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Senior Solutions Architect Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Information Technology Professional with over 15 years of experience in software engineering, consulting and technical architect with wide range of industries, including Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, Auto, Health, Life, Annuity and P&C Insurance and Government.
  • Proven record in applying complex technologies to business problems, resulting in increased revenue and profit.
  • Strong professional experience with Enterprise Architecture, Business and Information Engineering methods, application design, data administration, data warehouse and data modeling.
  • Strong ability to understand business requirements and convert requirements into technical architecture/design and develop efficient solutions to meet the requirements using latest technology and tools.
  • Involved and conducted JAD sessions and documented requirements and traceability matrix documents, validated requirements with individuals groups in separate sessions.
  • Strong experience with business analysis, data analysis, application design and development. Posses good communication skills, excellent analytical and interpersonal skills needed for gathering requirements, providing effective solutions and completing assignments on time.
  • Over ten years of experience in design, development and testing applications using Oracle 10g/9i/8/7.3 PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Developer 2000 (Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5) under UNIX and Windows.
  • Strong skills in full life cycle development of data warehouse applications using Informatica 7.2/6.2/5.1/5.0 and Datastage Server/EE(Parallel Extender) 7.5.2/6.1, Business Objects 6.0/ IBIZ/, Cognos Impromptu v 7.0, PowerPlay 6.6, WebFocus, Microstrategy’s DSS tools.
  • Over fifteen years of experience working with wide variety of databases: Oracle, DB2, UDB, SQL Server, Teradata, IMS, Adabas, Dbase, Foxpro, Foxbase.
  • Extensive experience in Shell scripting, PL/SQL functions, procedures, packages, stored procedures.
  • Strong experience in developing applications using procedures, COBOL,CICS, IMS DB/DC, Natural, Anabas, Unify, JCL, VSAM,XREDITER,ENDEAVOR,ISPF,PVCS, Pro*C, Java,MS project, Visio,SAS.
  • Well versed with Ralph Kimball, W.H.Inmon approaches and excellent skills in Data Warehouse design (both star and snowflake) and developing conceptual, logical and physical models using Erwin, ERStudio, Power designer and created enterprise model, subject areas, data marts with fact and dimension tables, forward and reverse engineering and comparing models and generated reports.
  • Over one year experience with Teradata fast load, mload, BTEQ, Teradata SQL assistant and Fast Export.
  • Familiar with O - O analysis and design methodology, UML, Rational Rose and one year experience in developing applications with Java and Net Dynamics.


OS: Windows, Unix, Linux, MVS.

Data Bases: DB2 UDB, SQL Server 7/200x, Oracle 10g/9i/8, Teradata, Netezza, Adabas, IMS DB, Nucleus, Foxpro,Foxbase,Dbase,Unify.

Software/Tools: Informatica Powercentre 6.1/7.1(Designer, Repository Manager,Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor), MS-Project,Ascential/IBM Datastage 7.5.2.A, PX ETL tool, Metastage, Qualitystage, Datastage Manager, Administrator, Director, Version Control,Abinitio, Trillium - Discovery, Erwin 4.x/5.x, ERStudio,Visio 200x, CA Platinum tools, File-aid, BMC and IBM tools, Perl scripting, DB2 stored procedures, COBOL, CICS, Natural,SAS V8, SAS Enterprise guide, Nucleus Explorer, TOAD Expert PL/SQL, SQL, C,Pro*C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, Visual Sourcesafe,Surround SCM 5.0.1, WinSCP, Python,Shell, WinSQL 7.0, SQL Navigator 5.5, Sybase PowerDesigner, Microstrategy, Webfocus, Brio, Cognos,Business Objects XI, Eclipse,Rational RequisitePro, XPEDITER, VSAM,ISPF,SPUFI, IMS DC, IAA/IIW Object Oriented Design and model, UDM, RUP,GUP, BOM, SOA, Use cases, eRoom, Marvel,Peregrine service center,PVCS, SyncSort, Confidential .

Hardware: AIX P5, IBM Mainframe, Sun Solaris, HP, and Windows based Workstations.


