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Sr. Data Modeler Resume

Boca Raton, FL


Seven years of IT experience in design, architecture, development, implementation and maintenance to support standard databases and data warehousing environments. Experienced in Insurance, Finance, Banking, Retail, Healthcare, Security and Utility domains with full life cycle implementation of database development and reporting needs.


  • 7 years of experience as a Data Modeler and Data Analyst with high proficiency in requirement gathering and data modeling including design and support of various applications in OLTP, Data Warehousing, OLAP and ETL Environment
  • Excellence in delivering Quality Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data Models for Multiple projects involving various Enterprise New and Existing Applications and Data Warehouse.
  • Experienced in identifying entities, attributes, metrics, and relationships; also assigning keys and optimising the model.
  • Proficient in data mart design, creation of cubes, identifying facts & dimensions, star & snowflake schemes
  • Expert in developing transactional enterprise data models that strictly meet normalization rules, as well as Enterprise Data Warehouses using Kimball and Inmon Data Warehouse methodologies.
  • Experienced in developing Informatica ETL Mappings
  • Extensive experience in using ER modeling tools such as ERwin and ER/Studio.
  • Excellent SQL programming skills and developed Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Packages using SQL/PL SQL. Performance tuning and query optimization techniques in transactional and data warehouse environments.
  • Extensive experience with Normalization (1NF, 2NF, 3NF and BCNF) and Denormalization techniques for improved database performance in OLTP and Data Warehouse/Data Mart environments.
  • Worked on creating a data model for a called data source system based on the XML data file input.
  • Involved in the maintenance of the repositories for the metadata
  • Experience in logical/physical database design and review sessions to determine and describe data flow and data mapping from source to target databases coordinating with End Users, Business Analysts, DBAs and Application Architects.
  • Experience in generating DDL scripts and creating indexing strategies.
  • Oracle administration on 10g, 9i versions. Backup and Recovery strategies using RMAN, Cold\Hot backups, Replication and other data migration strategies.
  • Proficient in Data Cleansing and Data Profiling based on standards.
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills with clear understanding of business process flow, SDLC life cycle and facilitated JAD sessions.
  • Good interpersonal and human relation skills to interact with clients and co - workers
  • Involved in the preparation of Detailed Design Documentation


Analysis and Modeling Tools: Erwin 4.1/7.2/7.0, 8.0, r9, Sybase Power Designer, Oracle Designer, Rational Rose, ER/Studio, MS Visio, TOAD, SQL Developer, SAP Logon

ETL Tools: Informatica, Data Stage, Ab Initio

SQL, PL/SQL, T: SQL, XML, HTML, UNIX Shell Scripting, C, C++, AWK

Databases: MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2000 , Oracle12 c,11g,10g,9i,8i, DB2 V9.5, Teradata V2R6.1, MS Access 2000, DB2, Greenplum, Salesforce.com

Project Execution Methodologies: Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon data warehousing methodology, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Agile and Waterfall Methodologies


Confidential, Boca Raton, FL

Sr. Data Modeler


  • Worked closely with project teams, application architects, database administrators and Business Intelligence teammates to ensure consistency in data definitions and data usage across systems and tools
  • Architected and maintained ER-Studio logical and physical data models of the data warehouse and data marts.
  • Architected and designed UID Store that hosted data for Customer Analytics and served as a platform for Big Data.
  • Worked as an analyst on ADT PULSE system
  • Worked on Master Data Management (MDM) project in discovery and implementation phase as the DA
  • Architected and designed the integration of OMS (Order Management System) and Salesforce.com into the Data Warehouse and Data Mart
  • Have been involved with various Vendors to explore the idea of Data Virtualization to see if or how it can be used at ADT
  • Developed ETL Mappings in Informatica for multiple reports along with being the DA on the project
  • Currently involved in data and report integration of Protection 1 data into ADT Data Warehouse and ADT has been recently acquired.
  • Designed HOA Fire Inspection Report, AR Aging Report, ADT Scorecard, Order and Lead Life Cycle report, lead and Sales Appointments report, Sales Rep Head Count
  • Worked on Decommissioning old source systems and replacing them with new, while simultaneously worked on impact analysis and redesigning the impacted Data Warehouse and Data Mart Mappings.
  • Worked on Integrating Oracle Supply Chain Data into the Warehouse and Mart for Inventory Turns report.
  • Architected dimensionally Sales Appointments Data Mart that tracked Sales Appointments done by Reps with potential customers
  • Went through Tableau and designed the Tableau Architecture for ADT as a Tableau Admin and created multiple Custom Dashboards upon request.
  • Also worked as a backup Database Administrator
  • Actively resolved production support issues on Data Warehouse and Big Data Environment
  • Completed my Informatica Power Center and Workflow Manager
  • Promoted and deployed best practices concerning Data Architecture and served as central 'source of truth' regarding data definitions at data element and entity levels. This covers physical and logical data models, as well as in the reporting object and business glossary levels.
  • Was accountable for data architecture design and review processes, including planning and monitoring efforts, reviewing deliverables and communicating to management.

