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Technical Support, Lab Assistant Resume

Reston, VA


  • Dynamic, resourceful professional committed to excellence in IT service management, IT security, and tech projects/training.
  • Up to date on industry advancements; implement processes that significantly elevate performance.
  • Listen attentively, identify issues, and make sound decisions. Collaborate effectively with clients and vendors to assess needs, clearly communicate information, and resolve issues.
  • Provides technical expertise and management on the implementation of enterprise level governance, risks, and compliance, assigned programs and projects, uncover opportunities, develop plans, and provide comprehensive leadership that improves efficiency, with experience conducting and/or preparing for/passing audits, and positively impacts profitability.
  • Researches, tests, and plans for the integration of new information technologies.


Business Modeling/UML: System Design: Rational Rose, Rational Software Modeler, StarUML, and MS Visio.

Requirement Management: Rational RequisitePro, Telelogic DOORS, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Network Tools: Cisco Network Packet Tracer, OSPF3 configuration with IPv6, EIGRP, OSPF configuration on CISCO routers, Create Access Control lists (ACLs) on Routers

Change Management: Service Now, IBM Rational, ClearQuest and Tracker

Methodologies: SDLC, Waterfall, Rational Unified Process (RUP), and Agile.

Security Tools: Nessus, CA, RA, PKI (X.509), Microsoft Certificates, Wireshark, Nmap, Zenmap GU for Nmap, Venafi, Snort, Nslookup, Sam Spade, Kali Linux, Metasploit Framework, Burpe, Mail Tracker, Aircrack - ng, NetStumbler, Cisco Network Packet Tracer, Google Hacking Techniques, SNMP Hacking Techniques, Open Vas, AVG AntiVirus Business Edition, FileZilla, TCPdump, Whois, Windows Firewall, Putty, tracert, EtterCap, Web Application- Web Goat

SaaS: MS Suite, MS SharePoint, MS Visio, Workfront, DLTA, JIRA, Mercado, Exari, Google Drive, Marketo, Sales Force, Service Now, Longview, ProofHQ, Dropbox, IBM BPM, and IBM ODM

SaaS Platforms: Document Management System (DMS), Quality Management System (QMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Splunk, Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), Expense Management System (EMS), Time Tracking System (TTS), Portfolio & Project Management (PPM), and Work Management System (WMS)


Technical Support, Lab Assistant

Confidential, Reston, VA


  • Security Parameters and Protocols: Institute security configuration parameters on network devices. Configure firewalls, routers, and switches web security gateways. Implemented protocols and services (IPSec, SNMP, SSH, DNS, TLS, SSL, TCPIP, FTPS, HTTPS, SCP, ICMP, IPv4, IPv6, FTP, SFTP, TFTP, Telnet, HTTP, and NetBiOS). Evaluate wireless security protocols (WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.1x, EAP, PEAP, LEAP and ECC).
  • IT Detection: Analyze intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS, IPS). Identify detection methods, including signature and anomaly based. Tracks vulnerabilities and other security issues through the creation and update of a Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM) list enterprise-wide.
  • Networking and Access: Ensure secure network for firewall, VLAN, and router. Configure access control list, port security, and unified threat management. Set up DMZ, subnets, VLAN, NAT, remote access, and virtualized platforms. Evaluate authentication, security, and access controls. Analyze cryptographic methods, PKI, and certificate management to implement digital certificate and trust models.
  • IT Risk and Security Testing: Implement risk mitigation strategies/controls, including change/incident management, audits, and data loss prevention (DLP). Perform penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. Implement controls for application, mobile, operating system, virtual environments, cloud, and portable devices.

Director IT & Cyber Solutions, Business Analyst



  • Provided technical expertise in developing, implementing, and managing IT systems. Subject Matter Expert with depth/breadth in IT and project management; quickly mastered unique/specialized IT requirements within larger context of IT programming and biometrics projects.
  • Forging relationships: Connected with stakeholders and proactively solicited views prior to key decisions. Built effective support to lead projects. Rapidly gained respect and trust of colleagues from various countries/backgrounds.
  • Technical Projects: Provided support to clients for audits concerning information security. Managed internal resources to attain project milestones, deliverables, and execution.
  • Contained scope, determined schedule, controlled budget, resolved issues, and managed vendors, partners, clients, and, quality. Identifies problem areas related to system security, determines appropriate intervention strategies and coordinates problem resolution among affected parties, both internal and external.
  • IT Training and Best Practices: Led Platform certification program, ITIL training sessions, and ITIL best practices. Oversaw training and development of new application support team members.
  • Process Updates: Developed, and enforced company security policies, and assured that they are applied, documented, using Venafi for system identity protection.
  • IT Upgrades: Directed implementation of Workfront, integrating with JIRA and Longview; managed Workfront support queues. Oversaw platform expansion, system/integration upgrades, process optimizations, and data automation.
  • Technical Writing and Communications: Prepared business requirements documents (BRD) using RUP methodology to generate system specifications. Clearly relayed complex technical plans, including continuity and cost.

Language/Intelligence Analyst

Confidential, Herndon, VA


  • Project Leadership: Defined project plan, work breakdown structure (WBS), key performance indicators (KPIs), and schedule. Monitored project risks and scope creep. Identified and prioritized process to incorporate into DLTA R2 & R3. Created templates to reduce turnaround time and improve consistency.
  • Nigerian Research / Analysis: Utilized area knowledge and open-source mining skills to research and analyze Nigeria and related regional/global issues, including Nigeria Energy/Power Sector-North-South Infrastructure problems and more.
  • Intelligence and Area Studies: Evaluated and organized information into intelligence and area studies. Researched and drafted analyses of Nigerian energy issues, power infrastructure, politics, terrorism, cyber issues, environment, climate, and technology. Identified sub-national and national political dynamics; classified political parties and leadership by state and region to provide informed input to solicitations, proposals, and papers; and draft briefings papers and white papers.
  • Multisource ReportsandIntelligenceAssessments: Expert counsel interfacing with outside agencies to assist sponsors in navigating complex data. Utilized a wide range of classified and unclassified reporting to produce multisource reports; provided perspective and edits to sharpen analytic viewpoints and to add background for intelligence assessments.
  • Intelligence Documentation: Drafted intelligence products, including summaries, assessments, briefings, estimates, information papers, white papers, databases, trend analyses, International issues, and studies for national policymakers.
  • Resource Allocation: Fostered professionalism and encouraged continued training and collaboration among teams. Identified strengths and balanced teams across inter-office, inter-agency and inter-governmental scenarios.
  • Cross - Cultural Teams: With multiple cultures involved in research, forged strong, diverse teams through actively sourcing, selecting, developing, and retaining top talent. Delegated assignments, consulted as needed, and provided feedback. Remained accessible to ensure successful completion of projects.
  • Unit Performance: Drove results, motivated teams, and promoted cooperation. Translated goals and fostered accountability. Retained focus on key metrics. Championed formal monitoring and evaluation for projects.

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