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Enterprise Architect Resume

Independence, OH


Solutions oriented Senior IT leader with track record of successfully designing infrastructure, controlling $20+ million budgets, reducing costs, increase profitability, while building a more productive IT environment where technical people can thrive and excel while meeting IT and business missions. I am looking for an Enterprise Architect position.


Enterprise Architectures: TOGAF, Zachman, DoDAF, FEAF, PeaF, POET

Cloud Architectures: Private, AWS, Azure, IBM’s myriad offerings

Operating Systems/Software: Tandem (HP) NonStop Kernel, HP - UX, HP Integrity UX, HP MC Service Guard, DEC VAX, Windows SQL Server platforms, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, RedHat Linux, Citrix, VMWare

Hardware: Intel, HP NonStop, HP Integrity, HP Proliant, IBM P series with HACMP, AS400, HP Unix series, Sun, NCR Teradata, Dell, EMC, HP XP Storage (Hitachi), Attalla, Cisco UCS, MS SQL Server (2008,2012), Pure Storage, NetApp

Software: MS Office products, Lotus Suite products, MS Windows, Exchange Server, Exchange 365, Prognosis, Apache, Visio, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), Sterling Commerce (NDM) ConnectDirect, SAP, AMDOCS billing system

3 rd Party tools: BMC ITSM suite, CA Unified IM, IBM WebSphere MQ, Tivoli, Prognosis, Crossroads VTS, IR360, Xypro, Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System, MEGA, Troux, Veeam, Zerto, Doubletake

Databases: Enscribe, MS SQL, Oracle, NonStop SQL, NonStop SQL MX, No SQL

Network: TCP/IP, FTP, VOIP


Confidential, Independence, OH

Enterprise Architect


  • Develop strategies for moving some business functionality and supporting IT services to the cloud.
  • Develop iterative technical designs based on business requirements, architecture principles, and including future implications.
  • Investigated various Cloud technology solutions and provide a summary of functionality, potential risks and issues, etc. with respect to cloud solutions.
  • Provided analysis of the existing Cloud Hosting models and options, outlining the impacts and implications of each, and developed recommendations.
  • Analyzed the technical designs pertaining to software vendor products offered to the Client as on premise, SaaS, or IaaS implementations.
  • Delivered analysis and supporting documentation on the why, when, what, and how of Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud solutions.
  • Delivered documentation which provided guidance and direction should the Client decide to pursue Cloud Services.
  • Provide direction, guidance, and support for business process changes and related technology implementations.

Confidential, Ft. Wayne, IN

Enterprise Architect


  • Focused on delivering migration planning and data center redundancy during the migration period; integration of Linux, MS SQL, and VMWare.
  • Provided improved automation of both Production and DR environments.
  • Provide architectural direction, planning, and written collateral to support decision making processes used by management.
  • Provide architectural renderings to support chosen direction.
  • Arrange and direct meetings with other architectural entities and business units to acquire their concurrence and alignment to the stated direction.
  • Collaborated with Development and Infrastructure teams to deliver the design and get their concurrence and support of the new designs.
  • Develop and publish DR Strategy documentation. Included were scope documents, project phases, timelines for implementations, project plans for implementations, logical descriptions of the technologies required to support the vision, all submitted on time and on budget.
  • Documented all known and newly discovered single points of failure in the Infrastructure.
  • These documents together provided a roadmap for moving forward for the client.

Confidential, FL

Enterprise Architect


  • Architectural guidance provided for the redesign and implementation of the EDW, the ERP system, and the Call Centers.
  • Responsible for Disaster Recovery design and planning.
  • Provided Architectural guidance and direction to the selection of the Public Cloud provider, guidance on the application analysis used to determine which existing applications could be hosted in the Public Cloud as is, as well as which ones needed to be replaced or re - written.
  • Delivered application integration designs, as all interfaces had to be created for Cloud Hosting.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Enterprise Architect


