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Enterprise Architect, Office Of Cio Resume


  • Certified Enterprise Architect with 16+ years of experience ranging from client/server architecture and distributed applications architecture ranging from Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) / Business Process Management (BPM) / Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) / Model - View Controller Architecture (MVC) / Event Driven Architecture (EDA).
  • Extensive work experience on Enterprise Architecture best practices and have lead a varieties of architects with various levels of expertise from system integration, infrastructure, databases and security.
  • Provided architectures for enhancing system integrations with FileNet Image Services, FileNet P8, BizTalk, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Provider Portals, SharePoint 2012/2013, Performance Point Dashboards, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Webservices etc.
  • Provided integration architectures using Confidential, Oracle SOA, Apache, JAX-WS/Axis, SOAP/REST APIs
  • Provided reporting capabilities to the existing architectures using Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT), Business Objects.
  • Provided Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) integrations using Axis2 to identify IT Owners for COTS/Custom Applications that are built within the enterprise.
  • Provided integration architecture for ServiceNow using OOTB webservices to synchronize incident location information from Planon which is a Facilities Management System
  • Provided integration platform to integrate NetSuite OpenAir with SAP 7 publishing customer, projects and resources from SAP to OpenAir, and publishing Timesheets, Invoices, Expenses from OpenAir to SAP on Confidential 8x Integration Platform.
  • Lead a team of application architects and demonstrated expertise on Planon Facility Management Software Solution and Service Now - Incident Management System Integration
  • Lead a team of application architects and implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Member Services within Confidential
  • Guided the project team to implement IBM FileNet P8 Enterprise Content Management System For Confidential Legal department by replacing a Legacy Document Management system Worldox
  • Lead technical product evaluations including Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Content Authoring Tools (DITA), Enterprise Content Management, and Website Translations.
  • Technically lead multiple projects to solve critical business requirements having tight deadlines. Managed Confidential ‘s (Formerly Confidential ) customer portal and Integrated Confidential .
  • Instrumental in assisting Confidential ’s global consulting business ranging from supporting the project management and streamlining business processes up to customer billing and tracking for complex enterprise integration.
  • Strong working skills on different Business Intelligence(BI) reporting tools like BIRT and Business Objects / MASHZONE for real time business reporting


Architectures: EAI / ESB - Publish/Subscribe, Request / Reply, SOA

SOA Governance: CentraSite / UDDI Registry

Enterprise Content Management: IBM FileNet P8, Workplace XT 5.x, Content Navigator 5.x, ICC, Process Designer

Messaging Tools: JMS / Confidential Broker / Active MQ

Service Orchestration Tools: ESB/SOA/BPM

SOA Infrastructure suites: JBoss ESB

Business Intelligence Reporting: Business Objects / BIRT (Open Source), Aries Mash zone

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL

BPM Tools: Confidential Designer / Modeler /Process / Workflow Engine)Composite Application Framework (CAF) - My Confidential Server, JSR 168 Portlets

Languages/Platform: J2EE, C++, C, Weblogic, Windows, Sun OS 10)Standards/Protocols (JMS, WS*, HTTPS, SOAP 1.1/1.2

Document Interchange Formats: XML, JSON

Security/Authentication: SAML, Kerberos, Basic Authentication, and Shared domain cookie based (SSO)

Specifications: SOAP, JSON, Open SSL, Java Cryptology JCO

Application Programming Interfaces: POI, iText, JavaScript, JDK, SAP Jco (Java Connector), JSP, ASP, EJB

