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Assistant Manager Resume

San Marcos, TX


Business analyst specializing in structured methodologies and structured systems design of new large scale financial systems.


Formal systems development methodologies: SDM/70, STRADIS.

Structured Systems Design: Warnier - Orr, Gane and Sarson data flow diagrams. CASE tools KnowledgeWare’s I.E.W., Pro-Kit, Workbench, data flow diagrams on MacDraw. Data ModelingNormalization, decision trees. Designed screens, processingreports, and files. On-line and batch. EDP Audit. Quality Assurance. Real time. Testing. DBMS. RDBMS. Imaging. Maintenance. Development. Visicalc. Word Processing, Wordstar. Visual Basic 5.0. Graphical User Interface. Oracle data base. Windows 95. Excel 2003.

Management Skills: Reviewed work of up to 10 professionals at one time. Delegated assignments.


Assistant Manager

Confidential, San Marcos, TX


  • Various types of collections on delinquent loans of Different degrees.
  • Learned to make loans, refinance Loans, and solicit loan information.
  • Very fast paced Organization.

Clerk Specialist

Confidential, Tallahassee, Fl


  • Sorted various automobile liability documents into various Orders.
  • Count, record, and transfer to next person.
  • Light Data entry.
  • Learned new Confidential computer training
  • And training about Confidential .
  • Volunteered 3 separate
  • Reports on cost reduction for Confidential .


Confidential, Tallahassee, Fl


  • Invented concept of Confidential to utilize my skills f Business Analysis and mutual funds to the highest possible level.
  • The purpose of Confidential is to buy fewer shares of a mutual fund at higher prices and more at lower prices.
  • Confidential uses value averaging which is essentially accelerated dollar cost averaging.
  • Hired Associates.
  • Programming done in Excel.

Systems Analyst

Confidential, McLean, VA


  • Project Leader of staff of 10 analysts and programmers on Confidential project.
  • Utilized Macintosh MacDraw graphics package to display Confidential for the Secretary of the Confidential .
  • Performed analysis for Budget System.
  • Wrotetested and documented large claims processing imaging system for Confidential 50 client.
  • Utilized Gane and Sarson structured design technique.
  • Revised in-house methodology.

Administrative Applications Analyst

Confidential, Tulsa, Ok


  • Hired to fix an aborted system that had $300,000 previously committed.
  • Determined the extent of the problem using Quality Assurance and EDP Audit techniques.
  • Scrapped 75% f the existing system.
  • Collected additional requirements.
  • Performed design. Interfaced with another consulting rganization for the programming.
  • Resurrected system to a functioning comprehensive Financial Management System.

Senior Systems Analyst

Confidential, Tulsa, Ok


  • Material Accounting system.
  • Successfully implemented system. Promoted to Senior Systems Analyst.
  • Supervised six.
  • The result was a much more modern data processing environment that included an Integrated Manufacturing System.
  • Substantially modernized our data processing dept.

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