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Operations Manager Consultant Resume

New York, NY


More than twenty years in IT technology field seeking a position with a progressive company that will effectively utilize my knowledge and expertise in enterprise system management, ability to work independently or in team environment with strong interpersonal and excellent written and verbal communication skills, personally committed to learn quickly and can assimilate job requirements and employ new methods and technologies.


Operating System: Linux (Oracle, Redhat Enterprise 5 6 7, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu), UNIX (HPUX /ia64, Solaris SPARC/x86 8,9,10, IBM AIX), Windows, Data ONTAP

Hardware: Oracle ExaCC, Exadata, HP - DL380p,Dell PowerEdge, HP (HP9000 Superdome, ia64 hp Superdome2 32s, ia64 hp server BL860c, rx2620, rx4640, rx1620, rx8620, rx5670,Blade System C7000 Enclosure, Proliant DL/BL, HP Smart Arrays, P2000), Sun Enterprise/SunFire (T5120, T5220,T510,T5240, T5440, 10K, 12K, 15K, 6500,5500,4500,3500,v480,v490,v440,v210,Netras,4800,6800,E250,E450) Sun Blade T6320, M5000, NetApp (F630,F740,F760,F840 Filers, DS14), EMC DMX3000, Cisco UCS, EMC vBLOCK

Cluster/Volume Management: Infoscale, Veritas (VxVM, VxFS, CFS, VCS, VVR, VOM, DMP), HPUX (LVM, JFS, OnlineJFS, MC/ServiceGuard), Redhat (LVM, ext3, ext4, xfs) Solaris (format, fdisk, UFS, ZFS), EMC Powerpath

Virtualization: AWS, EC2, VMWare (ESX/ESXi,DRS,HA,FT), HP VSOE (VPAR, NPAR, HPVM), Redhat KVM

Other Software: Nagios, RH Ansible, Jira,AlertLogic IDS, Intersystem Healthshare, HSPI, DeepSee, HL7, Atelier, GIT, SCM, CVS, Phabricator (Wiki), Nagios, VSFTPD, HP (Ignite, Glance+,SIM), VMware (Web Thin Client, RVTools), Red Hat (Satellite, Kickstart), Sun (SSP, System Controller, Sun Cluster, Service Guard, Remote System Control, Solstice Disk Suite 4.1, Jumpstart), NetBackup, IBM WebSphere, LAMP, WebLogic, JDK, Legato Networker, PeopleSoft Financials 5.0, Veritas Cluster manager, VirtualBox, PuTTy, psftp, Cisco UCS Manager, WinSCP, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Project, Communicator, Outlook)


Scripting: BASH, Korn, Bourne Shell, CSH, AWK, SED, VI, VIM, EMACS, GNOME

Databases: Intersystem Cache/HealthShare, MySQL, Oracle 7.1.6, 7.2.3,, 8.x, 9x (OPS) 10g RAC 11g, 12c


Confidential, New York, NY

Operations Manager Consultant


  • Provided strategic view of a broad cross section of UNIX technologies, servers including database, messaging and web platforms, implemented migration plans for OS upgrade, developed high level infrastructure solutions that in corporate strategic target state architecture and standards, performed capacity planning, systems performance analysis and optimization in a distributed client/server environment, worked with senior technologies to influence and shape the strategic infrastructure, helped define and implement infrastructure standards, partner with the application owners to develop and update comprehensive DR strategy, worked with Production teams to develop specific disaster recovery plans.

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Systems Analyst/DEVOPS Consultant


  • Introduced a comprehensive problem management process that improved quality control, communication, and issue resolution for cross - functional teams.
  • Defined roadmap for systems consolidation, application upgrade and managed Confidential public cloud computing to benefit cost, speed, global scale, productivity, performance and reliability (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS). Introduced Nagios to monitor entire Confidential infrastructure to ensure systems, applications, services, and business processes are functioning properly. In the event of a failure, Nagios can alert technical staff of the problem, allowing them to begin remediation processes before outages affect business processes, end-users, or customers.
  • Liaison between Business Leads, Technical Teams, and Operations Teams across all levels while managing expectations and requirements.
  • Coordinate the data gathering, collection and initial discovery and analysis efforts to support the implementation project planning and preparation activities.
  • Manage multiple levels of testing for the Confidential along with the development of appropriate testing documentation with vendors, provider practices and other ancillary services.
  • Create documentation to assist with integration for each phase of the Project Life Cycle including Project Scope, Business Requirement Document, Product Turnover, Project Plan, SLA, SOP, & Integrated Testing.
  • Source code promotion using source control, backup and restore, synchronization, undo, track changes, ownership, branching and merging. Managed multiple virtual machines on multiple physical host including shared resources such as interfaces, CPU, memory, disk space expansion and storage growth analysis.
  • Implement intrusion detection security software, local LDAP administration, account creation and restrictions, password management SSL generation and apply mandatory security patches.
  • Performance tuning, baseline, detect symptoms and problems, bottlenecks, gather app, database, disk, OS, Network IO statistics.
  • Primary lead and level 2 support for Confidential in critical events, planned and unplanned outages, recovery and backup restore process.

