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Microstrategy Solution Architect Resume


Adobe Creative Suite


Business Objects

Crystal Reports

HTML5, SVG, jQuery


Linux/ Unix


Oracle, Exadata


SQL Server


Sybase IQ, ASE


UX/ UI design & prototyping



+10 programming languages



MicroStrategy Solution Architect


  • Worked remotely on various projects with clients across financial, banking, manufacturing, retail, insurance, and pharma industries to provide analytical reporting BI solutions
  • Spearheaded projects, created functional and technical requirements as well as business proposals, managed team resources, and trained other developers
  • Developed ETL processes, architected data warehouse environments, created AWS and Azure cloud environments, and configured Tomcat and IIS web servers to support various reporting needs
  • Analyzed existing data platforms to determine opportunities for streamlining processes, improving BI query performance, and reducing data footprints
  • Utilized restful APIs, web plugins, graphical design, HTML, jQuery, and other SDK options to create custom interfaces for clients to support web and mobile reporting environments
  • Created Schema Objects/ logical data model, Intelligence cubes, security filters, transaction objects, dashboards, RS documents, and other report objects to support MicroStrategy based reporting environments


MicroStrategy Architect


  • Coordinated project implementations, served as technical lead, and trained other MicroStrategy developers both on and off-shore on architecture, reporting, administrative functions, and design best practices
  • Performed object migrations, project duplications, and clustered server maintenance
  • Developed System Manager workflow to automate project maintenance based upon data loads
  • Tuned Netezza and Oracle database objects as well as MicroStrategy architecture, filters, metrics, and VLDB settings to reduce run-times of preexisting reports by >75%
  • Utilized MicroStrategy Transaction Services and Oracle stored procedures to allow users to log, track, modify, and resolve vendor compliance issues in real-time and to facilitate user feedback on dashboards


MicroStrategy Engineer


  • Led projects for multiple global clients within banking, biotechnology, automotive, and retail industries
  • Developed SSIS ETL packages and set up databases including tables, views, and stored procedures
  • Created and architected MicroStrategy projects, defined user roles and security filters, and created reporting objects to support ad - hoc and canned reporting requirements
  • Implemented MicroStrategy write-back functionality allowing users to validate data in real-time


MicroStrategy Project Manager


  • Installed MicroStrategy product suite on UNIX and Windows servers for use with Sybase database platforms via web, mobile, and Office end - user interfaces
  • Created data warehouse tables, logical views, Sybase stored procedures, and daily ETL processes
  • Integrated MicroStrategy Office, Google Earth, and government census data to create display maps of customers, branches, and determine potential locations for new branches
  • Created schema and reporting objects necessary for reporting platform switch-over from Crystal Reports to MicroStrategy
  • Met with executives to review business needs and solutions including a mobile phone app for customers, dashboards for regional and corporate executives, and internal data mining BI needs
  • Built reports and documents to support business functions including accounting, profit, sales promotion effectiveness, and customer retention

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

MicroStrategy Senior Developer


  • Developed summary reports that evaluated measures to ensure compliance of JCAHO, CMS, and HQID standards with respect physician roles, responsible units, and overall facility care
  • Developed detail reports for analysis of CPS and ACS calculations for process measures
  • Introduced and implemented a design that allowed for a 50% reduction in project maintenance, data warehousing storage requirements, and allowed for the combining of data warehouses
  • Modified MicroStrategy project and report VLDB settings as well as architecture and reporting objects to reduce report runtimes by an average of 80%
  • Utilized MicroStrategy extended property customizations in conjunction with VBA macros to format data dumps into presentation form within Excel workbooks
  • Modified reports and Excel workbook VBA macros to summarize exported data at an aggregated level, in turn reducing workbook file size from 6MB to 18K on summary reports


Senior MicroStrategy Consultant


  • Managed development team functions such as development, migration, issue resolution, project administration, performance analysis, and software upgrades
  • Administrated Confidential project to provide event - driven and time-based file deliveries
  • Modified existing SQL Server snowflake configuration in order to reduce warehouse maintenance and improve report performance by 75%

Confidential, Greenville, SC

Senior Developer


  • Headed projects and conducted meetings to coordinate efforts with other teams and business divestitures and worked between business analysts and developers to acquiesce requirements
  • Created ad - hoc report templates, dashboards, scorecards, and other executive summaries as well as developed reports for various data warehouses including customer, sales, marketing, supply chain, inventory, and Planogram (space allocation)
  • Lead basic and advanced training classes for business analysts on MicroStrategy Web usage
  • Ensured Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for changes to all reporting projects
  • Developed a MicroStrategy project that allows for cross data warehouse reporting

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