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Enterprise / Solution Architect Resume


  • Over 18 + years of experience in various functional areas including management of business systems.
  • Worked as Solution / Data Architect and team lead for design and analysis in multi programming environment.
  • Involved in Conceptual, logical and Physical modeling,(ERwin Data Modeling) development, testing, implementation and production support. Act as technical consultant, application DBA and successfully implemented high risk hands - on technical projects utilizing Enterprise Cloud, Client /Server Methodology, On-line Transaction processing (OLTP) system,OLAP, Batch Processing System and Decision Support System (DSS).
  • Well Conversant with SDLC, Agile and Scrum methodologies.
  • More than 15 years of supervisory, Lead / Project management leading to high ROI.
  • Managed teams across various functional groups including IT/IS and external consultants/vendor across time zones.
  • Familiar with TOGAF and Zachman Architectural Frame works and also SAFe.
  • Data Modeling for OLTP and OLAP systems, Data warehouse (STAR SCHEMA) with conceptual/logical/physical and slowly changing dimension (effective dating) and rapid changing dimensions structures.
  • Developed / Reviewed BRD/FRD for various applications.
  • Designed and invoked SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) using WebServices. Write stored procedure using PL/SQL (used latest features) PL/SQL T-SQL. (ETL/ELT) Load and extract XML documents using Oracle XML.
  • Designed SOA infrastructure MDM data grid.
  • Worked in Evaluation and Acceptance of Value driven transactions and data points into design.
  • Informatica for Extract, Transform and Loading (ETL) activities in a Data Warehouse environment.
  • Tuning of Back End Applications, Batch Programs for performance improvements.
  • Designed and implemented data warehousing projects, data quality management, data Governance, assessment; dimensional/data modeling; ETL framework design; architecting BI solution, report breakdown to facilitate data modeling and ETL design.
  • Design and Implementation of Reference Data and Master Data Management solutions.
  • Knowledge of Financial products like Derivatives, Liquidity, Prime Brokerage, Asset Liabilities, Custodian banks.
  • Developed scripts in UNIX (HP-UX, Sun-OS, AIX) Shell scripting (Korn and C shells), VAX/VMS DCL Scripts, and batch job processing / scheduling.
  • Development of GAP analysis for IT systems across organizations to help in merge / stay decisions.
  • Developed the application per the directions of top management and interact with end users to accomplish the new application and to bridge the business process with Users and Technical DBA/ Architects. Used ERWIN, ERSTUDIO, VISIO, Power Designer for Data modeling.
  • Database modeling using the popular modeling software tools. In depth knowledge of Oracle Clinical, Clinical trials, Research data and Assay registrations.
  • Exposure to Trades, Swaps, Equities, Derivatives, Fixed Assets, Collaterals etc.
  • Back-End development skills and experience in SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Oracle’s Standard DBMS Packages. Extensive Experience in Tuning (SQL, T-SQL,PL/SQL, Database).
  • Quick Fix of temporary solutions in Pre-Prod and patch up with production until final resoultion is derived/implemented.
  • Justification and solution architecting across cross functional teams and collaborating with Arch. Rev Board for design/ development/ implementation.
  • Develop short term and long term solutions to production or adhoc problems.
  • Assess and decommission short term or time bound solutions as the scalable and long term processes / solutions coming up.
  • Initiate / design/ develop POC (Proof of Concept) where required as suggested by top management and ARB.
  • Involve with ARB (Arch. Review Board) to assess the POC of other projects, identify conceivable concepts.
  • Backup/ moving schemas from one database to another using Oracle export/import utility.
  • Data Governance strategies and implementation.
  • MDM in Financial business and enforcement to downstream applications.
  • MDM in Pharmaceutical Applications in regulatory and Compliance environment adhering to CFR Part21 compliances.
  • Experience in MS BI (SSRS, SSAS), IBM Cognos SAS
  • Wrote stored procedures using PL/SQL (Pragma Autonomous Transaction, VPD (virtual private database), and materialized views. Used PVCS Manager for source code maintenance (Check-in and Check-out, merge etc).


Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, SQL *Plus, Korn and C shell scripts, Python, R, C,SAS, Pro *C, AWK, VAX-C, VAX/DCL, CMS, Pvcs.

Database: Oracle v8i/9i/10g /11/12c Oracle, SAP HANA 1.0/2.0, Actuate.

Application Server: Oracle 8i/9i/10g Application Server


Data Warehouse: SAP-BW/Bex/SAP - Hana (as side car approach), B for Hana oracle home grown Data warehouse.

