ILE, RPG/400, DB2, DB400, Confidential, Win MSQL and Reporting tools.
  • Designed and implemented projects on AS/400 platform for large apparel retailer and manufacturing clients.
  • Strong programming skills in RPGILE, Free Format RPG, RPG/400, CL/400, DB2, QUERY/400, Embedded SQL and Stored Procedures.
  • Extensively Created User requirement Specifications (URS), Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS), Business Process Documents, Design documents and Project plans.
  • Experience in gathering and writing detailed business requirement and translating them into technical specifications and design.
  • Well experienced in functional and technical systems analysis & design, presentation, process interfaces design, process data flow design, and system impact analysis and design documentation and presentation.
  • Organized numerous Requirement Planning sessions, Application design sessions, workshops and Requirement Elicitation sessions with end-user/clients/stake holders, Subject Matter Experts and the technology group.
  • Experience to work with senior management to identify strategic goals, objectives, scope, budget and process for internal and external development and to manage risk analysis and mitigation plans, status reports, and client presentations.
  • Expert in project planning, strategic planning, systems analysis and troubleshooting, quality control, planning and tracking of results.
  • Flexible, enthusiastic and project oriented team player with excellent communication skills with leadership abilities to develop creative solution for challenging requirement of client Strong Communication Skills


Programming Languages: CLP, RPG 400, RPGILE, COBOL, Embedded SQL, Stored Procedures, SQL, C, C++, HTML, XML

Retail Management systems: Confidential application

DBMS: Oracle 11g, MS Access, MS SQL, DB2, DB/400

Rational Tools: Rational Clear Quest

Productivity Tools: MS Office, Microsoft Visio

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/XP /2003 server, Mac OS

Version Management Tools: ACMS (Aldon Change Management System), Turnover, Hawkeye


Confidential, Richfield, MN

Solutions Consultant/Functional Lead


  • Interacted with SME’s, Executive teams, Business users, and Management team to finalize and prioritize business requirements.
  • Involved in documenting Business requirements document and documenting current state and future state of system flows.
  • Created Business process diagrams and Use Case documents to define the Functional requirements of the application.
  • Interaction with the Stakeholders at Operational level and Business level.
  • Interacted with the software development team and executive team to liaison the business requirements to ensure that the RedPrairie application confines to the business requirement.
  • Organized meetings with the RedPrairie teams to elicit use cases and document them.
  • Using Rational Clear Quest tracked issues and defects during project implementation.
  • Extensively used MS Visio to create Use case diagrams and Business Process Diagrams.
  • Interfaced with developers to identify and resolve technical issues and bugs in the software to validate end-user requirements.
  • Designed and implemented basic SQL queries for QA testing and report / data validation
  • Performed Data a nalysis of source data from SQL Server and other data structures to support the business organization.
  • Coordinate with Onsite-Offshore team and facilitate the Knowledge Transfer to the Offshore team on various requirements involve
  • Provided overall support and work with the other teams of the project during the Design, Build, Test and Implementation Phase of Project.
  • Was commended by Confidential customer team multiple times for the excellent work done in the TMS project
  • Also was recipient of ‘Best Functional SME’ for the Retail domain in Confidential .

Environment: Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Confidential v2009.1 & v2011.2, Oracle 10g

Confidential, Tucson, AZ

Technical Lead/Project Lead


  • Designed and defined solution around the business process for the WMS & OMS projects as per the business requirements.
  • Develop Functional Design Documents by gathering requirements and defining solution around the business process for the project.
  • Involved in taking the Level 1 & Level 2 calls 24*7 and fixing the issues within the given SLA time.
  • Involved in the Enhancements of the applications and in troubleshooting of the application
  • Involved in handling the small project related tasks when the Data Migration and conversion was implemented.
  • Managed and lead the team of 6 members and the offshore team during support.
  • Lead the AS400 support team and was the Project Lead for the AS400 Support team.
  • Delegating tasks, tracking issues, following up on tickets assigned to the team, getting updates, reviewing the fixes provided and process delivery on a day-to-day basis.
  • Coordinate with Onsite-Offshore team and facilitate the Knowledge Transfer to the new team members.
  • Interaction with Operational and Business users to understanding the task at hand.
  • Handled both the Enhancement project and Data Migration projects

