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Salesforce Lightning Developer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • 8+ years of IT experience and 4+ yearsof Salesforce Platform Experience both as Administrator and Developer with Lightning
  • Experienced in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), quality management systems and project life cycle processes.
  • Define the product strategy in collaboration to ensure alignment on company objectives & shopping Classifieds Group vision over the long and short term; take ownership and make decisions on priorities.
  • Experience in Salesforce Lightning. Extensive experience developing Lightning Components - both within the Salesforce Lightning Design System and by writing custom Lightning Components in Java Script within the Aura framework.
  • Actively involve technology, UI and UX, business stakeholders and other disciplines early and throughout the discovery and delivery process
  • Assisted sales with developing prototype demonstrations, as well as managing and completing system configurations and setting up users
  • Designed and deployed Custom tabs, Custom Objects, Components, Visual Force Pages, validation rules, Approval Processes and Auto-Response Rules for automating business logic.
  • Implemented pick lists, dependent pick lists, lookups, master detail relationships, and Record Types to enforce data quality Setup Marketing Campaigns, Assignment rules, Web-to-Lead and Auto-Response rules.
  • Worked with Dynamic Apex to access sObjects and Field describe information, execute dynamic SOQL, SOSL and DML queries.
  • Add methods that can be called from Visualforce pages to Controller Extensions.
  • Used development tools such as VS Code IDE (for source code editor, debugging and deployment)
  • Knowledge in web-based systems architecture, service-based architecture, enterprise application required
  • Deep knowledge of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Communities in Salesforce eco system. Extensive experience inService Cloud features, Knowledge Management, Live Agent, Entitlements.
  • Experience developing solutions for the Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Configure, Price Quote (CPQ) systems including X- Author for Word &Excel, development of clause libraries and contract templates.
  • Hands on Experience in creating dashboards with Einstein Analytics.
  • Experience with integration of Conga Contract Management and Drawloop Document generation.
  • Experience in Business Intelligence Applications using Oracle Business Intelligence Apps (BI Apps).
  • Knowledge with SOX protocols, Change Management and Release Management principles and processes
  • Experience workingwith Continuous Integration and Continues Delivery using tools and automation capabilities like on Jenkins, Git, and Jira
  • Experience in Lightning web components on custom HTML elements by using HTML and modern JavaScript with Aura components.
  • Self-motivated in keeping up to date in terms of newest technologies on the market for back and frontend usage.


Lightning Experience Development: Salesforce Lightning Design System and Lightning Components, Aura Framework, JavaScript Controllers, Server-side Controllers.

Salesforce.comDevelopment: Apex Language, Apex Trigger, Apex Class & Apex REST and SOAP Web Services, SOQL, SOSL, Visual Force (Page, Component & Controllers), HTML.

Administration: Reports &Dashboards, Validation Rules, Users, Roles and Profiles Deployments (Change sets), Workflow Rules, Approval Process, Sandbox Refreshments, Apex Data Loader, Import Wizards, Packages, Custom Apps, Custom Labels, Sharing Settings, Communication Templates.

Languages: Apex, Ajax, Java, JSP, XML, HTML, Java Script, CSS

Eclipse, Force.com Eclipse IDE Plug: in, Force.com Explorer, Force.com Data Loader, Force.com Excel Connector, Force.com Platform (Sandbox, and Production)

Databases: Force.com DB, Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/ 2008.

Web Services: REST, SOAP, WSDL

Query Languages: SOQL, SOSL, MS SQL

IDE: Eclipse IDE, VS Code

Packages: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, MS Visio

ETL/Integration Tools: Apex Data Loader, Informatica, Force.com workbench, Jitter bit, Apttus CPQ.

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10, MAC OS X.


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Salesforce Lightning Developer


