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Salesforce Freelancer Resume


  • A result - oriented professional with Over 10 years of total experience including over 8 years of entrepreneurial experience in Real Estate sector; 2 years’ experience in Salesforce Administration years of experience in Salesforce Management
  • Displayed strong Salesforce skills, and leverage those to complete everyday tasks and deliver on all the responsibilities.
  • Proficient in implementation of security and sharing rules at object, field, and record level for different users at different levels of organization as well as creating various profiles and configured the permissions based on the organizational hierarchy.
  • Developed fields, objects, validation rules, workflow rules, approval processes to address and improve new and existing business needs; when appropriate, develop in test environment and promote into production
  • Gained knowledge of Force.com Platform ( Multitenancy & MVC ); Implemented various Advanced Fields, Formulas, Validation Rules and customizing Page Layouts & Record Types, Development Tools - Workbench, Eclipse IDE and Developer Console
  • Expert in applying Relationships, Defined Lookup and Master-Detail Relationships on the objects and created Junction objects to establish the connectivity among them
  • Proficient in working with Data Management Tools - Cloud-Based (Data Import Wizard ) & API-Based (Apex Data Loader )
  • Applied Security at Object, Field, and Record Level for multiple users by creating Profiles & Permission Sets (CRUD permissions), OWDs, Roles and Sharing Rules


  • Visual Force Pages, Visualforce View State, Controllers ( Standard, Custom & Controller Extensions ), Apex Coding ( Governor Limits ), Apex Triggers, Custom Settings ( List & Hierarchy )
  • Strong understanding of Force.com Platform Query Languages - SOQL & SOSL for Data Manipulation ( DML ) needs of the application using platform Database objects, Development Tools - Workbench, Eclipse IDE and Developer Console, Asynchronous Apex - Future Methods, Queueable Apex, Schedulable Apex and Batch Apex, Invoke Web Services & Integration using REST API ( JSON ) using OAuth 2.0 protocol, Lightning Component Framework
  • Implemented almost all Resources of Component Bundle in Depth - Aura Components, Client Side Controllers, Helper Methods, Style using Custom CSS, Renderer (render, after render, rerender & unrender) and Design using design: component element to control and expose the attributes to Lightning App Builder & allow the admin to set the properties
  • Display data using lightning: card, lightning: select, aura: iteration, lightning: data-table to perform dynamic actions based on row / rows selection
  • Use of Lightning Data Service ( LDS ) to perform CRUD operations on a Record without invoking Apex ( lightning: record Form, lightning: record View Form, lightning: record Edit Form to Display, Create and Edit records and force: record Data to Display, Create, Edit, or Delete records with granular customization )
  • Create or Call Components Dynamically ( Programmatically ) on client side JavaScript using $A.create Component() and perform Dynamic actions
  • Standard Interfaces - lightning: action Override, flexipage: available For All Page Types, flexipage: available For Record Home, force: has Record Id, force: has Object Name & ltng: allow Guest access and Custom Interfaces to Implement Attributes, Events and Methods in components
  • Use of aura: method to directly call a method in a component’s client-side controller instead of firing / a component event; particularly used to call a method in a child component from parent component.
  • Use of Lightning components in Visualforce Pages using aura: dependency - Call Lightning Component from VF page, Fire Events from VF Page which are managed by Lightning Component called through VF Page and Fire Lightning Events through Lightning Component displayed in VF page ( By setting attribute values through VF page )
  • Styling through Design Tokens using aura: tokens to apply the CSS and reuse them within the Organization


  • CRM Implementation
  • Back - end Sales & Marketing Support
  • Data Migration / Management
  • User Adoption & Testing
  • Campaign Management
  • Functional Consulting
  • Design & Development Functionality Analysis
  • Team Management
  • Achievement-driven professional targeting senior level assignments in CRM & Sales-force Implementation, with an organization of high repute


Salesforce Freelancer



  • Developed an automated and updated App in Salesforce for a Pizza/ Burger Take Away Outlet for a Domestic Client to manage all the Daily Orders and Billing related transactions for the customers
  • The app is implemented using Visualforce Pages, Apex Controllers, Apex Triggers, SOQL, Page Layouts, Record Types, Validation Rules, Formulas
  • Created Build a Force.com User Friendly Web site on Salesforce using Apex Classes & Controllers, Visualforce Pages & HTML, CSS, JavaScript and implemented various features like - Web-to-Lead, Apex Triggers, Wrapper Classes, Static Resources, Proper Validation Checks
  • It is Completely Integrated with Zomato, Goibibo, WhatsApp, YouTube and various other web services using REST API. Some of the Features Involved are - World’s Latest Weather Update, Order a Food anywhere in India using Zomato, watch any video playlist of an artist on YouTube, Booking of a Flight or Hotel using Goibibo, Property Listing directly by House Owner using Attachment features or searching of Rental Deals for Tenants - All on JUST A SINGLE CLICK
  • End-to-End Integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail & Uber Taxi Using OAuth 2.0 protocol. Automatic Chat Messenger & Chat Bot is also enabled on the web site
  • Invoked Lightning Components through a Link - Lightning Page using Events using aura: dependency which calls Apex Controller to set the List of Account Records displayed using lightning: data-table and uses Component Level Event to perform Dynamic Actions Listed in a Data Table (View Accounts, Delete Account, create & view Related Contacts)
  • Recently Created Salesforce Lightning WhatsApp Group which is Fully Authenticated using REST API and allows only those users to Join the Group who provide valid Details including Phone & Email Address
  • Provided Salesforce Training to students and created own You Tube Channel - Rahul Goel containing self-created Salesforce Videos which are very efficient for Salesforce Enthusiasts; obtained 5000+ Likes on my Facebook Page - Destination Salesforce
  • Managed Marketing and Online promotions of Real Estate projects in Gurgaon
  • Associated with reputed builders & agents and assisted clients in delivering presentations; conducted site visits and survey of Residential & Commercial properties


Software Developer


  • Acted as part of OSS Development Team ( Operations System Support ) in C++ / Java
  • Provided support in reproducing, investigating & debugging software issues in coordination with Business & Technical Teams


Assistant System Engineer ( Software )


  • Created websites in HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Assisted Business Analysts to create documents (SRS, BRDs)

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