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Bi Solution Architect Resume



Scrum Master

SAP BODS \ SAP Data services


Big Data \ Hadoop \ Hive

SAP Business Objects

Xcelsius \ SAP Dashboards


Microsoft Power BI

SAP Explorer


Crystal Reports

SAP Lumira

SAP Design Studio

SAP HANA Modelling

SQL \ PL SQL \ Unix Scripting

Data Modelling


Confidential, TX

BI Solution Architect


  • 15 Years of Programming, Project lead and Architectural experience in IT .
  • Good understanding of Agile and Kanban methodologies.
  • Evaluating client business challenges and work with the team to arrive at the best - fit technology solution
  • Lead analysis, architecture, design, and development of world-class solutions leveraging the full spectrum of technologies and design patterns
  • Analyzing complex business and technical problems related to the implementation of new technology and/or the customization of existing technologies.
  • Collaborate with clients and business analysts to translate business requirements into technical requirements
  • Estimate work efforts required for each phase of a project
  • Develop proposals, statements of work, technology strategies, and roadmaps
  • Manage the communication and internal cooperation of clients
  • Partner with other technology teams to work with business executives and end users to conceptualize new application projects, recommend technologies and implementation strategies, and then architect/design for requirements of the project within financial and timeline guidelines
  • Author and/or review architecture/design and other technical documents ensuring high quality deliverables and systems development across tech stacks and applications teams
  • Experience in Data Warehouse development working with Data Migration, Data Conversion and Extraction/Transformation/Loading (ETL) using Data Integrator/SAP Data Services.
  • Experienced in working on OLAP, OLTP and ODS systems with database like Oracle, SQL server and DB2.
  • Good Knowledge on Data Warehousing Concepts such as Metadata Repository, Data Mining, Data Mart, Star Schema, Snow-flake Schema and OLAP.
  • Performed installation of SAP BI Software’s (BODS, BOBJ, Xcelsius, Information Steward, Crystal reports etc.,) on Windows environment.

Confidential, FL

SAP Business objects\ Business Objects Data Services Lead


  • Experience with SAP HANA studio and good understanding of different HANA perspectives.
  • Experience in SAP HANA Modelling and SAP HANA sql.
  • Created Attributed, analytical and Calculation view using SAP HANA Studio in modeler perspective.
  • Experience in optimizing SAP HANA views for effective business reporting and performance boost.
  • Replicated Various source systems in to SAP HANA using HANA SLT.
  • Configured SLT connection to SAP HANA in SAP system.
  • Replicated HDFS data in to HANA database using SAP HANA Smart Data Integration feature.
  • Created data flows to cleanse data using HANA SDI \ SDQ .
  • Created real time replication jobs using HANA SDI to pull data from Twitter API.
  • Created Connections, Data foundation and business layers in Information design tool.
  • Defined folders\Classes, Objects, in the Universe, defined Cardinalities, Contexts, Joins and Aliases hand resolved loops in Universes using Table aliases and contexts.
  • Created BO universe using Universe designer and Information Design tool on top of SAP HANA Views and also on relational databases like Netezza, oracle, SQL server and more.
  • Checked the Universes for Integrity and exported to the Repository to make resources available to the users and groups and created Adhoc Reports by accessing the Universe.
  • Enabled dynamic report linking by passing Variables (prompts) between reports.
  • Designing, developing and deploying using Universe Designer, Web Intelligence, Desktop Intelligence, Info View and CMC.
  • Created BI workspaces in BOBJ 4.0. Integrated Xcelsius dashboards with BI workspaces.
  • Worked on Hierarchy Levels and Developed hierarchies to support drill down reports.
  • Extensive experience in creating reports with Charts (bar chart, Pie chart…etc), Cross-tabs and Sub reports.
  • Built reports in Web Intelligence using BO XI involving advanced report functionalities like scope of analysis, Drill feature, formulae etc.
  • Supported end-user reporting needs using Business Objects.
  • Developed interactive dashboards using Xcelsius\Dashboard design tool for presentations, live data dashboards with alerts, Calculators, Historical data comparisons.
  • Strong experience in using Live office, Query as web service and Web service connection. Integrated crystal reports with Xcelsius\Dashboard Design tool.
  • Created dashboards using SAP Visual Intelligence \Lumira tool.
  • Managed Connections in SAP Lumira.
  • Created Data sets in SAP Lumira from various data sources like CSV file, MS Excel file.
  • Connected and created SAP Lumira Data sets to .UNV file and .UNX files.
  • Wrote a Complex free hand SQL to create new data sets in SAP Lumira to minimize and avoid the Universe designing work.
  • Merged Data sets in SAP Lumira. Defined Hierarchies, Attributes and measures in SAP Lumira.
  • Good understanding of Bubble Charts, Pie charts, Line charts Column charts, stacked column charts, 3D column charts in SAP Lumira.
  • Created complex single point of entry reports by linking data from multiple sources using functions like slice and dice, drill down and master detail.
  • Strong experience in Data Cleansing, Address Cleansing, Matching Strategies which improves the quality of data.
  • Designing and developing prototype for reports and gaining approval from client for further development. Created Parameterized Crystal Reports with conditional formatting and used sub reports.
  • Good problem solving, reporting and statistical skills with excellent communication and inter-personal skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work both in independent and team-oriented environments.
  • Created interactive dashboards using SAP Design studio tool.
  • Experience in converting Xcelsius dashboards to SAP Design studio tool.
  • Good knowledge on writing scripts in SAP design studio tool. Handled onclick events on components.
  • Created Data sources in Design studio pointing to Business objects universes and BW sources.
  • Optimized design studio dashboards for better user experience.


