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Data Scientist Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Overall 10+ years of experience working as an Application Software Engineer, Computational Software Engineer and Data Scientist. Seeking positions in the fields of Computational Science, Mathematical Science Data Science and Statistics to create software tools and visualizations.
  • Experience working on Data Science and Statistical Data Modeling Applications, Computational Science Applications, Spectral Analysis Applications, Linear Optimization Programming and Time Series Applications
  • Experience working on Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Applications using R, Python, SAS, C++, C# and Matlab
  • Experience in Database Applications and Gaming Applications, Statistical Game Design and Game Play Simulations


Libraries: C++, Python, R, SAS, Matlab, C#OpenCV, Numpy, Pandas,Librosa,Sklearn,Keras, Tensorflow,Fenics,Pytorch, NLTK,MFC, Armadillo, FlaskIDE/Cloud

API: Pycharm/Spyder/Anaconda, Envs, Jupyter Notebook, Jupiter Lab, AWS,Azure, Google Colaborator,RStudio, MS Visual Studio, QT Creator, PySpark

Scripting Languages: Java script, JQuery, XML, PHP

Databases: SQL Server2000, Informix, MySql

Virtual Environment Tools: VMWare, VBox

Version Control Tools: Git, P4th, Svn, Clear Case

Software Engineering: Agile, Waterfall

Operating Systems: MS WINDOWS, LINUX, UNIX


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Data Scientist

Programming Languages: Python/R/SAS/Matlab/NLP/NLTK python library


  • Parsing JSON files. Sentence Segmentation
  • Finding Noun Phrases, Creating Objects.
  • Analyze semantic and Creating machine learning models.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Research Assistant

Programming Languages: Python/Fenics/C++ library

Platforms: Linux, Anaconda Environment


  • Creating PDE, initial conditions and boundary conditions
  • Implementing code to solve Partial Differential Equations
  • Creating Visualizations using Paraview 3D

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Data Scientist and Data Analyst

Programming Languages: Python, R, SAS, C++, NLP

Libraries: SkLearn/Keras Tensorflow/Librosa/Numpy

Platforms: Linux, Anaconda Environment

API: PySpark

Cloud: AWS, Heroku

Tools: Google Colaborator


  • Statistical Analysis of the datasets, dimensionality reduction and Visualizations.
  • Monte Carlo or Markov models
  • Time Series Analysis

Confidential, Saline, MI

Computational Mathematics and Statistics Software Engineer

Programming Languages: Python/Pytorch/Keras/Tensorflow/Sklearn/Numpy/NLTK, STL C++ 11/Armadillo Library/MFC/R/SAS/Matlab/C#.NET/JavaScript/JQuery/OOP

Platforms: Linux, Anaconda Environment, MS Windows, OS Linux/ Ubuntu 12.

Tools: MS Visual Studio

Communication Protocols: TCP/CAN

Cloud: AWS API PySpark, Jupyter notebooks


  • ML application, Data modeling, Data Mining, Statistics Preprocessing, PCA/PCR/Cross Validation, K - Fold Cross Validation, Curve fitting, Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforced ML, Neural Networks,Genetic Algorithms,ARIMA Fitting, Baseline Correction, Data Smoothing, Filtering.
  • Design and Implementation of algorithms for spectral analysis for chemometrics for an advanced Confidential technology.
  • Analyzing and Data mining of the Large Data Sets obtained from car emission and system calibration. Parsing, Analyzing and visualizing debug files to find the failures in the system using NLP.

Confidential, LITTLETON, MA

Sr. Computational Mathematic Software Engineer

Programming Languages: STL C++11/OOP/COM/Win 32 APILibrary/C#/R

Platforms: MS Windows

Tools: MS Visual Studio 2013

Algorithm Used: State Machine or Deterministic Push-down Automata.