  • provided dedicated oversight to the architecture, design, and governance of projects and supporting strategy, major incidents and other general technical project support.
  • Provided overall technical deliverables across multiple technical platforms using new or existing technology to meet the business needs.
  • Oversaw data center migration planning and disaster recovery designs and implementations.
  • Infrastructure architecture oversight of key projects in accordance with US EA standards and roadmaps
  • Alignment and compliance with Global EA standards and Technologies
  • Architectural leadership for infrastructure solutions to enable the following:
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Center Virtualization
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • Efficiencies and cost savings
  • Alignment/Acceleration to the roadmap of next-generation infrastructure
  • Design of new VDI infrastructure for hosting remote corporate users
  • Reduction of risk and production incidents
  • Improvements in organizational execution

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

Enterprise Architect


  • Provided broad support and advice on enterprise architecture (EA), portfolio management, and segment architecture.
  • As an expert on strategy/program/project planning and integration, advised on setting up and using software and server configurations to integrate the client organization’s operational and initiative structures.
  • Guided organizational maturation, functional management and leadership
  • Developed and oversaw enterprise services management
  • Define and maintain architecture specific processes and functions
  • Define and maintain architecture principles, policies, and guidelines
  • Define and maintain technical architecture in support of target architecture
  • Support project scoping/planning, delivery guidance, and governance
  • Consult on architecture governance best practices and automation
  • Develop and maintain architectures, patterns and consumption guidelines
  • Build and manage relationships with Technical Engineering and all Technical Sectors at State Farm
  • Provide consulting and guidance to the other EA disciplines regarding solutions and services design and enablement
  • Consult on cloud design, best practices, and standards
  • Consult on Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure design and implementation
  • Consult on IT organizational challenges and impacts
  • Consult on Disaster Recovery best practices for private cloud
  • Fostered new relationships between the Development Centers and controlling Sectors, helping to ensure Confidential could achieve its strategic goals, and to create competitive advantage
  • Accelerated the development and adoption of architecture and technical solutions, while partnering with numerous Development Centers
  • Built technical model (TRM) to inventory and relate enterprise capabilities, services, technology categories, products/applications, and infrastructure components
  • Refined the existing Technical Capability Model for IT, the business, and for the delivery teams
  • Extended TRM relationships to the ARM, DRM, and BRM via Performance Model, to provide analytic reporting functionality and traceability of requirements and service quality metrics
  • Improving the alignment of Development Centers' activities with strategic intents and decisions of Technical Sectors
  • Implementing new tactics with Development Centers to streamline design (from conceptual through logical, to physical) by integrating architectural domains through architecture and tactical referencing
  • Reviewed the technical stacks for all production environments for architectural adherence and conformity to standards. Examples would be Active Directory, OLAP, Cloud enablement (J2EE), Unix, Linux, and mainframe.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ


  • Client required total refresh of two existing data centers and migration of all production to a new data center in a third location.
  • They requested a migration approach which would allow for zero downtime and data loss.
  • As Enterprise Disaster Recovery (DR) Architect, focus areas were migration planning and data center redundancy during the migration period.
  • Provided architectural direction, planning, and written collateral to support decision making processes used by management.
  • Provide architectural renderings to support chosen direction.
  • Arrange and direct meetings with other architectural entities and business units to acquire their concurrence and alignment to the stated direction.
  • Met with all IT departments to provide them input on their planning efforts in support of the migrations.
  • Developed and published DR Strategy documentation. Included were scope documents, project phases, timelines for implementations, project plans for implementations, logical descriptions of the technologies required to support the vision, all submitted on time and on budget.
  • These documents together provided a roadmap for moving forward for the client.

