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Data Scientist Resume

Indianapolis, IN


Engineer with expertise in R and Python to create data - wrangling pipelines, to apply Machine Learning and to visualize profound insights. 10+ years’ experience at Confidential leading cross-functional teams to investigate and solve difficult problems, giving 100+ technical presentations to key stakeholders.


Development: VS Code, R Studio, Jupyter Notebook, MATLAB

Automated Publishing: Markdown for R & Python, Plotly, Dash

Business Intelligence: Tableau, JMP, MiniTab, Excel


Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Data Scientist


  • Developed broad knowledge of data science in Python, using Pandas, SciKit Learn, TensorFlow and Plotly.
  • Created 14 hypertuned ML models with Python and SciKit Learn, examining 300 features for reduction.
  • Full Stack Web App:
  • Deployed a full stack Python interactive dashboard on Heroku via Git CLI for visualizing sleep data.
  • Implemented web scraping in Python using Selenium to login to website and get new data.

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

AE Defense Design Engineer, Rotatives Specialist


  • Developed R Markdown reports for statistical analyses, saving 10 wks. of labor vs. colleague using MiniTab.
  • Extracted contents of 10,000 PDFs via OCR with R, yielding a searchable database for business units.
  • Improvement Project for Process Excellence Leadership Academy:
  • Led team’s EDA by providing reports with summary statistics, interactive plots and process flow maps.
  • Developed Excel VBA to transform inspection data for web app upload, expected yearly savings > $50K.

Design Engineer



  • Designed several new components for engines on large civil aircraft, integrating knowledge from many subject matter experts, presenting progress at 100+ gated reviews.
  • Purdue Data Analytics Capstone Project for Confidential:
  • Analyzed robustness of a new rotor balance concept, quantifying feature uncertainty of model in R.
  • Conducted Monte Carlo analysis in MATLAB, predicting new concept’s capability with 95% CI limits.

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Rotatives Design Engineer


  • Contracted to work onsite at Confidential, supporting major safety investigation, designing test program.
  • Created Excel VBA plugin to mine engine parts lists, producing a family tree graphic, still used today.

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