Senior Solutions Architect

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Gathered CBB/EBI requirements and scalability to support new volumes related to CBB EDW.
  • Provided storage assessment and contributed in hardware enhancements to support high volumes of data.
  • Designed data models and lead data modeling activities in supporting EDW/RBM Inbound, CNS/CATS downstream applications. Both logical and Physical models were created, includes both dimensional and olap models in Erwin r7.3 and 8.x versions. Migrated all the models to PowerDesigner at later stage, followed all EBI naming standards.
  • Created DML and DDL scripts with partition strategy, Stage, Swap and Build tables to support advanced methods in loading millions of records.
  • Used Informatica’s Table manager and created Master Data management tables under USER schema and provided users with necessary support manuals.
  • Coordinate, participate and lead meetings to review requirements, participated and conducted JAD sessions and supported in documenting functional requirements.
  • Designed ETL components and used Oracle Exadata features such as Compression, smart scan and design ETL components to use interval partition exchange and sub partition exchange multiple to support daily and bill cycles usage data. Both bitmap and B-Tree indexes were created in Oracle 11g and after migrating code to Exadata, all indexes were dropped and tested. Cox is one of first few Oracle clients to implement Exadata and IPDR/BAE is the first project with high volume of data is implemented on Exadata ½ RAC, now planning to move to full RAC.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to project teams and lead off-shore team, coordinated all the ETL code/review activities.
  • Provide project estimates to project manager and supported in resource planning activities.
  • Designed Informatica’s re-usable components for dynamic parameter file creation process.
  • Work with support team to define methods for implementing solutions for performance measurement and monitoring.
  • Interview and participate in candidate selection process.

Confidential, Rochester, NY

DW Architect


  • Gathered requirements and scalability to support new volumes related to conversion.
  • Provided storage assessment, hardware upgradation to support 30 TB for DW, modified existing sqls to improve performance.
  • Billed Revenue, service order and trouble tickets, carrier usage, Disputes and Capital Expense data extracted from hetrogenious sources such as Oracle, DB2, Infinium tables and flat files and loaded into ODS (Oracle) tables and using BTEQ scripts data loaded into temp tables in EDW (Teradata) and applied all business rules and scorecard rules and loaded into EDW tables in Teradata.
  • Using Essbase the cubes were build to support senior management and technical management reports.
  • Informatica V8 and Sql procedures/Teradata utilities were used to load data and adhoc reports were built using Brio.
  • Official Product mapping was challenge and co-ordinated with Finance and Marketing team to maintain additional products resulted from Verizon data.
  • Veriyanet and Confidential Mobile data is integrated with dw data. CVS, Sharepoint and Erwin tools were used for maintaining various artifacts related to this project.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Technical Architect


  • Change In Terms - Solicitation and Response analytics
  • Retention Process - Retain customers with various offers - Offers and Customer responses
  • Conducted extensive Data Analysis and assisted Risk, Portfolio Management and Corporate VTAM for all technical support and design decisions.
  • Saved over a million in dollars for implementing change in terms apr pricing changes ahead of the scheduled time.
  • Assisted Project Managers with cost/time estimation and resource requirements and delivered projects on time with accuracy and met the high expectations of the business groups.
  • Converted business requirements into conceptual, logical and physical models. Developed source target mappings and completed high level design with key design decisions for each swim lane covering load strategy, error handling, data retention and application access requirements. Reviewed detailed designs, Interface documents and test plans. PowerDesigner and Erwin used for maintaining existing models and creating new models. Generated DDLs and Created tables in Oracle and Netezza, involved in performance tuning, analyzed tables, added indexes, co-ordinated with DBAs for implementing physical models in production.
  • Spent extra time in understanding the big picture and provided flexible solutions to accommodate ever changing requirements, taken phased approach and delivered in multiple phases and fulfilled the business need.
  • Reverse engineered existing models, used complete compare to identify the source system changes and incorporated necessary changes to the current model to carryout changes from source systems.
  • Designed datamarts to meet the reporting requirements associated with each functional area BCR, NEGAM, Retention and CIT. Contributed in updating Bus matrix and designed new conformed dimensions associated with Retention Offers, Pricing Controls, Bank Agent controls, Dispute classification, Budget, Brand, Portfolio, RiskLevel, CardTypes. Involved in data governance and contributed to the master data (SOR) maintenance. Involved in framework development, ODS and EDW enhancements tasks.
  • Supported in integrating upstream and downstream data files from multiple vendors PPA, Surebill, Efunds and Huntington. Created interface design documents with necessary components such as file layout, format, naming conventions, notification, file transmission approaches and timing details.
  • Designed and developed ETL mappings to extract data from heterogeneous sources and load into ODS, and data extracted from ODS, flat files and loaded into Datamarts. Developed SQLs, PL/SQL packages and procedures, Informatica mappings and workflows for BCR and Retention processes. NEGAM data is extracted ODS and loaded into datamart in Netezza using nzload and the same data is used for Negative Amortization reporting.
  • Involved extensively in tuning of transformations, mappings, workflows/sessions and oracle source and target tables Session logs, Bad files, workflow logs were the key see load status and modified the mappings/data as needed, to attain expected results.
  • Build Retention Revenue DataMart to measure the growth of the retention promotion program.
  • Business Objects is used for generating Banking reports, Negative Amortization and Bad check reporting.