Confidential, Pleasanton, CA

Enterprise Disaster Recovery (DR) Architect


  • Provided development, implementation, testing and maintenance of the company DR strategy.
  • This included partnering with internal and external IT and cross-company teams to align processes and procedures within the organization in order to respond to a disaster and recover the critical business functions within the defined RTO/RPOs.
  • This position was also responsible for participating in any actual disaster recovery effort.
  • Working with a team of 50+ people, a current state DR environment was designed and built in less than a year.
  • This was the first DR implementation at KP, providing 4-hour recovery for a nation-wide, enterprise-wide suite of applications.
  • Designed and implemented the first real-time data replication, first change control process, database standardization, and the first to utilize architectural rigor in design at Confidential for DR.
  • Drive DR technical solutions design leveraging internal and external partners. Responsible for DR implementation.
  • Establish disaster recovery testing methodologies; plans and coordinates the testing of recovery support and business resumption procedures in different functional areas. Assures that recovery procedures are effective for the restoration of key corporate resources and for the resumption of critical business processes.
  • Assist recovery support and business resumption staff during a disaster in the implementation of response and alternate operating strategies. Act as an IT coordinator during an emergency.
  • Prescribe IT DR requirements for new environments, systems and/or facilities.
  • Provided direction for Infrastructure improvements required to support modern architectures and High Availability. Networking, storage, OS, monitoring, middleware, and capacity planning were all upgraded to support the new environments.
  • Participated in product / vendor selections including testing.
  • Orchestrated the use and establishment of database connectors to DB2 and Oracle dbs.
  • Directed monitoring design and implementation.
  • Design and build-out of Oracle PeopleSoft suite. Hardware included HP products and IBM P-series, EMC and NetApp storage, Cisco and Riverbed networking technologies.
  • Provide thought leadership in technology direction, technical services, vendor partnership and industry standards adoption.
  • Provide coordination across teams to encourage application of standards and adherence to standards based methodologies.
  • Provide guidance to and coordinates the efforts of staff members in the development of recovery procedures for key areas of the organization.
  • Analyze and identify points of vulnerability and recommends disaster avoidance and reduction strategies.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Enterprise IT Architect


  • Cataloged business and IT processes, systems documentation, and data assets to assess Go Team readiness to utilize the critical elements of Enterprise Architecture they would like to embrace.
  • Responsible for the architecture portion of the delivery.
  • Presented client with Enterprise Architecture approaches that could be successful in their climate.
  • Established the proper framework for establishment of EA by the client. Provided comparison of Zachman vs. TOGAF, DODAF, etc.
  • Reviewed current state of the Microsoft front end web environments for standards conformity. Provided client with standards to implement to improve their web hosting capabilities availability.
  • Effort cited by the client as the major strategic budget and strategy victory of FYs ’08 and ‘09.

Confidential, St Petersburg, FL

Enterprise Architect


  • Established architectural standards to be applied across the company.
  • Selected Zachman framework to be used as the methodology for us to catalog IT and business artifacts.
  • Responsible for infrastructure technology decisions regarding Confidential integration.
  • Utilized selected components of the Sterling Commerce Business Integration Suite to solve the problems. Managed thousands of file transfers daily from external vendors using Sterling Commerce’s Connect:Direct. Selected IBM WebSphere for Confidential integrations.
  • Designed architectural review board. Established many of the EA processes in use.
  • Worked on development of SDLC (modified waterfall) methodology for RJ software engineering. Documented controls, processes, tools, and needed. Documented the architectural processes to be used.
  • Designed the initial look at MDA for software engineering.
  • Applied Architectural principles to IT Operations, including designing and building a catalog of Infrastructure tools and approved technologies. This catalog became the Product Lifecycle Management tool at RJ, and was used to provide IT and the Business a view into what IT offered and how to use the tools, etc. in the listing.
  • Established ITIL processes to manage Change Control, Incident Management, and Release Management.
  • Direct accountability for delivering solutions through engineering (software development) teams. Ensured business requirements were properly translated into UML design documents and implemented. Developed architectural documents associated with projects: ADD, SRS, and Project Charter. Used UML and BPM modeling techniques.
  • Provided UML technical documentation using Architect tools; Visio, EA Sparx, etc.
  • Established and maintained key vendor relationships, and provided architectural guidance and direction to vendors.
  • Provided testing expertise to projects.
  • Data Warehouse Project: Provided integration patterns and methods to other architects to interface their solutions into the new warehouse. This warehouse had 50 TB when I left.
  • Managed proof of concept process for Remote Check Deposit project. Led vendor selection process, developed project charter, led architectural review of products, selected vendor, led Proof of Concept implementation and testing. Compared vendor offerings with in-house application Captiva.
  • Provided project level support to all Windows and NonStop high level design efforts.
  • Provided architectural guidance and technical leadership on business and IT sponsored projects as assigned:
  • Branch Office Remote Check Deposit project $3 million budget
  • Accounting Dept. system upgrade $1 million budget
  • HR system upgrade (Peoplesoft) $3 million budget

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