  • Involved in Salesforce.com Application Setup activities and customized the apps to match the functional needs of the organization.
  • Created many app pages, home pages integrating the custom components for salesforce lightning and salesforce1 mobile app. Developed custom application using Apex, Visual force and AppExchange.
  • Worked on Lightning web components to leverage the component usability without using apex class and back end call.
  • Involved in developing interface integrations between Client and external applications using REST, SOAP, APIs, and Single Sign-On.
  • Developed sales, service cloud and community Cloud by using modern Enterprise Lightning Apps combining Lightning Design System, Lightning App Builder and Lightning Component features.
  • Developed UI technologies like Bootstrap, Lightning Design System (LDS), Lightning Components Development, AngularJS, jQuery, JavaScript.
  • Worked on Salesforce1 Platform to build Mobile App by enabling Lightning Components for use in Salesforce1 mobile platform to make Lightning Application mobile. Retrieved some data and its functionality from Third-Party API’s and displayed within the lightning component.
  • Created multiple Lightning Components, added CSS and Design Parameters that makes the Lightning component look and feel better. Leveraged APEX Controller to make a call for external requests to retrieve data from various API’s and displayed them on to the component.
  • Enabled Aura Framework, by adding Aura Attributes and Aura Handlers for Events to focus on Logic and Interactions in Lightning Applications.
  • Minimized code in JavaScript Controllers by adding reusable functions in Helper Component. Updated the APEX Controller and Helper functions regularly making the Component Context Aware as per business requirement.
  • Tested apps by appending multiple components to a Lightning Application thereby deployed Applications from Sandbox to Production.
  • Used refined global search in Lightning by developing Apex classes and Controllers. Experienced using Force.com IDE for creating, modifying, testing, and deploying Force.com Applications.
  • Used SOQL and SOSL statements within Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application using platform database objects. Automated the business processes using out-of-the-box tools and services of Lightning Experience.
  • Maintenance of installed Managed Packages in Lightning using Apex. Experienced in using Data Migration tool called Data Loader. Used field level security along with page layouts in Lightning to manage access to certain fields.
  • Implemented the Web Services through WSDL in the Salesforce.com for outbound messaging. Worked on Integrating Sender Authentication Package (SAP) and Salesforce systems using SOAP and REST API's.
  • Used Gearset for deployment for UAT to Production.
  • Experience in APEX Programming by creating Custom Triggers and perform Asynchronous calls to implement the business logic as per the requirements.
  • Lead and co-ordinate with offshore development teams during development in various sprints of the project.

Environment: Salesforce.com, Force.com, Apex, Visual Force, LDS,Aura components, SOAP,REST, SOQL and SOSL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, VS Code

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Salesforce Developer


  • Experience in migrating Client classic features to Lightning experience, including converting Visualforce pages to lightning components and / or using Lightning Design System with Visualforce pages.
  • Upgraded some Apps from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience to develop rich user interface and better interaction of pages.
  • Developed Lightning Components, Events, Helpers, Lightning Schema Builder, Lightning App Builder and Aura Attributes.
  • Involved in Debugging of various defects and worked on various web services fixes and user interface issues/changes.
  • Successfully deployed all the Salesforce components using Data Packs through managed org connections and Changesets to Production Environment.
  • Designed and Developed complex integrations using BULK API, SOAP and REST API - Both Web Service Callouts and custom web Services.
  • Complete understanding of solution design document for implementation of the project work.
  • Designed and developed Lightning pages for campaigns using Salesforce Lightning Design System.
  • Experience in creating Lightning Components and used Lightning Design System to convert existing Visualforce pages to lightning components
  • Implemented Salesforce Service Cloud & Opportunity Management (Case Management, Entitlement Management, Product & Price Book, High Volume Customer Portal, Partner Portal, Visual Force Sites) for business support and technical support for its channel customers.
  • Experience in building reusable UI components and pages with Lightning component framework.
  • Worked with Visual force List Controllers to act on a set of records with pagination and iterate over a list of records to produce output in a list.
  • Embedded Lightning Components in Visual force page by using new Lightning Out feature by event-driven programming.
  • Developed Test classes and maintained the proper code coverage to deploy into the production boxes.
  • Designed and deployed the Custom objects, Custom tabs, Entity-Relationship data model, validation rules, Workflow Rules, Auto-Response Rules, Page layouts, Components, Visualforce Pages to suit the needs of the application
  • Experience in Integration with Drawloop DocGen Package with salesforce for Leads to Accounts and Custom Product Contract management and Price quote
  • Organized daily scrum meetings to review user stories and progress.
  • Preparing the documentation of the project.

Environment: Salesforce.com IDE, Service Cloud, Salesforce 1, SOAP, SOQL and SOSL, Experience, Visual force, APEX Classes, APEX Triggers,CUJs,Workflows, Reports and Dashboards, CSS, HTML, JSP, jQuery, Data loader, data Import wizard, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud Migration Tool,Web services API, Validation Rules & Formulas, Migration tool, Email services, Security Controls, Sandbox, Production.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Salesforce Developer


