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Sr. Dell Boomi Consultant/ Architect Resume

Round Rock, TX


  • Over 12 years of experience in IT with 5+ years of experience on Dell Boomi in Design, Architecture, Analysis, Developing, Coding, Testing & integrating Dell Boomi applications, EDI in different sectors (like Sales & Distribution, Supply Chain and Health Care), SAP Enterprise Portals and Java/J2EE applications.
  • Experienced on Dell Boomi Connectors called Workday, Salesforce (SFDC), JMS, Marketo, Amazon S3, Disk, Mail, FTP, SFTP, AtomSphere API, Atom Queue, Web services Listener, HTTP Client, Web Services SOAP Client, Flow Services Server, Trading Partner, EDI and Database Connectors like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and other connectors.
  • Extensive knowledge on SOA architecture and Web Service and related technologies REST, SOAP, WSDL, XSD, JSON, XML over HTTP APIs.
  • Technical Lead for Dell DCE tower Boomi integrations and Solution Architect for Dell Main Salesforce and CPSD Salesforce sync.
  • Experience in design, develop and deploy various kind of integration solutions for Cloud, On - Premises and Hybrid scenarios. Have used XML, JSON, Flat file, EDI and Database profiles for data transformation in mapping.
  • Experience in Boomi processes building by using different connectors, set properties, Decision shape, Business Rules, Branch, Try/catch shape, Exception, Data Process, Document cache and return document.
  • Involve in all phases of end-to-end integration between SAP Concur, Workday, Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle, JMS with the Server Type WebSphere MQ, and Oracle Cloud Fusion such as Requirements Analysis, Configurations, Technical Specifications preparation, Coding, Testing, Quality Assurance, User Training, Performance Tuning, and Production Support.
  • Extensive knowledge on connections, process properties, cross reference tables for Boomi processes and set the values at Stage, production molecules environment extensions.
  • Lead representative for EDI across the organization- Order management and Warehouse Management.
  • Experience in EDI implementation for EDI X12 documents such as (204, 816, 850, 856, 875, 880, 888, 940, 943, 997, 824, 846, 861, 944, 945, 947, 834, 835,837,270,271) and EDIFACT (ORDERS, ORDRSP, DESADV, INVOIC).
  • Experience in Database Administration & Production support, Business Intelligence including design, development and implementation of Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2014/2008/2005.
  • Experience in Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL) using SSRS and SSIS services.
  • Experience in SAP Enterprise Portal, Webdynpro Java and Adaptive RFC model with MVC Architecture for accessing Custom/Predefined BAPI’s/RFC’s of SAP ECC System.
  • Experience in application development using Java, J2EE, Java Script, JDBC, JSP, Servlets.


  • Dell Boomi AtomSphere
  • C, C++, Java/J2EE, C#
  • Business Process, EDI, SOA, SOAP, REST APIs
  • JavaScript, Groovy, Python, MVC
  • Gentran Integration Suite, Gentran Server
  • SQL Server 2014, SSRS, SSIS, SSMS, MySQL
  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
  • XML, XPath, XSLT, XML schemas, HTML,
  • EDIFECS Specbuilder, X-Engine
  • Unix, Windows, TCP/IP, DNS
  • Netweaver Portal 7.0, EP 6.0
  • Webdynpro Java,Visual Composer
  • AS2, secure FTP (SFTP), SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS
  • Servlets, JSP, MVC, Tomcat 5.0
  • Eclipse, Netweaver Developer Studio


Confidential, Round Rock, TX

Sr. Dell Boomi Consultant/ Architect

Environment: Dell Boomi AtomSphere, Dell Main SFDC, EMC Core SFDC, Microsoft Stratus, Dell GOV, Dell GOSS, CPSD SFDC, Microsoft NVGL, Marketplace ChannelAdvisor, SkyHub, Dell ASN, Salesforce, Workday, JMS, Oracle, REST, SOAP, APIs, Web services Listener, HTTP Client, Web Services SOAP Client, Flow Services Server, Atom Queue, JavaScript, Oracle, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server Management Studio


