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Safe Transformation Consultant Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Vendor \ Client Relationship Mgmt.
  • Program/Portfolio Mgmt.
  • IT Security and Compliance
  • Services Oriented Architecture
  • Applications Dev. / Network Infrastructure
  • SCRUM - small scale/enterprise/distributed
  • Kanban / Mob Programming / SAFe
  • Clarity PPM / CA Agile Central / Version1
  • Lean Product Mgmt & Discovery
  • Prince2 / PMI standards
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level 3
  • Government Contracts / C2 Cleared
  • DevOps
  • HIPPA / SOX / PCI Compliance
  • Design Thinking & Human Centered Design
  • IT Service Management & Service Design
  • UX/CX
  • Innovation Games / Agile Game Design
  • Six Sigma
  • Large Enterprise Scaled Scrum (LESS)


SAFe Transformation Consultant

Confidential, Atlanta GA


  • Kickoff and coach Scaled Agile adoption & transformation
  • Help organize and coach Agile Release Train & Solution Train ceremonies and events
  • Organize and lead continuous delivery pipeline continuous improvement workshops
  • Setup and co-facilitate role-based communities of practice
  • Help mediate the orchestration of engineering practices and quality standards across product development teams
  • Partner with the enterprise on Jira and Rally tooling setup and configuration enhancements in support of agile product delivery, ART planning and tracking, and team
  • Modernize and tune agile release management and planning techniques and tactics
  • Curate and craft information radiators and insights to assess team, product development, and organizational maturity
  • Bolster organizational culture and engagement and expand disciplined agile mindsets through the use of gamification, team building events, open spaces, lean coffee, and hackathons
  • Grow organizational learning through direct 1:1 and group coaching, the exploitation of lunch and learns, the setup and facilitation of role communities of practices, and the facilitation of role based training
  • Radiate, tackle, and trend/track organizational impediments
  • Co-create and strengthen team, program, and portfolio agile delivery processes, practices, and tactics where applicable in alignment transformational success criteria and OKR enablement.

Enterprise Agile Coach/Release Train Engineer

Confidential, Atlanta GA


  • Kickoff and coach SAFe lean portfolio mgmt adoption and execution
  • Teach SAFe courses
  • Coach and enable SAFe large solution and agile release train activities (ART) to include but are not limited to: portfolio and value stream syncs, PI planning, systems and solution demo’s, inspect and adapt workshops, Scrum of scrums, ART synchronizations, etc.
  • Tune portfolio/program/product execution and operational efficiency to optimize the flow of work, value creation, and economic based decision making
  • Escalate and track organizational impediments
  • Facilitate & lead problem solving workshops leveraging principles of design thinking and human centered design.
  • Coach & train executives, agile portfolio and agile release train execution, leaders, teams, scrum masters, and product mgmt on lean-agile practices and agile mindset and deliver SAFe role based curriculum.
  • Drive enterprise agile maturity and continuous improvement strategy items
  • Coach, train & portfolio teams, epic owners, & business owners
  • Assess, extend and mature agile adoption throughout the enterprise
  • Make people awesome and facilitate the growth of others
  • Define and facilitate agile maturity assessments and information radiators/delivery metrics to evaluate ART and large-scale enterprise agile success
  • Develop and grow agile communities of practice and organizational learning.
  • Help manage and orchestrate agile transformation obstacles, impediments, & risks where applicable
  • Evaluate and refine technical agility posture & technical engineering practices
  • Champion culture and promote agile thought leadership

Agile Program Manager/Agile Delivery Lead



  • Digital (Web & Mobile) Agile delivery and transformation lead for over 15 distributed scrum teams across China, Belarus, India, Mexico, Armenia, Colorado, & Atlanta
  • Perform and execute Scrum Master roles and responsibilities as necessary when required
  • Develop, execute, and maintain the Mobile tech agile maturity and continuous improvement roadmap.
  • Coordinate and track program dependencies, help remove blockers & bottlenecks, and assist in resolving organizational impediments outside the scope of the team(s) to optimize the flow of work/value to the team(s)
  • Develop team sprint and release capacity plans based on synchronization and alignment to product roadmaps and architectural hygiene factors.
  • Organize and facilitate multi-team (or team of team’s) quarterly big room planning events, SAFe PI Planning, team retreats, continuous improvement & inspect and adapt workshops, multi-team retrospectives and cross functional team release planning and story mapping exercises.
  • Define and capture business relevant and value driven metrics to illuminate as information radiators of leading or lagging indicators of productivity, predictability, quality, responsiveness, engagement, satisfaction, etc. Also tease out and identify team and/or program patterns and trends to align on opportunities for improvement.
  • Collaborate, execute, and align with other product delivery teams through the use of scrum of scrums, agile delivery groups/teams (i.e lightweight agile release trains), or the utilization of sprint planning one and two
  • Evaluate and supply guidance on agile contract language between Confidential and 3rd party vendors to optimize vendor service and support agreements on integrations with internal agile development teams. Manage and track dependencies on 3rd party integrations when applicable
  • Execute and facilitate continuous exploration, design thinking, and ongoing experimentation activities to drive, foster, and stimulate continuous innovation.
  • Partner with tech and product management leadership on agile organizational change management actions and items to tune agile processes and practices, develop and grow collaboration and learning cultures, optimize product delivery & execution, and to help maximize the flow of work/value to the teams. Also execute all required governance activities as required via senior leadership.
  • Co-founder of the enterprise Agile Center of Excellence/Agile PMO. Provide guidance, thought leadership, and support of over 50 agile teams within the ecosystem on various elements of Scrum, enterprise scrum, lean, SAFe, Kanban, product management, customer experience, design and systems thinking, & disciplined agile delivery.
  • Define lean enterprise agile delivery and governance standards and processes
  • Planning and execution of large-scale programs
  • Co-Facilitator of a delivery optimization, research, and experimentation labs
  • Setup and establish agile tooling and configuration standards to ensure consistency and data integrity across the enterprise. Examples include: standard/custom dashboards, developing custom applets, setting up the portfolio structure and hierarchy, iteration tracking, release planning and tracking, etc.
  • Hire, coach, mentor, develop, & train others. Develop and lead a team of 11 scrum masters and 3 project managers.
  • Drive and promote positive patterns to improve efficiency and delivery such as co-creation, test driven development, building trust, emergent architecture, simplified design, purpose driven teams and feature teams, empowering people and teams, developing competency through continuous learning, design thinking, lean UX, agile onboarding, lean startup methodologies, etc.

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