Confidential, Omaha, NE

Data Architect and Senior ETL architect


  • Datastage Conversion from Windows to UNIX - Project Lead and Architect
  • Confidential - Rider Campaign Analytical Data mart (RCADM) - Project Lead & Architect
  • Confidential DW Data marts - Sr. DW Developer
  • Business covers Health, Life, Annuities and P&C Insurance and Reinsurance.
  • Facilitated JAD sessions, gathered requirements along with BA, Designed and customized Campaign subject area with 60 tables. IIW architecture campaign tables customized to meet the needs of the corporation to build revised EDW.
  • Developed Conceptual, Logical and Physical models for Subject Area under consideration. Using Erwin 5.1. Provided resource estimation and co-oridnated with PM in arriving at a high level project plan and deliverables. Conducted Impacted analysis, identified subject areas impacted and managed ETL team in design, develop and implement Datastage jobs.
  • As Project Lead and Architect successfully completed datastage conversion from windows to AIX P5.
  • More than 500 Datastage jobs, 131 scripts and were converted to AIX UNIX Datastage jobs and shell scripts respectively. Estimates were prepared and proposed to the management. Prepared project plan, listed all the milestones, identified the critical path and delivered to the management.
  • Used Discovery for data profiling, discovering and analyzing data.
  • Build parallel jobs using Qualitystage and consolidated Customer data, Identified inconsistent and missing values.
  • Major challenge was setting up environment by providing minute details with regard to database connections, interfaces, utility software packages, FTP secured parameter setup etc. Role played as an architect and developed architectural diagram for ETL process for entire CDW ( Corporate Data Warehouse) showing external and internal interfaces and capacity and data flows.
  • Websphere MQ stage used to get messages from Queue, destructive reads, message types datagram, request, reply were written to output queue. LTV datamart built in Teradata, Created flat files from EDW tables and loaded into terdata tables using mload. BTEQ scripts to update LTV data and extracted and loaded data using Fast Extract and Fast Load utilities.
  • Involved in performance tuning. Configure ODBC, Create Projects as dsadm, create users, deploy jobs using Datastage version control, making changes to .profile of dsadm, dsenv to point to new database, security restrictions through ds.rc file, stop, regen, start Datastage uv as dsadm.
  • Developed standard reports for customer using Webfocus. Hyperion/Brio tool to develop pivot, cubes, connecting multi platforms/databases (DB2, SQL server, Oracle).


Project Lead & Architect


  • Extracted source definitions from different databases DB2, DB2 UDB, flat files into Datastage Repository.
  • Created several jobs and sequencers to load campaign data mart.
  • Files were FTPed to Confidential and other external interfaces such as SAS and Nucleus servers.
  • CA-7 jobs were submitted through Datastage scripts and routines.
  • Campaign tables were backed up in mainframe, by submitting jobs through Datastage.
  • UDB and SQL server tables were created and maintained in dev and test environments and co-ordinated with DBA for Prod.
  • Involved in extensive performance tuning.
  • Developed tuned jobs to handle bulk data (21 millions in policy table) and did converted existing fact and dimension data.
  • Build parallel jobs using Qualitystage and consolidated Customer data, Identified inconsistent and missing values.
  • Developed logical model (Erwin and Power designer) for Rider Budget Accumulation fact (Budget Mart).
  • Power designer models converted to Erwin, Model changes incorporated in Erwin. Visio is used extensively to represent all job flows, dependencies and Interfaces.
  • Suppression, Individual, Policy and Rider Coverage fact tables loaded and created several datastage jobs and sequencers to perform the necessary tasks.
  • Developed Shell scripts to perform before/after job execution.
  • Confidential scripts to sort flat files and create sorted output. Logical and Physical model design.
  • DB2 UDB Bulk load stage is used for load replacing all the data. These special jobs were designed to run weekly once with load replace and daily to insert rows normally.
  • Build parallel jobs using Qualitystage and consolidated Customer data, Identified inconsistent and missing values.
  • Enhancements to DMR (Data mining) & BSC (Balanced Score Card) projects. Hyperion/Brio tool to develop pivot, cubes, connecting multi platforms/databases (DB2, SQL server, UDB) and also used for data analysis.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr.Software Engineer


