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Sr.salesforce Admin/developer Resume

Baltimore, MD


  • Over 8+ years of extensive IT experience and Salesforce.com CRM and Force.com platform involves working on configuration, customization, integration, deployment, communities, classic to lightning migration, lightning component creation, lightning out and lightning web components.
  • Having good knowledge of all phases of SDLC with expertise in Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Designing, Development and Testing.
  • Experience in SFDC Development in implementing Apex classes, Triggers, Visual Force, Force.com IDE, SOQL, SOSL
  • Acquainted and well versed with CRM processes like Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Customer Support, Business Processes and recommended solutions to improve their processes using SFDC.
  • Experience with Salesforce .com Sales Cloud, Service cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware), Community, and Force.com platform.
  • Experience in realizing the business requirements to design on salesforce.com platform by designing the required entities like custom objects, creating the relationships/ junction objects like Master - Child, lookups, Entity Relationship data model, Pages, Classes, Interfaces, Workflows & Workflow rules, triggers, Email alerts and Business Logic.
  • Controllers & Triggers, Visual Force Pages, Custom Tabs, Custom Objects, Reports, Analytic Snapshots and Dashboards.
  • Experience in migration applications from Sandbox to Production using Migration Tools like Change Sets and ANT
  • Experience in working with Salesforce.com sandbox and production environments.
  • Experience in building reusable UI components with lightning component framework.
  • Hands on experience on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Good experience in working with Cloud computing / SaaS technologies.
  • Integration of SFDC with external Web Service API’s like Cast Iron, Informatica Cloud.
  • Involved in Data Integration and Migration by using Force.com data loaders, web based import wizards.
  • Experience in Creating Lightning components and Lightning Applications.
  • Experience with Lightning to build apps in Salesforce.
  • Strong knowledge of the SFDC data model, customizing schema using custom objects, fields, master - detail and lookup relationship.
  • Knowledge of WSDL, web services SOAP API, BULK API, REST API, force.com callouts, Batch and Schedule Apex Programs
  • Update on SFDC pricing and editions and their features, chatter option, security and sharing models, delegated admin features.
  • Gained a strong knowledge of synchronization, data-modeling, data extraction, transformation, data Loading, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting in a cloud computing environment
  • Experience with extraction, transformation and load (ETL) tools.
  • Strong knowledge on Agile, water fall methodologies.
  • Proficient in databases including MS SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle & MS Excel


Salesforce Technologies: Apex Language, Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Apex Scheduler, Apex Web Service, Visualforce Pages, Visualforce Component and Controllers, Salesforce CRM, DML, SOQL, SOSL, Workflows &Approvals, Reports & Dashboards, Analytic Snapshots, Custom Objects and Standard Objects.

Force.com Tools: Force.com Eclipse IDE, Apex Data Loader, Force.com Apex Explorer, Force.com Migration Tool, Force.com Excel Connector and AJAX Toolkit

Force.com Eclipse IDE Plug: in, Apex Data LoaderForce.com Platform (Sandbox and Production), Force.com Explorer,ANT Force.com Migration Tool.

Integration Tools: Postman & SOAP UI

Other Prog Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, VB

Web Technologies: HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, PHP,VisualForce, XML, AJAX, Angular JS.

Platforms: UNIX/Linux, Windows NT / 2000 / XP Pro / Vista /

Office Tools: Microsoft Project, MS Visual Source Safe, MS Visio, MS Office

IDE and Editors: Eclipse, My Eclipse and Force.com Eclipse IDE

Database: Oracle, SQL Server and MYSQL


Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Sr.Salesforce Admin/Developer


