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Techlead/architect Resume

Boston, MA


  • Pega Certified Senior System Architect.
  • More than 9 years of experience in Pega and 4 years in java have good hands on experience in the entire system life cycle, including System Analysis, Design, Programming, Debugging & Implementation and Maintenance of various applications.
  • Development focused on Client/Server and Web based applications using Pega/PRPC 7.x, 6.x, Java/J2EE, HTML and Java Script.
  • Having good knowledge of different frameworks such as HCIF, CLM, KYC and Smart Investigate.
  • Pega development experience with expertise building User Interfaces using Sections,
  • Harness and HTML Stream rules
  • Implemented various PRPC components like Decision rules, Declarative rules and Declerative Index.
  • Participated in project requirement gathering, in code reviews and preparing design documents.
  • Worked on integration like Connect - Soap and Connect-Rest
  • Worked on Data Migration
  • Have experience in leading a team and performed the tasks such as Design, estimates, code review etc.
  • Setting up meetings such as Design & Code review with Client-side Architects, Sprint Planning meetings with Scrum master, Architects, Team members, BA and Product review/demo meetings Stake holders/End-Users.
  • Have performed the role of Release Manager to perform, assist and manage the Code deployments on release plan for the sprints.
  • Have performed the role of Dev Defect Manager to Co-ordinate with my fellow Dev team members, SIT and UAT team members.
  • Have good experience in designing Case types, flows, flow actions etc.
  • Designed and Developed UI using Composite Portals, Harnesses, Layouts, Skin rules etc.
  • Have good expertise using advanced UI controls like Auto Complete (Cascading feature using parameterized Data pages).
  • Worked on Correspondence, SLA, Agents, Decision rules, Declarative Rules.
  • Involved in entire lifecycle of applications right from inception to transition phase.


Languages: PEGA/PRPC 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, Java, SQL, PL/SQL Tools and Java Script, HTML, Scrum, Waterfall Methodologies.

Databases: ORACLE 10g, 11i

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows XP


Confidential, Boston, MA



  • Requirement Analysis and providing estimations.
  • Class structure design and Low Level design of application.
  • Working experience in Pega Framework implementation experience, CPM and PCS
  • Engaged with Pega Systems as a counterpart from Confidential in developing the Pega Product Composer Framework.
  • Responsible for primarily taking part in low and high level of design approach.
  • Development using various PRPC components like Connect-SOAP, Service-Soap, Connect - Rest, Activities, File/Email listeners, Agents, Flows, Case Management etc.
  • Responsible for code deployment to higher environments using G3 automation tool.
  • Performing code reviews by following Pega Guardrails.
  • Participate in low and high level of design and constructions of different Reusable Utilities.
  • Developed other reusable components.
  • Performed unit testing and delivered the things on time.
  • Providing demo to BA/End users for developed sprint.
  • Interacting with Onsite team to get the requirement clarifications.
  • Extensive debugging and usage of PEGA best practices to eliminate rule warnings. Created Activities for implementing core Business logic.
  • Identified reporting requirements to general business functionality, non-functionality needs and required data attributes for BPM specific workflows.
  • Prepared Role Based Access group for the Pega Workflow team and provided security based roles and privileges at operator level.
  • Implementation of Decision tables, Decision Maps and Declarative expressions, Constraints and Indexes.
  • Creation of search reports using List view, Summary view rules of PRPC.
  • Troubleshoot and communicate with Pega Support team in order to resolve technical issues which require hot fix from Pega systems.
  • DesigningFlows,Activities,FlowActions,Harness, Section, Dynamic Layouts, paragraphs, Smart Layouts, Decision rules, Declarative rules and Agentrules.
  • Working on case managementconcepts.
  • Working on File listener, EmailListener.
  • Worked on various integration technologies like SOAP, REST, SQLetc.
  • Internal and external databasemappings.
  • Worked on debugging tools like Tracer, clipboard, PAL and rulesinspector.
  • Rule set management and rule deployment (product rules / productpatches)
  • Participated in code reviews and ensure compliance with application quality, coding, UI and Corporate standards, including review of alert logs, running pre-flight andPAL.
  • Involved in class structure design, data model and application framework, and leading development activities.
  • Providing estimations using pega estimationtool.
  • Working on the application Servers like Web logic and Web servers like Tomcat.