Environment: ER Studio 9.6.1, Oracle 11g/12c, Salesforce.com, DB2, Tableau 9.0, Informatica 9.6, OBIEE, TOAD 11.6, SQL Developer, EBS, PeopleSoft, Service Power, Informix, Mastermind, AS400, CPQ, OMS (Order Management System), JIRA, SVN, MAPR Cluster, Hive, Sqoop

Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT

Data Modeler/Analyst


  • Closely worked with business analysts in the process of requirements gathering for various application specific databases
  • Worked on two sources to bring in required data needed for reporting for a project by writing SQL extracts
  • Worked on building up the data model for Mobile Banking in the data warehouse
  • Worked on building up a SQL query for extraction of data from the warehouse for a reporting schedule (Call Report) for Federal Government
  • Worked on designing Relational model and Dimensional Model for Interactive Services such as Internet Banking, PC banking and Bill Pay for the bank
  • Worked on designing the Net Loss Model for the bank which involves data regarding loans and recoveries
  • Worked on building a conceptual and logical model starting from basic fields analysis spreadsheet of Credit Mart as a part of one of my projects.
  • Worked on Metadata Repository (MRM) for maintaining the definitions and mapping rules up to mark
  • Worked on unstructured modeling for NBO (Next Best Offer) which involved modeling of various marketing strategies involving emails, pictures and marketing material
  • Was involved in fulfilling all the end users request which fell under the general maintenance work such as adding and removing columns and tables from data base not without the prior approval from BA’s and Data Modeling Team
  • Used Graphical Entity-Relationship Diagramming to create new database design via easy to use, graphical interface.
  • Conducted GAP analysis and data mapping to derive requirements for existing systems enhancements for a project.
  • Designing and customizing data models for Data warehouse supporting data from multiple sources on real time
  • Applied data cleansing/data scrubbing techniques to ensure consistency amongst data sets.
  • Developed the logical data models and physical data models that confine existing condition/potential status data fundamentals and data flows using ER-Studio
  • Ensured that the logical model is compliant with the conceptual model and all the high-level business rules and integrated and document.
  • Defined the Primary Keys (PKs) and Foreign Keys (FKs) for the Entities, created dimensions model star and snowflake schemas using Kimball methodology
  • Facilitated JAR/JAD sessions to determine data definitions and business rules governing the data and facilitated review sessions with subject matter experts (SMEs) on the logical and physical data models.
  • Applied data naming standards created the data dictionary and documented data model translation decisions and maintained DW metadata.
  • Used data profiling tools and techniques to ensure data quality for data requirements.
  • Extensively used SQL for performance tuning.
  • Developed and executed queries in SQL for reporting using SQL Manager

Environment: DataStage, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, IBM Data Studio, EMC Greenplum, Oracle RAC 11g, IBM DB2, Business Objects XI 3.1, pgAdmin III, ER-Studio

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Data Modeler/Metadata Analyst


  • Provided support in database architecture of the organization through database design, modeling and implementation
  • Developed plans, strategies and standards for data within the enterprise
  • Gathered and Translated business requirements into detailed production-level technical specifications
  • Create an overall data architecture roadmap and designed Payment Innovation project in both EDW and Cert layer which redefined the way Providers got paid
  • Designed Key tables for big tables which helped in reducing the full table scan and enhanced performance
  • Worked on the Pharmacy Rx project which helped in assisting customers locating their local pharmacies.
  • Regularly updated the source systems with the Staging layer by reverse engineering the source model and filling in the discrepancies in the Stage
  • Worked on ITS Claims Analytics Project which helped gain insight in the quality of care and at the same time bend the cost curve
  • Maintained Erwin logical and physical data models of the EDW and Cert layer and used Erwin XML generator to export and generate the tables in the Database.
  • Maintained and exported metadata including mappings for new and existing designs in CDMA tool
  • Assisted the ETL Developers and Testers during the development and testing phases
  • Reviewed ETL mapping code after each project to make sure transformation rules are as expected
  • Used Model Mart of Erwin r9 for effective model management of sharing, dividing and reusing model information and design for productivity improvement.
  • Developed Erwin HTML and Crystal Reports to generate reports off the designs created for documentation and review purpose
  • Developed ETL mapping document after each design with Source to Target mappings and transformation rule
  • Partner with all other teams (database management team, software development team) and users to provide best solutions by maintaining the best standards of practice
  • Promoted and deployed best practices concerning Data Architecture including design, development and reporting