  • Involved in identifying, planning and implementing new Salesforce.com features and functions (new screens, workflow, force.com objects, and reports, apex code) to meet business requirements.
  • Designed, and developed Apex Classes, Controller Classes, extensions and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Designed various Web Pages in Visual force for capturing various customer enquiries and Implemented logic for migrating cases to different queues based on the type of customer enquiry.
  • Used SOQL & SOSL with in Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application using Force.com Explorer.
  • Performed large and small-scale Data Migration using Migration Tool and Data Loader.
  • Used Data Loader to insert, update, and bulk import or export of data from Salesforce.com objects and to read, extract and load data from comma separated values (CSV) files.
  • Implemented Salesforce Development Cycle covering Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), Call Center, Chatter & App-exchange applications.
  • Made new feature enhancements on Service cloud console view and developed some Visual force components.
  • Performed the roles of Salesforce.com Developer and Admin in the organization.
  • Designed and deployed Custom tabs, validation rules, Approval Processes and Auto-Response Rules for automating business logic.
  • Installed Field Service Lightning(FSL) managed package and guided setup configuration.
  • Configured Service Rules and Objectives in support of Field Service(FSL) business processes
  • Created Field Service Lightning Set up for multi-level service territories that represent the regions where your agents and technician can work
  • Track the location and status of your product inventory, warehouses, service vehicles, and customer sites with Field Service Lightning.
  • Created and maintained the email templates to be used in the Workflows, Auto Assignment Rules and Auto Response Rules related to Lead Management module in Sales Cloud.
  • Integration with Twilio Using REST Service.
  • Developed Visual Force Pages According to the functional Requirement.
  • Created Lightning Components using Aura framework and used Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) to convert existing Visual Force Pages to Lightning.
  • Created workflow rules and defined related tasks, email alerts, and field updates.
  • Worked on various AppExchange products according to the needs of the organization.
  • Implemented the requirements on Salesforce.com platform and Force.com IDE Plug-in using Eclipse.
  • Extensive experience in Integration of Data from Traditional Applications to Salesforce using REST/SOAPAPI, and bulk API.
  • Developed visual force pages using UI framework for Custom Reports
  • Integrating Salesforce with oracle by using REST/SOAP API for pushing bulk amount of data
  • Developed Web services and written SOAP and created WSDL for web services
  • Experienced in Data Loading Activities using Salesforce.com Import Wizards, Force.com Data Loader, Informatica Cloud, and Workbench & Dataloader.io
  • Support, manage and maintain implementation of salesforce using Apptus CPQ including product configurations, pricing rules and quotes.
  • Data Migration between Salesforce org and local directory using Java Ant scripts.
  • Extensively involved in Data Migration from three legacy systems to Salesforce.
  • Supported the Data Migration activities for migration the data from various business sources with the support of Salesforce.com. Migrated data from ACT CRM to Salesforce CRM using Informatica on Demand.
  • Involved in data mapping and migration of data from legacy systems to Salesforce.com Objects and fields
  • Extracted the data from salesforce.com application into the external databases (Oracle 10g) for generating large data reports using the Informatica Power Center.
  • Created and used Email templates in HTML and Visual force.
  • Used Salesforce Automation for Sales Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Account and Contact Management, Data Quality Management, Approvals and Workflow

Environment: Salesforce.com, Apex Classes, Jenkins, Controllers, Visual Force Pages, Custom Objects, Lightning, Tabs, Email Services, Pardot, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, SFDC CRM, Triggers, Workflows, SOQL, SOSL, Data Loader, Process Builder, App Builder, Case Management, Email Alerts, Developer Console Security Controls, Sharing rules, REST, Web service, XML, Force.com IDE, CSS, JavaScript,Saleforce.com platform, Apex Language, Visual force (Pages, Component & Controllers), Data Loader, HTML, Informatica Power Center, SOAP, jQuery,JSON, Angular JS, Informatica Cloud, Force.com API, Service Cloud, SFCC, Sales Cloud, ANT Scripts, Custom Objects, Batch Apex Interface, Custom Tabs.

