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Tech Lead Resume



  • I am an accomplished Mainframe.
  • During my career, I focused on BFSI Sector and gained in - depth knowledge of the Domains.
  • I have been involved in various effort estimations, writing proposals, operational excellence initiatives and direct technical and functional consultations to the client.
  • Gained extensive knowledge on UML/Use Case diagrams during the Design phase of Confidential PAS reengineering project.
  • Gained extensive Knowledge on DB2 when worked for OATH Genius Migration Project and Datawarehousing project for Confidential Property and Casualties Analytical Data Store.



Environment: IBM Mainframe, PC s and UNIX machines.

Operating System: OS 390, MVS, UNIX, Windows 95/98/NT/Professional

Database: DB2, VSAM, IMS-DB, Oracle

Internet Tools: HTML, DHTML, Java Script, MS-FrontPage

Mainframe Tools: TSO, ISPF, File-Aid, QMF, PST, SPUFI, MQ-Series, IBM Utilities, MS Visio, Changeman, Endevor, Insync, BMS, SDF II

Software Packages: Vision PLUS

Testing Tools: Test Director, CA-Intertest, Code-370

Scheduling Software: CA7/CA11


Tech Lead

Confidential, MN


  • System study and User Interaction
  • Analyzed Requirements and Provided Requirements specifications using Visio and flow charts.
  • Developed DB2 Stored procedures.
  • Develop code modules to implement the enhancements needed for IPI assets to move into Ameriprise.

Environment: Cobol, DB2, sql, vsam, jcl, xpediter, fileaid, changeman

Operating systems: OS/390, Windows 95/NT.


Technical and Functional Analyst/Project Lead


  • User Interaction.
  • Requirements gathering.
  • Proposals for enhancements to the Existing system.
  • Helping with Business and Technical related queries to both Client and Offshore teams.
  • Preparation of Design documents and Effort Estimates.
  • Monitoring Development, Conducting Reviews/Walkthrus. Maintaining defect log and tracking them to closure.
  • Reviewing Production Implementation plan.
  • UAT and Live Implementation Support, Post Implementation Validation and support.
  • Software Process Improvements.
  • Developing SOW, Project Charter, Work Schedule, Issue Log, Defect Log, RACM matrix for Risk Control. Audit and Compliance Reports.

Environment: Cobol 370, OS 390 (IBM Mainframe), VSAM, CICS, JCL, IBM DCF Script, CHANGEMAN, FILEAID, DB2, REXX, CA-Intertest, XPEDITER, Abend Aid, EZTRIEVE, SAS


Team Lead/ Technical SME


  • Analysing Legacy COBOL-IMS programs
  • Writing specifications / Low Level Design Documents,
  • Analysing IMS DB Structure and Developing DBDGEN and PSBGEN for accessing IMS DB
  • Coding COBOL-IMS programs, programs, Peer Review, preparation of Unit Test plans, Unit Testing COBOL-IMS programs, Capturing Unit Test Results,
  • Production Support
  • Estimation, Scheduling

Environment: OS/390, IMS DB, DB/2, COBOL370, JCL., IBM OS/390


Team Lead


  • Analysing client requirement, Requirements gathering, Proposals for enhancements to the Existing system.
  • Developing Design Documents,
  • Coding COBOL-CICS programs,
  • Preparing Unit Test Plans,
  • Testing the COBOL-CICS programs using expeditor, CICS Screens. perform regression testing, Integration testing.
  • Production Support

Environment: Cobol, VSAM, Xpeditor, CICS, IBM OS/390


Team Lead


  • System Study and User Interaction.
  • Proposals for performance tuning of the existing system
  • Participated in Design and Development
  • Developed Unit Test Plans and performed regression and Integration testing.

Environment: Cobol, VSAM, DB2, REXX, Xpeditor, IBM OS/390, WINDOWS 95/NT

Developer / Onsite Coordinator

Confidential, San Antonio, Texas


  • System Study and User Interaction, onsite-offshore coordination.
  • Participated in Design and Development of Extract, Transformation and Load phases of the project.
  • Developing Unit Test Plans, regression testing and Integration Testing.
  • Production Support.

Environment: COBOL, JCL, Xpeditor, VSAM, DB2, IMS-DB, PL/1, SPUFI, PST, QMF, IBM OS/390, WINDOWS 95/NT




  • Analyzing Legacy Cobol Programs
  • Design document preparation using Use cases
  • Writing Specifications and pseudo code in QPP.
  • Coding in C++
  • Peer reviews and inspection
  • Testing and capturing Unit Test Results

Environment: MVS-OS/390, Windows NT, UML, C++, Q++, DB2, QMF, SPUFI, Master craft, IBM OS/390, WINDOWS 95/NT, SAS.

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