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Bi & Tableau Admin/architect/technical Lead Resume


  • Business Objects/Tableau administrator/Power BI Admin/ Developer/Architect with around 16 years of experience in developing BI Reporting solutions on relational and multidimensional data sources.
  • Extensive experience in analysis, design, development and testing of data warehouse and data mart systems which includes installing, configuring, administering and supporting Business Objects Enterprise suite in high performance business systems.
  • Proficient in an assortment of technologies, including Oracle 11g/12c, SQL Server 2008/2016, HANA, TANDEM, Web Logic/Tomcat application servers, Apache Web Server, IIS, C#, Windows and Unix/Linux, Azure Cloud, AWS.


Reporting Tools: SAP BI 4.x, BOXI 3.1, Tableau, Power BI, Crystal Reports 2008/2012, Dashboard Designer. SAP Explorer, Lumira and Design Studio., Infoburst, 360 Tools, Predictive Analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

ETL Tools: SAP Data Services 4.x, Information Steward

Database: Oracle 11g/12c, SQL Server 2008/2016, Exadata, Netezza, IBM DB2, TANDEM, MS Access, SAP HANA 1.x

Application Server: Weblogic 9.x/10.x, Tomcat

Web Server: Apache, IIS

Programming Language: VBA, C, Java, C#, PL/SQL, HTML, XML

Operating System: UNIX/Linux, Windows

Cloud Support: Azure Cloud, AWS


BI & Tableau Admin/Architect/Technical Lead



  • Architected BI infrastructure to suit organization needs as per best practices
  • Migrated On promise BI DEV servers to Azure Cloud.
  • Performed POC on moving BO servers to AWS.
  • Leads 3 member team.
  • Successfully implemented BI Disaster Recovery procedures and policies to successfully implement DR exercises at remote site.
  • Administration support of BO 3.1/4.2 and SAP Data Services 4.2
  • Migration of Data Services from 4.0 to 4.2
  • Setup HANA user security
  • Setup Tableau version 2019 on Windows 2016. Configured the environment with SSL, setup user sites, projects and user roles as per best practices.
  • Performed Tableau DR Exercises and backup/recovery methods. Monitor Tableau performance using Tab jolt. Migrate the content using Tab Migrate to promote the content to PROD.
  • Deployed Power BI at the enterprise level. Setup users, Apps, workspaces for the content collaboration with the viewers.
  • Setup alerts in Power BI service for missing data and auditing of the usage.
  • Schedule and report bursting using Infoburst tool
  • Experience using 360 tools (360 eyes/Plus) for auditing and Backup purposes
  • Create Analytical/Attribute Views in HANA studio for analytical reporting
  • Setup IIS with Tomcat Redirector to support BO Application Servers
  • Work with Network team to setup F5 load balancer and SSL.
  • Setup Information Steward 4.2 servers to analyze the data and for impact analysis Built custom cleansing package transforms to publish to Data Services for data cleansing.
  • Implemented best practices to monitor BI landscape using external tools and BO internal tool.
  • Schedule BO reports using Infoburst tool.
  • Setup SSO using SAML authentication
  • Setup Lumira Add - on to BI platform
  • Troubleshoot production issues via internal ticket system
  • Setup security and promoting the reports/universes to different environments as per best practices
  • Applying patches and upgrades to BI environments.
  • Manages over 70K internal and external users.
  • Migration of Business Objects 3.1 to 4.2, Reports and universes using UMT and converted Deski reports using Report Conversion Tool.
  • Educate report/universe developers to follow best practices.
  • Provides end user training on BO tools.
  • Identify critical issues of BI Platform and escalated to SAP support to troubleshoot the issues.
  • Actively participated in SAP Sapphire conference to gain the knowledge on latest SAP technologies
  • Setup schedules and Report bursting depending on the requirements and monitor the schedules.
  • Scheduling the Data Services jobs using cisco Tidal application.
  • Implemented backup procedures for File store and CMS DB using batch scripts using cold/Hot backups
  • Followed best practices in setting up BI security

Environment: BOXI 3.1/4.1/4.2, Tableau, Power BI, Oracle 11G/12c, SQL Server 2008, CMC, SAP HANA, SAP Data Services 4.0/4.2, Tomcat, IIS