  • Performed the roles of Admin and Developer in the organization.
  • Interacted with various business team members to gather the requirements and documented the requirements.
  • Developed various Custom Objects, Tabs, and Entity-Relationship data model, validation rules on the objects, tabs, Components and Custom links.
  • Experience in technical solution design, creating of JIRA user stories for both local and offshore developer.
  • Implemented Sales cloud and Service Cloud including: Service Console, Customer Portal & Communities, Case Feed, and Knowledge Base & Entitlements.
  • Configured Salesforce Automation (SFA) for Campaign management, Opportunity Management, Account and Contact Management, Data Quality Management.
  • Created page layouts, search layouts to organize fields, custom links, related lists, and other components on a record detail and edit pages.
  • Used Salesforce Automation Process (SAP), Created work-flow rules and defined related tasks, time-triggered tasks, email alerts, field updates to implement business logic.
  • Perform mass update to update the data in SFDC using Demand Excel spreadsheets using Apex Data Loader.
  • Used SOQL & SOSL for data manipulation needs of the application using platform database objects.
  • Configured Chatter to track emails from Outlook to Salesforce by following a user.
  • Worked with Lightning Components like Visual Flows and Process Builder.
  • Worked on Salesforce.com Application to Setup activities and customized the apps to match the functional needs of the organization.
  • Created various Reports (summary reports, matrix reports, pie charts, dashboards and graphics) and Report Folders to assist managers to better utilize Salesforce as a sales tool and configured various Reports and for different user profiles based on the need in the organization.
  • Integrated ERP systems with Informatica Cloud to get the live data to different Salesforce Objects.
  • Designed and developed SFA based Application on Force.com Platform in Salesforce.com environment with Apex programming language at back end and Visual-Force pages as user interface.
  • Involved in data mapping and migration of data from legacy systems to Salesforce.com Objects and fields using Restful API callouts. Involved in creating Apex classes, Visualforce pages, Triggers, Workflows, Batch Apex Classes and Schedulers.
  • Developed complex workflows and approval processes for automating business logic
  • Used Force.com platform for developing feature rich and user-friendly Visual force pages for enhancing Salesforce UI.
  • Used Salesforce.com developer toolkit including Apex Classes, Controllers and Triggers, Visual force, Force.com, Migration Tool

Environment: Salesforce.com platform, Apex Language, Visual Force (Pages, Component & Controllers), Workflow& Approvals, Custom Objects, Sandbox data loading, Eclipse IDE Plug-in.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

Salesforce Developer/Admin


  • Working on Salesforce sales cloud, Apttus CPQ tool and Force.com platform to build an Opportunity and Quote/Proposal management module.
  • Performed Apttus CPQ related configuration for product setup, approval matrices, approval rules, process builders and flows
  • Contributed in development, maintenance and update of Apttus Quote-to-cash cloud-based application built on the salesforce.com cloud application.
  • Programmed the various automated functionalities using the triggers in the combination if the related classes.
  • Build Apex classes implementing SOQL statements within Force.com IDE to manage interaction with the database.
  • Customized the Dashboards and Report to track usage of productivity and performance of business centers and their sales teams.
  • Created new custom objects, assigned fields, designed page layouts, custom tabs, components, Visual force pages, custom reports.
  • Designed and deployed the Custom objects, Custom tabs, Pick list, Entity-Relationship data model, validation rules, Workflow Rules, Auto-Response Rules, Page layouts, Components, Visual Force Pages to suit to the needs of the application.
  • Interacted with various business team members to gather and documented the requirements. Implemented the requirements on salesforce.com platform and Force.com IDE Plug-in using Eclipse.
  • Created Many-to-Many relationships and created Junction objects to implement Roll-up Summary fields to aggregate data from child records on the parent.
  • Customized page layouts for Opportunity, Contacts and Accounts depending upon user roles and groups.
  • Used Data Loader for insert, update, and bulk import or export of data from Salesforce.com subjects. Used it to read, extract and load data from comma separated values (CSV) files.
  • Modifying Page layouts and setting the Record Types.
  • Developed and configured various Reports and Report Folders for different user profiles based on the need in the organization.
  • Used Sales Force Automation for Sales Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Account and Contact Management, Data Quality Management, Approvals and Workflow.

Environment: Visual Force, Apex, Eclipse, Java Script, SOAP, REST, SOQL, HTML, XML, Data Loader, and Integration.