Webservers: iPlanet, Apache, Microsoft IIS Webserver

Application Server: WebSphere 7x, Weblogic 9x, Microsoft IIS 7x



Enterprise Architect, Office of CIO


  • Integrated IBM FileNet P8 with SharePoint 2010 using the SharePoint connector for FileNet P8
  • Demonstrated how to explore the P8 Object Store from SharePoint to Confidential ’s Legal Department
  • Have integrated FileNet P8 with Active MQ server to monitor documents that is uploaded by the other application viz portal.
  • Have created webservice wrappers for FileNet to publish documents in to FileNet P8.
  • The wrappers also act as a Active MQ client to publish the document IDs to a common Queue.
  • Processed faxed paper documents via email and attached the files in to FileNet P8 via MTOM webservices. Confidential processes paper claims that comes via faxes. These faxed claims are then scanned via email and attached to FileNet P8 at the back end for further processing.
  • Consolidated webservices from COTS systems that are used by the core business which includes QNXT, Dynamics CRM, IBM FileNet P8, IBM FileNet Image services, ASG Cypress, Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle Primavera, Clinical Care Advance, Member and Provider Portals
  • Established Service Governance across all the IT groups and & produced repository environment using simple HTML / JavaScript
  • Built the webservice Catalog for Healthcare Systems and Services within Confidential
  • Demonstrated IBM FileNet P8 Content Engine/ Workplace XT 4.5.1
  • Integrated FileNet P8 with Provider Enrollment Application using the Webservices provided by FileNet. Built wrapper services around FileNet built-in services to ensure interoperability and system independency
  • Hosted / Configured P8 Domain / Object Stores and published documents from Web Portals / MS Office 2007 / Workplace XT using Webservice/SOAP 1.2 for various business functions like Healthcare Provider Enrollment.
  • Prepared vendor questionnaire based on CMS and MITA 3.0 requirements
  • Identified ESB vendors and distributed questionnaire
  • Consolidated vendor responses and deployed a team of architects for evaluation.
  • Conducted weighted-average analysis on the vendor responses.
  • Built POC requirements and success criteria for the ESB products
  • Exercised open source ESBs like Mule and WSO2 for our best fit in the organization
  • Built a POC on the WSO2 Business Rules Engine using Drools configuration

Confidential, Maryland

Sr. Systems Integration Architect


  • Deployed JIRA Event listeners and invoked webservices on Confidential to publish user actions as events from JIRA to Service Manager and evaluated processing JSON documents within Confidential to process JIRA Outbound Data as alternatives.
  • Tools Deployed: Confidential ESB 8.2, Confidential WS Stack, JIRA Event API, Java 1.6
  • ODS Database: MySQL, Oracle 11g
  • Specifications: SOAP 1.2, JSON over HTTP
  • Architecture / Pattern: ESB Publish/ Subscribe
  • Designed & architected the SOA integration solution between Verizon and Confidential for seamless service request data flow between Siebel and Verizon’s eBonding Appliance the organizations. I have deployed Business Objects (BO) reporting for creating Integration Data Audit reports.
  • Tools Deployed: Confidential ESB 7.1.2, Confidential Webservices Stack, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), Business Objects (BO), Java 1.6
  • Specifications: SOAP 1.1/1.2
  • Architecture Pattern: ESB Publish/ Subscribe
  • ODS Database: Oracle 11g
  • Designed webservices for Service request creation in Siebel CRM from a Brazil based Confidential portal on Confidential ESB via email polling.
  • ESB Publish/ Subscribe & Synchronous Request/Reply
  • Oracle 11g
  • Designed integrated solution for email processing, extracting data to invoke webservices on the Siebel for creating support tickets on Confidential 7.x ESB platform.
  • ESB Publish/ Subscribe
  • Oracle 11g
  • ESB 7.1.2, Java 1.6
  • SOAP 1.1
  • Generated service requests in Siebel CRM from Operations Manager - Event Monitoring system for Confidential .
  • Tools Deployed: Confidential ESB 7.1.2, Confidential Webservices Stack, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), Java 1.6
  • Specifications: SOAP 1.1
  • ESB Synchronous Request/Reply
  • Built a Java based web front-end for uploading the sales representative’s assignment on different Confidential customer accounts and their start dates on an account to help calculating the representative’s commission in the Oracle financials system
  • Tools Deployed: Apache webserver / Tomcat Application Server 5.x / Apache POI, Java 1.6
  • Specifications: HTTP
  • Architecture / Pattern: Distributed Application


