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Vice President, Business Applications Manager Resume

Irvine, CA


Problem Solver, Creator, Innovator. Experienced in software architecture, full stack software development, offshore and onshore team management with experience in Healthcare, Financial and Real Estate industries.


Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Objective - C, PL/SQL, Python, SQL, Swift

Platforms/Operating Systems: Azure, Linux, OSX, Informatica, Salesforce, Windows Server, Windows (XP,7,8,10), Apache Tomcat, IIS, VMWare ESXi, Docker

Web Technologies/Frameworks: AngularJS/Angular, Bootstrap, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, KnockoutJS, JQuery, JQueryUI, JSRender, NodeJS, ReactJS, Semantic UI

Database: Oracle, MongoDB, MS-SQL, MySQL, SSIS, Sybase

Development: ASP.Net, .Net Core, MVC5, Eclipse, Entity Framework, Powershell, WebAPI, WCF, REST, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, COM+, WCF, XCode, XML/XSLT, JSON, HL7, TFS, SVN, Git, JIRA, JWTokens, SAML, IOS, Git, SVN, GitHub, CI/CD

Software: Fiserv banking applications, Coupa, Salesforce, Informatica, Monarch Datapump, OnBase, Office365, MSOffice


Confidential, Irvine, CA

Vice President, Business Applications Manager


  • Manage the business applications team responsible for bank business applications COTS and internally developed software) . application/solution/integration architecture, software development, system integrations, and project management.
  • Manage Business Systems Team responsible for 37 applications ranging from SAAS (Salesforce, Coupa), Hosted, COTS, and Custom In - House systems.
  • Manage and develop custom in-house software.
  • Applications include user provisioning, document deduplication for the Enterprise Content Management system, asset management, custom system integrations, and CCPA application to encrypt and decrypt data.
  • Utilized Python to scrape data off PDFs.
  • Manage project to modernize, stabilize and standardize complex integration architecture. Integration endpoints include Salesforce to Enterprise Document Management system, Core banking system, KYC system and the Enterprise Data Warehouse. Immediate results were reduced downtime, increased visibility and monitoring of ETL jobs, and reduced integration time for new interfaces
  • Represented IT in cross team collaboration effort to revamp and reduce operational inefficiencies ranging from client onboarding, document collection, document imaging, application screens, and ETL processes.
  • Engage with senior management to develop cohesive plans and provide expertise and influenced system selection, business process improvement and upgrade options. Organized and prioritized projects as well as coordinated with stakeholders to define roadmap.
  • Led planning and execution for Windows 2008 R2 end of life project. Upgraded 60 application servers to Windows 2016. Virtualized and consolidated 50 branch servers to 24 servers.
  • Implement SSO for SAAS applications (Coupa, Salesforce).
  • Enhanc e SDLC process by implementing TFS for unified reporting of projects, requirements management, defect and enhancement tracking, source control and automated builds.
  • Evaluate business application vendor s to ensure conformity to Bank IT standards, functional requirements and system interoperability with bank applications.
  • Ensure applications and systems compliance to bank information security and FDIC requirements. Responsibilities include vulnerability remediation, compile audit request evidence compilation, maintain and review BCP plans for Business Applications, and ensure SOX compliance of systems .
  • Review and Approve Change Control requests for parent organization as well as subsidiaries.
  • Manage team budget, resource allocation and scheduling.

Confidential, Santa Ana, CA

Assistant Vice President


  • Responsible for project management, project budgets, offshore development teams, application/solution architecture, software development.
  • Managed budget and offshore teams to convert 14 end user developed client-impacting applications to productionalized applications used globally according to company standards.
  • Application consume and utilize data from enterprise applications through integrations.
  • Involved with hands-on architecture and code samples for offshore team.
  • Provided offshore team with functional and technical documentation as well as best practice guidance.
  • Increased efficiency of the Confidential client onboarding by utilizing a standardized Confidential client onboarding framework for the document custody application.
  • Prior to the implementation of the standardized approach, onboarding time was around 2 months.
  • Through the use of the standardized approach, configuration and testing was reduced to 2 weeks.
  • Contributed to the technology roadmap for future state and architecture of the loan document custody system.
  • The roadmap laid out version upgrades, technology stacks and gap analysis.
  • The system processes approximately 25,000 mortgages per day, with an expected 25% yearly growth.
  • Work in partnership with structured finance business to determine new feature requirement of the CDO/CLO modeling application
  • Involved with discussions with senior management and external client management regarding application pilots and integration touch points with loan document custody application.
  • Engaged senior business executives to discuss project scope and manage expectations of project objectives and timelines at steering group meetings.
  • Prepared annual plans and budgets for group objectives.
  • Involved in Global Change Control and Incident management

