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Workday Hcm Consultant Resume


  • An accomplished, results - driven human resource leader with 13 plus years of overall experience, of which 3 plus years as Workday HCM consultant in facilitating implementation, postproduction support for Workday HCM Business Processes, Security configuration, Reporting, Calculated fields, Integrations and enhancements of Workday application.
  • Over 10 plus years of unique blend of functional experience with subject matter expertise in HR, Recruitment & Staffing business processes comprising the life cycle of employee including recruiting, hiring, Onboarding, compensation & benefits, time tracking, employee maintenance, talent & performance management and exit process in the IT Industry.
  • Proven ability to identify the business needs of the organization through collaboration with key stakeholders and providing solutions via Workday.
  • Experience with Workday HCM organization structure, business processes, configurable workday security, compensation, custom reports, calculated fields, RAAS, inbound/outbound integrations through EIB, core connector, studio, XML, WSDL, XSLT, XTT, ETV, SOAP and Workday Web Services.
  • Hands on experience in retrieving, modifying and troubleshooting workday reports (simple, advanced, matrix), using different combinations of complex calculated fields.
  • Designed and configured workday business process for job change, propose compensation, termination etc. Well versed with multiple configuration options in staffing, compensation, benefit events, time off/leave events, talent management events.
  • Established Object Management Systems like role-based security, job-based security groups, and user-based security roles.
  • Created different staffing models, defining hiring restrictions to job management, position management, and head count management.
  • Configured and tested complete cycle of workday compensation (compensation criteria, plans & grades.) including packages, salary and allowance plans, bonus, and commission plans.


Workday HCM: Workday HCM Core concepts, Navigation Basics, Setup/Configuration of Organizations, Staffing models, Jobs and positions, Compensation, Security Groups, Business processes, Workday Transactions, Payroll, Benefits. Reporting: Advanced, Matrix Reports, Calculated fields, Integrations: RAAS, SOAP, Web Services, EIB, Cloud Connect (CCW/CCB/CCTPP:PICOF/PECI), iLoads, Studio, XML, WSDL, XSLT, XTT, ETV, Oxygen.

Operating Systems: Windows7, Windows10.

HRIS/Payroll/ATS Systems: Zenefits, ADP Run, Paychex, Bullhorn, Job diva

Other Skills: MS Office, MS Excel, Power Point, MS Outlook, QuickBooks



Workday HCM Consultant


  • Provide AMS support to HCM users day to day requests to create, modify, troubleshoot custom reports, integrations, business processes, updating security. Resolving functionality, data integrity related issues, educating users on navigation, functionality matters etc.
  • Responsible to deliver simple, advanced reports, matrix reports for the organization, collecting the requirements of reporting from business and end user clients.
  • Generated reports to support HRBP, employee, manager insights into & ability to measure results of HR programs, policies, and practices.
  • Developed workday custom reports on HCM Data, compensation data, recruiting, absence data and utilized Report as a Service (RaaS) ability to use in integrations.
  • Generated matrix reports to support compensation, benefits, HRBP's, payroll and other teams.
  • Defining output of report to worklet options or chart options, sharing options, setting up transfer ownerships.
  • Created several calculated fields to meet complex reporting requirements using functions like extract single Instances, multiple instance, lookup related value, evaluate expression, true or false Conditions, arithmetic calculation, convert currency, substring text, format date fields etc.
  • Built custom Inbound EIB Integration to update contact information (phone, email, address).
  • Used EIB for integrating location of employees, Performance ratings, assigning organizations and updating payroll IDs.
  • Created packaged integrations, also Connector (CCW/CCB/CCTPP: PICOF/PECI) integrations to get/put information using XML, XSLT, XTT, ETV Document Transformation.
  • Utilized many Workday web services including but not limited to hire employee, change job, submit payroll input, update single and multi-instance custom Object.
  • Test, research, troubleshoot integrations to meet functional requirements.
  • Configure, test and validate business processes like create requisition, hire, propose compensation, compensation changes, time & leave processes, job change, promote, transfer, terminate, assign organizations and create web service in the integrations to replicate the BP automatically.
  • Create security groups like user-based security groups, role-based security groups and job-based security groups.
  • Maintain, create staffing models (position, & job management), supervisory organizations, locations, positions, cost center and cost center hierarchies.
  • Changing the supervisory organizations, inactivating an organization and moving the workers into different supervisory organizations.
  • Creating job profiles and grouping them into job families. Hiring an employee into an organization through position or job management depending on the requirement and set hiring restrictions.
  • Perform workday recruiting related tasks like job requisitions, candidates merging, offer letters, positions and hire/ pre-hire records, job postings.
  • Create, configure compensation packages for new hire employees including salary, bonus, allowance, commission, merit plans for multiple states including merit and bonus plan processing. This is based on compensation plan, compensation grades or grade profiles and eligibility rules to which we also add allowance plans.
  • Review employee hire edit workday accounts and resetting the passwords.
  • Prepare employee master data like job details, worker history and contact information.

Environment: Workday, Report Writer, Calculated Fields, EIB, Workday Cloud Connect, XML, XSLT, XTT, ETV, SOAP, WSDL, Calculated Fields, Web Services.

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Workday HCM Consultant


  • Supported the implementation of Workday HCM system, and post-production support services.
  • Gathered requirements for various reports, integrations, completed discovery, mapping, and design documents.
  • Created and maintained workday custom & ad-hoc reports, scheduled reports needed by end-users, modified/troubleshooted existing custom reports using calculated fields.
  • Reports included calculated fields to traverse organization trees, combine data sources, date calculations etc.
  • Created advanced and matrix reports (for HCM, absence, time-Off, talent reviews, etc.)
  • Created reports, dashboards for recruiting, compensation, payroll, and employee movement.
  • Created scorecard & metric values for the diversity information like FTE’s employee headcount, overall minority headcount, minority in leadership %, minorities in tech roles, women in leadership% etc.
  • Involved in design, build, test and deploy inbound and outbound integrations with business partners using EIB, core connectors, studio for Core HCM, payroll, benefits, LMS, and talent acquisition.
  • Responsible for data migration (data conversion) from legacy systems to workday systems using iLoads/EIB's.
  • Worked on validations and condition rules, notifications, etc.
  • Setup business process steps, such as action, approval, approval chain, checklist, how they work and integrated with security groups.
  • Configuration of workday business process framework: configured conditional rules to guide workflow or validate data as required to accommodate desired outcomes.
  • Created eligibility rules, accruals, time-off plan, time off type, time off & calculations
  • Configured, supported on benefits including groups, plans, coverage types, event types, and eligibility rules, merit, hire, on-boarding, job change, business processes, time off & leave for multiple countries
  • Performed configuration as needed to support new and existing functionality.
  • Worked on the creation of job profiles and job families.
  • Created supervisory organizations, cost centers, cost center hierarchies, and location hierarchies.
  • Maintenance, modification of workday business processes and definitions.

Environment: Workday HCM, EIB, Core Connectors, iLoads, Studio, XML, XSLT, WSDL, Report Writer, Zephyr.

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