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Crm Technical Consultant Resume


  • More than 9 years of analysis, design and development experience in CRM domain.
  • Oracle Certified Expert Consultant.
  • Strong background in software engineering using Agile (SCRUM) techniques.
  • Expert in creating and customizing Siebel business processes.
  • Extensive experience with EAI to expose business logic to external systems via web services and messaging services.
  • Familiar Salesforce orgs, workflow processes, admin activities and apex classes.
  • Extensive experience with Siebel product and pricing.
  • Expertise of Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) integration with Siebel, Oracle Policy Rule Development and debugging.
  • Well - versed with Sales, Service, Public sector, Marketing, Call center, Automotive, Financials, Telco, Leasing, and Insurance Domains.
  • Actively involved in the entire software development life cycle processes such as requirements study and specification, analysis, designing, coding, integration, testing, implementing and supporting software systems.
  • Team player, hardworking, excellent communication skills and experience in international projects and multicultural teams.


CRM Technical Consultant



  • Fixing Support issues related to Siebel configuration, integration and administration.
  • Migrating changes from dev, uat to production in both unix and windows environments.
  • Reports generation from CRM systems (Siebel, MS Power BI and OBIEE) to facilitate management / operations decisions.
  • Implementing the quick policy changes for Credit Scoring Engine implemented using Oracle Policy Automation Module.
  • Creating and Debugging Oracle Policy Rules using Excel and rolling out the production for Policy Automation using Siebel Determination Server.
  • Integrating process with Oracle SOA suite as a middleware.
  • Supervision of monthly Siebel releases.
  • Support for channel sales processes and integration of partner portal with Siebel Application.
  • Data integrity checks between Siebel and OLFM (Oracle Lease and Finance Management) using database queries.
  • Debugging issues encountered, increasing the logs and identifying the cause of the issues based on logs.
  • Writing Code using to enhance UI / UX using Oracle Siebel Open UI Frame work.

Oracle Siebel Consultant



  • Implement Siebel 8.2 Financial and Automotive module to support core leasing and finance business.
  • Integration of Siebel with external applications; OPA, OLFM, Insurance agency, and Credit bureau using Oracle Fusion.
  • Implement Collections and Services modules to support after sales activities of business.
  • Multi-organization and bi-lingual Siebel enterprise.
  • Solution designing for Siebel EAI.
  • Implementation of designed solutions to integrate Siebel with external systems using web services, VBC, integration objects and data-maps.
  • Generating XSLT, XML and WSDL files for external applications to interact with Siebel application using soap.
  • Defining business processes using Siebel workflows and business services.
  • Customization of opportunity life cycle to meet business scenarios.
  • Multi-lingual documents generation using BIP.
  • Implementation of Customer Expectations Manager.
  • Product Administration: Defined and configured products for customer with real time price updates using integrations.
  • Customizing Siebel dealers, vendors and vehicles functionality to match client’s requirements.
  • Managing, developing and deploying policy rules in OPA.
  • Siebel Open UI: Enablement, usage and customization of open UI for improved user experience
  • Environment management tasks, compilation, srf deployment, and localization of Siebel.

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