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Data Scientist Resume


  • Confidential is an influential Data Scientist with diversified skillset and proven track record in Data Analytics, and Product Engineering .
  • He has experience in delivering end to end Data Science Project from Ideation to Evaluation and Model Deployment involving complete Data Science Lifecycle with total work experience of 11 years and from last 5 years working as Data Scientist.
  • He has worked extensively across verticals such as Aerospace, Energy, Healthcare, Automotive and IT.
  • Specialized in transforming client business through implementation of Data Analytics offerings.
  • He brings profitability by the adaption of Technology in service business.
  • Proficient in understanding of any domain data and analysing insights of data. Build the best fit models based on the data and providing appropriate insights to business problems.
  • Proficient of basic statistical concepts (Central Limit Theorem, ANOVA, Z and T Statistics, Moments, Hypothesis Testing, etc.) and advanced statistical concepts (Gradient Boosting, Regularization etc.)
  • Expertise in checking Data Validation using EDA Techniques: Descriptive, Inferential Statistics, Data Visualization and Cross - Tabulation
  • Experience in building Regression Models: Linear & Logistic and Time Series Models like MLR, Moving Average, Weighted MA, Multiplicative, Additive, ARIMA
  • Experience in predicting data using Classification Models (KNN, SVM, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Navie’s Bayes)
  • Experience in Web scrapping, NLP, RNN, CNN
  • Deep knowledge on PCA/Factor Analysis for Dimensional Reduction for Supervision data and cluster & Segmentation Analysis for Unsupervised
  • Have a keen desire to solve business problems and find pattern and insights within structured and unstructured data


Skills: Statistical Analysis EDA, Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis Test, T - test, ANOVA, ANCOVA, Outlier Analysis of products feedback. Detection, Inter-Quartile Ranges, Sampling Techniques, Boxplot Machine Learning

Programming languages: Python, R Programming

Algorithms: CART (Decision Tree), Random Forest, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, K-Nearest Neighbour, Naïve Bayes, Neural Networks, SVM and K-Means Clustering.

Text Analytics: TF-IDF, N-grams, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, difflib, Levinson Distance

Databases: MySQL, Oracle DB

Visualization Tools/Lib: Tableau, Matplotlib, Seaborn, ggplot

Deep Learning: TensorFlow /Keras

Natural Language: Processing NLTK, Bag of words, Word2vec, Count vectorizer and Tfidf NER (Name Entity Recognition), Cosine Similarity

Mastering SQL language and having knowledge of: ETL processes and how to implement them using industry standard tools or programming languages .

Offerings: Data Science/Analytics, Business Dashboard, Digital Analytics, Web Scrapping, Product Lead Generation, Product Packaging & Marketing, IoT, AI, Confidential

Business Skills: Account Growth/Management, Business Mining, Digital Marketing, Making C Level Connects, Key Vendor Development, Building Business Pipeline, running Sales Campaigns, Strong leadership, Project Management, P&L management, Data-driven strategy, Project planning and execution skills.



Data Scientist

Skills Used : Python, Scikit-learn, NLP



Skills Used : SQL, Excel, Python Scikit-learn, machine learning, NLP


Data Analyst - Procurement & Logistics

Skills Used : Python, R, SQL, Hive, Machine Learning algorithms, Feature Extraction, NLP, Text Mining, Statistics etc.


Technical Data Engineer

Skills Used: SQL, Excel, Python Scikit-learn, machine learning


  • Actively involved in Data analysis of schedule maintenance task document as per manufacturing principles and lean methodology at Steam Turbine factory.
  • Find Out the useful insights and pattern from previous and on - time data.
  • Data analysis of maintenance activities and its parameter, increase the efficiency and avoid the unnecessary maintenance practices.
  • Actively supporting Pre-sales team to promote product and services at global market through Digital Marketing (Digital Brand & Product Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Creative & Campaigns)
  • Partner Brand, CRM, PR, Operations & E commerce teams to design & deploy social media campaigns; Develop relevant content and communication, seed & amplify relevant conversations to drive engagement
  • Develop digital content (videos, articles, blogs, info-graphics) to increase discover ability & engagement
  • Analyse campaign performance (Google Analytics, Moz) along sharply defined metrics, monitor KPI delivery and optimize

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