Confidential, Laguna Hills, CA

Sr. Applications Developer


  • Developed and created application architecture for Bundled Payment Eligibility Rest Service. Integrated REST service with enterprise practice management systems and Azure cloud services.
  • Development lead for Version 2 of the enterprise practice management system. Involved in architecture, design and development of the system. As the subject matter expert for the production system, demonstrated overall workflow, architecture and functionality to developers who were unfamiliar with the system through meetings and technical diagrams. This system is being designed with a baseline to handle at least twice the current volume and allow custom configurations of varying contracts and workflows.
  • Involved with the development of Version 1 of the enterprise practice management system. The system evolved from primarily a charge capture application to an enterprise business system. Stand-alone applications were unified under this system and presented as one unified application to the user. The system processes approximately 400,000 patient admissions and 2 million charges per year in 130 locations throughout the nation.
  • Completed a user provisioning application that was approximately 60% completed by an outside vendor. The system initiates an onboarding workflow for new hires and directs each step to the appropriate corporate entity to complete. The system creates the user in Active Directory, the appropriate AD groups for the user, e-mail if needed, places the user in the appropriate distribution lists and assigns application security for the user. This user provisioning system manages approximately 2000 users across 130 locations throughout the nation.
  • Development lead for the architecture, design, coding and implementation of a utility to maintain data quality between a third-party billing vendor and company patient database. Developed patient matching algorithms to find and match incoming HL7 ADT transmissions to patients in the enterprise EMR through an interface engine.
  • Responsible for the design, coding, implementation and maintenance of the primary charge capture web application used by hospitalists across the nation. This core business application provides a daily patient list, a master patient list, charge entry/editing, and admit/discharge functionality for hospitalist. This charge capture application has now been integrated to the enterprise practice management system.
  • Development lead for the conversion of the charge capture application use the AJAX technology. The charge capture application was converted to use AJAX technology to further enhance user experience through enhanced responsiveness. The redesign involved addressing performance issues, enhancing the user interface to accommodate new workflow, adding additional user requested features, addition of new business rules, and code refactoring to remove unneeded function calls.
  • Responsible for the implementation of Microsoft Team Foundation Server. This composed of migration of work/defect tracking items, setup of development type (agile), initial setup of the source code repository, and the setup of source code check-in and check-out policies.
  • Developed back office dashboard enabling management and end users to see outstanding patient/billing issues
  • Architected and led development CPT service code auditing module enabling users to proactively audit physician charges. Module reduced audit preparation time from 40 hours to 15 minutes.
  • Assisted in migration of databases from SQL Server 6.5 to SQL Server 2000 and then to SQL Server 2005.
  • Responsible for the documentation of application design, functional specifications, technical specifications and deployment instructions. Participated in Code Reviews, Design Meetings, and meetings with end users to determine feasibility of development requests. Generated technical specifications and estimated hours for project and continuing maintenance and enhancements.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Sr. Developer Analyst


  • Responsible for the redesign, coding and implementation of the corporate intranet. The intranet supports over 3000 users.
  • This included a major redesign of the intranet site that affected the enterprise. This included implementation of an improved content editor, re-engineering of the storage method of files from the database to a file-based system, redesign of the navigation menu, integration of a third party document editing tool.
  • Responsible for the design, coding and implementation of the apartment community intranet. The intranet is used as a part of the apartment divisions’ daily business needs for retrieval of documents and forms. Involved in the design, coding and integration of user enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Responsible for the design, coding and implementation of internet sites. These sites enabled potential customers to search for office space according to their criteria. This included modifications to the front-end code as well as the business and database objects. Wrote integration code to connect potential customers to the CRM system. This site uses AJAX to manipulate data and XML data islands to persist data.
  • Responsible for maintenance upgrades of an apartment community e-mail marketing tool.
  • Responsible for the design, coding and implementation of a corporate communications news tool.
  • Responsible for the oversight of consultants working on the departmental projects. This encompassed updates on project status, architecture, design and coding decisions, and code reviews.
  • Responsible for supporting the Webtrends server. This included creation of criteria groups, and the creation of reports.
  • Responsible for code builds, implementation and installation of enhancements and bug fixes according to change control procedures.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Software Engineer


  • Development Lead for the architecture, design, and coding of a document attachment module. Responsible for budget, requirements and project management. The module enables a user to search, manipulate, attach and store faxes, scanned documents and images to system records within the practice management application.
  • Development Lead for the architecture, design, coding and implementation of the call center module for the customer service department. Responsible for budget, requirements and project management. The module enables the customer service representatives to track incoming communications consisting of calls, faxes and letter correspondence.
  • Development Lead for the architecture, design, coding and implementation of the Risk Adjustment/HCC Clinical care reminder module. Responsible for budget, requirements and project management. The module assists the care team by identifying individuals with serious or chronic illnesses and alerts the physicians to provide preventative care. The initial phase of this module resulted in additional pay for performance revenue of approximately $500,000.
  • Development Lead for the architecture, design, development and implementation of the inpatient tracking module. This module enables physicians and nurses at hospitals to track the bed days and progress of each patient that is in an inpatient facility. This information from each hospital stay is then posted to the claims system for billing when the inpatient stay is completed.
  • Involved in the architecture, design, development and implementation of the population management/disease management module. This module enables the care team to proactively monitor, track and provide services to high risk patients that require frequent examinations and follow up.
  • Developed a utility to convert raw CPT text files to a format that can be read by the claims system.
  • Converted an VB6 based authorization auto approval rules system to .Net
  • Developed and implemented a role-based security module used by the practice management system.
  • Developed a “Find a physician” web search results page for a large IPA.
  • Developed and implemented a scheme to allow web users to persistent information while connected at a remote location via the internet.

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