Confidential, Deerfield, IL

Salesforce Developer/Admin


  • Designed, developed and deployed Apex Classes, Controller Classes and Apex Triggers, Visualforce pages, components for various functional needs in the application.
  • Designed, developed and deployed the Custom objects, Entity-Relationship data model, Formulas, Validation rules on the objects, Page layouts, Custom tabs, Components, Roles, Profiles, Public Groups, Permission Sets, Custom Settings and Labels to suit to the needs of the application.
  • Used Lightning Process Builder for Visualizing and creating automated business processes.
  • Added Lightning Component to Lighting Pages and Record Pages.
  • Used SOQL and SOSL with consideration to Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application using platform database objects.
  • Developed interface in Salesforce Community using custom Apex classes, HTML, CSS Class, and components to allow Community Users to create and edit cases as well as submit case comments.
  • Created Visual force and HTML Email templates to be sent to the users depending on the action they perform after they log into the community.
  • Built apps visually with Lightning App Builder, Lightning Components and lightning connect integration across multiple connections.
  • Implement and integrate Salesforce & Pardot (enable features, connectors and data)
  • Created Server APEX Controller for Salesforce Lightning Experience and Added Lightning Component to Lightning Pages and Record Pages.
  • Implemented the requirements on Salesforce.com platform and Force.com IDE Plug-in using Eclipse.
  • Implemented pick lists, dependent pick lists, lookups, Junction objects, master detail relationships, validation and formula fields to the custom objects.
  • Generated Apex Classes using WSDL and wrote business logic layer for integration with external web services to the system for functional needs.
  • Integrated the Web Services for extracting the data from external systems to display in the pages of Salesforce.com based on REST API.
  • Manage the implementation of all Pardot forms to ensure proper tracking, integration and data quality.
  • Integrated the Web Services for extracting the data from external systems to display in the pages of Salesforce.com.

Environment: Saleforce.com platform, Apex Data Loader, SOQL, SOSL CSS, AJAX, MS Excel, Visual Force Pages, Sandbox, Lighting Controller, SSO, Service Cloud, HTML, J-Query, Communities, MS Visio, Outlook, and Eclipse IDE Plug- in.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Salesforce Developer / Admin


  • Developed Apex Classes, Controller classes and Triggers for functional needs in the application.
  • Used field level security along with page layouts to manage access to certain fields.
  • Involved in design, development, planning, testing and integration of Salesforce cloud services.
  • Integration with external systems using SOAP, REST, Bulk APIs Created work-flow rules and validation rules.
  • Integrated applications using Web services by consuming the WSDL files for extracting the data.
  • Deploying Apex Classes, Triggers and other custom components using outbound change sets in Sandbox to Inbound change sets in Production.
  • Created Test Classes to provide maximum coverage to triggers and other classes.
  • Integration of Salesforce Cloud with other AppExchange applications.
  • Used Platform based technologies like Visual force to provide UI to the custom objects.
  • Worked with the customization, Data Migration and Integration tools like Apex Data Loader etc.
  • Created various Reports like summary reports, matrix reports and Dashboards.
  • Experience in creating Lightning Components and used Lightning Design System to convert existing Visualforce pages to Lightning components.
  • Creating, updating and maintaining technical and functional documentation related to User stories and Salesforce.
  • Used process builder for visualizing and creating automated business processes.
  • Involved in data mapping and data Migration from Oracle database to Salesforce.com and Migrated leads, accounts and contacts to the Sales Cloud with help of Jitterbit.
  • Provided support to end users of CRM via cases to ensure proper business practice.
  • Worked on maintaining, integrating and configuring with Apttus CPQ.
  • Configured the GitHub to maintain the different versions in common development environment.
  • Experience with Agile environment.

Environment: Salesforce.com platform, Data Loader, Apex Classes, Controllers, triggers, Visual Force, Workflow & Approvals, Agile, Lightning, GitHub, Apttus CPQ, User stories, SOAP, Web services, Process Builder, Jitterbit, Custom Reports, Dashboards, Salesforce App exchange, Eclipse IDE, Oracle Database.


Software Engineer


  • Trained in Infrastructure Management services
  • Responsible for understanding client’s requirement and current operation procedure (COP)
  • Experienced in Functional, Regression, GUI, Stored Procedure.
  • Worked extensively on the automation of SOA test scripts using XSLT & XML Transformer, Data Banks, XML Assertions, Database Assertions.
  • Experience in Estimation, Requirement study, Test Plan & Test Case Designing, Execution, Bug Tracking.
  • Reviewing and implement product change requests.
  • Designing, developing, testing, supporting and deploying desktop and web applications
  • Research and evaluate software related technologies and products
  • Assist and support other team members on multiple projects.
  • Resolving and troubleshooting problems and complex issues. transformations, data cleaning on the data sets to generate meaningful reports. Provided story-based insights using Power BI reports and dashboards. Data aggregation using Excel, Pivot tables, SQL
  • Developed scripts for different network devices in Perl language and tested the same
  • Wrapper creation in HPEOO Tool for production purpose and tested the same
  • Direct Interaction with clients to resolve the bugs and troubleshooting
  • Developed scripts for different network devices in python and tested the same
  • Created flows in HPEOO using APIs
  • Analyzed and developed new enhancements in the web application.
  • Collaborated with the business analysts to prepare and document functional and unit test plan.
  • Strong knowledge on Social logins and Third-party SDK integration.
  • Collaborated with team members and management to accomplish business goals
  • Analyzed the data and developed a set of dashboards using Power BI for the Consumer Marketing
  • Used different data sources like SQL, Analysis services, Excel to develop visuals. Performed data.

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