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Vp Of Information Technology Resume


  • Executive Technology, Product and Operations Leader / Chief Information Officer / Chief Information Security Officer - Business Technology Engineering, Management, Governance - Risk & Compliance (GRC).
  • Retired Naval Officer, serving in uniform to the White House (Executive Office of the President) for the Technology Assessment Center (CTAC) and Information Technology Working Group (ITWG),
  • PhD in Software Engineering (IS/IT) with an emphasis in Operations Business Risk Management,
  • 20 years of team building, program and personnel management experience in technology and operations,
  • Leading a multi-teared Technology Organization through independent Program Management Officers (PMO), Quality Assurance (QA), Customer Relationship (CRM) and Architecture leads,
  • Technology Change Management leader for broad, based Agile / SAFe technology deployment.





  • Overseeing all corporate development and services activities across .net, SharePoint, and web; cloud services across both AWS and Azure; and global portfolio service expansion with a software OpEx in excess of 20MM annually.
  • Leading Customer Facing Data Center Operations using MSPower BI; transitioning services from DOMO and Tableau for an overall cost savings of 55% on data center operations.
  • Overseeing all corporate compliance initiatives, including Blockchain, PCI, SOC2, HiTrust, FedRAMP, and GDPR. Leading an internal and external audit team to provide L1 and L2 audits with additional SOX support to Finance.
  • Overseeing information security standards as part of the Microsoft CISO and CXO Roundtables; identifying industry security trends, best practices, and threat mitigations for corporate targets with an emphasis on Blockchain.
  • Leading corporate expansions in Philippines and India of over 130 professionals for Audit, Project Management, Engineering, Salesforce, and Network Operations; adding 8 international development and administrative teams.
  • Managing customer facing product and partner relationships to resolve compliance, provisioning, and functional concerns across the enterprise; Overseeing the global MIS PMO with Product Managers sitting in Philippines, India, and USA.
  • Leading the customer engagement and service team with staff in USA, India, Philippines, Bolivia, and satellite remote to provide round-the-clock / round-the-globe coverage and response to INFOSEC threats, service requirements, and trouble-tickets; reducing the Mean-Time-to-Correction by 40% in two months.




  • Mentoring the university staff and student body on the application of database architecture, CRM analytics, and strategic technology engagement on an Oracle Database.
  • Served as a pilot instructor for curriculum reviews to ensure correlation to the corporate environment; class and mentoring group sizes up to 58 students.
  • IS 6420 Database Theory/Design - Proving real-world customer analytics and journey management on an Oracle CRM system to enhance the customer experience through efficient management principles.
  • CS 364 and 432 Software Engineering I/III - Focusing on the refinement and application of software processes, architecture, and formal project management in a real-world development and delivery environment.


Confidential, Pasadena, California


  • Leading all departments of Information Technology - information systems, product management, infrastructure, helpdesk, development, and information security across 3 continents and 12 countries.
  • Transitioning corporate IT/IS strategies toward more nimble cloud and agile technologies; introducing Oracle cloud computing, BYOD, and interactive dashboard analytics.
  • Reducing corporate IT/IS operating costs by 20% through contract renegotiations (Hadoop, server clustering, network and communication services), removal of duplicity (global staffing and analytics services), and more effective analytics and dashboard reporting across the enterprise without impacting staffing.
  • Leading Customer Facing Product - Data Center Operations for the corporate Oracle Data Center; transitioning from Oracle on-prem to Oracle cloud. Implementing a partner facing PMO for product and relationship management.
  • Consolidating and relocating over 450 server instances to a VMWare space; reducing corporate infrastructure costs and sustainment by 7%. Increased investigation and implementation of Blockchain services. Leading a transition to Oracle Cloud Services to reduce on-premises Oracle servers by 80% and Oracle staffing requirements by 75%.
  • Leading hybrid global-operations with blended staffing for helpdesk and analytic services, international staffing, compliant Digital Asset Management (DAM), data warehousing and DataMart (Safe Harbor, FISMA, SOX).


Confidential, Burbank, California


  • Led a team of 25 staff and 20-25 contract personnel with 6 product managers, architects, developers, client relations managers, and system analysts; supporting mobile, digital, and next generation system development.
  • Managed team development and sustainment of over 165 business applications ($18MM annual budget) supporting operations, infrastructure and Business Information Management; managing Long Range Plans (LRP) for five-year development cycles ($90MM LRP) to support all Next Generation Media Strategy for cross development activities to Confidential Technology Solutions and Services (DTSS).
  • Supported information security and risk management of the data infrastructure; Launched DATG’s inaugural Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) team to internally manage the IBM Integrated Bus; creating a common infrastructure for our application portfolio; responsible for the hiring, training, and management of the new team’s organization.


Confidential, Glendale, California


  • Directed the rapid development of two mobile applications across 6 vendors to support streaming content, online product ordering, point of sale (POS), and customer loyal (user experience) enhancement.
  • Managing use statistics and services to support Marketing, Operations, and Legal workgroups.
  • Led Confidential Global Expansion as Technology Director for vendor identification, RFP, selection, and management supporting online ordering, mobile development, e-communications and marketing ordering; coordinating with Legal for data privacy (SafeHarbor, et. al.), contracting, and storage requirements.
  • Oversaw SharePoint and Teradata upgrades to support mass storage requirements for large system and application development services; supporting Legal Document Repository (LDR), Learning Management (LMS), web services and analytics to the corporate data warehouse (SQL).


Confidential, Arlington, Virginia


  • Directed a commercial technology business strategy with the CEO; supporting national security technology, risk assessments, training, and operation services following corporate acquisition and rebranding; Focusing on next-generation systems for business operations, banking, command-and-control, and persistent surveillance.
  • Technology and Business Program Manager to the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Center of Excellence (COE); managed technology-based task orders, 20 contract companies and 30 internal personnel; overseeing business management, science, research and mission goals to the intelligence agency.
  • Oversaw a “greenfield” technology pursuit pipeline in excess of $500M across three continents supporting Federal Governments, Extractive Industry, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Entertainment marketspace with 36 contractors.
  • Confidential Director to technology assessments for a restricted Olympic City and World Cup bid; reviewing physical and technology-based security risks and mitigation capacity, security response design, government and commercial security cooperation policies, and comparisons against legacy host-city bid submissions.
  • Technology Capture Manager to the OCS Venture contract for services to the DNI clandestine community; managing 56 contract companies for teaming agreements and compliance requirements as: SIGINT exploitation, spectral imaging, physical and IT intrusion, Counter-Biological Warfare, and other threats to national security.

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