  • Design and develop end-to-end Boomi integration between Dell Main SFDC and EMC SFDC to sync Account, Opportunity and Opportunity Product Line Items.
  • Prepare Integration Specification document and gathered business requirements. Documented Interface design, functional process, data selection criteria, data validation and reconciliation, technical specifications and error handling.
  • Have discussions with Dell Main SFDC team for better sync selection criterial and minimize the lookups during the sync. Designed the Boomi processes for all CREATE/UPDATE scenarios and provided solutions to update the external id information back to Dell Main SFDC after the sync.
  • Verify that any Account, Opportunity and OLI records with “CPSD Integration Status” as “Waiting Sync” is picked by CPSD Boomi integration user API for the sync. In CPSD SFDC, look for a potential match/existing Account, Opportunity and OLI records by querying of the fields “Affinity ID”, “EMC UCID Account ID”, CPSD Opportunity ID and CPSD OLI ID, if a match is not returned then create a new as per mapping. If a match is returned, then perform update action and update “CPSD Integration Status” to “Completed” at Dell Main.
  • Work on Microsoft NGVL and Dell Order API to submit orders to Microsoft NGVL, pull invoices from Dell MQ by using JMS connector, shipment details from Microsoft NGVL and update the information back to Dell Order API.
  • Work on Dell HR Onboarding project to be used across business units and deliver a world class onboarding experience for the New Team Member. Integrated Boomi Flow listeners to push the records into the Oracle database and update the response back to Flow application.
  • Work on Dell OCI Financial Force and Order Composite API Atom Queue integration to push order details into Dell backend Order Management system.
  • Work on Boomi multi account (Test, UAT and Prod) platform and move the folders between the accounts for Development, UAT, End-to-End and Production migrations.
  • Handle all sync exceptions and update them on Dell Main SFDC Exception object with all Boomi process execution details to trouble shoot the sync issues.
  • Place proper exception handling, email notifications and ServiceNow tickets for all kind of exceptions. Generate combined email notification of all document level exceptions.
  • Work with Salesforce connector to sync Account, Opportunity and OLI products from Dell Main SFDC to CPSD SFDC instance.
  • Handle all sync issues between Dell Main SFDC and EMC SFDC instance and place proper alert mechanism for all exceptions. Engage SFDC L2 Admin and L3 support teams for all production issues.
  • Review code for every release, Enhance the existing integrations with better exception handling and guide offshore team for new integrations.
  • Design and develop end-to-end Boomi integration between Microsoft Stratus and Dell GOSS to update shipment tracking information for each line item. Implemented OAuth 2.0 authentication with Microsoft supplier collaboration REST API by proving Client ID, Client Secret to get the authentication token.
  • Integrate Microsoft Stratus API and Dell GOSS API to query Accepted POs and pass the PO number and BUID to GOSS API and get the Shipment tracking details and update the information back to Microsoft Stratus for each line item.
  • Work on Marketplace ChannelAdvisor and SkyHub to push the orders to Dell B2B Order API and update shipment tracking information back to ChannelAdvisor and SkyHub.
  • Enable the document tracking to capture all internal/external Ids and log the exception details on INAAS portal and create ServiceNow tickets for support team to engage the parties.
  • Work on Salesforce connector for all Dell Main and EMC SFDC instance, HTTP Client Connector for Microsoft Stratus API and GOSS API.
  • Work on Web service listeners for all customers to push the documents to Boomi to update shipment details and tracking details.
  • Involved in Layer API creation for all Boomi end points for Web service listener processes and shared the Layer 7 API end point information to customers since Boomi Molecule is inside the Dell network.
  • Involve in Dell Main SFDC and EMC SFDC Lead sync, production support for all sync issues.
  • Work on Workday connector and Dell GII tool to query Workday Get Workers object to pull the Worker details. Dell GII tool push the Employee ID to Boomi Web Service Listener process to get the Worker information from Workday.
  • Work on Flow Service, Flow Service Listeners for Dell Contract Legal and HR Onboarding processes. Involved in Layer 7 API creation for Boomi end points for all GET/POST Boomi Flow actions.
  • Involve in all customer calls to gather requirements and provide integration solutions and exception handling for all failures.
  • Involve in release deployment windows to prepare deployment checklist documents and promote the changes to Production Account.
  • Develop Exception Handling and end-to-end transaction visibility sub process for all integrations to log all events like Started, Completed and Failed on Dell INAAS portal.
  • Create TFS stories for every engagement and make sure the stories should be BDD approved, provide user acceptance criteria.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Sr. Dell Boomi Consultant

Environment: Dell Boomi AtomSphere, Salesforce, Oracle Cloud ERP, Marketo, Hive, Workday, Amazon S3, REST, SOAP, APIs, JavaScript, MySQL, MySQL Workbench 8.0