  • Customer Integrated database Phase 5
  • Developed and designed Graphs, Re-usable components, co-ordinated in architecting ETL design. Developed BUS Matrix for Customer Integrated Data warehouse group.
  • Wrote Ab Initio Scripts, Shell Scripts, Added interface with other Applications and executed C programs.
  • Developed core and support for various artifacts, RTM (Requirements Traceability Matrix), dataflow, job flow. Developed & tested several graphs.
  • Studied the Software Requirements Specifications and analyzed the reporting needs of the Business users.

Confidential, Bethpage, NY

Sr.Software Engineer


  • Participated in JAD sessions and contributed in gathering and validating requirements, analyzed existing source systems. Developed design documents and review low level design documents.
  • Extracted source definitions from different databases Oracle 8i/9i, DB2 UDB, SQL Server 7, Text files into the Informatica Power Center 6.1 repository. Analyzed and designed ETL Processes and developed several Informatica mappings. Involved extensively in tuning of Transformations, mappings, workflows/sessions and source and target tables. Used External Loader for loading data into few fact tables.
  • Developed Shell scripts to FTP data, backup and archive files, load data using sqlldr, Syncsort GUI and shell scripts. Used DB2 bulk load.
  • Used Cognos Transformer 6.6 to build multidimensional cubes/power Cubes, subcubes which facilitates drill down, drill ups, drill through. Publish cubes over the internet using upfront portal. Scheduled reports and cubes using both scheduler and script editor (for Macros). Generated Impromptu Web reports.

Confidential, Danbury, CT

Sr.Software Engineer


  • Relocation Services Data Warehouse
  • Designed and developed stored procedures for loading data into target tables. Extensive analysis of DB2 tables and CICS, COBOL programs for help defining transformations. Target data model developed using ERStudio.
  • Reported requirements gathered, developed and published. SQL server SP were developed to verify target tables and to drop and re-build indexes and key constraints, validated and implemented business rules. Shell scripting and cron jobs for invoking extract jobs for few sources.
  • Participated in business analysis, ETL requirements gathering, physical and logical modeling and Created Fact and Dimensional tables using Erwin.
  • Extracted source definitions from various databases like Oracle 8i, text files into the Informatica Power Center 5.0 repository.
  • Analyzed and designed ETL processes and developed several Informatica mappings.
  • Developed different Transformations like lookup, filter, stored procedure, expression, joiner, aggregator, etc. to load the data into targets. Used mapplets and reusable transformations. Customer subscriptions were loaded into partitioned tables.
  • Used Cognos Transformer 6.6 to build multidimensional cubes/power Cubes and used it in Cognos PowerPlay 6.6 to build graphs and charts of revenue data.
  • Used Cognos Impromptu 6.0 for developing reports like crosstab, freestyle, form letter, mailing labels, Grouped list and Summary reports.
  • Implemented different DW design approaches like star-schema, Snowflake schema, involved in designing logical and physical database design using Erwin 3.5.2 and Model Manager.
  • Develooed IBM DB2 utilities (JCL) to unload data from DB2 table, Syncsort and Load utilities, Punch cards were used to load data into ODS (DB2 UDB). Punch cards, JCLs, Parm Cards, Programs were migrated and version controlled by ENDEAVOR. VS Cobol II programs were used while establishing two phases commits.
  • Informatica Power Center 5.0 server and Client tools used for extracting from other systems and mappings, Mapplets, Transformations defined and loaded data into Customer and Service accounts fact tables. All dimension tables were mapped from various tables and loaded before loading fact tables. Tables were partitioned for ease of use with high volume data. Five years wrth of data is retained in DW tables. Parameter file is created and dynamic scripts were generated to truncate partion and load data.
  • Maintained NetDynamics 3.1/4.0 (Java, HTML and Studio prog/files) used for Dimension tables using intranet service.
  • Used Microstrategy’s DSS architect and Agent for Meta data declaration and creation of reports; drill down to produce more granular reports.

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