Confidential, Herndon, VA

Sr. Salesforce Developer/Admin


  • Developed Custom business logic using Apex Classes, Triggers, Components, Visual Force pages and Controller Classes for various functional needs.
  • Developed Visual Force Pages to include extra functionality and wrote Apex Classes to provide functionality to the visual force pages.
  • Involved in integrating web service with Salesforce.com to load Leads back and forth from Salesforce.com to Legacy and vice versa.
  • To automate the processes used Lightning Process Builder and workflows.
  • Customized the Visual force pages to have Lightning experience for all desktop and mobile application.
  • Developed and Customized User interface in salesforce.com using Visual force, Apex controllers and Force.com IDE
  • Reading complex XML nodes structure and migrating the data into multiple custom objects in Salesforce.
  • Configured the staging data base environment in SQL server compatible for Salesforce data model.
  • Experienced in data migration from legacy CRM to Salesforce.com using Mule soft
  • Created different workflow rules and Approvals, Email Templates to run the Territory Assignment rules.
  • Worked on Service cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).
  • Installed the Field Service Lightning(FSL) managed package.
  • Implemented custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for Visual force pages.
  • Worked with SOQL, SOSL queries with Governor Limitations to store and download the data from Salesforce.com platform database leads.
  • Worked on standard objects such as leads, Opportunities, Accounts, contacts, Campaigns, associated with Sales Cloud.
  • Implemented Salesforce CPQ including product configurations, pricing rules and quotes.
  • Used Force.com developer toolkit including Apex Classes, Apex Triggers and Visual force pages to develop custom business logic.
  • Created relationships among objects using Lookup and Master-detail relationships.
  • Created various Profiles, Roles, Page Layouts, and Record Types and configured the Permissions based on the Organization hierarchy requirements.
  • Implemented Email-to-Case, Web-to-Case entry and manual case entry for entering customer’s cases in Cases Tab.
  • Implemented Omni channel, Einstein Chat Bot, Sprint Planning and New Dashboards with data filters from custom objects.
  • Created and maintained the documentation for Design, Migration and Integration.
  • Created reusable UI components with lightning component framework.
  • Experience in building reusable UI components with lightning component framework
  • Integrated applications using web services by consuming the WSDL files for extracting the data from the external systems.
  • Created Email templates in Text, HTML and Visual Force pages necessary for the application.
  • Used Force.com platform for developing feature rich and user friendly Visual force pages for enhancing Salesforce UI
  • Executed various levels of Unit, Integration, User Acceptance and Operational Acceptance testing using test cases to prove that system conform to specifications of business and quality requirements.
  • Implemented Email-to-Case, Web-to-Case entry and manual case entry for entering customer’s cases in Cases Tab.
  • Used Apex Data Loader, Demand tool for migration of data into Salesforce.com from external systems.
  • Used Cast Iron integration tool for synchronizing master list of customers such as leads, accounts, opportunities and forecasts. It is used for data configuration.
  • Create an interactive UI to improve customer experience
  • Handled the deployments process using GIT HUB.
  • Extracted the data from salesforce.com application into the external databases (Oracle 10g) for generating large data reports using the Informatica Power Center.

Environment: Salesforce.com,CPQ, Jenkins, Git Hub, Force.com, Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Apex Controllers, Eclipse, Visual Force Pages, Custom Objects, Tabs, Email Services, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Security Controls, Sharing rules, SOAP, Web service, XML, Force.com IDE, Chatter, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JSON, Angular JS,SOQL, SOSL, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Rest API, Soap API, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud(Demandware), Chatter, Data Loader, agile environment, Data Migration, Page layouts, Roles Pick lists

Confidential, Mt Laurel, NJ

Salesforce Developer/Admin


  • Performed the roles of administrator, developer & Analyst and deployed Salesforce.com for Sales & Marketing departments. Developed reports, dashboards, and processes to continuously monitor data quality and integrity
  • Created Activity Dashboards for management teams consisting of VP’s, Directors and Direct Sales Team.
  • Managed fields/relationships, workflow rules, approval processes, page layouts, security, validation rules, e-mail, custom buttons/links, etc.
  • Created various profiles and configured the permissions based on the organizational hierarchy requirements.
  • Implemented security and sharing rules at object, field, and record level for different users at various levels of organization. Worked on various salesforce.com standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, Reports and Dashboards and also responsible for the customizing the same as per the business requirements.
  • Customized the Dashboards to the track usage for productivity and performance of their sales teams.
  • Assisted users with report design and management. Configured and scheduled Analytic snapshots to generate weekly trend reports and to analyze the weekly progress of the applications developed by Stage.
  • Supported Sales Directors, Area managers, Reps with ad-hoc questions and reporting requests.
  • Collaborated with functional business teams (Sales & Marketing) to understand the business needs.
  • Formulated options and executed CRM/business solutions to meet NA, EMEA sales needs.
  • Extracted data from various Sales systems like Siebel, SFDC and SAP data warehouse using Toad, SQl and BO.
  • Generated various Sales reports like activations data by region, by reps, by product using excel pivot tables, charts and advanced formulae. Created timely reports as per the business needs on daily, weekly and quarterly basis. Generated quarterly and half yearly carrier activations reports from the data extracted from Siebel which included data cleansing and manipulation of millions of records.
  • Worked on the Sales dashboard for the weekly exec meetings which included the regional sales counts, market share, % Goals assigned for the Sales reps etc. Created various marketing reports in SFDC like the Lead trend reports and weekly apps progress by stage reports and several custom reports as per the user requests.
  • Exported data from Siebel tables and imported into salesforce.com to create dashboards.

Environment: Saleforce.com, Visual Force Pages, IOD, Business Objects, Data Loader, Email Services, HTML, Siebel 8.1, Siebel service, Oracle 10g, SQL, Windows XP, MS Office, Advanced Excel, Security Controls, Sandbox data loading and Force.com IDE Plug-in Eclipse.

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