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President Resume


Experienced IT consultant with diverse industry experience in insurance, health care, finance and manufacturing. Professional expertise includes application design and development, project management, systems analysis, software administration and disaster recovery planning.


  • Programming and design skills
  • Customer needs assessment
  • Excellent problem - solving abilities
  • Conversions
  • Software testing
  • Database & systems design
  • Data integrity
  • Project management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • RFP development
  • Micro, mid-range and mainframe computer skills





  • Converted external medical claims and membership data received from multiple sources into standard database format for a large health care company.
  • Data was received from a multitude of health care vendors in various formats.
  • Used SAS to read and convert data into a standard format.
  • Developed and maintained Diagnosis Management programs that analyzed health care medical, drug and lab claim data to identify patients with selected conditions.
  • Created detailed customized reports for RFP analysis.
  • Developed and maintained a comprehensive Life Insurance Proposal system for a large life insurance company. Included an interface to existing health proposal system.
  • Converted data from existing system to reduce or eliminate initial system setup data entry.
  • Used C++ to create the Windows network system.
  • Administered and upgraded several packaged mainframe computer systems for a national Insurance company.
  • Installed product upgrades and fixes and provided day-to-day support to all users.
  • Developed, executed, maintained and managed weekly process for updating health care membership data for a national health care vendor.
  • Developed interface between a variety of sources and a standard database. Used SAS for all development, processing and reporting functions.
  • Designed, developed and maintained several Cost Distribution systems including: Large data center including CPU, tape, disk storage and print usage.
  • Local, long distance and voice mail telephone resources. Used SAS for all processing and weekly and monthly reporting.
  • Designed, developed and maintained a Workload Tracking system for Help Desk support. Problem and Change tracking, system updates and daily worker reports.
  • Management reports including weekly and monthly utilization reports and graphs.
  • All processing performed using SAS.
  • System 38 to an AS/400. Reviewed all source code, converted all existing user menus to group jobs, and eliminated all hardcoded libraries. Set-up all user and library securitymodified interfaces to all external computer applications.
  • Developed a variety of applications using micro, mid-range and mainframe computers.
  • Developed program specifications and installed systems for several health care, commercial and government clients while working with a national accounting firm.
  • Performed analysis and documentation of existing corporate computer operations for a medium-sized mortgage company.
  • Proposed and implemented recommendations.
  • Developed and instructed several IT training classes in both academic and business environment
  • Responsible for all Financial application maintenance and development for a small manufacturing firm.
  • Directed projects to develop automated system requirements for financial and inventory applications, wrote RFP’s, selected packaged systems, identified and implemented customizations to packaged systems.

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