  • Analyzing binary xml data between server and client email application
  • Creating Wbxml parser and decoder to convert Wbxml to xml textual data in a human readable xml format.
  • Analyzing, parsing and tokenizing natural language logging data for Time Zone Component, for email application, email calendar and other transactions
  • Creating custom objects to store them for the future view. Creating unit tests for all created new classes.

Confidential, Ayer, MA

Sr. Software Engineer

Programming Languages: STL C++11/OOP

Platforms: Linux, Windows

Tools: QT Creator, VC++/MFC, GLG Builder, Vbox, Eclipse, MS Visual Studio 2012


  • Design and Implementation of GUI Application for machinery control monitoring systems (HMI)
  • Integrate the GUI with middleware.
  • Create logging files to test every message that comes between GUI and middleware.
  • Analyze logging files for errors and crushes.

Confidential, Franklin, MA

Sr. Software Engineer

Programming Languages: C#/XML/OOP/Data Structures/

Platforms: Windows 7

Tools: MS Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013


  • Developing Framework layer to Diagnose Firmware and Storage Processor (SP) functionality through the Devices Discovery Connected to the SP.
  • Creating the libraries to Diagnose Firmware for different Storage platforms.
  • Design steps for QA to test the new feature.

Confidential, Peoria, IL

Sr. Software Engineer

Programming Languages: C++/OOP/Data Structures/Design Patterns

Platforms: Windows 7, Linux - Tools QT creator, MS Visual Studio 5, VMWare


  • Developed Communication Library used for communication between two embedded devices for telematics.
  • Create Message between cloud server and mobile telematics device installed on tractor
  • Develop test to test created messages. Test messages using mobile touch screen
  • And analyze log files for error, crashes and inconsistencies.

Confidential, Largo, FL

Software Engineer

Programming Languages: C#/C++/OOP/Data Structures

Platforms: Windows 7 (32/64 bits)

Tools: MS Visual Studio 2010

Protocols: Modbus, Modbus TCP, RS232, RS485

Algorithms: RS5 encryption algorithm.


  • Developing a communication Library that interfaces between the HMI and GUI Windows Form Application.
  • Developing libraries for parsing XML, for compress, decompress, encrypt and decrypt files.
  • Working on HMI devices that are used for power current and voltage control. HMI devices connect to the computer that runs Windows Form Application through USB HID device, Serial Port and Ethernet Port. Library that was implemented had three different connections using Standard Communication Protocols Modbus and Modbus TCP


IT department - Programmer Analyst

Programming Languages: C#.NET /VB.NET/SQL/Javascript/PHP/XML/Jason

Platforms: MS Windows - Tools MS Visual Studio 2010


  • Analyzing xml and json datasets between the server and the clients.
  • Statistical Design Games using Excel.
  • Development of the Video game Applications for Electronic Gaming Device (Casino Slot Machine) and for Mobile Device (Client Server)
  • Design mathematical models for 4/5 reel strip gaming applications with main game and bonus games. The main elements included the line pays, scatter pays or both.
  • Mathematical modeling included: the real strips design with the number of elements on each reel, according to a chosen play game design number of lines, game bonuses; all game combination calculated according to statistical theory; calculated game standard deviation, variance and game volatility; 5 pay-tables created using Excel spreadsheets.
  • Design mathematical models for the game with independent events with the same probability of occurrence using Binomial distribution probability function.
  • Design mathematical models for the game with dependent events with various probability of occurrence using Hyper-geometric distribution probability function.
  • Design and full software development cycle of Embedded Applications for a future installation on a Casino Gaming Electronic device. Main and bonus game play simulation, history screens simulation and animations simulation. Programming language and platform used C/Linux/P4th/; State machine
  • Connecting the debugger to a software and hardware to debug application until the game will pass the gaming requirements.
  • Using SAS, MS Vista Software program to send the poll signals to a game application on the Linux system to check the controlling response from the gaming application.
  • Developing Subscriber/Publisher project using ActiveMQ for solving interoperability problem for message communication between applications that using different programming languages

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