Confidential, New York, NY

Sr. UNIX/Linux Admin


  • Performed a major role in successful DR of 300 mid-range server’s effort during the 2012 superstorm Sandy, ed with full time position with Confidential .
  • Successfully led effort in server inventory reconciliation and decommissioned 25% as part of cost savings initiative.
  • Recovered critical server during outage before business hours and avoid financial loss, server Installation and maintenance, OS upgrades and patches of all hardware and operational utilities on Redhat Linux systems. Linux, HPUX and Solaris, adheres to documented, approved standards, planned and coordinated infrastructure server request, monitor, schedule, and implement server storage usage and expansion as required for client needs, coordinated and planned with other support groups and vendors to provide emergency and scheduled maintenance in an effective timeframe, provided research, communication, and implement best practices for server tuning, assess and coordinated requested changes to reduce business impact, followed all operational procedures and policies, worked with global resources to implement servers and resolve issues.
  • Participates in on call support schedule.

Confidential, New York, NY

Sr. UNIX/Linux Administrator Consultant


  • Performed emergency disaster recovery effort during Sandy superstorm, rebuilding primary data center in Old Slip to recovery site in Confidential New Jersey.
  • Rack and stack HP, Sun and Dell servers, network connectivity and configurations, backup and data recovery, rebuilding systems and storage devices.
  • Implemented test plans, coordination with current staff in recovery process, and identified risks and problem resolution.

Confidential, Doylestown, PA

Sr. System Analyst (Consultant)


  • Provided operational availability draft such as gap analysis, prepared metrics, planned and unplanned downtime, high availability framework, DC infrastructure, network redundancy and uptime, storage and database availability.

Confidential, New York, NY

Sr. Systems Administrator Consultant


  • Supervised UNIX/Linux admins for Siebel project, Installed, configured and administered HPUX 11.11, 11.23, 11.31 on Superdome platform, performance tuning, VSOE 4.0, applied HPUX patches, configured HPVM partitioning, HP SIM enterprise monitoring, setup CMS and manage node configuration, Configured HP Smart Array disk storage, implemented LVM and setup file systems, storage migration
  • Installed and configured DRD 1131 cloning and system recovery images, Installed and configured HPVM, Configured LAN interface for network use, Mirrored system, root and swap logical volumes and volume groups, Setup Trusted Systems
  • Configured HPGlancePlus, MirrorDisk/UX, Veritas VM, designed, configured and implemented HP Superdome Integrity SD64B, r1620, BL860c, r2600, r4640, Cell board layout, HP NPAR & VPAR configuration and Troubleshooting, Provided 24 x 7 support.

Confidential, New York, NY

Lead Architect/Systems Consultant


  • Established architectural team and working collaboratively with the Confidential operations managers, team leads subject matter experts and application development group. Set and managed agenda and published meeting minutes, reviewed and revised the environment plan, established standard operational procedures and policies, performed disaster recovery planning decisions and the risk implications are understood to ensure effective system scalability, measurably and cost effectively manage the effort.
  • Technology planning and solution development to the environment within the existing framework of the Confidential application.
  • Project plan management, collaborated with stakeholders to ensure the system architecture is aligned with the City agency requirements work with database, systems, and application administrators to develop solutions that meet or exceed performance requirements for Confidential transaction processing and reporting.
  • Identified gaps and opportunities for improvement, provided specific recommendations to proceed and fix, Performed scalability planning and capacity management across CT environments, Operated within the existing UNIX team providing support and on-call availability, designed, developed and delivered basic application flow and illustrated data flow for basic Confidential functionality and a complete backup analysis and recommendation.
  • Server and application mappings and its dependencies, purchases and repurposing of servers and tracking HW data center deployment.
  • Reconciliation of sun server inventory and system resource analysis such as # of CPU’s, memory and storage capacity. Breakdown 500 servers by environment and extrapolate sun servers from the infrastructure plan.
  • Consolidated servers for FY2009. Product analysis for IBM software licensing due to core hyper threading architecture on MQ and WAS.
  • Developed Confidential disaster recovery plan. Technology planning, track projects, forecasting and facilitate weekly DR status meeting redesigned backup flow, created data backup diagrams and documented overarching environmental plan.

Confidential, Reston, Virginia

IT Analyst Consultant


  • Managed Sun infrastructure requirements, issues, and communications for two clusters, coordinated and scheduled all infrastructure activities with the application team, maintained functional change coordinator for two clusters, publicized all infrastructure activities across ESM, set and manage meetings with ESM technical teams and application teams, developed and maintained documentations relating to infrastructure projects, planned infrastructures build out and conducted capacity planning, authored operational documentation and provided opportunities for improvement developed specific recommendation to proceed and fix, facilitated architectural team meeting, set and managed agenda, published meeting minutes, created and implemented innovative approach for DR technology planning solution and development, conducted needs analysis and facilitated project management meetings, established architecture change process, kept and revised system documentation.

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