Shells: Bourne, Kron, C shell, PERL

Operating System: Sun-OS 5.6/5.8, AIX 4.1, HP-UX 9.0/10.2, Windows 98/NT/XP

Hardware: Sun Solaris/SPARC/ Enterprise Systems, HP9000, Sun 4500, RS6000, HCL Metro1x, Sun Workstations and IBM and Compatible PCs

Tools: ERwin, SAP BI, Business Objects 3.0/4.0, COGNOS, SAP BODS, SAP - SLT (SAP landscape Transformation), SDA/SDI, Designer 2000, Informatica 8/9, Microsoft Office Suite. Autosys

Knowledge in: NoSQL, Netezza, Exadata, Informatica MDM Siperion etc,Azzure, Cognos and Hadoop & Bigdata. IBM Info sphere and System architect, Scrum and Agile Methodologies,ediscovery, Microsoift 365 platform, Familiarity with Compliances 21 CFR Part11 ( for Pharma Applications).



Enterprise / Solution Architect


  • Analysis of various business functions and interfaces to the business processes and essentialities.
  • Analysis of Impact and efficacy of data streams.
  • Conceptual Design of the system.
  • Logical and Physical design reviews with teams and end users.
  • Interacting with each data providing / consuming agency for requirement gathering.
  • Studying existing manual application and end user inputs.
  • Development of Gap Analysis and bringing the stake holdres and agencies(players) to acceptable inputs.
  • Action Item List and resolution.
  • Involvement with various groups for information security, design and developmental effort.
  • Identification of services, interoperabilities and abstracts to encompass in SOA .
  • Collecting final resolution and sign off from participating groups and Stake holders.
  • List of issues and resolution follow ups.
  • Migration of Refernce data / Master data and consitency check. ne time transactional dataload and its analysis in test db.
  • List of Data anamolies to end users and corrective actions for final load.
  • Consistency check and list to eliminate based on business functions.
  • Maintenance of Information resolved from action items applied to Concept list.
  • Helping in PSAR (Physical system approval request) approval to finalize the design.
  • Proof of concept development and Review.
  • Evaluated SAP success factor- HRM System configuration of AWS for SAAS,PAAS Iaas. involved in design and processing of services, apps using websphere, mulesoft etc adhering to SOP and compliances.
  • Reporting system design and consistency.
  • Agile group development analysis and strategies.
  • Strategizing the process for simplicity and expansion oriented architecture.
  • Designed a sample process to address vendor issue.
  • End user interaction and logic creation/modification/recreation where required.
  • Development of Database objects, procedures and packages for the system.


Enterprise Architect / Solution Architect


  • Designed and Architected the DOL feed using MV from online curam production database disabling the Trigger based approach this features gathers core data for DOL feed from online curam production database without burdening like triggers and resource efficiently fetches the DOL data extraction.
  • Optimized query for faster data processing and extraction to Business Partners.
  • Modularized the processes using oracle Packages/procedures / functions to maintain consistency and Single point of change for maintenance.
  • Developed Materialized Views with logic to process the extraction (output) faster for multiple interface extractions.
  • Created metadata to facilitate the data extraction and Business Partner’s data consistency.
  • Prepared the system for SIT and UAT grouped and tested the interaces.
  • Involved in Logic correction while integration testing and concluding with cross functional teams.
  • Improved the Code using Standards across in terms of speed, error and exception handling.
  • Designed / developed sanity test for data interfaces.

Environment: Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, ERWin 8.5/9, TOAD, UNIX/Windows NT/2000/XP, AIX/Linux, Oracle OWB - HP Quality Center.


