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It Business Partner (senior Solutions Architect) Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Hybris Commerce professional with 8 years of experience working in Hybris Commerece Suite 4.x, 5.x and 6.x, with overall 15 years of IT Experience working with Java/J2EE based technologies.
  • Proficient in various Hybris concepts including Hybris layered architecture, jalo and service layer concepts, data modeling, Cron Jobs, Impexes, Flexible search, extgen/module gen for creating extensions and custom applications by extending accelerators, multi - lingual and multi-country architecture and roll outs, personalization module etc.
  • Worked on 4 Hybris eCommerce implementation in the capacity of Project Lead/Senior Technical and Solutions architect and designed the overall architecture including data modeling, defining and writing custom CMS components, search configuration, Cart and checkout implementation, web service based real time ordering and fulfillment, promotions and vouchers, real time stock and pricing, hot folder implementation for data loading etc.
  • Proficient in using various Hybris backend applications including WCMS cockpit (worked on creating page templates and pages), Product Cockpit, Backend office, HMC.
  • Designed and implemented various custom requirements like Customer Part number search, personalized catalog, LDAP integration, OCI and cXML based punch out. Also designed and implemented third party integration including Bazaar Voice for ratings and review, Baynote for product recommendations, PSP for payment processing etc.
  • Knowledge of Datahub with SAP integration and very keen to learn and work on SAP integration with Datahub to get working experience.
  • Worked on other important features to make eCommerce as a success including Google analytics, SEO concepts, performance enhancement (JVM tuning, refactoring, Apache configurations).
  • Proven ability to target and reach high standards, widely perceived as a technical resource. Excellent Requirement analysis capability, strong team player, skillful negotiator.


  • Hybris eCommerce Suite 6.x, 5.x, 4.x
  • Hybris PCM
  • Hybris WCMS
  • Hybris Cockpits
  • Solr Search
  • Data Modelling, Cron Jobs, Impexes, Flexible Search, extgen/Modulegen, B2B/B2C recipes for creating storefronts, Promotions, vouchers etc., Soap/Rest Web servies,Agile Methodologies, Solr Search,Third Party Integrations


Used: Hybris eCommerce Suite 4.x, 5.x6.x, Solr Search Engine

Java/J2EE, Spring: 3.0, SOAP/Rest Web

Services: Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2008MS SQL

Knowlegeable: Eclipse, SVN, VSS, TFS, GithubJmeter Performance Testing, JIRAWindows, Unix, Linux


IT Business Partner (Senior Solutions Architect)

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Working as IT Business Partner (in capability of senior Solutions Architect) and mainly involved in direct interaction with the Business and IT team.
  • Serving as a Group Architect in the CSM’s digital Commerce Strategic team. Part of the implementation journey of 2 eCommerce sites that are developed on Hybris 6.0 by the Vendor team and Involved in Architecture and designing of various enhancements later for the sites.
  • Main features include the integration with Active Directory (LDAP) for employee authentication, implementation of Rule engine to filter products based on compatibility.
  • Fully responsive design compatible with all devices - Desktop, Mobile, Tablets. Integration with the SAP data using Hot Folder concept and currently working on replacing Hot Folder with Data Hub.
  • Senior Technical Architect CapGemini - For client Rexel SAS Dallas, TX, USA
  • Involved in Architecture and designing of a common web shop solution catering to multiple countries and planned for 50 web shop online stores.
  • Hands on experience in designing multi-tenant, multi-channel, muti-lingual solution
  • Presented multiple technical solutions including Hybris data modelling, Hybris automated data load processes, efficient use of Hybris PCM and Hybris WCMS capabilities, Hybris personalization, Solr search engine optimization.
  • Designed custom solution including customer part number specific search, personalized catalog for users, multiple carts, OCI and cXML punchout etc.
  • Integrated Hybris solution with third party products Voice.
  • Active participation in Agile processes release planning, grooming sessions, sprint planning, estimation, retrospective etc.
  • Involvement in 70-80% of solutions designing.

Technical Architect

Confidential, Southboro, MA


  • Architected unique guest experience with quotation and order facility for anonymous user, even not supported by Hybris.
  • Designed with multi-lingual and multi-country support
  • Web service based integration solution with SFDC

Project Lead/Technical Architect



  • Directly worked with Hybris team as a partner for Rexel's Web shop common Solution for 5 countries and 18 web shops.
  • Multi - lingual, multi-country roll-out for 5 countries.
  • Used Hybris-Endeca integration (HYEND module) for Search.
  • Integration with third parties like Payment Service Providers (eselect,ogone and Payment tech), Baynote as recommendation engine, Bazaar Voice for Reviews and ratings.
  • Designed many custom solutions like CPN, OCI and cXML based punchouts, personalized catalogs.
  • Involved in all phases of architecture and designing of the solution along with Hybris team.
  • Involved in many performance related enhancements like JVM tuning, refactoring, Apache configurations.

Senior Software Engineer/Technical Lead



  • Lead the team of more than 15 Team members and involved in mentoring the team
  • Designed and Developed many web application under umbrella project, along with enhancement of existing application.
  • Directly involved in full SDLC life cycle including requirement gathering sessions, design documentation, writing test cases, implementation and testing.
  • Worked with Struts 2 framework and Unix/Solaris systems
  • Worked as a Loaned resource in many other projects during the life cycle of this project, based on priorities, including Volkswagen, Confidential Plastics and Confidential Energy.

Software Engineer



  • Mainly involved in test case preparation, test case execution and code reviews activities.
  • Prepared automated test case script based on VB-Scripts and macros.
  • Served as Defect Prevention Representative for the project, where responsibilities include, analyzing the defect, conducting meeting to brainstorm ideas with the team to prevent defect and keeping track of all defect prevention activities

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