  • Designed and developed end-to-end Boomi integration between SAP Concur and Oracle Cloud Fusion ERP to import employee expenses in Oracle AP, Corporate card expenses and Accruals to Oracle GL.
  • Prepared technical design document to integrate SAP Concur expenses, Workday employees as Suppliers in Oracle Cloud Fusion.
  • Developed interfaces to create Workday Employees as Suppliers, Supplier Sites, Supplier site assignments in Oracle Fusion through FBDI (File Based Data Input) by using SOAP API.
  • Built boomi interfaces between Concur and Oracle to import Concur expenses into Oracle Fusion through FBDI template by using SOAP API.
  • Created field to filed mapping documents between Concur expense input file and Oracle Fusion FBDI template and Workday Employee and Oracle FBDI template.
  • Worked on SFTP connector to read the Concur expenses extract file and Upload to Oracle UCM by using Web Service SOAP Client connector.
  • Performed all validations on the input expense file and load into staging database (MySQL) to generate FP&A reports to reconciliate the data between SAP Concur and Oracle ERP after the integration.
  • Called Oracle reports to validate the Business Unit, Invoice, GL Batch, supplier details to performs the integration.
  • Worked on Concur API by using HTTP Client connector to access Concur Web Services and performed GET, POST requests to obtain access Token by providing clientId, clientSecrect and extracted the Accrual expense file.
  • Called Doozers API to pull the employee details and imported as Suppliers in Oracle ERP. Created supplier, supplier site, supplier site assignment and supplier bank details in Oracle.
  • Extensively used Boomi components SFTP, Database, HTTP Client, Web service SOAP Client connectors and API calls in the integration.
  • Worked on Set Properties, Message, Decision, Business Rule, Data Process, Map, Program Command, Try/Catch, Exception, Branch, Process Call, Route, Add to Cache, Flow Control shapes in the integration.
  • Developed boomi process to connect Concur SFTP site using HTTP Client connector and extracted Concur SAE file and processed as Invoices ang GL batches in Oracle Cloud ERP.
  • Developed boomi process to connect SAP Concur by using REST API and integrated all Accruals in Oracle as GL batches.
  • Worked on Confidential REST API to upload the FP&A reports into the Confidential folder.
  • Worked on Exception Handling Interface that capture all process and document errors and send an email notification with content and attachment.
  • Integrated Boomi and Pagerduty through email service to create a ticket on the Pagerduty for all exceptions and alerts for Boomi critical processes.
  • Worked on Salesforce (SFDC) to Hive, Hive to SFDC, SFDC to Amazon S3 interfaces to sync the Account, Contact, Customer Feedback, Invoice, Lead, Lines, Team and Opportunities Objects with Snowflake.
  • Involved in Hive to Marketo integrations.
  • Developed Boomi audit process for AtomSphere API to get the long running and error out processes and send an email notification.
  • Worked on SAP Concur, Oracle Cloud ERP, Workday, Doozers API, Salesforce, Hive, Marketo, Amazon S3, Zendesk forums, AtomSpehere API, Confidential API interfaces.
  • Enabled extensions for all connectors, process properties and cross reference tables and extended the values in both Stage and Production molecule environment extensions.
  • Involved in Boomi Connector cleanup project and updated all processes to use the same connector from the common connectors folder.


Sr. Dell Boomi Developer/ Architect

Environment: Dell Boomi AtomSphere, EDI, REST, SOAP, APIs, AS2, FTP, SFTP, JavaScript, SQL Server 2005,2008,2014 and 2016, SQL Server Management Studio, SSRS, SSIS, IBM Sterling B2B Integrator