Solution Architect /Senior/Lead Database


  • Architecture and development Dodd Frank Compliance solutions for derivative reforms of Confidential Capital.
  • Data modeling and data feed/tracking to DTCC.
  • Modularized the processes using oracle Packages/procedures / functions. Such that interface and front end Applications will function resource efficient.
  • Developed oracle packages/procs to interact with Java applications.
  • Development of Alert and error handling to DTCC errors and processes (Dodd Frank compliance).
  • Migration of Global Banks (Euro) to treasury systems for reporting and risk assessments.
  • MDM flows and interface to downstream systems.
  • MDM Data preparation and discussions across teams for conflicts resolution.
  • MDM data quality / governance discussions across stake holders.
  • MDM design/development onsite and offshore teams.
  • Design and evaluation of Business rules from stake holders and respective alerts for MDM end users.
  • Data steward committee, data governance, data profiling for MDM and Data Warehouse concepts and practices.
  • Proof of concept for Data governance and profiling issues where required to evaluate compliance and Reporting.
  • Study, analyze and implement derivatives reforms of Confidential Capital and its allies (Global Banks).
  • Enhanced and implemented Risk based systems and overall IT reporting for Dodd Frank compliance.
  • Working with functional analyst and business analyst in identifying the data points for OFSAA.
  • Discussing with functional analyst and data governance team where required for compliance issues.
  • Developing scripts and procs for functional analyst and PM/ SME of various groups to conclude with OFSAA on data.
  • Demonstrating POC for data steward / OFSAA functional teams for consistency for data revealation/ interface needs.
  • Involving with Reporting and downstream applications for decisions on reports from OFSAA.
  • Involved in BI interface discussions with OFSAA.
  • Identifying and working on liquidity migration to OFSAA.
  • Evaluated SAP ECC source system to SAP Hana BW, hana used as side car approach.
  • Identifying the Third Party Debt data interface securitization, borrowings data sets for OFSAA.
  • Involved with functional team in setting up the rules engine for OFSAA .
  • Development and implementation of Access Layer for Liquidity operations.
  • Involved in data architecting and reporting of third party debt data to Confidential Capital system.
  • Designed adhoc reports and used analytical functions (Cube rollup, rank etc). Used Pl/SQL - ETL development.
  • Design and Development in informatica ETL, SSMS,SSRS,SSIS.Azure technologies.
  • Familiarity with AWS.
  • Code review and logic simplifications for ETL developers. Developed specifications of ETL and modifications of DMS (data mapping specifications).
  • Development of Stored Procedures, Functions, views, materialized views to implement solutions.
  • Development of DFDs, project plans, impact analysis, Func specifications.
  • Collaborate within and across teams for design/development/execution/deployments. Monitor/interact/guide off-shore teams for day-to-day project plans/issues and process handshakes to continue the activities 24X7.
  • Working with Business department understand their need and Implementing the required solutions
  • Designed/developed ETL specifications and design and implementation of DMS for core competent team.
  • Redesigned / developed / enhanced mappings In oracle warehouse builder.
  • Involved in adhoc query for liquidation BA/FA using Oracle
  • Prioritize release and enhance project scopes where required. MDM interface and data mart development specific to application. Database performance tuning of SQL queries, database server parameters.
  • Troubleshoot database issues in UAT and production environments.
  • Design and implement backup strategy for trade based data from Global bank for Dodd-Frank compliance.
  • Monitor and collaborate within team and across-team for integration/ resolution and overall enhancement of big picture resolution. Provide technical expertise to the development team.
  • Explore issues/improvements in data integrity, data cleansing /data scrubbing, data governance, data quality based on end user issues and day-to-day data loads to dimensions.
  • Development of Data Mapping specification. Tuning Oracle SQL queries to improve performance.
  • Accomplished overall SLA and performance by partitioning the database.
  • Created materialized views to isolate the dependency of systems and accomplishing data integrity.
  • Improve the query performances of bad SQLs and delayed queries in applications for batch and reporting applications. Developed Star/Snow-Flake schemas.
  • Own projects and artifacts, communication meetings and group address to maintain team progress and discuss release dates.
  • Design and development of Short term and Long term Solution designs and decommissioning policies.
  • Initiation of an Access Layer where domain difference exists in regular DWH.
  • Creating Access Layer for downstream applications where required and providing data interfaces from secured sources.
  • Sequencing and controlling releases to avoid conflicts and systemic interface across systems, taking care of cross functional anomalies.
  • Segregating Trade, Collateral, and Debt interfaces.
  • MDM flows and interface to downstream systems.
  • MDM Data preparation and discussions across teams for conflicts resolution.
  • Demonstrate the Process using POC where required for higher management for concept clarification on major decisions.
  • Steward with ARB (Architectural Review Board) to access and enforce enterprise wide strategies,assessability and scalability etc.
  • Interacting with data governance teams for establishing data integrity across interfaces.
  • Schedule and monitor Oracle jobs. Interact with functional teams to resolve interface/performance issues.
  • Work with business department, understand their need and implement the required solutions.
  • Responsible for delivery artifacts and resolution on all architectural issues.
  • Unix scripts to set up processes at OS level and to invoke oracle procs for adhoc queries etc.
  • Resolution of issues across development/BA/end users/QA/UAT/Functional/DBA teams for all Architectural issues.
  • Tuning Oracle SQL Queries to improve performance. And architectural modification to gain efficiency.

Environment: Sun Solaris, Oracle 10g/11g, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, ERWin 7.5/8.5/9, Oracle Scheduler, OWB11g,TOAD, Informatica,Python, R, PERL,SSIS,SSRS

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