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Consultant Resume


  • Experienced Technology Leader, Data Architect and IIoT Engineer, Big Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Business Intelligence, Financial Modeler, Business Analyst with over ten years’ experience. An agile, self - starter, hands-on leader, execution-oriented and results-focused, dynamic leader with excellent lateral thinking skills in bringing cross-functional groups together to effectively achieve Confidential goals of maximizing efficiency and minimizing associated risks.
  • Passion for applying big data analytical and digital transformation techniques in transforming complex business models & turn big data into better insights and unlock value.
  • Innovation accelerator and strong leadership skills with analytical ability to collect complex business information, organize, analyze, summarize, and interpret information and communicate highly technical information to higher management in a practical business based terms.
  • Experienced data management and technology leader - delivering innovative & disruptive solutions.
  • Advanced excel power user: financial and portfolio modeling, data discovery, tracking, trending, forecasting, linking and creating formulas, queries, macros, reporting, crosstabs and linking multiple tables.
  • Advanced developer - AWS & MS Azure cloud platforms: Lambda, DMS, E2, AWS Cost Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, LageMaker, Azure IoT Hub/Event/Edge and Azure Synapse Analytics.
  • Design and integrate data pipelines from data sources to premises DB and cloud, such as ingesting data from Relays, GIS and BMS substation monitoring and protection apparatus to cloud in real time.
  • SAS, R & Python - clustering, forecasting and optimization, Tableau Analytics and Visualization, Teradata Aster, Confidential Cognos Business, Minitab, Analytics & Intelligence, SQL, HTML5, Piwik, PMP Planisware, Elasticsearch, Rally, Care Radius and Confidential Rational Clear Quest.
  • Exposure to Big Data Ecosystems tools: Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Hbase, Atscale and Datameer.
  • SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI), SAS Enterprise Guide (EG), SAS Macro and SAS SQL: building queries, linking tables and generating reports.


Consultant, Allentown, PA

Consultant - Data Architect


  • Provide Data Architect and Digital Transformation Solutions to the IT Asset Management (AM) department and lead High Priority Initiative (HPI) projects, define “as is” state of clients asset data structure and data sources.
  • Identify and provide recommendations on data structures and formats for “future” state of IT Asset Management strategy. Develop recommendations for future state asset hierarchy.
  • Defining the long-term strategy IT Asset Management initiative as well as define, design and implement solutions for smart grid.
  • Design and integrate diverse data sources (IIoT), assets that are stretched over 45,000 miles across states, such as ingest data from thousands of electrical power systems protection relays, vipers, circuit breakers, sensors, electrical transmission and distribution grids, Battery Monitoring Systems (BMS) and Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) monitoring technologies to cloud via IoT Edge/Hub/event to have better visibility and improve reliability of the electrical transmission and Distribution lines and build ML and IA models.
  • Design, build, train machine learning (ML) models and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) against data models to predict fault detection and overall improve reliability of the electrical power systems.
  • Lead Proof of Concept innovative and state of the art experiments that have never been done in the US utility industry before by bringing cross-functional groups together, such as Transformation, Distribution, Business Unit, IT Network, IT cyber-security IT, and AM Digital Transformation Teams together and collaborate closely with Microsoft and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
  • R&D Teams to ingest data near real-time to cloud, build and deploy in production ML & IA Models and create new communication protocol that can handle a high mega resolution.

Director, Data Architect, Analytics

Confidential, NJ


  • As an agile, self-employed hands-on Leader, innovation accelerator, provide advanced analytical services, define, design scalable, deliver results and deploy in production data-driven customer-centric solutions. Architect and integrate industrial (IIoT) devices with Cloud/Azure/AWS platforms via IoT Edge/Hub/Event, deploy predictive models that score data against intended outcomes that support decision and process optimization. Provide data-driven business solutions in gaining insights across Big Data and operationalize insights back into business processes.
  • Lead, create value and accelerate innovation by bringing cross-functional groups together to effectively achieve Confidential goals of maximizing efficiency and minimizing associated risks.
  • Lead/guide Data Architect and Digital Transformation solutions, replicate/migration data from premises to cloud platform such as AWS and Azure cloud computing platforms. Configure VPC and setup and manage Redshift DW, replicated data from diverse data sources to AWS Redshift, S3 and RDS via DMS. Automate tasks/applications using AWS lambda, bash, CLI and Python scripts. Accelerate innovation to unlock value and develop data-driven strategies to optimize processes. Discover patterns, build, train, and deploy machine learning/AI models for better insights and execute business decision in real time at scale.