SAP - SOA Integration Lead


  • Architected using Publish/Subscribe design pattern and Implemented Master data flow integration between SAP and OpenAir for PS contracts / Customer / Resources Information on Confidential ESB platform.
  • Worked with PS business controlling and stream-lined PS business processes speeding up the customer invoicing.
  • Implemented Optical Character Recognition using Contract management software Gobby for expense receipts processing and integrated the Approval process with OpenAir for storing/retrieving the expense receipts electronically.
  • Confidential ESB Platform 8.0, Confidential Broker 8.0, Confidential SAP Adapter 6.5, OpenAir XML API, Apache POI, iText PDF generator, BIRT Business Intelligence Reporting
  • XML over HTTP (REST), OpenSSL
  • ESB Publish / Subscribe


Technical Lead


  • Have migrated the Confidential from the former customer extranet ( Confidential Advantage) to Empower which is the current Confidential ’s customer extranet.
  • Managed the Confidential Admin tools supporting the customer to contract setup and which allows the customers the ability to download software both from the browser and via the Java Swing fat client
  • JBOSS 4.x Application Server, Enterprise Java Beans 2.0, Confidential Integration Server 6.x
  • Client / Server

Customer Extranet Administrator



  • Have been technically Managing the customer portal “ Confidential Advantage”
  • Migrated documentation / Knowledge Base / Community Forums from our legacy application server Broad Vision on to Confidential MWS server using CAF APIs.
  • Implemented a document managing and publishing system extending CAF framework provided by Confidential MWS server.
  • Tools Deployed: My Confidential Server 6.5.2 / 7.1.2 , Apache POI APIs, Broadvision Application Servers, iPlanet webservers, Apache Webservers, Confidential Portal Server 6.5.2.
  • Specification: JSR 168 Portlets, HTTPS, OpenSSL
  • Search Engine: Apache’s Lucene and Nutch
  • Have been instrumental migrating the legacy content from Confidential and Confidential in to Pivotal CRM.
  • Have been SOA expert on Pivotal system to integrate with our File share system
  • Where in customers can upload documents to their service tickets in Pivotal which is commonly known as eService on the Empower.
  • .Net Framework 2.0, Pivotal webservices generator using WCF, MSSQL Business Intelligence Studio, Confidential ESB 7.1.2
  • Crawled and Indexed Confidential ’s customer extranet “Empower” and Indexed all the content across the sites
  • Evaluated Google’s user authentication using SAML Assertions / Apache’s reverse proxy mechanism for search engine users.
  • Evaluated the possibility of modifying the system defined server specific cookie generated and assigned by Microsoft IIS webserver.
  • Evaluated Google’s XML Feed API for feeding content and indexing in to GSA.
  • Tools deployed: Google Search Appliance, Microsoft IIS Webserver, Apache webserver


Technical Consultant


  • Key player in supporting a large-sized infrastructure team to manage and maintain Confidential environments to support 700+ EAI integrations across various GEPS entities.
  • Implemented a broker server repository for more than 500 Integrations where it gives an in-depth view of all the integrations across the enterprise.
  • Migrated Integration code from Testing to Production Integration environments.
  • Configure Application specific adapters to ensure the Integration code
  • Implemented mass document restore mechanism using Application Transaction coordinator adapter.
  • EAI Request/Reply, EAI Publish / Subscribe
  • Have client accolades from Confidential Montreal for Confidential BPM and workflow implementation
  • Worked as BPM expert with Confidential Montreal on Loan Processing Support System.
  • Confidential Integration Server 6.5 / Confidential BPM 6.5
  • EAI Request/Reply, EAI Publish / Subscribe
  • Have streamlined processes for processing loans and making decisions based n a cumulative FICO and Loan-to-Value ranges.
  • Have been instrumental in migrating legacy integrations on to Confidential Integration platform.
  • Oracle’s weblogic App. Server, Confidential Integration Server 6.5 / Confidential BPM 6.5
  • EAI Request/Reply, EAI Publish / Subscribe

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