BI Lead/ Admin



  • Involved in all the Admin activities like Maintenance of B.O 3.1/4.0 clustered Servers, Schedule automatic backups of BO content using Command Line Import Wizard, File Store backup regularly.
  • Supports BO WEB Apps deployed in WEB Logic Server (CMC/Infoview/Query Builder)
  • Applying patches to BO Servers as SAP releases to make system stable.
  • Installed BO 4.0 on Server 2008/Linux to support POC activities, Configured the system, split up the Adaptive Processing Servers, created custom access levels to provide the security to the users access, Setup the Monitoring in CMC, Audit DB
  • Performance tuning of Web Intelligence and AJS servers.
  • Performed sizing exercise for BO 4.0 Servers/Services based on the existing system usage, concurrent active users and the planned applications/BI tools usage.
  • Lead in upgrading current BO 3.1 migration to 4.0 SP5. Migrated the contents using the Upgrade Management Tool, Changing the sources of the WEBI reports, Upgrading the universes to UNX based universes using Information Design Tool
  • Manages over 4000 users to use BO System.
  • Publish the Crystal Reports/WEBI Reports/Universes in to CMC
  • Configured SSL and Windows AD SSO to BI 4.0 platform and implemented security architecture as per organization’s needs.
  • Schedule the reports Daily/Weekly/Monthly based on the Business needs
  • Work closely with different LOB BSA’s to support the reports publishing
  • Worked with Network Team to load balance and ensure high availability of BI web applications by configuring DNS and Cisco Load Balancer
  • Trouble shoot the Production BO issues
  • Review the Reports (WEBI/Crystals), Universes before publishing to CMC
  • Setup guidelines for Reports and Universes
  • Provided the Standard template reports to Developers as a base.
  • Cleanup the users/Reports in CMC based on the usage.
  • Created BI Filestore on the NAS (i.e Network Attached Storage) and Configured Business Objects File Repository Servers to connect to NAS.
  • Provided 24*7 on call support on critical system issues /user reported issues and investigate recommend resolution for the issues.
  • Works with SAP support to resolve the issues.
  • Work with ETL team/DBA to resolve all kinds of data issue in the BO Reports.

Environment: BOXI 3.1/ 4.0 (SP5) Web Intelligence Rich Client, Infoview, Launchpad, Information Design Tool, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2008, CMC, Business View Manager, Crystal Enterprise 2008,Tomcat, WEBLOGIC and CVS

Staff Engineer B.O Admin/Developer



  • Involved in all the Admin activities like Maintenance of B.O 4.0 Servers, Created Access Levels to secure the system, Promote the objects from Dev to QA and to Production using Promotion Management formerly LCM
  • Installed, Configured and Supported a coalesced high available & fault tolerant SAP BI 4.0 Dev and QA clustered infrastructure deployed on Windows 2008R2
  • Supported BO applications published on Citrix Server.
  • Configured BO WEB Applications through WEB Seal to support Single Sign-on.
  • Configured all the BI Platform servers for better optimal performance and throughput.
  • Configured the BO 4.0 Mobile Server and Mobile Client for apple devices (i.e iPAD & iPhone).
  • Apply Patches to the Dev & QA Servers and testing the system.
  • Maintenance of Clustered Production Environment
  • Monitoring the server health
  • Created user Groups and assign the security access levels.
  • Configured Windows AD Authentications to BI 4.0 platform and implemented security architecture as per organization’s needs.
  • Schedule the reports on Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis using CMC.
  • Work closely with SAP support team to resolve the issues in B.O 4.0
  • Configured Business Objects File Repository Servers to connect to SAN
  • Converted the UNV to UNX using the IDT and created universes using IDT.
  • Fixed the issues during the conversion of Universes.
  • Converted the WEBI reports from UNV to UNX
  • Integrated clearcase and Sub version with BO.
  • Schedule the Promotion Jobs to archive the objects from CMC on daily basis.
  • Created aggregate Universes to develop the Dashboards using the Dashboard Designer
  • Used derived tables in the universe for easy maintenance of the Universes.
  • Created Webi Reports for customers as Model. Used extensively Sections/Breaks/combined queries and drill down Reports.
  • Worked with BA’s to analyze the business requirements to develop the Universes/Reports
  • Used SQL Server 2008 Management studio to validate the results in the reports and Dashboards
  • Code Reviews, Designing the documents for the development based on the requirements.

Environment: BOXI 4.0 (SP2 & SP4) Web Intelligence Rich Client, Launchpad, Information Design Tool, SQL Server 2008, Clear Case, HP Quality Center, CMC, TomCat, Citrix, WEB Seal, Clearcase and Sub version.

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