Senior BO\ETL Developer


  • Configured Local \ Secured Central \Profile Repositories on Microsoft SQL server\Oracle database.
  • Added local \ Secured Central \ Profile repositories to Data services Management console.
  • Added Business objects CMC connection in Management console.
  • Managed BODS servers using BODS Server Manager Tool.
  • Achieved load balancing by creating the server groups.
  • Upgraded BODS version from older versions to newer versions.
  • Integrated BODS Metadata with BOBJ CMC metadata using Meta data integrator tool.
  • Created users and groups in BODS management console.
  • Managed BODS license keys using Business objects license manager.
  • Deployed .WAR files on to Apache tomcat server 5.5.20.
  • Installed and configured Information steward 4.0 on windows server 2008 R2 environment.
  • Created a dedicated repository for Information steward on Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
  • Upgraded Information Steward from 4.0 to 4.1 and several service packs applied to the installation based on the information provided by SAP PAM.
  • Installed SAP Rapid marts Packages 3.2 and Configured installed SAP rapid marts in BODS.
  • Installed Address Cleansing packages on BODS environment.
  • Involved in BOBJ version upgrades. Configured CMC repositories and upgraded the same during BOBJ upgrades.
  • Created complex BODS jobs using BODS Designer which includes workflows, Scripts, Data flows, while loops, Conditional executions, embedded data flows.
  • Created different types Data stores and configured them in BODS designer. Created multiple configurations for Data stores. Defined substitution parameters in BODS designer.
  • Created Source to stage jobs in BODS that extracts data from Flat files likes Excel, Text, XML and COBOL files.
  • Developed BODS jobs that include iDocs, BAPI’s and other SAP related functions.
  • Good understanding of slowly changing Dimensions and its types.
  • Created connections for Information steward in Central Management Console.
  • Created new data insight projects for Information steward in Central Management Console.
  • Created various integrator sources for metadata management in CMC. These new integrated sources were grouped as per the specifications.
  • Defined Business terms in Information Steward Metapedia and these business terms are categorized as per the business specifications.
  • Created and maintained Custom Cleansing packages in Information steward.
  • Imported tables and Files in to Information steward workspace to perform Impact and lineage analysis.
  • Created and edited the views in Information steward. These views include complex joins, filter conditions and Group by operations.
  • Created Rules and modified rules in Information steward.
  • Performed column profiling in Information steward. Monitored submitted Profiling tasks.


Senior BO\ETL Developer


  • Experience in working with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau online, and Tableau Reader in various versions of Tableau 10.5, 10.4/10.3/10.2/10. x/9.x/8.2/8.0.
  • Migrated all the dashboards from Tableau 10.5 to Tableau 2018.1.
  • In-depth knowledge on Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader and Tableau Server.
  • Developed in creating highly interactive Data Visualization Reports and Dashboards such as Data Blending, Calculations, Filters, Actions, Parameters, Maps, Extracts, Context Filters, Sets, Aggregate measures etc.
  • Developed Tableau data visualization using Pareto's, Combo charts, Heat maps, Box and Whisker charts, Scatter Plots, Gantts, Bubbles, Histograms, Geographic Map, Cross tabs, Histograms etc.
  • Improved Reports performance in Tableau dashboards using extracts and context filters.
  • Performance tuning for the Tableau Visualizations and Tableau server using blending techniques and Optimize the VizQL server processes to handle loading and rendering views for Tableau Server.
  • Designed and setup user security for the entire landscape to facilitate Windows AD login and used Tableau CMD for various Dashboard migrations from one environment to another.
  • Proficient in creating advance Calculations (Cube Calculations, Creating/using Parameters, Table Calculations, Totals) advanced logical and conditional calculated fields using Tableau Desktop.
  • Involved in testing Tableau reports, Dashboards, Scorecards and handled the performance issues effectively using extracts and context filters.
  • Developed parameter and dimension-based reports, drill-down reports, matrix reports, charts and Tabular reports using Tableau Desktop.
  • Optimized the dashboards in Tableau desktop using Performance Recorder and Analyzed dashboard performance on Tableau Server through Tabjolt.


Senior BO\ETL Developer


  • Expert using Power BI related products like Power BI Desktop, Power BI service, Power BI report server, Power BI gateway etc.,
  • Installed and Configured onPrem Power BI report server and Power BI gateway for data refreshes.
  • Created workspaces and controlled user access and Power BI pro licenses.
  • Developed Power BI dashboards using Power BI desktop and published those to both power bi Service as well as to Power BI report server.
  • Integrated Power BI dashboards with Share point site and with html pages.
  • Expert in writing DAX functions.
  • Scheduled Power BI datasets from Power BI service for automatic refresh of data.
  • Ability to develop nice story telling dashboard layouts and prototypes using Power BI.

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