Data Architect and Engineer

Confidential, Woodbury, NY


  • Provided Data Architect and Engineering solutions across the enterprise, manage, design and develop Data Warehouse dimensional and relational models, and data infrastructure across AWS platforms. Design from proof of concept and deploy AWS Redshift data warehouse.
  • Design and setup Redshift cluster via HDD/SSD depending on the business need and cost efficiency; select the right cluster/node size and deploy Redshift DW in VPC. Periodically, evaluate by benchmarks and improve/tuning Redshift/queries performance.
  • Implement different data securities tools and policies to insure data security/encrypt data at rest and in transit with AWS Redshift.
  • Design and architect the entire data migration process from on premises to cloud platform and integrate/orchestrate different analytical tools and Machine Learning applications, such as Tableau, Looker and Amazon SageMaker.
  • Responsible replicating diverse data types from different database sources via DMS to AWS Redshift-dw, AWS S3, AWS RDS, etc. Automate applications using AWS lambda, bash, CLI and Python scripts. Integrate and orchestrate diverse applications and database systems on cloud platform.
  • Automate the entire data migration systems and troubleshoot any issue related to data engineering across the entire enterprise.
  • Optimization/normalization/vacuuming replicated schemas/tables on Redshift-dw. Introduced agile mythology Atlassian software to the company/teams.
  • Served as a scrum master and admin across the Data Engineering and Data Scientist teams; train and coach team members’ agile mythology on application development & project management; create and manage backlogs, sprint and retrospect on Jira software; served as a lead/admin documentation quires and financial modules on Confluence for compliances. Provide cost optimization solutions (identify key cost drivers) for AWS cloud product and service usage, process monthly AWS products and services usage report, conduct presentation and provide recommendation on cost optimization to the leadership.
  • Support CFO and the accounting department on processing Profit & Loss Monthly Report for the entire company via Financial Multiview software (there are more than 50 small and medium companies within Star Group, L.P.).
  • Responsible for architecting data models and building data pipelines to fuel the analytics team across multiple home services offerings.
  • Collaborate with operations and marketing managers, engineers, BI analysts, data scientists, and business stakeholders to design, implement and deliver insightful analytic/reporting solutions.
  • Build, test and refine data pipelines (ETL) across diverse production databases. Automate data quality monitoring and improve auditing capabilities.
  • Research and promote new tools and techniques to shape the future of the data warehouse environment.

Consultant - Analytics Analyst II/DS

Confidential, NJ Ewing, NJ


  • Provide advanced analytical support to multiple healthcare case managers and internal customers across the enterprise in an intense and fast-paced environment; research and identify healthcare key cost drivers and unlock opportunities.
  • Devise processes for producing deliverables from diverse data warehouses (such as Confidential DB2, ORACLE and MS SQL Server), select and implement appropriate tools for each analytic deliverable (such as SAS, SAS EG, SAS SQL, SQL, R and Tableau; develop and implement quality control procedures to ensure data-integrity and documentation of data processing procedures for Federal Auditing and Compliance purposes.
  • Analyze government health care programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and D-SNPs, unlock and derive real value from big data and recommend data-driven strategies. Deliver cost effectively advanced analytical services to business unit and higher management team via SAS Self-Service Analytics tools and Tableau.

Consultant - Product Manager/Data Scientist

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA


  • Led an agile software developer team that supported the infrastructure of Confidential Customer Timeline (CTL) and developed analytical interactive reports and tools. Designed and published Tableau dashboards, KPI and analytical reports from several data source.
  • Provided leadership and guidance to the agile team in developing advanced analytical and BI solutions in a Big Data Ecosystem, Customer Journey Analytics, data-driven predictive models, analyze structured and unstructured data and track CTL website user and reported the finding in real-time via piwik and Tableau dashboard.
  • Provided advanced analytical and business intelligence solutions and leadership in moving forward the Agile Development Life Cycle (ADLC), business case development, backlog creation, sprint planning and management, prioritize, user story definition, create and manage projects via Rally collaboration systems, served as a liaison between clients and developers as well as supported and monitored memSQL and MySQL database.

Consultant - Big Data Analyst Lead/ Data Scientist

Confidential, Bedminster, NJ


  • Provide analytical support to The Operational Excellence team under the department of Network Operations Center (NOC).
  • Responsibilities include leading a Big Data Analytics team to support and enable higher management teams to have better insights into their big data, unlock value and develop data-driven strategies to optimize the Network Operations Center.
  • Troubleshoot Big Data related problems, adapt and quickly learn complex telecom network business models in an intense and fast-paced environment; develop and implement analytics tools and techniques to identify cost drivers. Analyze billions of alerts coming into the NOC from the entire United States, remedy tickets generated, unlock value and recommend data-driven strategies on how to optimize the center and achieve engineering goals for the current year.
  • The analytical reports for the one billion of alerts were published via Tableau dashboards and conducted presentation using Tableau visualization and delivered cost effectively analytical services to the higher management team and NOC Integration Senior Engineers team.