Environment: PRPC 8,7.3, Oracle 10g, Web sphere, HTML, Unix.

Confidential, Allentown, PA

Pega Lead Architect


  • Understanding the business requirements and providing the estimates.
  • Coordinated with onshore team to get requirements clarification.
  • Worked on task breakdown structure and work plan related to development activities and managed day-to-day activities involving development team per the established work plan.
  • Worked Class structure design of the application.
  • Worked on the REST and Soap Integrations.
  • Extensive debugging and usage of PEGA best practices to eliminate rule warnings
  • Configured file listeners and email listeners.
  • Design and development using various PRPC components like Activities, File listeners, Agents, Flows, Connect SQL etc.
  • Responsible for code deployment from dev to testing environments.
  • Performing code reviews by following Pega Guardrails.
  • Exposure in Configuration of Agents, Service and parse rules to intake data from i-Series, receive and process feedback on PPFNs received from attorneys using LPS application.
  • Responsible for creation and updates of activities, flows, workbaskets to intake PPFN eligible cases, create cases and assign for BAC user review in case of exception as per business requirements.
  • Created the flows and UI - flow actions, section, harness and controls to allow BAC user to perform different tasks of including/excluding a fee on PPFN, approve or stop a PPFN, Create a manual PPFNs etc.
  • Attended Status calls with Business, Technical and Infra Structure Teams to discuss and update project status.
  • Extensively used Pega Clipboard and Tracer for debugging of processes developed.
  • Participated extensively in designing application security which involves setting up Access groups, Access Roles, Operators, Application ID, Work groups, Work basket and SLA rules.

Environment: PRPC 7.3, Oracle 10g, Websphere, HTML,Unix.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Senior Pega Developer


  • Involved in all phases of the life cycle of the project including requirement study, design, development, and deployment and testing.
  • Involved in the Class structure design
  • Interacting with Onsite team to get the requirements and clarifications.
  • Designed and developed various PRPC components like CONNECT-REST, CONNECT-SOAP, Activities, Case Management, Agents, Connect SQL etc.
  • Providing the estimations to onsite team.
  • Responsible for code deployment from dev to testing environments.
  • Responsible for managing team of 2-5developers
  • Performing code reviews by following Pega Guardrails.

Environment: PRPC 7.1.7, Oracle 10g, Web sphere, HTML, Unix.


Senior Pega Developer


  • Involved in the Implementation of Status Update module.
  • Worked in the rapid release team which involves in delivering the change requests.
  • Involved in the Implementation of both POC and Sprints.
  • Took the ownership of Allocation Use Case which is critical use case for this project.
  • Analysis and fixing the defects in the Quality Center.
  • Participated in the status meetings and client meetings.
  • Responsible for unit testing the functionality while doing the development and defect fixing.
  • Worked in HDS (Holistic Data Store) team on java as database support to PRPC application.
  • Involved in defect fixing.
  • Participating in status calls and client calls

Environment: PRPC 5.4, Java, Java script, SQL, J-Boss, Web logic, Oracle 10g, JavaScript, HTML, Windows XP


Pega Engineer


  • Involved in the development of Step-By-Step Search for Message Case flow Action in EU Wire Stream
  • Involved in the development of Step-By-Step ‘Update Service Information’ flow Action in EU Wire Stream
  • Worked on fixing unit test defects for User Interface in EU Wire Stream
  • Working on fixing unit test defects for User Interface in Euro Stream

Environment: PRPC 5.x, Smart Investigate framework, Java Script.

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