Environment: Erwin 9, CDMA Metadata Repository, FACETS, SQL, Sybase, Crystal Reports, Informatica 9.6, SQL Server Management Studio

Confidential, N Fort Myers, FL

BI Data Modeler/Data Analyst


  • Gathered Business requirements by organizing and managing meetings with business stake holders, Application architects, Technical architects and IT analysts on a scheduled basis.
  • Analyzed the business requirements by dividing them into subject areas and understood the data flow within the organization
  • Did extensive analysis on data, profiled it before moving forward with building marts
  • Worked on the Payment business mart which basically generated report of payments done by customers in various facilities
  • Worked on building up a Meter business mart which tracked various meter readings at different point of times for various customers and measured the demand and consumption of a customer.
  • Worked on generating a report on ‘Customer Analytics’ project which calculates the average usage of a customer in the past and predicts the future demand.
  • Interacted with the frontend customers and resolved BI tickets as accordingly
  • Worked on general maintenance work to maintain and improve the already existing models
  • Created a list of domains in Erwin and worked on building up the data dictionary for the company
  • Created a Data Mapping document after each assignment and wrote the transformation rules for each field as applicable
  • Create and maintained Metadata, including table, column definitions
  • Worked with Oracle Data Integrator tool to help load and develop the tables I designed
  • Generated a separate MRM document with each assignment and shared it on SharePoint along with the PDF of updated data models
  • Created DDL scripts for implementing Data Modeling changes. Created ERWIN reports in HTML, RTF format depending upon the requirement, Published Data model in model mart, created naming convention files, co-coordinated with DBAs’ to apply the data model changes.
  • Used Model Mart of Erwin r9 for effective model management of sharing, dividing and reusing model information and design for productivity improvement.
  • Used Erwin for reverse engineering to connect to existing database and ODS to create graphical representation in the form of Entity Relationships and elicit more information
  • Assisted the ETL Developers and Testers during the development and testing phases
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Environment: Oracle 11g, Microsoft 2008, SQL Developer, SQL Manager, Erwin r9, SQL Developer Data Modeler, Visio, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Informatica, Crystal Reports

Confidential, Beaverton, OR

Data Modeler/Data Analyst/Testing


  • Conducted meetings with Business Analyst and Managers from various source systems i.e SAP, PDM and JDE to understand and document requirements as well as the goal of the project
  • Worked on data analysis, data profiling, data modeling, data mapping and testing for a given task
  • Original creator of Columbia’s Enterprise wide Model EDM (Buy Ready Project) for products and services in Teradata Environment based on the data from PDM. Conceived, designed, developed and implemented this model from the scratch
  • Worked on building up a Data model (logical and Physical Model) for Product Sync Report that would help analyze if the product related data that is being transferred from PDM to SAP AND JDE is consistent
  • Worked on Unit Testing for three reports and created SQL Test Scripts for each report as required
  • Worked SAP Sales Order Project to design a model which accommodated the requirements of the Order Book and created a Multi Dimensional Data Model (Star Schema) and enhanced it to meet the growing requirements
  • Did extensive research and analysis in SAP BW (Business Warehouse) for Sales Order Project
  • Worked on Edifice report to create a model which would track the product related data from PDM and link it to the sales and logistics data in SAP in Teradata ‘Integration’ and ‘Staging’ and later created a Dimensional Model in ‘Cert layer’.
  • Worked with DBA to create the physical model and tables. Scheduled multiple brain storming sessions with DBAs and production support team to discuss about views, partitioning and indexing schemes case by case for the facts and dimensions.
  • Established and maintained comprehensive data model documentation including detailed descriptions of business entities, attributes, and data relationships.
  • Developed mapping spreadsheets for ETL team with source to target data mapping with physical naming standards, data types, volumetric, domain definitions, Transformation Rules and corporate meta-data definitions.
  • Helped the BI, ETL Developers, Project Manager and end users in understanding the Data Model, data flow and the expected output for each model created
  • Gained Comprehensive knowledge and experience in process improvement, normalization/de-normalization, data extraction, data cleansing, data manipulation
  • Created, documented and maintained logical and physical database models in compliance with enterprise standards and maintained corporate metadata definitions for enterprise data stores within a metadata repository
  • Extensively used Erwin as the main tool for modeling along with Visio
  • Used SQL on a wide scale for analysis, performance tuning and testing

Environment: PDM, SAP, JD Edwards, Teradata 13.10, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, SQL Manager, SAP Logon, Erwin 8.0, Visio, Informatica, Business Objects XI, Teradata SQL Assistant

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