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Analytics Lead Financial Services Sector (data Scientist) Resume


I have a versatile background in analytics, service delivery, software engineering and customer interaction. I have spent 16 years directly interfacing with customers of all backgrounds, both internal and external to efficiently deliver what they need and helping them to realize their goals. My entire career has been driven by analysis of customer data to determine how to proceed in the best interest of my clients, and the overall business needs. I am comfortable in an office environment, as well as very experienced working remotely.


Customer Requirements Gathering

Tableu Desktop/Server Advanced User

Data Visualization

Data Storage and Management

Data Mining

Trend Analysis

Data Forecasting

Data Modeling

Root Cause Analysis

Lean Methodology

Agile Methodology

Structured and Unstructured Data Sets

Reproducible Research

Excel Analytics Tools

R programming


SQL Queries




Analytics Lead Financial Services Sector (Data Scientist)


  • Through the use of multiple data sources, use and develop models to determine viable potential sales opportunities for external clients in the financial services sector of the company.
  • Engage with potential new clients, analyzing their data to determine the areas where Confidential can provide services, and predict the potential benefits of signing an Confidential contract.
  • Use the client Annual Plans, prior sales, current sentiment analysis, and other internal and publicly available resources to develop a model supported list of recommendations of potential viable opportunities for the largest clients in the market.
  • Working in more detail to analyze the current environment, and develop insights that can assist in selling those opportunities to the clients.


Educational Analytics Lead (Data Scientist)


  • Work with various organizations in the company to establish tracking metrics for internal educational advancement within Confidential NA GTS Organization worldwide.
  • Develop insights into areas where our efforts may be most needed or impactful.
  • Develop requirements to gamify education to increase the overall levels of all 14,000 NA GTS employees.
  • Developed tracking methods for all education types, from many sources into a single easy to use Tableau Dashboard.
  • As a team, developed multiple games to use as tools to increase our overall skills.


Data Science Project Lead (Data Scientest)


  • Lead data science based projects at the direction of executive management.
  • Determine data requirements, skills needed, and proper tools to use. Serve as a Data Structures, and tools expert for the team.
  • Work with a cross functional team, ensuring that the best people are in place to accomplish the project.
  • Participate as a member of the team, investigating data, creating model requirements, and building models.
  • Developed a set of model requirements for a project designed to help hiring managers select the best skill set for the job they are attempting to fill from internal candidates.
  • This was done by mining data related to all Confidential personnel, and all positions in the company, as well as structured and unstructured publicly available and internal data regarding accounts.


Public Market Analytics Lead (Junior Data Scientist)


  • Self prioritize all of my own work, with minimal direction for up to nine different projects at any given time.
  • Determine the data strategy as it applies to each individual client project.
  • Pull in all data sources, that will be needed.
  • Create an analysis of each source, and the combined sources prior to creating an executive ready report.
  • Interface directly with client executives, Confidential executives, and other stakeholders to advise the best course of action for delivering efficient automation of processes.
  • Deliver to all stakeholders the return on investment of automation, and the point of the return, as well as how much return to expect.
  • Curate a repository of scripts, and dashboards for reuse with similar future clients.


Market Analytics Lead (Junior Data Scientist)


  • Interface directly with client executives, and their Confidential counterparts to deliver quality analytic output and guidance to my clients.
  • Every client is provided an intuitive dashboard, as well as a detailed explanation of all findings, and recommendations.
  • My primary focuses are cost saving measure, related to reduction in overall workload, as well as engaging both new and existing clients to help sell new services, or improve the efficiency of the existing services.

Confidential, Dubuque, Iowa

Quality Analyst


  • Maintain a data repository that is used corporation wide.
  • Manage projects of a development team in china. Run data driven analytics projects to be used by upper management North American wide.
  • Developing analytics models to increase base growth profits among our clients.
  • Working on an Amazon style model to determine our clients’ willingness to buy services.
  • Creating a stable global data source that can be used worldwide for all North American data needs.
  • Developed an analysis to determine that our sales planning was not value added to the overall goals.
  • Created a data dictionary that can be used by all IBMers to determine our data availability and make request.
  • Organized an 8 - person team in China, managing their activities.
  • Created an analytics program for all North American Distribution Market accounts.
  • Worked with a client to determine that we were in fact delivering what was promised by contract, just not what they were expecting.

Confidential, Dubuque, Iowa

Delivery Analyst


  • Use a variety of tools to create on-time, accurate and meaningful data visualizations for client upper management, and account teams.
  • Analyze team and account data for accuracy, issues and trends. Lead problem solving sessions to facilitate process.
  • Interface with clients and account teams to provide information in a format that is easily understood by the audience.
  • Identify, document and facilitate defect prevention plans.
  • Work daily with tools such as Excel, PowerPoint, Many Eyes, R/Rstudio, as well as many others on a less frequent basis
  • Worked with teams and management to drive 50% of teams to triple green status in the dispatch QIP, and 85% to yellow status or better.
  • Mentored less senior members of the team to improve their analytics and problem solving skill set. Worked with a client to analyze service desk telephone call date to investigate issues related to customer satisfaction issues.
  • Used R programming to develop a comprehensive report, provided to upper quality team management, of all Delivery Analyst in North America, and link them to the teams and clients that they each support.
  • Took ownership of a ticketing system quality improvement program and conducted training session to assist teams in improving their scores.
  • Created an automated huddle board now implemented by at least 8 teams in the building, an average of 0.125 FTE or 5 hours per team per week.

Confidential, Dubuque, Iowa

Dispatcher - Incident Problem and Change Tools (Team Lead)


  • Manage workflow and ticket load for a delivery team.
  • Provide managed with daily weekly and monthly ticket and performance-based metrics.
  • Analyze metrics output and determine areas of opportunity.
  • Coordinate cross pool collaboration to deliver the best quality to our clients. Provide training for new team members.
  • Investigate workload trends to aid in forecasting future workload. Assist team members with root cause analysis.
  • Supervise the 5-15 members of my team, giving work direction, and ensuring that all members stay on task.

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