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Business Intelligence Manager Resume

Humble, TexaS


  • 17+ years’ success optimizing business processes efficiency, agile team PM lead - MVP product development, Managing data mining strategies via Tableau, Excel, SQL, Adaptive Confidential and financial trends reporting.
  • Accomplished BI project manager with a proven history of innovating highly effective business technology solutions utilizing analytical procedures to optimize systems processes, including applications and network infrastructure development and database management.
  • Demonstrated ability to identify trends, inefficiencies, and opportunities for streamlining processes.
  • Track record of formulating strategies, harnessing advanced technologies and business intelligence tools, and utilizing Scrum product management methodologies to meet a diversity of needs and maximize return on investment for clients in various industries.
  • Skilled project leader; able to direct multiple tasks concurrently and remain at the forefront of rapidly evolving technology.


  • Project & Process Management
  • Data Architecture
  • Financial Reporting & Analytics
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • New Release & Conversion Management
  • Systems Consolidation & Integration
  • Automation Tools
  • Systems Development Life Cycle
  • Test Development, Schedule & Execution
  • Agile Project Management


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Adaptive, Tableau, WebFocus, Oracle, SQL Server, Excel

Tools: SQL, HCM, ETL, MSQuery, SAS, JCL, DB2, HTML, Java, MySQL, Ms Office Suite


Confidential, Humble, Texas

Business Intelligence Manager

Technical Scope: SQL, Adaptive Confidential, Tableau, Financial analysis, logistics, Access, cost management


  • Provide weekly and monthly reporting trends to our VP and Director of Analytics & Pricing on Dock Productivity, Revenue Per Route analysis, % of revenue comps by transportation, dock and overhead costs etc.
  • Partner with IT to create dashboards and KPI’s to enable leadership to effectively direct operations as needed.
  • Manage reporting needs and development products by using Agile methodologies with a distributed team.
  • Develop Tableau reports to create meaningful viz’s for leadership consumption as well as daily dashboards for Leadership.
  • Work with Adaptive Confidential General Ledger financial items to produce analytics on all segments of the business.
  • Automated Driver Pay for all locations (32 Terminals) with audit compliance.
  • Implemented weekly, monthly and quarterly Revenue Allocations across all locations with automated reporting.
  • Implemented reporting metrics across all operations for VP and DM consumption using Oracle, Tableau and Adaptive Confidential .
  • Built multiple data consumption and distribution systems to allow for accurate metrics and KPI’s.
  • Worked tediously with our Industrial Engineers to create metrics for throughput, dock productivity, revenue etc across all docks.

Confidential, Kingwood, Texas

Senior Technology Analyst

Technical Scope: SQL, HCM software, ETL analysis, Excel, FTP, WebFocus, vendor management


  • Oversee product implementation and support activities for human resource products, services, and custom software.
  • Document specifications and develop project plans that optimize systems and maximize software efficiencies.
  • Develop project timelines, and design training to educate users on software.
  • Oversee internal audits and data validation processes to ensure availability, recoverability, scalability, and security.
  • Build data profiles and service-oriented architecture. Collect and translate requirements for APIs and file feeds, coordinate payroll for multiple cycles, and update applications for quality assurance team and key stakeholders.
  • Plan, execute, and coordinate user acceptance testing.
  • Automated 87% of data mining for reporting and compliance department.
  • Automated 97% of audits for enrollments and governance reporting; increased data accuracy, and reduced filing time and frequency.
  • Decreased data validation error rates by 29% through automation of processes.
  • Increased efficiency and transparency by 45% by implementing Gannt charts that ensured on-time project delivery.
  • Reduced compliance errors by 20%; built dashboards for compliance reporting.
  • Utilize software development life cycle, SCRUM, and Agile principals to manage human capital management tracking mechanisms, daily check ins, and produce metrics to support leadership decision-making.

Confidential, Woodlands, Texas

Technical Architect

Technical Scope: JSON and Ajax, UX/UI, SQL, MSQuery, SAS, JCL, DB2, Excel, HRIS, HCM, Workday


  • Managed global resources to integrate human resources information system (HRIS), human capital management (HCM), and payroll across numerous healthcare vendors and payroll cycles. Led data analysis scrums and served as subject matter expert on health benefits and annual enrollments.
  • Created and managed baselines for HRIS and HCM upgrades and implementations, tested and maintained servers, and partnered with administrators to keep patch and security measures up-to-date. developed an innovative delivery system that consolidated data across multiple database environments into one centralized system with highly efficient data transfer and accuracy rates.
  • Developed, planned, managed, and implemented strategies to conduct mergers and meet evolving business needs utilizing metrics and data analysis to synchronize systems.
  • Consolidated multiple systems, including new acquisition conversions, vendor data usage, and integration analysis.
  • Optimized user experience utilizing Agile, software development life cycle, Six Sigma, and UI/UX best practices.
  • Analyzed and interpreted data to identify trends and opportunities for growth in key segments of benefits markets. Partnered with actuaries to produce market trend reports based on government regulations and economic data throughout the US.


Lead Benefits Analyst

Technical Scope: HTML, Java, Server Studio Products, PostGres, NGINX


  • Led global coding teams to provide annual enrollment changes, payroll, 401K and 5500 reporting, and third-party interfaces.
  • Compiled and analyzed election trends and population segmentation for Confidential 500 clients.
  • Managed data warehouse routines and oversaw interface usage and mainframe allocation.
  • Modified client reports and created dashboards.
  • Lead Technical Advisor for state of Georgia; coded a series of algorithms to build an efficient system to monitor, maintain, and clarify benefit offerings to employees within a complex benefits hierarchy.
  • Identified touch points for data validation across four different departments that reduced redundancy and created audits to identify impact to all departments with detailed action items.
  • Built API’s that interacted with multiple platforms and provided a consolidated point of access.
  • Developed time machine applications that backed up key data across multiple mirrored servers.

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