Consultant - Data Analyst

Confidential, Titusville, NJ


  • As a Data Analyst, provided advanced analytical support and business intelligence solutions to the division of Project Management Organization (PMO) under the department of R&D Analytics such as analyzing structured Big Data, building ad-hoc clinical trials reports and queries using Tableau, Cognos and PMP Planisware software to Project Coordination (PC) and Capacity Management departments. Conducted quality control (QC) to ensure data integrity.
  • Perform optimization & rationalization portfolio deep dive to country, customer, brand and SKUs level to generate data-driven insights to unlock the joint value creation and develop data-driven strategies to maximize Net Sales (NTS) & Gross Profit (GP).
  • Maintain and develop financial and predictive analytics models & support global sales analysis based on licenses. Retrieve, clean and process Big Data from diverse customers’ database worldwide such as data from Wal-Mart, Target, Carrefour, etc.

Financial Advisor

Confidential, Securities Princeton, NJ


  • Provided highly sophisticated financial planning designed to help clients’ need and meet their immediate and long-term financial goals. Understand clients’ unique financial objectives through one-on-one advice and deliver appropriate financial products. These products and services include wealth management, life and health insurance, brokerage, savings plans, annuity products and retirement planning.
  • Empower client with financial knowledge and create personalized investment strategy built around the clients’ financial goals, time frame and risk tolerance.
  • Provided Predictive Analytics solutions and created a long-term efficient wealth building strategies to navigate successful risks and grab opportunities in any marketplaces. Conduct financial risk analysis and work with clients to create a customized strategy in diversifying their portfolio and to protect themselves and their families.
  • Help small business owners ensure their legacies are safeguarded and provide solutions and strategy that best fits their needs and financial goals.

Senior Data Analyst

Princeton, NJ


  • Over the past nine years, I had the opportunity to work as an Analyst for several complex and large-scale testing programs within the division of R&D such as Standard Aptitude Test (SAT)-Reasoning, SAT-Subject, Major Field Test (MFT), Large-Scale Spanish Test (EXADEP) and several cutting-edge al research programs.
  • The exposure and hands-on experience on these complex, global and large-scale testing programs gave me the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the R&D business models, troubleshoot big data-related problems, development and implementation of analytic tools and techniques to identify cost drivers, adapt and learn quickly complex tasks in a fast-paced environment, evaluate and make recommendation about strategic development and improvement, and deliver cost effectively operational and research products.
  • Day-to-day, perform a wide array of statistical computation using SAS, GENASYS & mainframe coding, retrieving and analyzing data; forecasting and optimization using SAS, SQL & R. Draft standard statistical reports, Annual Statistical Summary reports, Test Analysis (TA) reports, procedures, and other documents for several large-scale testing programs.
  • Prepare and performed quality control/quality assurance for score reporting and statistical procedures.

Asst. Prof



  • Responsible for administration of the faculty and providing a focal point for overall leadership and coordination in the support and development of the academic and research efforts of the University; maintaining academic faculty excellence. Ancillary responsibilities included managing international linkage projects; chairing FoE R&D group; chairing the Academic Commission of the faculty; member of the academic senate of UoA; member of Investment Consulting Group; chairing Engineering Taskforce of the University of Asmara, while maintaining teaching position.
  • Taught electrical engineering courses to undergraduate students and supervised various student research projects. Electrical Power Systems; Energy Conversion; Electrical Machines; Computer Programming; Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering; Data Communication & Computer Networking; Signal Processing and Electronics as well as intensively used the following software: SPICE, Power systems simulation software, Website designs HTML, C, C++ and Assemble languages.
  • Increased overall performance of the faculty by 45% within six months.

Senior Researcher



  • Conducted various research projects on reliability of Electrical Power Systems of offshore drilling platforms, conducted various experiments and analysis of linguistic syntheses with a fuzzy logic control and artificial intelligence.
  • Utilized a variety of software packages for solving scientific problems such as MATHLAB, MathCAD, and AutoCAD.
  • Invented, designed, and developed a new device: “Active power filter (APF) with fuzzy - logic control system” for compensating harmonic high frequencies in ships’ electrical power systems. Using APF - with fuzzy-logic control device the efficiency of ship’s electrical power distribution system improved by 2.5%.

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