Environment: DB2, RPGILE, COBOL/400, Service Program concept, Turnover and Free- Format RPG, Hawkeye, Stored Procedures

Confidential, Tucson, AZ

Technical Lead


  • Involved in the Development and Implementation Software Requirement Specifications based on business requirements document.
  • Build the software on AS400 platform following the RPG coding standards and within client standards as intended for the project.
  • Involved in the development of RPG, CL programs as part of the Confidential project for the backend processing which involved coding of new programs as well modify the existing programs which fit in the flow of the existing code.
  • Worked on RPG Procedures, Service programs, free-format and Embedded SQL.
  • Use of version manager tool - Turnover for controlling the deployment of code to production.
  • Good knowledge on the application interaction with the Java and AS400 systems as well as the data flow between the two systems.
  • Involved in preparing Test cases and Test scenarios for the testing phase of the project
  • Involved in Code review, Test design and Document reviews of the team.
  • Interaction with the client team and business users to understand the requirements.
  • Coordinated with other teams in integration of the modules and testing the code.
  • Provide Maintenance and support to the system after the implementation of the project.
  • Overall executed programming work on all major systems of multi-channel business (websites, catalog, and retail stores), including Distribution, Credit, Credit Authorization, Merchandising, and Inventory Forecasting.
  • Was commended by the customer and Confidential for the exceptional work done in the Confidential project.

Environment: DB2, RPGILE, COBOL/400, Service Program concept, Subfiles, Turnover and Free-Format RPG, Hawkeye, Stored Procedures

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior Project Engineer


  • Technical Evaluation of the System by reviewing the process involved in Scheduling module which was part of the FILMS application
  • Study and understand the Integrated Distribution System (IDS) functionality in order to generate the Technical document for the system.
  • Prepare High level document (SMTD) which will be used during the support phase of the system.
  • Replace the third party tool called CALCRATE used for Freight data systems.
  • Analyzing the programs using and impacted by CALCRATE and changing programs to use the new database files.
  • Fixed issues which were due to data integrity problems while coding new programs.
  • Prepared documentation intended as guidance and would serve as an information aid during the support and maintenance of the system.
  • Also was part of the team involved in changing the BOL field from numeric to alphanumeric in all files and programs. Identifying the programs and changing the code so as to access the new field.
  • Coordinate with Onsite-Offshore team and trained the new team members on the application.

Environment: DB2, RPG/400, Document Management, Technical Documentation, CL/400, RPG/400, RPGLE, CL ILE


Project Engineer


  • Involved in the Development and Implementation of modules - Product Matrix, Purchasing, Mailing list and Technical queries.
  • Build the software as assigned following the coding standards and other standards as intended for the project.
  • Involved in the development of complex Subfiles with Position to option and also having multiple subfile formats.
  • Worked with Embedded SQL code and RPGILE programs.
  • Developed programs and reports involving Batch programs and CL programs.
  • Preparing Test cases and Test scenarios for testing the code.
  • Involved in Code review, Test design and Document reviews during the various phases of project.
  • Interaction with the team at Operational level.
  • Development of change requests which included inserting a new screen, changes to the subfile screen and implementing the generic search for a screen.
  • Involved in development of reports using Report Layout utility (RLU) and ‘O’ spec format.
  • Was ed by Confidential team for the committed and dedicated work in the project.

Environment: DB2, Debugging Tools - STRDBG, Debugging Tools - STRISDBG, RPG/400, CL/400, RPG/400, ACMS (Aldon Change Management System)

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