  • Lead representative for EDI across the organization.
  • Build, Deploy and Manage activities in Dell Boomi EDI. Manage Production atom, Deployed processes and Certificates in Dell Boomi.
  • Implemented Extension Activity to use separate databases for development and test.
  • Worked on configuring Web Services, SOAP, REST and HTTP APIs.
  • Worked in Dell Boomi API management end points with SOAP and REST.
  • Verified Boomi Connection Licensing, Production Schedule, Revision History, Error Handling.
  • Verified Startup properties and install Java versions in Dell Boomi Mage tab. Verify Atom, Molecule or Atom Clod selected in the list, whether it is online or offline in Dell Boomi Manage tab.
  • Designed, Developed and deployed of integration solutions for Cloud, On-Premises and Hybrid scenarios.
  • Worked on Notify, Business Rules, Exception Handling, Process Call, Process Route and Connectors/listeners, Dynamic Process Properties, Document Flow, Document Cache, Try/Catch Activity.
  • Managed Production Administrator activities like Copy Process, User Role, Custom Roles, Environment Roles, Folder Permissions, Process Scheduling, Certificates, Document Tracking, Log Files, Component Locking, Process Deactivation and Emil Alert.
  • Dell Boomi Architect activities like Alerts and Events, Local Deployment, Local Atom Installation, Directory Structure, Purging Configurations, Start/Stop Runtime, Extension Activity, Lifecycle Scenarios, Process Promotion, Folder Permissions, Compare and Copy activities.
  • Acted as a lead for migrating EDI to Dell Boomi AtomSphere server.
  • Worked with the business team to identify and document all requirements relating to EDI.
  • Developed EDI implementations for EDI X12 documents such as (850, 875 810, 812, 856, 864, 880 etc), test case Execution, Build deployment, Post production. Enhancing existing EDI documents based on customer requirements.
  • Migrated Business processes, Maps to Cloud-based EDI using Dell Boomi AtomSphere.
  • Worked on cloud-based EDI implementation for EDI X12 documents such as (204, 816, 850, 856, 875, 880, 888, 940, 943, 997, 824, 846, 861, 944, 945 and 947).
  • Analyzed of new requirements from client and implement it on Dell Boomi such as EDI 861 Production Reversal process to send negative 861’s and 947AG to move inventory back from 0573 to 8573and 861 Missing Production.
  • Worked on Migrating Communication setups (AS2, FTP), Envelopes and Maps from to Dell Boomi AtomSphere.
  • Created Trading Partner profiles in Boomi AtomSphere.
  • Designed Boomi process to pull the Sales Order details from iMake and inject them into MAS500. Configured email notifications to send various types of validations/messages.
  • Responsible for all error issues with inbound (204, 816, 850, 856, 875, 888, 940, 943, 812, 864) and outbound (810, 824, 846, 856, 861, 880, 944, 945, 947) ANSI X12 EDI transactions.
  • Used Boomi AtomSphere to design business processes to send and receive file via VAN, FTP and AS2 protocols.
  • Used Boomi atmosphere and implemented Sales Order MAS500/ iMake integration to integrate iMake sales order into MAS500.
  • Developed/Modified EDI maps using IBM Sterling B2B Integrator map editor.
  • Involved in SQL Server Administration & Production Support, Business Intelligence including design, development and implementation of Microsoft SQL server 2016/2014/2008/2005.
  • Involved in Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL) data from Excel, Flat file to MS SQL Server by using SSRS and SSIS services.
  • Used SQL Profiler, SQL Server Management Studio and Execution plans as part of trouble shooting and performance tuning.
  • Created Packages, Jobs, sending alerts using SQL Mail and custom extended procedures, Creation and maintenance of Databases, creating Roles and managing user permissions.
  • Involved in T-SQL programming for writing DDL & DML queries and creating SQL objects like tables, stored procedures, views, Indexes, Rules, user-defined functions, Triggers, Cursors.
  • Worked as a team member in development of web-based applications and involved in Requirement analysis, Design, Coding and Testing.
  • Implemented business logic using Code behind files in C#.
  • Worked with business teams to identify MAS sales order integration process and developed business processes to transform sales order from iMake to MAS500.
  • Analyzed business process schedules and running status, Certificate Expiration status, discrepancies in inbound and outbound EDI documents.
  • Coordinated with the trading partners to resolve Inbound and Outbound EDI errors.
  • Worked on various kind of communication channels like FTP, AS2 and email notifications.
  • Involved in production support, trouble-shooting the day to day issues of the application.


Portal Consultant

Environment: SAP EP 7.0, SAP R/3, BI 7.0, Webdynpro Java, Webdynpro ABAP, PAR file development


  • Production support for all Confidential Portal applications.
  • Portal Production Go-Live Support included customer support, enrolment, role access and connection related issues.
  • Based on SLA delivering IRs and CRs.
  • Managing to change the Webdynpro Java and PAR file applications.
  • Creating Transport Packages to move the Portal changes from Development Portal to Acceptance Portal.
  • Setup Integration and User Test Plans for pre Go-Live.
  • Helped Troubleshoot Portal, SD and CRM issues and connection problems in production environments.
  • Assisted in the SD, CRM, SM Go-Live including production support for Portal.
  • Worked with Master data team and network support to solve Quotation related issues.
  • Integrate BW iviews into Portal and optimized the iviews for faster access to data.
  • Communicating with ABAP, SD, CRM and SM consultants while resolving the problems.

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